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What are the extraordinary stories of the Internet after 25 years?

2020-12-07 17:04:39 Three ah three water

In the great moment of destiny , All the virtues of the people —— look out 、 Compliance 、 Diligent 、 cautious , To no avail , It always requires only talented people , And make him immortal . Fate scornfully keeps the timid out of the door . fate —— Another God in the world , Only willing to hold up the brave with warm arms , A paradise for heroes .

—— Excerpt from 《 Sternstunden der Menschheit 》


In the long history of mankind , We are the luckiest generation , Because we live in an era of flying wisdom .

What is the greatest invention of our time ? Maybe everyone has a different answer . In Xiao Hui's opinion , There are two of the greatest inventions , One is Computer , One is Internet .


In China, , The Internet has gone through 25 year History .25 Years is not a long time , But there are countless young people with lofty aspirations , Dedicated to their youth and talent , There are a lot of passionate stories .

Here it is , Xiao Hui connects these extraordinary stories , Hope to let more friends know the Internet , Get to know these world changing Entrepreneurs . Whether the protagonists in the story succeed or fail , Is it brilliant or down , They are all the most beautiful stars in the night sky .


The abandoned Internet “ Lifetime ”( in )


5. E-commerce under SARS


80 And after 90 After the friends , It must be right 2003 Year of “ Sars ” The event was very impressive . Xiao Hui was in high school at that time , All the schools were forced to close at that time , The once bustling streets were sparsely populated , Everyone is carefully guarding against the threat of disease .

SARS is a disaster , But it's also an opportunity for the Internet . Xiao Hui during the suspension period , Browse every day on the Internet BBS Community , watch 《 Classroom in the air 》 Distance courses for , At the same time, I learned a very new thing at that time : online shopping .

Talking about online shopping , What is the earliest e-commerce platform in China ? yes 2000 Website launched in 8848, The name comes from the height of Mount Everest (8848 rice ).  But it's a pity , Just over a year ,8848 The brave pioneer failed for various reasons .

2003 year 5 Hangzhou in the month , When SARS was raging , TaoBao go online . Same year 10 month , Taobao launched a third-party payment platform Alipay , Guarantee both sides of online transaction .

Who is behind Taobao ? I'm afraid no one doesn't know , That's Alibaba's Jack ma, . Ma Yun and others 17 An early founder of Ali , go by the name of Eighteen Luo Han .



It is worth mentioning that , One of the eighteen Arhats was named Sun Tongyu The young man , On 2008 He left Ali in 1954 , A few years later, a new e-commerce giant was created . Which e-commerce giant is ? Let's sell it first , We'll talk about .

The same is 2003 year , Affected by the SARS epidemic , Guancun's electronics business is bad . Beardless Qiang Dong Liu ( And Xiao Hui's former owner ) In a hurry , Had to post online to sell goods .

2004 Beginning of the year , Jingdong multimedia network The official launch , This is the Jingdong Mall that we all know later .


Jingdong and Alibaba , These two e-commerce giants who grew up during the SARS period , Up to now, there is still a fierce competition for buying and buying on the 11th day of every year .


6. The brilliance of online games


At home , Online game industry is a misunderstood industry .

What is China's first online game ? It's called 《 Ode to Gallantry 》 Pure text online games , On 1995 year 9 Monthly online .


Perhaps most readers are unfamiliar with this game , But the developers of the game are very famous , He is Fang Zhouzi .

2001 end of the year , An online game from South Korea was born , It's a milestone in the industry , This game is called 《 legend 》.《 legend 》 The operating company in China is called Shanda network A small company , Boss Chen Tianqiao Spring into fame .

And then , A variety of domestic online games have sprung up in general :

2002 year 7 month , Jinshan 《 Swordsman love online》 go online .

2003 year 12 month , Netease's 《 Fantasy westward journey 》 go online . More than a decade later , Netease has always been one of the giants in the industry .

2005 year ,《 A perfect world 》 go online , Perfect time and space The rookie company jumped up .

2005 end of the year ,《 Journey 》 go online , Shi Yuzhu, a master operator, created a free + The new mode of online game in mall .

2007 year , Sohu has a good time 《 The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils 》 go online , This is the last glory of large client online games .

later , The main battlefield of online game industry has changed from end game to page game , From page tour to mobile game ......

Who is the leader of the domestic game industry today ? Needless to say , It must be Tencent Entertainment 了 .


