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double 11 period , Dangdang bought a wave of books , Generally, when I buy technical books, I will browse the contents and contents on the Internet in advance , Then decide whether to buy paper books or not , It's mainly to prevent you from feeling uninterested after you buy it , Idle there , Waste money . This time I bought the book to collect the bill , Prepare to buy an extra book , I wanted to have another novel , As a bedside relaxing book , But it's in the top of sales 《 Code farmer turn over 》, Look at the subtitle : Use stories to add material to technology . After thinking about it, I placed an order , You should read a novel and review your skills , Comfort your anxious heart .

I saw the title of the book , I didn't expect much from the book , It turned out to be pretty good . How many pages do you read every night , I finished reading it in no time .

It can only be said that the name of this book is a bit confusing , I venture to guess that the author is confident in his content , I know you must pay attention to his official account after seeing it. , So simply use the official account as the name of the book. . Ha ha ha ha ha burp .

Statement : It's not advertising … I just want to take notes .


Subjective evaluation

positive :

  • Packaging technology with stories , Let's first understand why we need this technology , Step by step , This paper introduces the evolution of this technology with the times , Read the unfamiliar technology , There is a sense of sudden relief .

  • Don't build a tower in floating sand , This book is to hope that you are familiar with the basis , Know something about .

negative :

  • It's good for young and old , There is no negativity , If you insist on it, it may be , Most of the chapters, including the sections within the chapters, are not connected , But the author has explained that , I hope you will treat it as a reference book , When I'm free, I can read a few chapters , Continuity is not required .

Give a score subjectively :

8.5 branch

Suits the crowd :

0.5-2 Students with years of experience . I don't think this book is suitable 0 Basic students , Some concepts and techniques , Is to have a certain development experience , In order to feel it , Otherwise, it will be as boring as a textbook , After watching it, I didn't get much .

Content notes

Chapter one You don't understand the world of computers

This chapter focuses on the underlying implementation of the computer , That's how the program runs on the computer .

It includes :

  • The structure of computer software and hardware , And how they communicate with each other : See “ I am a hard disk ”,“ I am a keyboard ”.

  • CPU How is the program executed , Include CPU Execute the logic of the code , Scheduler from memory , The development of thread and process : See “ I am a process / Threads ”,“CPU Agam ”,“ from 1 Add to 100”,“ The adder that can't be wound ”.

  • How is network data transmitted : See TCPIP,“ Make clear WebSocket”

  • How is the database created , Why the database you want to be in is a relational model : See “ Wonderful journey of database ”.

  • The history of programming languages :“ The development of a family of Translators ”.

  • Lock in programming : Summary of shared variable lock

  • Recursion and tail recursion : Under normal circumstances , A recursion uses a stack frame , But when the recursive call is the last statement executed in the body of the function , And the return value is not part of the expression , This recursion is tail recursion . Modern compilers optimize this code , Reuse stack frame .

Java The empire

This chapter describes the Java Various ecological frameworks , Concept .

  • Java Class: How to deal with virtual machine is introduced in detail Java Code

  • Persistence :Java How to deal with data storage

  • JDBC The birth of : Why do we have it JDBC, as well as JDBC How did it evolve into this design : Simple engineering --》 Factory method

  • Court infighting : The transaction of database operation and distributed transaction are discussed

  • JSP:JSP How to be eliminated? Ha ha ha , It's not because JS I realized it in the browser MVC!

  • Message queue : Why do we need message queuing , It's not about decoupling ! The protocol design of message queue is also introduced , We all have to abide by the agreement !

  • A dynamic proxy :AOP relevant

  • annotation : Than XML Something better to use , It also tells us how to implement a custom annotation

  • Generic : Comrades, we can't understand the general type , May have a look . There are also some details to pay attention to in the actual coding .

  • Log system :logback+slf4j Long live the

  • serialize :JSON and XML Dangli , And there's the future ,RPC Serialization in

  • Lock : Not exactly the same lock as the system , The lock here is Java Problems needing attention in data processing in .

  • Spring The essence of :Spring Of DI and AOP, What design patterns are used ?

At the top of the tide Web

Each section of this chapter is basically a historical introduction to technical issues , It's also the most fictional chapter , I don't summarize every section , Only write a few key points that I pay more attention to :

  • Night talk in computer room :SSO Implementation of single sign on

  • From password to token:OAuth Three ways to achieve it !

  • from SOA To microservice : The former does system integration , The latter split the system

  • HTTPServer: From multiple processes , To select, To epoll, This paper describes how the server optimizes the high concurrent access step by step .

Code management

  • Not familiar with Git and SVN Classmate , Students who only want to save files manually and transfer files to each other , We should take a good look at this chapter

  • Think Maven Why are you so hard to use , Should I have a look Maven What a painful time .( In fact, I always feel that Maven It's hard to use , After reading it, I think he's a little wrong )

  • unit testing : Remember a word , You dare not refactor code , Mainly because you didn't write unit tests !

A brief history of my programming language

The author describes several languages it uses , And the relationship between them , A certain language must have advantages over leading one . You can focus on the difference between declarative programming and imperative programming , It's very easy to understand !

The sophistication of the old driver

The author's summary of career , After watching the , I think it can make people less detours , Step on less holes !


This is my own notes since reading , The content is messy , Let's do more , Think of it as a running account .

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