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High tech center: the most important 12 IT skills in Silicon Valley, which means high salary!

2020-12-07 17:04:38 Safe life

IT The industry is hot , But only if you have the skills you need . If you want to enter the industry , Take a look at the hottest items in the near future IT Skill .

KevinScott He's a senior technology manager at Google , He is also a founding member of the professional and Education Committee of the American computer association , He said :“ Everything I saw in Silicon Valley and thought programmers were going to disappear 、 The idea of outsourcing its work is quite the opposite . From big companies to start-ups , Many companies are actively recruiting .”


Many recruiters think , Now there are more vacancies to choose from . According to the University of Marquette in Milwaukee IT associate professor KateKaiser Think ,IT The talent market is hot , But only if you have the skills you need .

1、 machine learning

Scott say , As many companies strive to develop software that needs to find data in large datasets , For example, collaborative filtering 、 Spam filtering and fraud detection software , Some observers have found that , The market demand for these talents is rising rapidly : Have knowledge of machine learning , Or be able to design and develop algorithms and technologies that can improve computer performance . It's not just for Google . There are many applications that contain very large datasets , This raises a fundamental problem , That is, how to organize data and provide it to users .

The demand for this kind of application software further expands the demand for data mining 、 Other skills such as statistical modeling and data structure are needed . Some of these problems can't be solved easily —— The subtle differences between the chosen data structures or algorithms will determine whether you get a reasonable solution .


2、 Moving applications to mobile devices

SeanEbner It's a recruitment company in Florida SpherionPacificEnterprises Vice president of professional services , He said , People are competing to provide content on mobile devices just as the Internet did in the last century 90 The crazy period of the S . And with blackberry and Treo And other equipment has become an increasingly important business tool , Many companies need to be good at ERP、 Applications such as purchasing and expense approval extend to talent on these devices . He said :“ Many companies need someone to be able to extend applications to mobile devices .”

3、 Wireless network

Vice president of skills development for the computer technology industry association of America NeillHopkins say , With Wi-Fi、WiMax And Bluetooth, the de facto wireless standards, are rapidly becoming popular , For employers looking for technical talent , Protecting wireless transmission security has become a top priority . He said :“ A lot of wireless technology has been accepted , So a lot of companies focus on how they work together 、 What are the security risks , These risks are much greater than wired networks .”

HowardSchmidt President of the American Information System Security Association , It's also eBay The company's former chief information security officer and chief security strategist , He agrees with the above . He said :“ If I were to recruit wireless technology experts , I also want them to understand the impact of wireless technology on security , Add controls at the beginning .”


4、 Human computer interaction and interface design

There's a growing demand for user interface design on the other hand , That is for Web Or desktop applications designing user interfaces .Scott say :“ Now more people realize that , Engineers can no longer rush together a lame interface .” Because of the existence of companies like apple , So consumers are seeing more and more well-designed products , therefore , Why can't the software used be the same ?

5、 project management

Based in Kansas City IntronicSolutions The general manager of the company GrantGordon say : The project manager has been in short supply , Or because of budget overruns, people are becoming more and more intolerable , So people who can prove their talents are very popular . He said :“ What is needed now is a project manager with real talent , And not just the people with the title . What employers need is supervision 、 Understand the life cycle of a project 、 People who really manage projects .”

It's quite different from a year ago , It was easy to get the position of project manager . And now , As the employer requires practical experience , So the interview process has become much stricter . The right candidates are rare , And these people can make picky demands on wages and allowances .

Gordon The way to screen candidates is , Let the internal subject matter experts (subject-matterexpert) Organizing interviews , Learn how candidates have handled situations in the past , For example, how to eliminate team conflicts or solve problems .“ It's easy to repeat the principle mechanically , But I started to talk about conflict management and so on , You'll start to see if they know what they're doing .”Gordon say .

Gordon Once a candidate was asked to describe how he would design a ball that would fly further by changing the dimples on the golf surface .Gordon say :“ To be sure , No one can answer such a question , But you can see how fast the other person reacts 、 How to divide a difficult problem into smaller parts .”


6、 General network skills

Today, , No matter where you do it IT Work , Can't avoid the Internet any more , thus , It is also necessary for non network professionals like software engineers to have a basic understanding of network concepts . At least they need to know the basic knowledge of the Internet , Such as TCP/IP、 Ethernet and fiber , Also learn about distributed computing and network computing , And enough to cope with the work .

Scott say :“ For developers who write applications that need to be deployed to the data center , Now it's very important for them to recognize how applications use the web . They need to understand how their own programs make the most of the web .” for example , In order to divide three layers of application software between multiple computers , Developers need to know how to build and coordinate this network . People who know the basic principles of distributed systems are very popular .

7、 Network convergence technology

According to the Hopkins Introduce , As more companies implement IP Voice transmission (VoIP), The market increasingly needs those who understand lan 、 Wide area network 、 Voice networks and the Internet , And understand how they fit together as network administrators .


8、 Open source programming

Now? , More employers are interested in recruiting open source talent than in the past .Ebner say :“ Some people used to think , Open source is on the wane , But now it's coming back , Whether it's at the operating system level , Or application development .” stay Linux、Apache、MySQL and PHP( Collectively referred to as LAMP) People who are experienced in this area will find themselves in great demand .

9、 Business intelligence systems

Now? , Business intelligence is also growing rapidly , Therefore, there is a growing need for those in Cognos、BusinessObjects and Hyperion Have skills in business intelligence technology , People who know how to apply these technologies to the company's business .

Ebner say :“ Customers have invested heavily in business intelligence , But they don't need pure technicians who can only create scripts and queries . Want to be a skilled data mining person , You need to have a solid practical knowledge of the business you are analyzing . Talents with this dual ability are the most popular talents at present .”


10、 Embedded security

In recent years , Security professionals have been in short supply , But according to Schmidt Introduce , Now , A large number of employers are vetting all candidates , It's not just the safety skills and certificates of security job applicants . He said :“ I'm in the past 6 Almost every job description you've seen in a month ‘ Security ’ This word . Employers require candidates to have the ability to build a safe environment , Whether he's in charge of running the email system , Or software development . Safety has become part of the job description .”

Companies still need security experts and subject matter experts , But more and more , Every company recruits IT All personnel should know what kind of work they are engaged in has an impact on safety .

11、 Integration of digital home technology

The family is increasingly becoming a high-tech paradise , The home video and video market, as well as home safety and automatic lighting systems, have been greatly developed . But who's going to install these systems ? When something goes wrong , Who will solve the problem ?

To answer this question , The computer technology industry association of America cooperates with the Consumer Electronics Association , Developed a project called “ Digital home technology integrator ” Certification of .Hopkins say :“ It's the hottest we've seen in a long time 、 The most dynamic market .”


12、 stay C++、Python and Java And so on

Recruiters and course developers see , Many jobs require a variety of application frameworks and languages , Include ASP.net、VB.net、XML、PHP、Java、Python and C++. however Gordon Think , Employers need more than just coders . Employers rarely have to work hard in front of computers 、 The employees who are separated from the team . They need to know the technology 、 A person who can become a team leader or project coordinator again .

That's what silicon valley values 12 term IT Skill , You know a few of them ?

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