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Alibaba cloud has laid the foundation of AI, and more developers have come to the front desk

2020-12-07 21:46:18 Alicloud developers

brief introduction : It's not just cutting-edge intelligent technology exploration , We should also create products like visual open platform , Turning AI into a technology that everyone can reach .


I haven't been with the star pupil for a long time ( Xie xuansong ) Deal with , His identity has been changing before . From the early image search, pailitao founder members , To the industry's first intelligent design product, the technical director of Luban , Go back to the back and study medicine AI Technical director of . The exploration and application experience of these cutting-edge technologies , Make him look like a serial innovator .

Now? , Star pupil has a new identity —— Person in charge of Alibaba cloud visual intelligence open platform . I've been working hard for the past year or so , He and his partners completed the platform from 0 To 1 Build , And went online more than 150 individual API Interface .

Star pupil is not an example . The team members of the visual intelligence open platform also have similar background and experience . While the outside world is still speculating, Ali AI What kind of exploration are experts doing , They've already opened up new frontiers —— It's not just cutting-edge intelligent technology exploration , We should also create products like visual open platform , Turning AI into a technology that everyone can reach .

It also leads to another kind of business story script . More and more algorithm experts are going behind the scenes , Integrate the original technical capabilities into an open platform , Let more creative people only need a little technical foundation , It is possible to develop valuable AI application .

Alicloud visual intelligence open platform has its origin
2016 year ,AlphaGo Beat Li Shishi . The wave of artificial intelligence is sweeping the world , Become “ On the tall ”IT Technology is synonymous with . Every family is famous AI Behind the company , There are many “AI Industry leader ” Sit down .AI The topic of talent resources being scrambled by giants has always been talked about with relish . The industry is booming , The scarcity of talent , every AI Daniel's movements have attracted the attention of the circle . There's a lot of fighting , It's not only raising the industry's salary to eight figures a year , It's also rising AI The threshold of application .

AI The concept is hot , But when it comes to applications AI It's easy to be cold . High application costs , It restricts the popularization and large-scale application of artificial intelligence technology . From all kinds of coercion and AI Come to talk about... With family ties AI Color change , It took only three years .

Star Tong is in the industry , I also feel this change . And 2015 Compared to , The AI industry is developing rapidly , It's widely used in government 、 Finance 、 Medical care 、 traffic 、 retail 、 Industry 、 Manufacturing and other fields . There is data showing , To 2020 The annual market size may reach 710 One hundred million yuan , Year on year growth is about 44.5%. As one of the three elements in the field of artificial intelligence , The cost of computing power is also falling dramatically , from 2014 Year to 2020 year , Chip prices have fallen by nearly 70%, It provides the soil for the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology in this decade and finally commercial use . here , Look at the industry , For small companies , Build a top technology team , Launch an operating system level internal common platform , from 0 To 1 Complete the whole set of AI Application development , In this way AI The story is no longer beautiful . Instead, it's using AI technology , Transform traditional industries or applications 、 The need to improve the efficiency of the industry is constantly emerging . It also means launching AI The market demand of intelligent open platform is gradually mature .

On the other side , The whole Alibaba Group has a large number of R & D personnel around the visual technology in e-commerce 、 City brain 、 Financial payments 、 Transportation and logistics 、 Communication Conference 、 The new retail 、 Entertainment and other industries application needs , Many products and solutions have been contributed to the world , Among them, there are many basic visual abilities . meanwhile , Many of Alibaba's internal businesses , Such as Taobao 、 Tmall 、 Youku and many other star products have visual ability, and the support behind them has a large number of users , These visual intelligence technology capabilities have been thoroughly tempered . But early , These visual technologies are not converged together .

therefore , The idea of building alicloud visual intelligent open platform came into being .2019 year 8 month , Led by the visual technology group of Alibaba Group , The open platform as a key campaign started , This plan has also been obtained, including Vice President of Alibaba 、 Hua Xiansheng, head of the city brain Laboratory of Dharma academy, and other upper level support , This also coincides with star pupil's judgment all the time .

