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583000 pens / sec! Look at Ali's black Technology

2020-12-07 19:16:20 Aliyun yunqi

brief introduction : 11 month 11 Japan 0 It's just past 26 second , Tmall double 11 The peak of order creation is 58.3 Ten thousand brush / second , Alibaba cloud once again carried the world's largest flow peak !58.3 Ten thousand brush / second , The number is 2009 For the first time in two years 11 Of 1457 times . Behind the numbers , There are many unknown technological innovations and breakthroughs hidden in Alibaba , Even the world's top technology . today , Ali Mei will share Alibaba tmall double with you 11 The black technology behind it !


11 month 11 Japan 0 It's just past 26 second , Tmall double 11 The peak of order creation is 58.3 Ten thousand brush / second , Alibaba cloud once again carried the world's largest flow peak !58.3 Ten thousand brush / second , The number is 2009 For the first time in two years 11 Of 1457 times .

Behind the numbers , There are many unknown technological innovations and breakthroughs hidden in Alibaba , Even the world's top technology . today , Ali Mei will share Alibaba tmall double with you 11 The black technology behind it !

Tmall double 11 Twelve years , Ali's commercial operating system moves towards the digital native Era

With the participation of the whole society 2020 double 11, It has become a global super large scale digital innovation project , brace 2020 double 11 Of , It is a new Alibaba digital native business operating system .

Digital Native , Including cloud native 、AI Native 、 Blockchain native 、IoT Native 、5G New technologies such as native . Digital native business operating system , Consolidate the infrastructure layer represented by cloud computing , Get through the business 、 data 、 intelligence 、 Platform level of digital innovation within collaboration , And then realize the full online and digitalization of the business elements of the upper whole link . Digital native business operating system , Accelerate the circulation of commercial elements with the ability of instrumentalization and productization , Standardized 、 Modular assembly technology build way , Not only can it greatly improve efficiency , It will also open up more space for innovation for the society , Let more new commercial species emerge .


2020 Tmall double 11 The core system of the business is completed from “ On the cloud ” To “ On the cloud ” Architecture upgrade

Fully realize cloud native cloud , And through large-scale use, including container services ACK、 database PolarDB、Redis、 news RocketMQ、 Microservices EDAS、 monitor ARMS Cloud native products, etc , Acquisition costs 、 The dividend of stability and R & D operation and maintenance efficiency improvement . meanwhile , double 11 The greatly promoted business scenario has also become the training ground for the advantages of Alibaba cloud's original technology and products , Create greater value for Alibaba cloud customers . Database core comprehensive cloud original biochemistry , Improve resource utilization 60%.

Alibaba releases 2020 Tmall double 11 Ten cutting edge technologies

2020 double 11 It is the most scientific and technological double in history 11. Be used in large scale 2020 double 11 Of the top ten cutting-edge technologies , Including the official logistics robot donkey 、 Support 214 Live real-time translation of four languages 、 Save electricity in a year 7000 Wandu liquid cooling data center 、 Ali core system of comprehensive cloud original biochemistry … There are original business innovations based on Digital Technology , There are also fundamental technological breakthroughs leading the times .

Among the top ten cutting-edge technologies , business AI In depth production and manufacturing 、 Shopping consumption 、 Every link of logistics distribution , Let's double this year 11 Towards intelligence . In the manufacturing process ,“ Industrial vision AI” It has been launched in many textile and garment factories , Can automatically complete the raw material 、 grey 、 Finished cloth 、 The quality inspection of the whole production link of ready-made clothes , Small to the diameter of the hair 10 One tenth of the size of the defect can be accurately identified , Recognition accuracy 90% above , Far beyond human level , The efficiency has been greatly improved 5 times , Push double 11 Speed up production and manufacturing .


Every second in the studio is the pride of technicians

The platform must be in 1 Seconds will be the host voice 、 Pictures and product information are synchronized to millions of consumers with a wide range of distribution , Make sure the latter gets consistent 、 In real time 、 High level audio and video experience , And commodity trading ( Especially the second kill ) Credibility of . meanwhile , The same problem is coming into the studio 、 Complete the purchase transaction 、 Grab a red envelope / The large-scale, real-time and highly parallel content e-commerce interaction represented by "like" exists .

