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[assignment] summary and reflection of advanced software engineering in 2020

2020-12-07 15:21:30 HansBug

Boon boon , According to international practice , It's going to take a long time to start , After all, this is a necessary procedure .

But this time , In a sense , I haven't seen you for a long time , Compared to my first blog , Compared to the first time I blogged in engineering practice courses , Compared to the first time I blogged from a curriculum perspective rather than a student perspective , Compared to the first blog and summary of the software engineering course , It's been a long time . Some ideas , It's time to refresh , And it did refresh , Programs have to iterate , Open source has to be commit It's only when it's hot , Of course, my own brain seeds are no less than .

Sum up , It's time to write something , As a memorial .

What's been going on these days

These days , Actually, what did you do , And a lot of it , But it's easy to feel like you haven't done anything .

As far as I'm concerned , About a few things :

  • Reviewed it once UML Related basic concepts and basic usage
  • Understand software engineering in requirements analysis 、 Design and other aspects of a deeper level of technology and Method
  • Led a small team to do one or two things , I've done domain analysis and requirement modeling analysis
  • My personal words , The follow-up technology development has carried on the certain technical investigation and the technical selection

See? , It's simple, isn't it . But what to say , It's worth mentioning .

First, the first part , Literally , review , After all, I have been exposed to , Of course, there's no doubt about it , Understand its basic thinking ( namely ,UML It's a modeling tool, not a drawing tool ) after , Namely Constant training of thinking , And the constant familiarity with tool use . About UML relevant , Strongly recommend PlantUML, It's the most interesting thing for procedural apes UML Tools . Besides , I also strongly recommend an open source project I wrote plantumlcli,Github Address :https://github.com/HansBug/plantumlcli , At home Gitee Address :https://gitee.com/hansbug/plantumlcli , Now it's officially online pypi, And it's already in use in some places , It's very comfortable to use at present , It's very friendly and easy to use in automation situations such as continuous integration and crawler building ( I'd like to introduce you to these vacations ), Welcome to support a wave of .

In the second part , It's about getting to know RUCM And so on . In fact, after this period of study , It's not hard to find out , It's not just in technology , Not even in management , And in requirements description 、 analysis 、 Modeling, etc , In fact, they all have a complete set of technology and methods , Some of them already have a mature tool chain . And many times , It's better than trying to figure it out on your own , It is more reliable to follow these methods in a systematic way . Application in the actual application scenario , This has been fully demonstrated .

In the third part , Or literally , With a team , Did something not great . Well , After all, things are not what I say are great , What's more, most people have no sense of greatness and no desire for it , It's just human nature . In this part , Although the author has many previous experience in leading a team , however This time it's quite different , It's different to the extent that you need to think differently , This part will be described in detail later .

In the fourth part , Traditional art can , My personal favorite pure technical link . While fiddling with open source code , I also have a new understanding of some technology stacks that I didn't know so much about . It's like walking around the vegetable market , I have a good idea of what kind of food there is , Then the next development is to buy the ingredients, fry and fry . I don't want to say much about this part , It's just routine operation , The only one that might have a point , Namely Some of the development achievements , In the future, open source broadcasting may also be considered , Coming soon .

Okay , It's just so bland these days . Probably , It's just plain and light , After all, it has been magnificent for a long time , People are so dizzy that they can't find the north , It's more like mud , It's time to be quiet , Wake up , It's not a good thing .

I've been thinking about something these days

First , Before this paragraph begins , I have to emphasize —— It's not about people , All analysis is only used to describe objective facts , It doesn't mean to look down upon or look down upon anyone , no offense , If offended , I'm sorry .

Okay , The fact of doing it , Next, let's talk about the spring and autumn dream , Ah bah , What did you think about .

First , Before writing this article , The author read his own thinking in the third year of undergraduate soft engineering course :

Now the writer , What's different from that is , I may not think and analyze from the perspective of curriculum , After all, the content of this course has begun to be hard core , I don't have the courage to say that I know everything , So maybe it's better to take your ears and your brain , It's better to be a student .

then , Some ideas about that meeting , Most of the writers still feel that there is not much change , After all, it comes down in one continuous line , Besides, they have all experienced the test of actual combat . however , Only on one thing , I think it's worth talking about , That's the problem of leading the team .

