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What new technology can double 11 create?

2020-12-07 19:22:04 Aliyun yunqi

brief introduction : Peak shopping is no longer the biggest challenge , Where will the next generation of technological innovation appear ?


Be born 12 After year , double 11 Still writing the answer sheet , Also left a questionnaire : When peak shopping is no longer the biggest challenge , Next generation technology innovation , Where will it be ?


“ Good innovation comes from high-pressure situations ,‘ double 11’ Created a high-pressure scene , Let the cutting-edge technology and the most cutting-edge business model , Can produce high-speed collisions .” Last night, , Alibaba group chief technology officer Cheng Li's double 11 At the closing stage, he said , double 11 The technology challenge of the technology will enter a new historical stage .


This year's double 11 The longest span in history , With the background of the new outbreak , Yes 2000 Multiple industrial belts 、30 Ten thousand foreign trade factories and 3 More than 10000 overseas brands have joined —— When there is a chance to 4000 Ten thousand new products , push toward 8 More than 100 million consumers , Every key link , There are possibilities for a new generation of Technology .


▲ chart : Alibaba Group CTO Cheng Li in Shuang 11 That night's speech

Compared with Cheng Li “12 Engineers who participated in the whole process in ”, People don't immediately perceive the full value of technological engineering , Many projects start with design , To put it bluntly, it saves a few minutes for consumers and businesses 、 A few dollars ; In terms of social costs , Need to put a peak , Flatten in time or space ; Final , Or back to how to make every order stable 、 Efficient delivery .


As Cheng Li said , This year, double 11, In new product development 、 manufacturing 、 User touch up 、 Supply chain 、 Logistics and distribution , The resonance of technology and business has produced a lot of innovation . And their ultimate direction is to let “ Online business elements 、 Digitization , On this basis , Form a truly digital business network ”.


And because the time window is the longest , This double 11 Let's start from a longer industrial chain , Predict something new in the future :

C2M Technology will replace “ Online retailers ”, It's like cloud computing replacing tradition IT


C2M( User direct manufacturing ) Maybe the definition of a word is still unclear , No more “C2M What does technology include ” Consensus of . however , It's like cloud computing , Instead of IT company , This double 11 Let the future C2M Technology clusters become clearer .


Alibaba has at least three different technology modules , Try to get deep into C2M.

  • Behind the tmall Genie AIoT Module technology and interaction , Has affected a lot of home appliances 、 Intelligent design and development of home furnishing manufacturers .
    Also led to some small household appliances industry belt 、 The rapid growth of foreign trade factories .
    The whole technology 、 The openness of design resources is still the highest in the industry .
  • Lie Ping intelligent manufacturing represents the industrialized digital technology from terminal to local , among 3D/AR Front end rendering model , The design software of home decoration designer is connected with the production database of building material factory .
    double 11 Of 10 Wan model room is just the beginning , There will be 2 Ten thousand stores entered the whole house customization business .
  • Rhino intelligent manufacturing is an intelligent factory and flexible production line supported by data intelligence technology , Rhino intelligent manufacturing brings opportunities to industrial belt factories , It's not just a small sample test , There are more opportunities under big data .


 Picture matching 4.png

Home decoration 、 Home appliance 、 Home and clothing are growing significantly , These industries also have a strong trend of manufacturing flexibility and consumer personality , The market is big enough . Problems like localization, distribution and assembly , Alibaba already has a strong technology end problem .


Plus Alibaba cloud's accumulation in many basic industries in the field of industrial brain , Maybe it won't take long , Taobao tmall will start from an e-commerce platform , Hatched a C2M Technology clusters , Or intelligent manufacturing platform .


