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How to transform AI to get 400000 offers from big factories like Ali

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Friends who are familiar with me may already know , I personally from 2010 Year begins CSDN Blogging , For ten years , Now it's close to 1700 ten thousand PV, Start a business and do 「 July online 」 It's been five years , Five years have passed 30 More than ten thousand students . I have seen a lot of people and things in the past five years , For example, our machine learning camp has helped more than 1000 People are employed 、 The transformation of 、 promote , After they get employed, some students will share their experiences , When you see that piece of paper reveals the efforts of the author himself 、 When the face of the unyielding strength , It makes me more inspirational . such as “ Double non slag three years 100 Interview experience selection : From the beginning iOS Front end to transformational machine learning ” This face Sutra , I was very impressed . While admiring the hero's perseverance and will , He is also very pleased that he is willing to share his successful experience which is of great reference value and significance to many people .

Of course , Similar facial scriptures go far beyond this , And then we sort out 100 Chapter face classic , Put together into a volume 《 Famous enterprises AI Face the 100 piece : Uncover the secret of doubling salary in three months 》, this 100 The chapter is divided into machine learning 、 Deep learning 、 CV、NLP、 Recommendation system 、 Financial risk control 、 Computational advertising 、 data mining / Eight directions of data analysis . The author who shares the story has all kinds of backgrounds , such as

  1. Ke ban , Or non class ;
  2. 985、211, Or double non University ;
  3. Graduate or undergraduate , Even college ;
  4. Student , Or on the job ;
  5. As for tradition IT The transformation of AI There are more , Have from Java、PHP、C、C++ The service transformation of the back end is the same , Also from Android、iOS、 Front end equal partial client development transformation , Of course, there's data analysis 、 Big data direction and so on .

But what's exciting is , They've all transformed successfully , And a lot of them go through training camps / Employment class three months to six months of study , Successfully doubled salary —— These successful experiences are worth learning from .

Colleagues in the Department of employment specially collated these valuable experiences , I hope it can help more people .


The first part   Self-Improvement ! Ordinary IT R & D changes to business AI The way to learn 、 Heart path , And noodles full of dry goods

The following parts are written by Meng, a trainee of the training camp , Do it before training Android, At present, the annual salary has nearly doubled :

It's not the employment teacher in July who urges to write a summary , I may still be procrastinating . People are lazy , The teacher in July urged him to sum up the experience , Just as when I just signed up, I urged everyone to preview 、 The test 、 Submit the project . July seems to have this attribute in itself , Push you forward .

I am a Machine learning camp The students , That's the way it is . At school, the lab studies image recognition , But I did the technology at that time , Theoretical research is relatively shallow . After two years of research and development, I did software , I found that the actual work was quite different from what I thought when I went to school , And the programming aspect oneself superiority is not big , So I think it's better to deepen the image recognition that I've been exposed to before , By the way, learn machine learning , Change jobs . I was fed up with working overtime for a long time , And we have a comprehensive understanding of the technical direction we have made , I think the development is very limited .

July I'll put in a word , Want to listen to the training camp for free ( The latest issue of training camp is online and CSDN Jointly set up , Details click :https://edu.csdn.net/topic/20201111?utm_source=eduxy_blog09_xtk) in svm And xgboost Content ( It's very thorough , Better than countless sources ), You can add this enterprise wechat , Note when adding : Training camp free audition

After nine days in the new company, I quit , I feel really motivated after I quit , Because there is a vast sea ahead waiting for me to surf . Break the unhappy situation , Release the shackles , Into a new battlefield , Even if there is no income for the time being , Even if the savings are only enough for two months . But don't mind , To do , Just do it right away .