7. The fierce thousand regiment war


2008 year , Silicon Valley , A company called Groupon On the Internet , It created “ Group purchase ” This brand new O2O Business model .2011 Beginning of the year ,Groupon Enter the Chinese market , Chinese Translation  “ Gaopeng ”.

2010 year , The first group buying website in China All over the net go online . distinguished guests 、 A full seat , For the domestic group buying industry opened the prelude .

And then , More and more group buying websites have joined this hot track , Group buying covers catering 、 tourism 、 The hotel 、 The movie 、KTV Waiting for all aspects of life . There are a couple of big heavyweight players :


2010 year 3 month 4 Japan , Meituan go online

2010 year 3 month 15 Japan , Wototuan go online

2010 year 3 month 18 Japan , www.lashou.com go online

2010 year 6 month 23 Japan , Glutinous rice net go online

2010 year 7 month 1 Japan , Dida Tuan go online



here we are 2011 year , The competition in the group buying industry has become increasingly fierce , At the peak, the number of group buying websites reached 5000 A number of ! Later generations call it Thousand regiment war , No exaggeration .


here we are 2014 year , The thousand regiment war finally subsided , Who is the final winner of this war ? yes Meituan And its founders Wang Xing .


2015 year 10 month , Meituan and Dianping merged into Comments of meituan public .

2018 year 4 month , Meituan acquired Mobai , Same year 9 On the listed .


8. The revolution of social networks


With the development of Internet technology , ordinary BBS And chat rooms have been unable to meet people's social needs . Now , A richer social network was born .

Social networks can be roughly divided into two types , One is Social acquaintance , The typical representative is 2004 Born in Silicon Valley Facebook.

notice Facebook The success of the , There are also many campus social networks in China , Among them, the most influential is 2008 Year of Kaixin and 2009 Year of Renren.com . But it is a pity that , This kind of social network has not gone far in China .



Another type of social networking , yes Strangers socialize , The typical representative is 2006 It was also born in Silicon Valley Twitter.

2007 year 5 month ( Meituan online line three years ago ), Wang Xing's social networking site “ Rice no ” go online , It's called Chinese Twitter.


2009 end of the year , Sina weibo go online .

2011 year 1 month , You know go online .

Since then , Stranger social networks have established themselves in China .


While social networks are booming , im The track is not quiet .

2007 year 5 month , China Mobile launched Fetion .

2010 end of the year , Xiaomi technology has launched Mi chat .


This is the time , Once put Foxmail Sold to Tencent Xiao-long zhang , Still in charge of Tencent QQ Mailbox business .

But soon after 2011 year , Zhang Xiaolong's team took their research and development of   WeChat 1.0  Born in the sky .

2012 year 4 month , WeChat 4.0 With Circle of friends function .

2012 year 8 month , WeChat official account platform go online . The official account is the platform , Let Xiaohui have a chance to establish a connection with you , Share your thoughts .


9. The overturned taxi industry


Since the birth of the Internet , Many traditional industries are being changed a little bit , But what can really be said to be completely subverted , It's the taxi industry .

2010 year 10 month ,Uber Online in Silicon Valley , Created the first Internet taxi .

2011 end of the year , The first taxi product in China Shake the cart go online .

2012 year 8 month , Quick taxi go online .


2012 year 9 month , Drop taxi go online , The founder resigned from Alipay Cheng Wei .



2013 year , Dozens of products have joined the racing track of taxi industry , But in the 2014 year , Only didi and Kuai are still alive in the market , There's a crazy subsidy war between the two .

2015 year , In order to fight against Uber, The strategic combination of didi and Kuai .

2016 year , After the merger, didi and Uber launched a fierce market competition . Same year 8 month , Uber lost , Uber China was acquired by didi .


The conclusion of this article


21 The first decade of the century , The Internet has changed people's basic necessities of life and social entertainment .

clothing ( TaoBao 、 JD.COM )

food ( Meituan )

live ( Meituan 、 Ctrip )

That's ok ( sound of dripping water )

social contact ( Microblogging 、 You know 、 WeChat )

entertainment ( Network game )


In the next decade , There are more new and interesting things waiting for us .


The Internet industry is developing rapidly , Never thought that mobile phones have become a part of our lives , Travel 、 Payment and so on. , Mobile phones can solve . some time , There will be more than we can imagine , And this , Thanks to the development of network technology .

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