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Oschina flipped on Monday - he knew it was Hawthorn pills. I think he stole them.

2020-12-07 01:15:27 Little editor

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【 Today's song 】

Little editor recommends :《Merry-Go-Round》- A long time ago

《Merry-Go-Round》- A long time ago

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@Jason A Jian : Do you have any overtime ?

Although I didn't work overtime ,

But time is spent playing games ,

No sleep .

@JC-Ge : I didn't sleep at noon , The sleepy ones

Is there time to sleep now ?

“ Who is the lower berth who turns off the light .”

I think sleeping is a waste of time .

@ Brother earth tank : For everyone , Every day 24 Hours , Why do some people do a lot of things , And some people , Nothing . Some might say , My classmate , She has a good life , Admitted to the University , Yes, a good job has been assigned . And my life is bad , Learning is not good , Didn't get into College . Naturally, there will be no good jobs . Let's face it ! That's what most people think , Others have a good life , My life is bad . And they won't go after it .

So what's the standard for nothing ?

“ Hearsay says that they want to sell some trees to subsidize their families, but they are kidnapped by morality, which makes it very embarrassing for them to sell .”

Even if it's subsidizing the family ,

I think they do another great thing .

In fact, the current social direction ,

That is, everyone just wants to make more money ,

And then people don't think about anything else ,

There are also animals in the animal kingdom that are dedicated to others ,

“ He knew it was the taste of Hawthorn pills , I think he stole it .”

Think about what you've done ,

It's not very noble ,

“ Good environment in heaven , Many friends in hell .”

I want to be rich ,

No one will harm , A permanent neutral camp .

@FalconChen : My interest is spending money , Buffett's interest is to make money , That's the difference between me and Warren Buffett

How did I become such a person ,

This is how it happened ,

I was strangled from my dream ,

You can only be a good programmer .

@ Nomo : I thought that if I upgraded the device, there would be no more memory pressure , result Bugpple It's still awesome to eat memory. ..487.46G... It's really yours .

Seeing other people's equipment ,

Direct call , adept ,

I feel that this kind of equipment must have something different from ordinary people .

@fineDD: Banknote ability

It's a pity that the ability of banknotes belongs to others .


Small Tree's World Tour

Participate in # I make complaints about it # Shortcut to

0、【 Chongqing Yongchuan coal mine accident search and rescue ended ,1 People are saved 23 People have been killed 】 According to Chongqing Yongchuan District diaoshuidong coal mine safety accident emergency rescue headquarters ,12 month 5 Japan 23 Time , Coal mine accident search and rescue work ended , After full search and rescue ,1 People are saved ,23 People have been killed .# The news is short #

1、【 Women's late boarding rejected :“ I want the biggest hits in the country ”】12 month 4 Day in the morning 6 Time , Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport , A woman was unable to board the plane because she was late and made a big noise in the waiting hall . In the video , The ticket inspector told the woman that she was one minute late , The woman hit back loudly :“ I'm not late ! Your airline is so inhumane ! I am a lactating mother , Waiting for the baby to be fed !” The woman asked the airline department to coordinate a ferry bus boarding , He also yelled to the onlookers for a quick shot , She wants to be hot . Regarding this , Long Dragon Aviation staff said , The company is in accordance with the unified provisions of the airport check-in , The woman affected the boarding of passengers on subsequent flights , The woman was eventually refunded .

2、【 A positive sample was detected in the outer package of imported frozen hairtail in Yaodu District, Linfen, Shanxi Province 】 Yaodu novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work leading group office in Yaodu District, Linfen 5 According to a notice issued on May 1 , In Yaodu District, the new coronavirus (NCV) was detected in the frozen meat products which had been sealed up , A frozen hairtail imported from India was detected positive in a farm market . Yaodu District has launched the emergency plan

3、【 Morrison said compensation for Afghan victims would not be considered for the time being 】《 Afghanistan times 》 The editorial said , The killing of innocent civilians by Australian special forces stationed in southern Afghanistan has aroused widespread condemnation around the world . Afghans welcome anyone to condemn the inhumane acts that have harmed ordinary Afghan people . But when it comes to compensating victims , Australian Prime Minister Morrison previously told the media , The Australian government does not consider this issue at this stage .

4、【 The rise of male make-up : From his unworthiness to year-on-year increase 30 times , Who has more opportunities for national brands 】“ Normally, it's light 、 Deep coffee , Boys use it more often , If you want to make a poor little milk dog , You can use light pink .” In front of the camera , In the short video, the bloggers first taught the boys how to draw eye shadow. . First of all, this year 30 year , The foundation link , He used a foundation brush and make-up eggs to spread the foundation liquid evenly on his face. , Avoid the beard . these years , There is a saying on the Internet : Men's spending power is not as good as “ Dog ”. However , The warm-up stage of double 11 this year , Men's color make-up sales soared, let people see the field of color make-up “ His economy ” Hope of rising .

5、【“ Tetravalent HPV The vaccine ” The vaccination age in China has been extended to 9-45 Year old woman 】 Cervical cancer is one of the common gynecological malignancies , It's global 15-44 The second highest incidence of cancer in a - year-old woman . High risk type HPV The persistent infection of virus is the main cause of cervical cancer . before ,WHO Make a proposal to 9 year -14 year , Women who don't have sex , As the main HPV Vaccinated population . It is reported that , Tetravalent human papillomavirus vaccine produced by famous multinational pharmaceutical companies ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae ) It has been approved by the State Drug Administration of China to extend the vaccination age to 9-45 year , The three dose immunization program was still used


【 The role of the little tree Play theatre 】

( The playwright of this issue : Little editor , Cameo :@ Canglong goes to sea

Why do boys drink less milk tea ?


Not in a good mood ?

Pay attention to students' physical and mental health

Please enter what you like to see 【 Doctor Xiaoshu's psychophysiological Clinic 】

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