I'll stay at home by myself , After watching Gonzalez 《 digital image processing 》, I really understand , It's not flipping around . It took more than a month . Then I took a course ( It's not July yet ): The application of deep learning in computer vision . After two lessons, I was shocked : original , Traditional image processing has been basically crushed by deep learning ! And now CV Applied FasterCNN,Yolo I haven't heard of it at all . I was shocked and fully aware of , It's absolutely impossible to build a car behind closed doors , Self study is easy to learn , miss the point . At that time, I watched several videos of July online flowing from the Internet , The teaching time is very early , There's no video later ID watermark . After reading it, I sincerely felt that it was really good , clear . So I searched the official website of July online , Pick and choose , It was on the machine learning camp . It's also decided by gnawing teeth , To do , Just do it right away .

After signing up, I was surprised again and again , The emphasis of the course is 、 Arrangement and content setting , It's really a big difference from what I thought when I looked at image processing behind closed doors . This is definitely the planning according to the actual combat needs . and , There are several sets of courses and several courseware analysis of theoretical concepts , It's really a magic stroke . It's a lot less energy than reading classics , More precious than strength is time .

And then, in July, the rhythm here is very tense , I quit and study all day , It's hard . Another word, of course, is to enrich . Before the class, we will send a matching preview course , Will remind you to finish reading . The amount of information explained in online class is huge , It's usually continuous 2 Hours , I can barely digest it until I listen the next day . It's really digested , We'll have a basic grasp of things . There is homework after class , There are exams on the weekend . Urge you to chew, digest and absorb knowledge over and over again .

Explain and summarize the project and knowledge , July gave us a lot of very good materials and cases , And explain it line by line , What you don't understand can also be asked separately , Until I understand .
The students in each issue in July , They are all people who seek change and breakthrough . July brings us together , Discuss and make progress together , The atmosphere is really great . If you build your own business behind closed doors , It's a lot more stressful than that .

After learning, I have 1 Month. , Looking for a job right now has no idea , So I asked the teacher in July to change my resume , I reviewed the course again , It's Chinese New Year . Plan to catch up with the new year .
It's really not easy . I've only done a little bit of image processing before , But the direction of the job search is NLP To prepare the , Data mining is also involved , It's a little difficult . Because of personal planning, I changed my work place twice , In addition, the resume is not polished enough , Leading to successive failures in interviews .

The interview lasted about a month and a half , Take two offer, One is from a certain startup company NLP Algorithm post ,25k/ Month, but not past , And then there's the side where I'm working , A research post in a scientific research institute affiliated to a university , With part of the development task . Here is my summary of several important interviews , If you are interested, please refer to one or two .
A, A medium-sized Internet finance company
Items on your resume , How many schemes were initially proposed , Why did you end up with this ;
What constitutes the error of machine learning training ;
Deviation and variance ;
The way to reduce over fitting ;
Neural networks reduce the way over fitting (dropout, Stop early );
BN Layer action ;
BN What is the difference between the effect of layer addition before and after the activation function ;
How to judge outliers ;
The distribution function of logistic regression ;
What kind of optimization is the parameter solution of logistic regression ;
In machine learning loss;
Accuracy rate, recall rate ;
PR What does the area of the curve represent ;
Common language models ;
Text expression method ;
How to discover new words ;
How to extract key words from sentences (tfidf,textrank);
How to calculate the similarity between two sentences ;
What difficulties have been encountered in the project , How to solve ;
If the resume project is improved now , What can be done from ;
seq-seq What are the structural forms ;
soft-attention And hard-attention The difference between ;
If the data classification is not uniform , What to do with it ;
The mathematical derivation of the maximum likelihood function of handwritten logic regression ;
Glove And word2vec Comparison ;
Let's talk about Attention Model ;
Let's talk about Bert; Let's talk about fastText;
Common steps in text processing ;
If the segmentation is not accurate , How to deal with .