In order to further optimize the consumer experience , Reduce delay , Alibaba attaches great importance to the investment in the field of audio and video technology , It involves audio and video calls 、 Low latency live 、S265 codecs 、 Real time intelligent scheduling 、 Self learning participation system and other aspects , Especially in 2020 double 11 take GRTN Next generation multimedia transmission network “ For the first time, it has been widely used in live e-commerce delivery ”. Delay the live broadcast from the past 3-5 Seconds down to 1 Within seconds , The extremely low interaction delay has brought about the qualitative improvement of live content and interactive experience , Better interaction between the consumer and the anchor .

AI Virtual anchor appeared in Taobao live room , On duty, tmall double 11

double 11 On the eve of , Ali AI Virtual anchor appeared in Taobao live room , Instead of a live anchor “ Mount guard ” double 11. The virtual anchor has both form and spirit , voice 、 mood 、 Move closer to the real person , Not only can you listen and say , It's a great way to talk to millions of people , And dance 、Rap, Complete a variety of complex movements .


Cognitive intelligence engine helps consumers better choose , New and good goods become popular !

This year, double 11 On the eve of , Taobao home page has been greatly revised . In the information flow 、 Search for 、 Juhuasuan 、 User scenarios such as venue and live broadcast , The number of Intelligent Computing calls has reached hundreds of billion times a day , The breadth of consumer interest has expanded significantly , Business opportunities tend to be diverse , The incubation cycle of new products is shortening .

Besides , All kinds of basic intelligent technologies have been widely applied in Taobao , The daily adjustment amount is also hundreds of billion times . In vision AI field , Pailitao currently supports image and video retrieval of hundreds of millions of products ; Natural language learning (NLP)、 Real time machine translation 、 Semantic recognition and other technologies , In the shop, honey 、 Real time translation 、 Key links such as commodity evaluation and analysis are used .

In information search 、 Recommendation and marketing , Traditional machine learning mechanism will continuously fit user behavior . Cognitive intelligence provides better discovery 、 richness . Intelligent technology flows like water in Ali's economy , Cognitive intelligence engine helps consumers better choose , New and good goods become popular !

Mobile phone Taobao barrier free upgrade , Hearing impaired users experience live subtitles

Live broadcast has become the new favorite of hot search , In order to make hearing-impaired users equally use this shopping social way , Hand Taobao information accessibility team, Taoxi technology live broadcast team and voice lab of Dharma Academy , be based on ASR technology , Real time conversion of host voice into real-time subtitle display on the mobile phone . For the first time “ listen ” To Li Jiaqi's “OMG! Buy it ! Buy it !”.

Business platform : In the history, most businesses participated in tmall double through Zhongtai 11, It's as smooth as silk

In order to ensure the smooth trading link under the double peak , Efficient and stable , Alibaba business platform through the full link system optimization and security plan , Continuously improve the performance of asynchronous task scheduling , Reduce resource costs . In helping Taobao tmall master station to achieve red envelope merger 、 Live seckill 、 Taobao change and other big promotion of new play on the basis of , He also successfully supported the first participation in the double 11 The local life of 、 INtime 、 Koala and other businesses to achieve the economy greatly promote business resonance , Improve the overall shopping experience of consumers .

meanwhile , Based on the idea of productization , This year, the business platform will also greatly promote the digitization of capabilities 、 automation 、 And intelligently opening up to more business departments , So that each front office business team can accurately calculate the demand for large promotion capacity , Many departments only need one person , We will be able to promote data preheating and other key work , Greatly reduced the investment of personnel and time .

New energy : A new generation of data computing and processing framework ——“ Stream batch integration ”

This year, double 11, Alibaba data center will provide driving force for business innovation through the latest data technology and deeper data understanding . among , A new generation of data computing and processing framework ——“ Stream batch integration ” It will be widely used in the internal small two end .

In the past, double 11 period , Ali Xiaoer wants to do something like “ Which products and channels perform better than in previous years ?” And so on 、 Mass in-depth analysis , These seemingly simple operational analyses , It involves a lot of data calculation and multi-dimensional cross analysis , It takes a lot of time to achieve this . Next generation data processing framework ——“ Stream batch integration ”, Realized “ Full link 、 All dimensions 、 Full real time ” Data processing and analysis of , It can help Ali Xiaoer find problems in time 、 To analyze problems , Achieve real-time operational decisions .

