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What is Lenovo's challenge to Samsung and TCL?

2020-12-07 10:28:12 Intelligent relativity

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“TO BE OR NOT TO BE” This is Shakespeare's puzzle ;

and “TO B OR NOT TO B” This is the confusion of Internet enterprises .

If from 2000 About years ago BAT From birth , China's Internet has also gone through in a down-to-earth way 20 A year . In the process of development , There's a problem that has been mentioned all the time , That's it “TO C still TO B?”

Though some “ Ashamed to speak ”, But in all areas of the Internet in the United States TO C All of the giants are copied by China , only TO B We didn't copy it . But the beginning of China's Internet ,TO B That's the goal. , For example, baidu initially provided search engine technology support for enterprises ; Alibaba starts from the yellow pages of enterprises ; Tencent initially wanted to be a provider of value-added services for telecom operators .

They became what they are today ,“ Everyone here is responsible for ”. Because the market tells them TO C It's just “ The light of the right path ”, But the wind direction seems to have changed in the past two years , The market has a new saying ,“ The new growth point of Internet in China is To B Business ”, See a scene TO B The tide of the Spring Festival is playing out in silence , and “ Hardware ” It has become one of the fastest responders in the spring tide .

“ Multi screen era ”,TO B There's something wrong ?

If you're asked which tool is the most unavailable or missing today ?“ Intelligent relativity ” Think it's “ screen ” No one should have a problem ?

from “ Small screen ” Smart phone 、PAD; To “ Middle screen ” Of PC、 Smart speaker with screen ; Until then “ screen ” TV , stay C Mid-market “ The screen ” It's embedded in your personal life “ Every minute ”.

“ screen ” Since when has it become so important ? Some people say the reason is the advent of the mobile Internet era , Speed up the explosive spread of information , People need channels to receive 、 Carrying the content , So there are different screens based on different scenes ;

Some people think that ,“ Multi screen era ” Because users are distracted , Media boundaries are blurring , One screen can't meet the daily needs of users , So there are different positioning screens .

Whether the cause is passive or active ,“ The screen ” The importance in life is self-evident . So in B The end market ?“ The screen ” stay B The end market has another name “ Commercial liquid crystal displays ”, Referred to as “ Business show ”.

 picture 7.png

The name may be strange , But in life “ Business show ” It's not uncommon , Such as outdoor billboards 、 Shangchao shopping guide 、 Digital signage 、 Station ticket machines and so on , They all belong to the category of commercial display equipment , In short , As long as it's a public device with a screen , Can be called Shangxian .

Before and after , Shang Xian also has a close relationship with China 20 Years of development , However, they have been unknown for a long time, but this year they are particularly “ active ”, Because he has no “ The black swan ” The arrival of Shangxian has given Shangxian a unique opportunity .

from “ Online office ” To “ Online education ” And then to the housewives “ only ” choice “ Network game ” Become a daily , It makes the demand of display market increase rapidly .

image “ Online office ” It was just a niche office model , Under the interference of the epidemic situation, the mode of remote office is becoming popular , This makes the video conference system and demonstration conference equipment become the necessary tools for tens of millions of enterprises to maintain the economic operation during the war epidemic prevention and control period . In addition to the large-scale activities of many enterprises in the first half of the year , Have to take the online form of , As a result, conference display equipment has been further popularized in the high-end market , For a while, the demand for products surged .

According to market data , To 2022 The compound growth rate of white board shipment of global conference will be as high as 66%,2020 The total annual shipment is expected to exceed 80 Ten thousand units .

“ Online education ” It is also the rigid demand produced by the epidemic situation . After learning in different places, the school has been delayed to some extent , In order to ensure the smooth progress of education and teaching , As a result, local education departments and schools have successively used the information platform , Network resources to carry out online teaching 、 Online Q & A and other academic guidance .

Statistical display , During the Spring Festival 2.7 100 million students “ Study at home ” Bring students to study APP The average increase in daily living has reached 100.05%, Tablet computers and other electronic products on major e-commerce platforms have also been sold out of stock .

in addition , In addition, the current domestic enterprises are in the digital transformation of the tuyere , The enterprise is interested in “ Digital signage ” The needs of the people's Republic of China are gradually reflected ,IDC China's digital signage market tracking report shows that , China's digital signage market is expected to 2021 The annual shipment is expected to reach 961.4 Ten thousand units , Year-on-year growth 19.8%, In the next five years, the compound growth rate of digital sign market will reach 18.5%.

Of course ,“ epidemic situation ” Or just a fuse , Without an epidemic, there may be other events leading to demand outbreaks , Many enterprises have been optimistic about B Mid-market , If in 2018 Lenovo is also the chairman of Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing said , Lenovo will come from a PC The company turned to TO B Business , Then it was proposed that “3S” strategic , These early layout has laid an important foundation for Lenovo's business show at this stage .

Like Samsung 、LG、TCL、 Hisense and others have been struggling in it for more than ten years, and they have accumulated a lot , The agency expects , In the next five years, the display market will continue to grow every year 13-16% The growth rate of , Expect to 2024 The year will come to 1545 Billion yuan . these “ vacancy ” All of them provide a huge stage for the commercial exhibition ,TO B Of course, there is something wrong .

from “ Business show ” To “ Zhixian ”, We need soft power to fight hard power

Because of the existence of those markets ,“ Business show ” It has become the focus of almost all relevant enterprises , Including traditional TV manufacturers 、 Display manufacturers 、 Hardware manufacturers and so on .