Think about , according to an uncompleted statistic , The team I used to lead as a leader ( Participation as a member does not count ; Besides , The writer has been a mouse like character since childhood , Such a thing was unthinkable before college ):

  • Questionor Question bank website The team ( The author's first work actually put into use , It's the first time that everything is true , Part of the miracle of the place ; This website is on 2020 In the first half of the year, it was stopped because of the interruption of school support and the lack of access to a suitable home )
  • Smart campus with classmates App The team ( The product that the author takes over from schoolmaster , I set up a new team and continued to operate ; On 2019 Handover to the follow-up team )
  • 2017-2018 Feng rugei science and technology competition team ( For the first time, I played a good hand , Obviously the big guy of the whole group, but he lost miserably in the end , After that, the author began a year of closed door practice , Be brave and accumulate strength )
  • Beihang 2019 year OO Teaching assistant team and system development team ( For the first time, I went to the operation and maintenance of non pure technical team , It's also the first attempt to decentralize , It's also a real miracle , This is true at both technical and non-technical levels ), Follow on people for a long time OO Course system group technical support ( Half a leader , But at the same time, we should also fully consider how to let the follow-up students grow up , After all, not everyone has the ability to be like the author 2019 At the beginning of the year, we will build a whole system in two months , How to stabilize the team for a long time is an urgent problem to be solved , It's not just about technology, it's about structure )
  • 2019 Bachelor degree in software engineering team ( Strictly speaking, this is not a complete leadership , The actual operation and maintenance is handed over to the group PM bosses , The author is more like an existence of listening to politics from the curtain , I will only express my opinion on some big issues or operate it by myself , After all, and OO Over there at the same time , A little busy )

In fact, in retrospect , Among the members of these groups who are responsible for technology development , Basically, they are all big guys , They all have strong self-learning ability 、 Self adaptability , And people with solid basic skills are smart and reliable , There is even a potential core figure who can carry the beam even when the author is away .

And in this lineup , The author's general routine , It is the simplest radish, a pit , One person, one task , Just do it , Line up and stand up against the enemy . No problem can't be solved in this way , If there is, move reinforcements or go to war in person if necessary . Such a routine , It can be said that it has been tried and tested repeatedly , After all, the group is either big guys , Either it's a very solid and reliable combat power with basic skills , Naturally, there's nothing to worry about , It's simple .

But this time , Things have changed , The staffing on my side is :

  • nail , Undergraduate course of Beihang University , Did you learn C I have passed the postgraduate entrance examination , Novice level
  • B , some 211 or 985( Not sure ) Computer science , Have basic knowledge of computer science , A little bit of stuff , But the experience is obviously inadequate
  • C , some 985 Software major , Have basic knowledge of computer science , It seems to have some experience ( According to the author's judgment, I may have practiced ), But I still feel a little immature
  • Ding , some 985 Software major , Basic skills are unknown , Very low practical experience , It's a theory player
  • The author , Don't need to say more , Look, I know , Look at my blog , Or people who know my real name Baidu search , Maybe we should know what's going on

First of all, repeat , It doesn't mean to look down on anyone , It's just an objective reflection of the facts , And I don't want to open a map of graduate students . The level of these four students , There is one saying. , They are obviously lower than the average level of graduates of six departments of Beihang , The specific performance is the lack of actual combat experience , The breadth of the technology stack is low , Some students' subjective initiative is also very low .

On such a basic configuration , According to the original idea, it is very difficult to do . Minimum , One carrot at a time , I'm afraid it won't work here . And there's something more deadly —— Gao Ruan is a course after all , The period is very short , And a lot of time is spent on Non-technical development , There's so little time left for us . In this short cycle environment , There is no guarantee that members with a certain foundation will be developed and expanded , After all, I'm afraid everything will be over by then .

Later, I communicated with some experienced people , I changed my mind , Although it is a very expedient way of thinking —— make . say concretely , I am the core force of technology ; Two of you with some experience will help , Cooperate with the main force and improve yourself in actual combat as soon as possible , Little by little ; In fact, there are some non-technical problems with teamwork , Like communication 、 research 、 Ask for information 、 Copywriting, etc , It's not about technology, it's even a bit of a hassle , But someone has to do it , Leave it to the rest of you , Put them in charge of .

It looks simple, right , But in fact, the effect is beyond imagination —— Two non-technical members , One of them is very good at communicating , Almost all the peripheral problems have been solved ; I myself , It's always been a single threaded brain , Not good at dealing with a lot of complicated things at the same time , And once there is a relatively stable internal environment , That's a great benefit to the author , Can let the author's attention focus on the core work and scheduling , Work efficiency has increased several times ; And two technical members , Then each of them performs his or her own duties , Steady completion of the assigned task ( This assignment is all local and clear tasks , And I have a background , Give them plenty of freedom to play ), And when the follow-up time is tight , They also play a very critical role , Fully parallel to improve efficiency .

Finally, at this stage , Our group has achieved fairly good results , It's a phased victory .