B, Ping An's first meeting (NLP)
DenseNet Network structure ?
How is it different from full connection ?
How many layers of the network are used in the resume project FeatureMap, Each floor area ?
How much data was used in the project ?
What kind of classification effect has been achieved ?
FeatureMap What features are extracted ?
Draw the network structure used in the project .
Talking about projects , Explain why this is done in the project .
How to train word vectors ?
word2vec Two common patterns ?
After the word vector Softmax How to optimize ?
CBOW and Skipgram Which is more suitable for ?( In large-scale training Skipgram Better )
Glove Principle ?( The resume shows )
Programming questions : De duplication of values in a continuous array ; Integers 1~n, In the binary representation of each number “1” The number of , Save this number to the array .

C, Safe second face (NLP, Different business units )
Let's talk about fastText( The resume shows ), Talk about it with word2vec The connection of ;
Huffman Trees ;
How to design the project on your resume ;
If you use seq-seq Conduct embedding, Do similarity calculation , How will ( replace Glove Words );
Glove How to train , How many dimensions are used ;
What is Markov process like ;
How to debug tensorflow;
Explain TextRank( The resume shows );
PageRank What's going on? ;
Why the more data SVM The slower you train ;
SVM principle ;
How to deal with participle ;
How to deal with new words in the corpus ;
Decision tree and SVM What's the difference in data preprocessing ( Missing value );SVM What to do with the text first ;
fastText How to deal with the text first ( Fixed format );
What are the better methods of part of speech tagging , Do you have the latest models .
The following is the computer programming , Remember that there is a problem that requires different strings to be classified . During this period, it is related to python Debugging of , Not good enough .

D, Safe third time ( Data mining post )
I did a test first , It's all a regular concept question and answer . For example, data preprocessing 、 Cleaning methods and so on , I remember that almost all the summary materials given in July have .
And then ask me . The most impressive problems are :tensorflow Wrong. , Yes? debug; Hand push SVM;LSTM Structure , What are the advantages .

The rest are mostly routine questions . Then ask about the project according to your resume .

Sum up , There are so many failures .
First of all , There's a real degradation in handwritten code , Students of social recruitment must take time to brush algorithm and programming question bank ;
second , The preparation time is still a little short , Three or four months to win the theory and actual combat , It's going to be in a hurry , Not solid enough , If possible , Extend to 7-8 Months , It should not be the mentality at that time ;
Third , It's better not to leave the job to study , If you're out of work , Please make sure you have enough savings , Otherwise, financial pressure will affect the mood ;
Fourth , The first few years of work , Please be patient , Don't waste your resume , But if there are important choices , Issues that take precedence over work , You don't have to care about .

I feel more grateful and lucky :
First, we met the platform of July , It doesn't have to be for everyone , But for me , Help a lot ;
Second, thank you teachers , This impetuous age , Someone who can take heart to spend a lot of personal time , Take the trouble to teach you valuable experience , It seems to have gone beyond contracts and contracts , There are some feelings behind it .
Third, I have known more friends who are working hard in this field .

There are so many books to read , Baimian machine learning , Watermelon book , These two books should be read well ( But many chapters can be omitted ); Statistical learning method , It's better to turn it two or three times ;NLP To be a customer service robot , recommend 《 Natural language processing practice The principle and application of chat robot technology 》.


The second part 《 Famous enterprises AI Face the 100 piece : Uncover the secret of doubling salary in three months 》

notes , Limited to space , These are just face sutras 100 Excerpts from part of the article , As for the full version, you can get it by scanning the code , Note when adding : Get facial classic 100 piece

  • 4 At the end of the year NLP Get it in a week 4 individual offer Annual salary 30 ten thousand : The interview was asked these questions

“ The reason for my job transfer is that I have encountered a bottleneck at this stage , Technology improvement is slow , Just started reading and watching videos by myself , But the effect is not obvious , Besides, I'm busy at work every day, and I don't have time to study , In order to systematically improve their machine learning skills , I chose the July online course . The course design in July is very reasonable , It basically covers all the knowledge points , It also played a big role in the interview , It was sent when I signed up VIP The course is also of high quality .”