“ Stream batch integration ” On the technical , Even multiple computing processing modes have been realized , It only needs to write a set of code to be compatible with . Faster than other frameworks in computing speed 1 times 、 Quick query 4 times , Building data reports for the sophomores has improved 4-10 Times the speed . meanwhile , because “ Integrated ” Characteristics of , It can realize the complete consistency of real-time and offline data .

With the largest amount of data in history this year , A new generation of data computing and processing framework ——“ Stream batch integration ” Directly save half of the resource cost , It's true “ fast 、 accurate 、 province ”.

MaxCompute With the largest computing power in China , For Alibaba economy tmall double 11 Escort

MaxCompute Support double 11 Massive data and high concurrent computing in the scene , expect 2020 Calculate the year-on-year growth of more than 50%. among , The amount of daily data calculation will be in 2017 year 300PB、2018 year 600PB、2019 year 900PB After the sustained growth of , In this year's double 11 breakthrough EB level . One day computing tasks will be in 2017 year 300 ten thousand 、2018 year 500 ten thousand 、2019 year 900 After all , More than ten million .

The cloud native real-time data warehouse is in tmall double for the first time 11 Core data scenario landing

Real time computing Flink+ MaxCompute Interactive analysis (Hologres) The real-time data warehouse realizes the real-time of commercial full link , Millisecond level massive data processing capacity , It brings more intelligent consumption experience for businesses and consumers . In response to double 11 The large discharge peak provides a strong guarantee , Support business includes double 11 Live studio 、 Intelligent recommendation 、 Ali mom data platform 、 International station data platform 、 Rookie data platform 、 umeng + Global data analysis 、CCO Intelligent customer service 、 New retail data platform 、 The koala 、 Hungry, wait for business .

Front end intelligent design draft generation code , Help more than ten BU Intelligent research and development , Automatic generation 90.4% New module of the double 11 venue

Front end intelligence helps upgrade front-end R & D mode , Design draft code generation technology system upgrade ( If yes UI polymorphic 、 Live video components 、 Intelligent recognition enhancement of the cycle, etc ), Several departments jointly build a front-end design draft identification algorithm model and data set , double 11 Large scale application of the venue , Marketing module R & D link product upgrade , double 11 There are 90.4% ( Higher than last year ) The code for the new module is automatically generated ; Remove design constraints as much as possible , Add constraints, intelligent check and other upgrades , In the case of no artificial assistance, the intelligent generated code is reserved, and the proportion of the code released online is 79.26%; Compared with the traditional module development mode , Fixed manpower unit time module demand throughput increased by about 1.5 times , Coding efficiency after using design draft generation code technology ( The ratio of module code complexity to development time ) promote 68%.

AlibabaWood Help tmall double 11

AlibabaWood It is an efficient and intelligent tool for making short videos of commodities , It's convenient 、 flexible 、 intelligence 3 Core features .AlibabaWood It can help users 1 Minutes to generate 1 Product short video , Will greatly reduce the processing time of users , Provide user productivity .

The tool is developed by Alibaba Dharma institute human computer natural interaction laboratory 、 Machine intelligence technology Artificial Intelligence Center DesignAI、 Alibaba cloud's intelligent business is jointly built , Integration of e-commerce video design and artificial intelligence , Be able to understand the content of the product intelligently , And then automatically script the product , Add shots , Writing a copy , And style matching music , Automatically edit short video of e-commerce with story .

Smart customer service will call “ visual telephone ” 了 , Providing multimodal interactive services

Hot line honey 2020 double 11 The outbound call target is the outbound call scale of the day 1000w+, During this period, the daily average is 300w+. The call in target is average monthly satisfaction 60%, Average daily conversion to labor volume 5.4w.

Hot line Xiaomi this year double 11 Online multimodal interactive service capabilities , Can answer the user's video call . Introduce activities with low promotion satisfaction 、 Shopping guide, etc , Hot line Xiaomi pilot audio and picture synchronization multimodal interactive service . This feature will be open to some users , Users choose multimodal calls on applications such as manual search , You can set up a video chat with the robot , The video interface is mainly used to show the content related to chat topics , For example, when the user asks about the promotion rules 、 How to use the red envelope and so on , Xiaomi can contrast the picture , Hand in hand to teach users to find the corresponding interface , Tell the rules of use , Greatly alleviate the problem of low efficiency of voice phone in the past .