Quote an old brother's blog post How I lost control of the team ? A passage from

  1. There is always a shortage of resources in projects , Never think about having the right resources for your project 、 personnel . After all, the best people can't be waiting for your project all the time
  2. Taking events is like playing cards , A good hand makes a good project . And winning a bad hand is your ability

This time the author's practice is the best illustration , A group of big guys lined up , It's very simple , But there's nothing to be happy about ; The real difficulty is how to turn a less optimistic situation into a good one , That's the ability . This is also the place where the author needs further practice in the future , After all, the world is big , There are so many people and things to experience .

I want to say something these days talk nonsense

Okay , It's a summary once again talk nonsense Time .

As usual —— This part of the sentence may stick in some people's lung tubes , But I think this is the way to make sense , Only then will more people begin to know that the emperor is walking in the street naked . But I don't want everyone to be awake , That's unrealistic. After all, it's human nature , So please take a detour , There's no need to be hard on your little heart , Take good care of yourself , Be deeply grateful .

First of all, it's about reflection , I personally always think that , this Is what all learning really needs . This also explains why it seems that some thieves try hard to learn from others , After entering this major, I was defeated like a mountain in minutes . Even if you work hard , As long as you don't have a brain to learn to train , No one can save you , This is especially true of this major . Cover up strategic laziness with tactical diligence , I moved my nose and tears, but I didn't do anything , In fact, it is a ridiculous move to buy the Pearl back from the ear . But sometimes there is no way , There is such a dislocation in our selection , We have made a lot of education and believe that hard work equals success , People who give and get , We have selected a large number of hardworking people who believe in hard work ( After all, the learning environment , It's normal to be deprived of everything except the college entrance examination , But man as a self-conscious creature , You have to trust something , So there's a great chance that you'll be hungry ), And people who really carry the brain, which is very important for learning , It's not that common ( Of course , There are also people who work hard and have brains , That kind of people tend to be outrageous , I've seen this kind of , But it's rare ), And then when it comes to reality , I believe that more than ten years of Sanguan has been smashed into slag , Some of them are strong willed , Or start to understand the importance of the brain , Making a comeback , Really grow up , Start to be alone , In the process , They will reap the faith that really belongs to them , And stick to it ; And another wave of innocent and lovely babies , It's completely blackened , To be trapped and not to break through , And even to the total negative and sinking . Well , In fact, this is also the normal , The author himself has been a bit of a rebellious role since childhood , Think nothing is absolute , I believe that living people can't be suffocated by urine , What's more, I don't like the so-called hard work , To put it bluntly , I didn't believe in evil since I was a child . As you can imagine , In our educational environment , How much tolerance can you have for such a person . however In recent years , I really saw a lot of tragedies of my dear babies , And they look at the heartbreaking but meaningless struggle . Forget it. Don't say much , Talk about something else .

then , Recently, I heard a good brother who worked for me say a word , I forgot , Roughly speaking —— People are hanging out , Or you have to be able to do things , Or you have to be human . I really have to give 10000 compliments to this sentence , Very accurate and vivid . The most basic principle for adults to get along with is value exchange , It's straightforward. There's not so many heads . If you can do something , There is a skill , Can carry the beam , To be a good leader , So naturally, there's nothing to worry about , No one doubted the fighting power of a Li Yunlong ; If you're not good at these , If it can promote communication , Fully coordinate interpersonal relationships , Be a good commissar , That's as good as that , Just as the independent regiment can't do without Zhao Gang ; But , If you don't know how to do things , I don't want to be a good man , I have to be a master and a little princess , Expect people around you to play family games with you , That's ridiculous . And this kind of person , Often like to emphasize their so-called “ Human rights ”, It's like Rousseau “ Natural rights ” He put on his impregnable armor , Let yourself be fearless . But these people often only know one of them and don't know the other —— When you have the right to choose others , Others are choosing you , You have human rights , Others have . When you can do something , Or be human , Or a mine at home , In a word, when it can bring value to people , Of course, you can talk about human rights , Not only is there something wrong with it , You can get a lot of applause ; But when you don't have these qualifications , But I like to talk about human rights , When you meet a polite person, you will be moved and ignore you , In general, I will look at you with the eyes of caring for the mentally retarded , In case of irritability, they will directly hate you and beat you out of the house , It's that simple . So , People should see the essence through the phenomenon , It's time to be down-to-earth , Either you can do things or you can be a person. You have to do something , That's the only way , Your human rights will not be a valuable thing without market .

This nonsense , That's about it , What about these things , It all comes from life . The writer is self-conscious , Knowing that I'm a complete fool , A fool who will never be satisfied with his wife and children , A fool who always hopes the world will become better , But this fool knows a truth , That is to say, learning medicine can't save Chinese people, so is programming , And then sometimes I will feel sorry for his misfortune and anger , I'll talk to myself . I also hope you Haihan , as well as , To criticize and correct .

sauce , Finished , sneak out , Break off ...