  • 21 A collection of fresh students 10 Face to face sharing : The algorithm of the surface is taught in class

“ After a collection in July 10 System learning , The understanding of algorithms in machine learning and natural language processing has been greatly improved , In the process of interviewing these algorithms , It's all from the training camp , The teachers explained it thoroughly , So I can answer them smoothly .”

  • Recommend interview to share : From the beginning, my resume has no project, and I always get paid 26K

“ It was embarrassing at first , Put in several resumes , No reaction , The details don't stand out in place . Plus no real project experience . After the training class began to have team selection project , Then I listened to Mr. Yang ( The teacher talks about the advertisement ) Talk about recommendation , Tell us the whole context , From offline , Nearline , And real time , And then there's the portrait , And then he shared with us the items recommended by the headlines . I wrote all these into my own project , The resume began to react .”

  • 21 Graduates :CV Learn a little experience and interview need to prepare the content to share

“ During the period of school, I passed the relevant python、 machine learning 、 Deep learning 、 Image recognition and other books as well as CSDN Blog 、b Video of the station 、 Zhihu and July online machine learning courses . The process of learning content is roughly as follows :python Basic grammar ----numpy、pandas、matplotlib、time And so on ---- Common machine learning model ( Such as LR、SVM、 Tree model 、 Commonly used clustering algorithm and so on )----BP neural network ----CNN、RNN、LSTM Wait for the Internet ----VGG、Resnet And so on backbone----RCNN series 、Yolo series 、SSD Series of object detection methods ---- In recent years, the direction of object detection papers and so on .”

  • Study CV A little experience of : Make good use of the four King Kong

“ Machine learning algorithms must be able to push formulas by hand ( At least it should be written in your resume ), This is the foundation ;
And then there's the basis of the cliche , such as LeetCode The algorithm of , The basics of the Internet , data structure , The most important thing is the interview experience summarized online in July . This book is very good , Very comprehensive , You can put a lot of scattered data together , Put together some algorithms that you may not think are related to each other , It's easy to remember the advantages and disadvantages of each algorithm , And the appropriate application scenarios ;
July online APP The question bank on is also very good , It's very suitable to use spare time to study , For example, on the way to the interview , You can look at the forgotten knowledge a little bit again , What if you're asked, right .”

  • Work 6 Master's degree in CV Direction interview share

“ I have also learned from other online education platforms , It's a pity that the effect is very little , After thinking about the reasons, maybe one is that they can't grasp the learning progress well , After learning, I forget , Second, partial theory , There's too little hands-on practice . Before choosing July, I also tried several failed interviews , First, the knowledge system is not complete 、 The foundation is not solid , Second, the technology involved in the resume is not novel enough . So I decided to choose July , I plan to train for a period of time and then come out for an interview .”

  • NLP Interview summary : From Ali Baidu Didi swam in a round until he finally got it offer

“ Then I went to the training camp in July , I think the biggest role is to build a relatively complete knowledge structure , And met some teachers and classmates who could discuss problems . Learning alone without friends , It's so crude and ignorant , I really encourage you to communicate more .”

  • Collection 10 Third, the front-end of the non slag capital has successfully transferred to another business and nearly doubled the salary

“ More than a dozen training institutions , I think July's pre-sale is the best , Answer my questions , And polite . Plus serious service before and after , It's definitely worth it .”

  • Tradition PHP Turn to recommend Algorithm Engineer : How do I get from my annual salary 10 Wan to 30 Ten thousand

“ The technical routes of recommended algorithm engineers can be divided into two categories , One is partial engineering implementation , One is partial algorithm research . Of course , Small companies like mine do both . The recommended algorithm engineer of partial engineering class needs to have the knowledge of back-end development , Partial algorithm research needs to master the traditional recommendation algorithm , We also need to know the latest algorithm development in the industry .”

  • Back end to recommendation algorithm : How did I double my salary after three months of study

“ Engineering capability , In terms of recommendation alone , Mainly refers to SQL、Java、spark, Many companies will clean and extract features of these things , The algorithm engineer did it himself , therefore SQL It's a necessary skill .”