Digital supply chain becomes the breakthrough of Digitalization for large enterprises

If the cloud is a resource on the scheduling line , The supply chain corresponds to the offline resources of the enterprise , No doubt it's very important . therefore , In his speech, Cheng Li repeatedly quoted Alibaba as DChain Project . Through this intelligent prediction technology , In double 11 front , It's going to surpass 11 100 million commodities are allocated to the logistics warehouse nearest to potential consumers in advance ; Let some retail enterprises directly save warehousing logistics costs , Ship directly from the factory ; even to the extent that , Open the night before in the anchor's studio , We can also forecast orders of tens of millions of orders , Where it might be distributed .


chart : In Cheng Li's speech, he mentioned the service ability that can be shared by the society


This system should pass the rookie digital storage system at present , And alicloud's new retail platform products interface , Can let the enterprise contact use . You can imagine seeing , In Taobao special edition or retail through such a very sinking commodity management , This capability will greatly improve the supply efficiency that used to be managed manually . however , Is that all ?


  • The supply plan of the enterprise , It is the core of the whole business resource decision , Compared to the customer relationship problems solved in the past , In the past, it was thought that the frequency of stock in and out was not high , And not the first to go digital .
    And it's probably because there's not enough data and algorithms that can really optimize the supply .
  • Few organizations have digital supply chains that can aggregate Alibaba's current multi-dimensional links .
    And will affect the supply chain order message , With almost all of the 140 Many service providers have deep technology docking ;
    Once large enterprises can refer to , It will drive a large number of ecological enterprises upstream and downstream .
  • There's no need for new software in this area , It's about new data processing and algorithmic frameworks , For example, in Alibaba's business services and data warehouse products, there has been a large number of streaming batch integrated architecture .
    double 11 Accumulated experience , It seems to be getting closer to productization .


Besides , And Taobao tmall new product platform , This directly helps brands develop early technology platforms . For some industries that need explosive products to decide the business plan , It's going to be critical .


Understanding of consumers and Industry , It may lead to a new intelligent computing framework

11 month 3 Alibaba double of Japan 11 At the technical communication meeting , For the first time, the cognitive intelligence engine is explained in detail , In business AI An important role in the system . Then 11 month 9 Japan , This team was invited to work in the Chinese Association for science and technology 、 Chinese academy of sciences 、 At the top conference sponsored by Chinese Academy of Engineering , Release open source one-stop graph computing engine GraphScope.


The open source framework hasn't released much detail yet , But from the introduction of the project team , It comes directly from the double 11 There's no doubt that hundreds of billions of calls per day are intelligent scenarios in :


  • In the Alibaba scene , Because there is an industry 、 regional 、 There are conceptual maps of economic behavior , The need for computing is different from general deep learning scenarios .
    With this ability to traverse graphs , For different industries , Intelligent technology with higher cognitive level is likely to produce .


  • Graph computing performance has improved in recent years 10 times , But there are still three big application challenges :
    First, the problems in related fields are complex , There are many computing modes , A lot of solutions are fragmented ;
    Second, it is difficult to learn , For non professional programmers, the threshold is very high ;
    Third, there is a large amount of cross domain data 、 The computational efficiency is still low .


  • GraphScope And TensorFlow Other framework , There will be a collaborative relationship on the system , That is to combine deep learning with traditional graph model more closely , Get better results .


chart : The application scenario of graph computing introduced by Alibaba cognitive intelligence team


External observation of platform companies , Often the particle size varies greatly . Especially for Alibaba technology , Everyone touches different parts , Different opinions . Because the industry involved is the most abundant , Alibaba seems to have always been the biggest company willing to show its customers the latest R & D output : Some are in the sky , Some grow in the ground , There is the architecture concept in the exploration of Zhongtai , There are also cloud habitat meetings to throw out Dharma hall 、 Big bang news like Pingtou .


If you go back to one of the company's strategies : Cloud computing and big data , In the past two years 11 Under the catalysis of , Alibaba researches cloud computing from itself 、 The story of the database , Finally, we have realized this kind of technological innovation at the factor level . Cloud computing remains the first in scale and growth in China 、 The database has surpassed... In China Oracle Number one ; Not only does it support double 11, And it's the infrastructure for many national applications .


Different from the general closed centralized monopoly platform , High tech Development , It must be open and altruistic . From one path to another more and more abundant double 11 Orders also show , Adhere to large-scale open interfaces , Maintain high frequency of social collaboration , It's the most sustainable innovation in itself .

1 Double 11 How many technology elements are there in the order .jpeg



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