For example, the market is familiar with Hikvision 、 Dahua 、 The great cause of heaven and earth 、 samsung 、TCL、LG、 hisense 、 haier 、 Changhong 、 Konka and so on , In the past two years, there has been Huawei 、 millet 、 Lenovo and other brands are also joining in , The whole business display industry can be said to be “ Superstars gather ”, Again, this shows the potential of the industry .

But the problem is still that one , Who can eat this market cake , Who can't eat ? Or Huawei 、 millet 、 It's the same with Lenovo “ Western-style army at the end of Qing dynasty ” Why shake Samsung 、TCL Wait for the old giants ?

 picture 8.png

This year is an opportunity for business show , It's also challenging , With artificial intelligence 、5G、 The maturity and implementation of big data and other technologies , The form of Shangxian began to change by leaps and bounds , That's the name ,“ Business show ” No more “ Business show ” More brands call it “ Zhixian ”.

Like the beginning of the year ,TCL The Group officially changed its name “TCL Technology ”, among TCL Commercial upgrade to “TCL Zhixian ”; Huawei's large screen product is not called “ TV ” It's called “ Wisdom screen ”; Last year Lenovo set up the SME business unit , And launch commercial display products , Name it “ Big screen of wisdom ”.

obviously “ Business show ” The role of the display function is no longer limited to the display function ,“AI” In the meantime “ Zhixian ” You need to have “ Interaction ”、“ service ”、“ Listen, speak, think ” Equal ability .

But at this stage , This is a problem for most enterprises ,“ Business show ” Although the industry has developed for a long time , But because of the previous market “ Not warm, not fire ” Keep the industry in a position of “ Lack of format ” In the ecology of , For example, most players can only provide a single hardware product and basic application software , Or other forms of products derived from this hardware product , There is no hardware to system based on application scenarios , And then to the platform 、 Content 、 Service and other links of the whole industry chain systematization 、 Integrated solutions .

We can see that Lenovo, a new player, is seeking a breakthrough in this respect , In the days before 2020 Shenzhen ( The international ) Smart display system industry application Expo , lenovo thinkplus Their latest display solutions are on display , namely “ Intelligent ecology of panoramic interconnection ”, Put forward to no longer rely on commercial display alone , It's relying on it PC At the core , Linkage with other hardware products to create scenario solutions , Give Way “ Business show ” It's no longer just an individual .

Of course, the old players are not behind either ,TCL Zhixian has released a lot of signals since the beginning of the year , announce “ Must let B End track to center stage ” after , Continue to expand their whole industry chain supply Ecology , Unite with Qualcomm 、 Hayes 、 Xinhua photoelectric and others have established the advantages of upstream supply chain , Combined with “ diversification ” The hardware combination of , To build the “ Standardized hardware + Modular software + Differentiated customization research and development of subdivided scenarios ” Integrated solutions .

“ race each other ” It is a direct portrayal of the fierce competition in the business display market , However, the business display field may not be a pure technology competition either .

The market is still waiting to be educated

The explosion of the display market “ All of a sudden, spring breeze comes ”, So fast that a large number of enterprises are not ready yet , At this time, a lot of people are watching , Consider, for example, whether you need one in the company's conference room “ screen ”? This means that there are still a lot of brands in Shangxian “ The story ” Let's talk about .

Have to admire “ New players ” Lenovo's determination , In order to achieve a counter attack “ Free trial ” It can be said that it has caught the industry by surprise , Lenovo announced a few days ago that “ Enterprises can apply for free trial of Lenovo smart screen , Plan to help in three years 1 Thousands of enterprises realize intelligent upgrading , Help realize ‘ Authors efficiency ’.”

therefore , This represents a TO B Our business is going to “ Burn money 、 subsidy ”? Maybe not so much , But in C End stock market in short supply , When there is an urgent need to find new incremental markets ,B The potential of the end market makes enterprises have to make a big deal .

Similar to market education , In addition to the brand itself, Fang has become the focus , Like Samsung, its commercial display products cover the airport in large quantities 、 High speed rail and other public areas include Daxing International Airport 、 Pudong International Airport 、 Baiyun International Airport 、 Lukou International Airport and so on can see Samsung's commercial display screen , The coverage of these sites is also an excellent publicity campaign in itself .

 picture 9.png

For example ,TCL Zhixian is also in ecology 、 A lot of investment has been made in marketing and other aspects , In the intelligent conference scene , He nailed Ali successively 、 Tencent Conference 、 Will be smooth 、 OK, meeting 、 Deep fusion of Octopus cloud , Build together “ Intelligent office Ecology ”, The goal is to build... In the market “ First cognition ”.

Although the market competition is approaching saturation , But still no one has the absolute advantage , Especially now, Shangxian has entered a period of transformation ,“ Recruit ” Good “ veteran ” Well, in 5G、AI Under the effect of technology, they are equivalent to returning to the same running line .

All in all , With the continuous expansion of commercial display applications , At this stage, it has penetrated into the traffic 、 The media 、 advertisement 、 Finance 、 Education and other industries , From the upstream industry chain to the downstream market is becoming increasingly large , Promote its industrial value to also rise ceaselessly , Shangxian has become the strategic layout of many manufacturers .

however , With the deepening and improvement of the industry , In the future, the business display environment will be more changeable , The differentiation trend of application and function in subdivision field will be more and more obvious , As for who has the right to speak ? It also depends on who can complete the market education and grasp the demand and pain points accurately .

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