  • From mechanical to algorithmic : How did I get through all the way 8 individual offer Of

“ Be sure to brush algorithm questions , image 《 The finger of the sword offer》 and leetcode, There is also July online question bank can brush more , It's very well organized . ”

  • Liberal arts students turn to face classics : How did I go from data analysis to algorithms and double my salary

“ During this half year, I also tried other online learning platforms , For example, the introduction course of automatic driving and Coursera Wu Enda's ML Curriculum . For me personally , I think the combination of online and offline training camp is much more efficient than learning through online education courses .”

  • How did I change my career from machinery NLP, And won in autumn 30w Algorithmic post

“ We must have more time to see the question bank in July , So far, I feel it is the most comprehensive question bank collected by the whole network , And the answers to most of the questions are very detailed ( Free, no need, no need. Comrades )”

  • Rough study and interview experience :5 year Android Successful transition NLP

“ The practical project explanation in the learning process is reasonable , And the explanation and summary of the project and knowledge , July gave us a lot of very good materials and cases , And explain it line by line , What you don't understand can also be asked separately , Until I understand .”

  • The new algorithm of double non slag master : These 20 or 30 companies have all faced these problems

“ The courses in the training camp , I think it's better to keep up with the live broadcast , Ask the teacher to solve the problem in time , Don't be afraid of losing face , Don't be afraid to ask the teacher , Anyway, if you have any questions , And some of the trainees in the training camp are really good , Other students in the group will answer you .”

  • I worked in sales and backstage, but I finally got 40 ten thousand NLP Of offer: I've been faced with these problems

“ I graduated from 985 Computer major in University , Small edition . After graduation, I did sales for more than a year , Then he changed to a business and did background research and development for two or three years . Last year, the algorithm (NLP), It's final offer Annual salary 40 ten thousand .”

  • my NLP A trip to autumn : How to prepare step by step and get to the big factory NLP Of offer

“ The teacher gave us some projects to learn , These are very good learning resources . You can ask the teacher if you don't understand , Ask students , July online provides us with a good learning atmosphere . The project given by the teacher , There are some simple , There are some difficult ones . When I came down , Basically, I will run it myself , Projects that are interested in themselves , And I'll do it all over again , Especially some implementation details , Or some tricks, I always make some notes . These are real project skills , I also prepared for my later project .”

  • Summary of interview for non graduate students : I have watched many online classes such as Wu Enda But it's not enough

“ After watching more online classes , I feel familiar with the basic concept knowledge , But it's not systematic , There is also a lack of project and practical experience , It's hard to grasp the key points when one is studying , Just think about learning systematically . At this time, after comparing several similar institutions , Finally chose the platform of July online , The big family that joined the training camp .”

  • Machine to algorithm post : How do I take it in a month 4 individual offer Of

“ First of all , Handwritten code is a little weak , You must spend time on Algorithms and programming ; second , Please be patient , You have to be steady , Don't get upset when you hang up , Get offer Don't be complacent , Do the basic , Master the basic knowledge , Do a good job in actual combat , Review more , Ask more . Try more !”

  • Tradition IT transfer to a new post NLP: I felt anxious about the rising space and economic pressure

“ Job hunting season for gold, silver and silver , How can miss . I asked the teacher to help me revise my resume , I started my job search . Start with your resume , The whole process lasted about a month and a half , On and off a few companies , Got a couple of company's NLP Of a position Offer, It basically covers startups 、 Internet company 、 There are several types of brokers .”

  • How can I get the annual salary of nearly 100 Ten thousand

“ Whether it's the school students who need to brush their questions , Still need to brush experience social recruit students , Choose a reliable training institution ( For example, July online , Employment is very targeted , Teachers are also very professional ), Will make you get twice the result with half the effort . Don't be afraid to spend some tuition , Your time is much more valuable than that .”