After star Tong takes the lead in launching the project , We got it quickly, including Taoxi 、 youku 、 Ants inside 20 Support from multiple project teams with computer vision experience .

After a quarter of research and development ,2019 year 12 month 20 Japan , The first version of visual intelligence open platform was officially launched . In the planning of star pupil , Platform positioning is visual AI Capacity opening center and capacity reproduction center , It can also be seen as a supply Library of visual intelligence core components . These parts have their own , That is, the Alibaba team developed by itself ; There are also third-party suppliers , That is, provided by ecological partners or other relevant parties . secondly , Open platform is also an efficiency tool , There are a lot of scenarios , It can help developers develop landing products more efficiently . Open platforms are two-way , It can be used both internally and externally , It is mainly for the development and application of visual intelligence technology , Provide it with good use 、 Easy to use 、 Pratt & Whitney's visual intelligence API service , Help businesses 、 Developers quickly build up the application ability of visual intelligence technology .

It's not easy to achieve such a plan . One side , When the team wants to bring more capabilities online in a shorter period of time , Need to mobilize the support of other business colleagues . It's not just about infrastructure 、 Document case 、 All kinds of testing and other basic work , Market research is also needed , Combine the scene and market demand to produce , The amount of development work is very large .

On the other hand , When the power of machine vision comes from everywhere , First of all, you need to verify these API Whether it can meet the requirements of public ability . So , The platform has developed a special algorithm access specification , It includes the classification of visual ability , At the same time, in order to ensure online API The quality of the , Also set up the evaluation mechanism , Would be right API To evaluate the performance of , Only when we meet certain standards can we go online . in fact , R & D period , There are also multiple teams developing API, Because of the performance 、 Packaging and other aspects are not up to standard , Refused to go online .

With the joint efforts of the team , The platform is constantly updated .2020 year 4 The second edition of this month . As of this year 9 month , There has been a total of 150 Multiple visual correlations API For online , And quickly get developers favor , The amount of daily adjustment increased rapidly .

Alibaba cloud's visual intelligent open platform
When Alibaba cloud launched the visual intelligence open platform , The industry has been around third parties AI Open platform discussion . Building an open visual intelligence platform with alicloud characteristics has become a new topic in front of you .

Star Tong will analyze it with you , Visual intelligence open platform The original intention is to assist developers in various industries to reduce costs and improve efficiency 、 Help innovation . The advantage of Alibaba cloud visual intelligence open platform lies in : One is easy to use , Relying on Alibaba cloud's intelligent and solid infrastructure services , To provide a standard of universal access AI Ability , It's easy to use ; Second, professional , Dharma Institute scientists and group professional engineers ; Third, it is practical , Online visual technology is tested by Alibaba's massive scenes and best cases ; Fourth, comprehensive , The platform integrates scale 、 diversification 、 Scene vision AI Ability , Provide one-stop capability selection for developers and users .

Open platform should be based on visual fundamentals ( distinguish 、 testing 、 Division 、 Generation, etc ) Through the Dharma Institute, etc., to build core basic capabilities , Again, apply fundamentals to the target ( written words 、 goods 、 Content 、 Industry scene, etc ) Make the best case in China , Constantly provide users with a variety of visual AI Atomic power , Include : Image recognition 、 Character recognition 、 Video understanding and other basic visual technologies . The open platform will open Alibaba's practical experience of visual intelligence technology to developers and users of visual applications , Let them choose relevant capabilities on the alicloud visual platform , Self packaging products 、 Services or solutions , Meet the application requirements of itself or end users . At present, there are about 15 Categories: 、150 Ability , Focus on visual understanding 、 Visual production, etc , Provide “ major 、 diverse 、 Easy to use ” Tools for , Help innovation , Help developers try and error quickly 、 Low cost trial and error . This also realizes the original intention of Pratt & Whitney to a certain extent .

