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[tutorial] ipfs-fil mining Guide

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With Filecoin The main network online , Global super 2 A project that attracts hundreds of millions of people , Finally the dust settled , As 2020 The most forward-looking application of blockchain in , And there are 5 Cross era project planned in , The major capitals are competing for the first place in the layout , The miners are rubbing their hands , The swindler's undercurrent is surging .

investors 、 The spectator is in IPFS On the track of , Search for your own wealth train , It's always the moment when the crowd is surging , The more sinister people there are , With all kinds of IPFS In the name of , To misread IPFS, Dismemberment IPFS, A lot of so-called IPFS-filecoin Mining machines are essentially scams .

What is a hot purse ?
A hot wallet is a wallet with internet access to your private key , Hot wallets are often in the form of wallets set up through servers, such as exchanges , The currency that the user owns in the exchange, in fact, the wallet file and private key are stored in the exchange server , Once the exchange server leaked , intrusion , You can't stop stealing yourself , When the platform is closed, you will have no money , When using hot money bags , It's better to set different passwords at different exchanges to ensure the security of their assets . Because the exchange hot wallet is not decentralized, novice Xiaobai is easy to operate , But there are high risks in the exchange. Baidu, which has been hacked, can be found everywhere .
What is a cold wallet ?
Cold wallets are wallets that store your cryptocurrency off the Internet , For example ETHMM The wallet file generated by the wallet website plus password , Private key , Mnemonics , Out of network storage , You can store U pan , In the cell phone , The biggest advantage of cold wallet is the highest security of digital currency .
It is highly recommended that you use the decentralized cooling wallet , Recommended ETHMM wallet : https://www.ethmm.com/
ETHMM The wallet supports more than a thousand tokens , It is a very useful tool for Ethereum ecology

Today's article is the author's own experience in this industry in several real cases and preparatory Events , Through these examples to sort out with you IPFS A guide to investment avoidance .

Don't talk much , Direct delivery of dry goods .

investment  Filecoin mill , You have to avoid these holes first :

One 、 With IPFS Banner , Make capital gold plate , Don't touch

This is the first time I came into contact with IPFS In the industry , Borrow IPFS Banner , Do the capital dish project ,CBOE, Short term options , Return interest every month , Let the latecomers , Fill in the former's income vested , The industry is called rebate plate .

This friend reflected to me , Their short-term options platform is online FIL, Yes FIL Futures trading , It's a regular 、 Global futures platform , I also have a lot of rebate , It's just the most ** Taiwan said , Because of the interest rate conversion problem in the United States , Will lead to the platform rebate is not timely , The founder of the platform, Mr. Ding, is using his own funds , Make up for everyone's loss .

Rebate , Later, the money made up for the former , agent , classification , Pattern and so on are the characteristics of the fund disk , Funds plate , The more people play, the less money , Don't touch , The end result is that the platform is closed and running away , The coin circle has not lived up to now 2 More than years of funds .

Two 、 ceng FIL degree of heat , Do mining projects , Stay away from

Just today, a friend said , He invested in the mining machinery of Hyatt International Network Ltd , It cost ten thousand dollars , So far, I haven't got any money , There are already 4 More than a month. , open APP Take a look , They have a coin called IPFC, The exchange is now online , I listen. , I feel bad , I don't know how to treat customers as idiots ? The funniest thing is that they dare to  FIL In the name of , Issue your own IPFC Tokens, .

I checked in the sky eye , Take a look at this company , They're just a shell , There's no information , It's such a company , It's rubbed FIL The heat of the , They also claim that their nodes are wind and fire wheels , And its own nodes T09002, Hold FIL In the name of the official , To develop your own projects , To defraud investors of blood and sweat , This kind of fight FIL In the name of mining to do illegal fund-raising activities , Be sure to stay away from .

3、 ... and 、 With FIL For endorsement , Being a fake miner , See clearly

There are a lot of miners , I don't have a technical team , It's just a mining machine sales company , Their mining machines are made by related enterprises , Mining optimization software is also used by others , There are some IPFS The poster , Just claim to be a compliance miner , And has its own unique technology , What can be developed in the long run , How long do you think you can go without your own core technology team in this era .

1.  Fake miners , The biggest blow to investors is , One is that it can't produce real FIL Tokens, , It's just operating in the form of a fund tray , It's bound to crash at some point in time

2.  Miners don't have their own technical team , It can't keep up with the life cycle and operation and maintenance of the equipment , It will lead to inefficient mining , After all, technology belongs to other companies , If something goes wrong, it's a question mark whether it can be fixed immediately .

3.  It's on the market at this stage Filecoin There are hundreds of mining companies , But there are no more than ten companies that have R & D strength and can do it for a long time ,  Many companies don't have their own core technology R & D teams , Just buying technology from other companies , And then I configure mine machines and sell them on the market , These companies are more risky in the long run , After all FIL Mining is a long-term project .90% All of the above miners are Come and rub FIL The heat of , Make a short-term profit on the road , Really efficient mining , Long term mining   Just a few , Those who don't know enough about this industry are easy to get into the pit .

Four . Operation and maintenance 、 Team operation deviation , comprehensive

A good product must have its own core technology team , And equipped with high-quality marketing team , To achieve a second enterprise technology hardware research and development in a large amount of capital investment , Make the whole enterprise run forward , On the other hand, it depends on whether the corresponding mining enterprises have practical strategic planning ,FIL Mining is a long-term project , It must have grown up with the natural virtuous circle of the industry , Management's planning for the enterprise is also particularly important here , And many companies that just want to make a short-term profit don't have any long-term strategic planning at all .

although IPFS-Filecoin There are many holes in the track , But at the same time, we should have confidence in this project , because :

1、 Mining is an important part of the regular blockchain project , No miners , The ecology that goes to the center cannot be established , It's like there are no workers , No bulldozers , No matter how beautiful a skyscraper is, it can't be born . Miner is a great profession , Miners give every ordinary person the opportunity to participate in global projects , Take a slice , It gives ordinary people the opportunity to invest and become rich , In the digital currency investment, miners are the easiest people to make money .

2. Filecoin Mining machines and BTC The miner is totally different , FIL It's mining by providing storage services , Who can save the more data the longer ,  Who gets more FIL Reward ,  What it provides is a practical memory , Can reduce storage costs , And improve the speed of network access .BTC Mining is competition by calculation , Who has better computing power than , Who will dig more , It's about computing power , It consumes a lot of electricity , It doesn't bring any real value to society . So in terms of contribution to society IPFS-Filecoin It's definitely a good project for long-term development .

3. IPFS-Filecoin Mining is definitely a regular project , MLM is not , Funds plate , Air currency , Don't take any injuries you or your friends have suffered ,  To insult Filecoin, He is known as the most promising blockchain project to subvert centralized storage , Large scale investment projects such as Sequoia have not been launched before 2.56 Billion dollars , It is more than all the previous digital currency financing projects , also IPFS Ecology and application have covered all areas of the world ,  It has been applied in practice , This is also the past digital currency projects can not match .

4.  In the medium and long term , future 3-5 In the above , FIL The currency is definitely able to rise a hundred times , Even a thousand times more likely ,  Because the cloud storage market is the hard demand of the whole mankind in the coming decades ,  Decentralized storage can solve many problems of centralized storage ,  It has great potential for development .  Mining is to get FIL One way to minimize the cost of money , It's also one of the most robust ways of earning

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