  • Me and July online 5 Years time : From economics to “ senior ” The programmer

“ See what's learned recognized in the company , Used in production , This should be the happiest thing for every programmer , Of course, the leaders didn't treat me badly at the end of the year , Gave it to me. A The evaluation of , Of course, the year-end bonus is indispensable ”

  • Ordinary IT3 I'm talking about my experience in changing my job : From questioning training institutions to annual salary after training 35 ten thousand

“2 Hours full of dry goods , You need to digest it that day and the next day at the latest , Because there are exams on Friday , There are more offline classes on weekends , It's this kind of repeated reinforcement, urging and pressure , To make you progress , This is often a place where training is better than self-study ”

  • Double non - slag - based cross - professional career changes : from Linux Operation and maintenance to recommendation algorithm 40 ten thousand

“ After graduation, I worked in DIDU for a year and a half Linux Operation and maintenance , I feel there is no future in operation and maintenance , I can barely make a living , So I want to turn to a promising direction , And then look online for all kinds of IT Training institutions , I found that July online was good , therefore 2017 At the end of the year, I started to study in July online training camp ”

  • Financial risk control 100 The road test questions : Traditional banks develop and transfer to mutual funds top3 Company and annual salary 40 More than ten thousand

“ Later, my colleagues shared the July online AI course with me , I looked at the schedule , It's what I want to learn , After considering , I signed up for the training camp with my colleagues 4 Period , This course is in the evening 8 Point to 10 Point to lecture , There are links such as correcting homework , It's just suitable for those of us who work in the daytime and come back to study at night .”

  • Double non slag three years 100 Interview experience selection : From the beginning iOS、 Front end to transformational machine learning

“ As for job transfer , As long as you stick to it, you put it in long enough , There will be gains , So there must be no saying that you can't learn , It can only be said that the time invested is not enough , Even if the transformation fails, it is definitely not because of the gap in IQ , Because the effort is far from the level of intelligence .”

  • Interview tour of double non masters : Data analysis 、 Feature Engineering 、 model building 、 Model optimization and other processes should be skilled

“ When it comes to interviews , Resume according to the teacher's explanation must write well , Write the project in detail , There are... In the resume , I have to make sure that I will , Don't write it if you don't have it . Project part , I wrote about the financial practical projects and kaggle event , Be sure to read and run with the code , Understand the structure of the game and the event , Data analysis , Feature Engineering , Model construction and model optimization and so on . An algorithm , Learn to push formulas by hand , As a classic LR,SVM and XGBOOST And so on the algorithm must practice the derivation on the paper .”

  • Zero based “ uncle ”: How can you just order C To switch to machine learning and get 56 Ten thousand yearly salary

“ From the most practical point of view , Through the knowledge of machine learning , Form a good closed loop . It can help you understand the basic skills that both large and small enterprises need to master ”

  • Cross professional transfer NLP The heart piercing process of : If you are dismissed during the probation period, you can get higher offer

“ Facing the future , Each of us is afraid and yearning for , If you hesitate, you will never take that step , It's only when you get down to it that you'll get something ,just do it!”

  • Cross professional job transfer AI The arduous course of and NLP Face the

“ Although I had found out before I went to the fifth phase of the training camp NLP The job of , But it's just because I'm transferring from another major , Lack of project experience is like the sword of Damocles hanging over your head , I'm afraid of a little carelessness , It will fall down . however , It's also because of this worry , I just chose the machine learning camp , Want to consolidate the theoretical knowledge of machine learning at the same time , Accumulate some good project experience one by one .”

  • Zhazhuo products to NLP Real record : Never matlab To NLP Annual salary 30 ten thousand

“ There are many interview questions in the interview question bank in July , My personal feeling is very comprehensive , Brush it a few times and then look at the faces of others in the relevant field , It's enough for the theory part of the interview .”