In addition to meeting the technical ecological coverage , A major advantage of public cloud platform is the cost performance capability of scale , We hope to make the cost as universal as possible . In the products that have been published , The platform takes some free strategies . These free strategies are based on the output of “ Ability ” Different but different , For example, some are based on the amount of , Some press QPS How many? , The platform gives a certain degree of free quota , It can basically meet some users with low requirements .

Of course ,AI We need to be inclusive , Also consider market demand . Based on visual Fundamentals , The team did the relevant analysis , It's planned “ Market driven capabilities ” R & D process , Try to choose “ It's big enough to be practical ” The ability of , For example, with “ understand ” The relevant capabilities have obvious universality and universality , And from the visual demand side analysis , Looking for the most widely used visual scene , For example, the video is in B End 、C End applications , And the ability to combine the characteristics of Ali . Finally, these capabilities at the intersection of the two points , Such as vehicle detection 、 Object segmentation 、OCR、 Product identification, etc , It has also become the first popular model on the platform API.

in fact , This process , also ” Give back in disguise “ The team involved in the platform construction , The platform has also become the verification of these capabilities and products “ Experimental fields ”. In the past , A lot of algorithmic Engineers , Often don't think about matching user needs 、 Real world test , but API When you need to go online and open the platform , It means that we can't just look at it from an academic point of view 、 Imagine your own scene and start , To do research and development , It also means the formation of a market driven R & D mechanism .

When AI Experts go behind the scenes , More developers are coming to the front desk
Xing Tong mentioned in an interview that , On the first day of the launch of alicloud visual intelligence open platform, it was deeply linked with developers through Alibaba cloud Tianchi platform , High quality interaction with each other .

2020 year , As the mainstream in China AI Developer community , Alibaba cloud Tianchi platform and Alibaba cloud visual intelligence open platform , There was a show to “ No industry, No AI” The theme of AI Developer innovation app competition . period , The team named Qiming Tongxing , With the power of the platform , Developed a product for the blind travel escort . The team developed a special rotation interaction mode for the blind , With the help of GPS Gode positioning navigation 、 Images on the open platform of visual intelligence 、 written words 、 Color recognition and other algorithms , Help blind users identify environmental information 、 Traffic information 、 Object information, etc , meanwhile , Relying on the video customer service staff of volunteers and physical disabilities to supplement , Finally, it has reached the goal of escorting the blind .

To achieve products that are available to the blind , It means that we have to develop “ All things recognize ” Computer vision technology . But development can be implemented AI Technology application , Obviously it's not an easy thing , It's not easy to get a cow 、 It's hard to accumulate training data 、 The optimization algorithm takes time , Technical threshold 、 Capital threshold 、 The threshold of computational power is high , It's daunting . For teams that are good at interaction and user experience , It's not easy . With the help of Alibaba cloud visual intelligence open platform , The team doesn't have time 4 The prototype was completed in a month Demo Development of .

Such a story , There's a lot more on the platform . Alibaba cloud visual intelligence open platform provides high availability 、 High reliability AI Algorithm , Greatly reduce the developer's development difficulty and development cycle ,“ Low code ” You can create AI application . The owner of the team lightning の Magic house , The participants are high school students , Through the relevant algorithms of alicloud visual intelligent open platform, the development of video tools is realized .

When the Dharma experts went behind the scenes , More developers are coming to the front desk . in fact , The experts behind the scenes , There is another way to challenge technology .

In the eyes of the star pupil , In the future, the open platform needs to be further “ Make thick ”. One side , Further explore industry capabilities , According to the industry, constantly enrich the industry capacity , This could mean opening up the data 、 Model 、 The algorithm gives the user , Let users train themselves . On the other hand , It may also try to do more solutions .

Now? , Such related algorithms have also been online on the platform , More new algorithms are still on the way ……

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