Xiaomi's multimodal upgrade is based on the voice active dialogue platform of Dharma Academy SPD(spoken positive dialogue) Platform to build , With the help of the multi-modal dialogue and interaction ability of Dharma Academy . Intelligent customer service that can make video calls , In the future, there is a wide range of applications , Including online shopping guide 、 Personal life assistant and so on .

“ Where there is electricity, there is Alibaba intranet ”

This year, double 11, The network engineers in the enterprise intelligence business department have developed a 5G The box . In the absence of a network , Just plug in the box , Employees can connect to wireless networks , And it's an intranet environment , No need to deploy Broadband , Also does not need the staff to connect the intranet operation . A single event can save tens of thousands of costs . Besides , Through the box , It can also directly carry out wireless screen projection and other operations , Further improve office experience and efficiency . At present, the cat has been used in this ceremony 11 The scene of a big event .


Tmall double 11 Network security : For the first time in the air “ optical cable ”

In Ali Xixi Park, the most advanced radio UHF transmission technology is used for network disaster recovery for the first time , In the air above each combat room, a strip of “ Wireless cable ”, No longer afraid of road lines being cut or rats biting , To ensure the stable network transmission of the sophomores .

Digital supply chain multi-level cross-border warehouse and hair network construction

Before the double eleven , The digital supply chain division is responsible for Lazada Build a multi-level cross-border warehouse supply chain solution , Businesses can choose flexibly according to their category characteristics ( Domestic central warehouse 、 Regional free trade warehouse eWTP、 Local warehouse FBL) Stock up , Covering consumer groups in six Southeast Asian countries , The system will automatically select the appropriate warehouse according to the customer address and inventory level, and automatically deliver the goods , Integrating rookies and Lazada First journey 、 customs 、 Main line 、 Landing capacity , Help businesses solve the challenges of cross-border warehousing logistics , Improve the efficiency of consumer service .

China's first enterprise to cooperate with customs to complete the full link pressure test , Focus on ensuring the stability of customs clearance at the peak value of import bonded goods

This time double 11, As the first enterprise in China, rookie cooperates with customs to realize the landing of full link pressure measurement scheme , By simulating peaks , Customs internal system completed 10+ Upgrade optimization .11 month 1 The morning of 6 when 33 branch , The whole customs link is stable , Consumers buy double 11 Import order , There has been a 1000W Shan goes through customs successfully , This is faster than 2019 Annual double 11 The day was greatly advanced 2 Hours 14 branch , To speed up 25%, These packages have already entered the distribution chain , It can be delivered on the same day as soon as possible .

From digitalization in China to digitalization in the world , The rookie is Southeast Asia 11 On the national costume “ Logistics brain ” Against tmall double 11

This year, double 11, Rookie's digital logistics technology is going global for the first time . Except China , The rookie is still in Indonesia 、 Malaysia 、 Singapore 、 Vietnam 、 Thailand 、 the Philippines 、 Pakistan 、 Nepal 、 Myanmar 、 Bangladesh 、 Sri Lanka, etc 11 A country , Building a unified logistics technology center , For Southeast Asia Logistics loaded with “ eyes ” and “ The brain ”.

The national 150 The city is equipped with rookie innovation IoT equipment , For the industry has been given to reduce costs and increase efficiency of new productivity

This time double 11, rookie IoT Ushered in the first large-scale boost industry digital upgrade . In storage 、 Courier 、 The international 、 Retail logistics scenarios , Tens of thousands of them have been configured LEMO Series of products , During this period, it is expected to support the production operation of 100 million packages . In the post station scene , Unmanned pickup machine 、 Small box 、 Self lifting cabinet and other products cover 150 city , Save for consumers 15 Thousands of hours . meanwhile , Tens of thousands of wrapping machines , Will provide consumers with a new self-service delivery experience .

Little donkey is on duty ! Ali logistics robot will contract Zhejiang University rookie station tmall double 11 Package delivery

Less than two months old , Alibaba's logistics robot little man donkey went to work .10 month 30 Japan , Led by the little donkey 22 Logistics robots enter Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University . This year, double 11, Ali will build the world's first pure robot delivery point in Zhejiang University , The robot takes charge of Zhejiang University rookie post station 3 More than 10000 packages of home delivery service .


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