  • A half barrel of self-report :19 The transformation road of the new and double non Universities

“ I watched some videos to explain , Sure enough, there are people who guide, but it's not the same , Some of the blurred things I saw before, the teacher opened up as soon as he explained it ”

  • The struggle of an older farmer : Transform in anxiety and get annual salary 40 ten thousand

“ Why am I here 7 Monthly learning algorithm Anxiety occurs after working long hours , The reason for anxiety is that they find that their ability and working years do not match seriously , There's a big bottleneck , In addition to see the Internet often said that older programmers face unemployment news more , I feel like I'm going to lose my job ”

  • Super inspirational ! Bachelor's degree in chemistry, master of Mechanics , I've never been a salesman VB To successful transfer to quantitative trading

“2018 year 8 After signing up for the training camp this month , I'm still at work , I leave Hangzhou for Shandong on business every Monday , Basically change a city every day , Last Wednesday night, I found a cafe , Go back to Hangzhou on Friday night , Go online and offline classes on weekends , Next week as usual . Basically every day 7 Point to 12 You can learn about , During the day to visit customers , Of course, I'll be lazy occasionally , No customers, just learning . It's been about three months , By the end of the camp .”

  • Recommend algorithm interview share : How to start with big data and get annual salary close to 40 ten thousand

“ The data structure and delivery have been done before the start of the camp python I've done some basic lessons . Data structure must be step by step , For the data structure of regular examination, you must realize it yourself , If the interviewer approves of the project , So the data structure problem can also be worked out ,offer The odds of success will increase ”

  • The algorithm is based on : How to get annual salary through four King Kong 30 ten thousand

“ The first is the four King Kong that the headmaster often emphasizes ( Minor editor's note , The four King Kong refers to :“ Course Question bank OJ competition ” Oh ), I think this is a thing that algorithm engineers need to insist on all the time ; secondly , We should pay attention to the combination of theory and practice in machine learning , The formula has to be repeated , Practice the project yourself , Many new problems will be found in practice .”

  • Social recruitment and job transfer CV Interview experience sharing : The interview shows the code on the spot

“ Interview is more based on the resume project and work experience to ask questions , There are several valuable related project experiences in your resume , You don't have to write a lot of other things , Make sure you understand and familiarize the items written on your resume , Because the interviewer will generally follow the techniques used in your project to extend the questions .”

  • My interview and job sharing : From back-end development to machine learning algorithm process and experience

“ One of the questions often asked in an interview is the model bad case How to analyze and solve , When we are in class or studying, we usually finish running the model to see if the accuracy is good , In fact, running the model in real work is only a part of it , Even the easiest part , After running the model bad case Analysis and optimization may take up most of the time ”

  • How I got through 3 Months of study , From operation and maintenance development to NLP Of ( Club recruit )

“ I don't really know what to do with the project , Don't worry , Tell me what projects you have done in a down-to-earth manner , What have you done before , What have you learned now , What can you do with your current skill level , To change one's job is to change one's career , Don't be vain , To be honest , Except for a little less pay , There's nothing else to lose , Get in the car first .”

  • How to get from tradition IT The transformation of NLP And pay doubled :NLP( Knowledge map ) Interview summary

“seq2seq The schematic diagram of ,attention What's going on? , Why does it work , It's easy to introduce transformer, Then the topic gets a little more complicated , When you look at the level ,transformer The model is a little complicated , First of all, I understand , Then draw the model flow chart , Find out the differences between the parts of the model , comparative analysis , Talk about your understanding . In the end, I usually ask , Is there any application in my project or in practice , In the process of learning, you'd better use it yourself , It's going to add a lot of points .”

  • School recruitment interview share : How can I win Huawei 、 Suning 、 Ctrip 、 China merchants 4 individual offer Of

“ First of all, traditional machine learning algorithms :svm、lr、softmax、 Decision tree 、 Random forests 、GBDT、xgboost、adaboost、bp neural network 、 Naive Bayes and so on, all of which have to be pushed one or more times by hand . Deep learning :CNN、RNN、LSTM、 Commonly used activation functions (tanh、relu etc. )、adam Optimization function 、 Gradients disappear, these principles or structures should be able to draw .”

  • NLP Job interview experience : Many interview questions can be found in the question bank

“ In fact, many of the above interview questions can be online in July APP You can find , Take a good look at it after work , Deepen the understanding of the project , find NLP The job is relatively easy , I hope you can calm down , Don't be impatient , Study hard , I'm sure I can find a job I'm satisfied with .”

  • C++ The switch algorithm gets 360 Annual salary 40 ten thousand offer

“ I feel full every day after I sign up to study , Practice with the teacher in class , Finish the homework , Keep up with the teacher , It's much easier to go back and review the theory of algorithms .”

  • How to get double non undergraduate just graduated NLP offer And pay tripled

Just a few months after graduation last year , Because I am not satisfied with my work , So came to July online machine learning training camp learning , This is also the first time I have really touched the platform of July online , After studying for a period of time, I have gained a lot , It's not just machine learning 、 Deep learning knowledge , I also learned some practical python Data analysis 、spark Introduction and NLP Knowledge . So I put in some resumes in good time , I'm quite satisfied with my salary NLP offer( Close to three times before , It was too low before )

  • Self-Improvement ! Full of dry goods AI Face the : How to make a successful transition from pure electric power NLP And pay doubled

Tensorflow Must master , Don't say you can keras 了 , lose face , Really? , No kidding , At least that's what I've met with companies . The knowledge of deep learning is embodied in the resume , What is your model like on a project , It's easier to get an interview .

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The front and back are close 10 companies , Overall, the requirements of this year are generally higher than those of last year , image NLP Model of Transformer\Bert, It seems to be NLP The algorithm engineer has standard match ,40% The probability of being asked .

  • The salary almost doubled , In the question bank xgboost I have read the notes more than ten times

The headmaster's blog , see xgboost I've read that blog more than ten times ,adaboost I've seen it several times , Until you make sure you understand it and write it out , Derive the loss function . in addition , Yes cnn The article , The headmaster's blog is also good .

  • E-Loan 、 Golden egg Technology 、 Baidu finance 、 Ant financial and other Internet Financial interview experience

First , A resume is a stepping stone for you to be invited to a company for an interview , The resume of general technical post should highlight characteristics and key points , Taboo complex and fancy , You can generally divide your resume into basic information 、 Personal skills 、 Work experience 、 There are four aspects of project experience , These four are also the interviewers most interested in , And then we divide the major items in detail .

  • The recruitment algorithm of undergraduate school is experienced : Get didi 、 headlines offer

I'm July online 4 student , Undergraduate , Here is my school face experience

  • This year's undergraduate has been nearly 20 Ten thousand AI Face the : At one time, I didn't have an interview because I was a non University

I think the advantage of training camp is that we can study with a group of good friends , The atmosphere is good , It's very helpful to do projects together , The group asks questions to each other .

  • Pay doubled AI Face the : I was worried that I could not find a job after finishing the training camp

Have a more comprehensive understanding of machine learning , From basic python、pandas To later algorithms , All the knowledge points are closely linked , It's not as blind as during self-study , We also have a better understanding of the principles of machine learning algorithms , For some complex algorithms svm、xgboost Be able to deduce it skillfully . In the face of the problems encountered in the interview .



So far , Already exceeded 1000  People go through the training camp / The employment class successfully got the favorite offer, But the road is still Long , I hope they can work with all my colleagues 、 All lecturers work together to promote the spread of technology 、 Cultivation of talents 、 The development of industry exhibition , Together to benefit a billion people around the world .

by the way , Want to listen to the camp for free , And scan the code to get the face Sutra 100 The article , Don't forget to scan the code ( When adding, please note that : Training camp free audition , Or get the face Sutra 100 piece ):

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