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Why are there few defi institutional traders? Here comes the new project fireblocks!

2020-12-06 23:45:50 chinadefi

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Even since this year DeFi The market has gained remarkable growth ,DEX Has begun to enter the real use stage , But trading volume is mainly from individual traders , Use DeFi There are very few institutional users of agreement trading . For this question , Once asked a friend who does digital money quantitative Fund , If ETH2 after Gas Can reduce the , Will that take into account Uniswap etc. DeFi Trading on the platform ? The answer is the lack of mature trading tools , for example API etc. , The research and development of transaction team is often based on algorithm research and development , If it needs to be based on DeFi There is still a certain pressure for the protocol to carry out functional research and development at this stage .

For trading institutions DeFi The agreement deserves attention , See traditional financial markets and centralized digital money markets , This is a DeFi The next development direction of ,DeFi The market will also consist of individual traders and institutional traders .

Fireblocks DeFi For Institutional users Provides a preliminary available solution , Contains the main functions :

  • Programmable algorithms API

  • Multi approval signature mechanism

  • Transaction integration supporting audit

  • Insurance services



DeFi( Decentralized Finance ) Its popularity has exploded over the past year , Now it's almost 150 Billion dollars locked in DeFi In smart contracts , And last year 12 Months are not enough 10 Billion dollars .

however , At present, most institutional investors cannot use DeFi. Just like the former Morgan Stanley banker and now Jump Capital Peter, executive · Johnson (Peter Johnson) said :“ If you want to take part in DeFi And carry out liquidity mining , Know what you need to do . It is mainly the technicians who have been working in this area for some time .”

For the hope of using DeFi Strategy ( For example, decentralized exchange trading , Decentralized lending / Loan , Liquidity and mining ) Organization ,Fireblocks Now provide secure enterprise level access , Most importantly, easy access to all decentralized exchanges and Applications .

Fireblocks So that the mechanism can start DeFi Strategy , At the same time, ensure that security can be met 、 Operational and regulatory requirements .


Since the beginning of this year , lock to DeFi The assets in are growing exponentially


Fireblock DeFi The way it used to be


To access today's DeFi agreement , Most organizations use browser based applications 、 Hardware wallet or custom integration . But these technologies don't provide enterprise level security 、 Efficiency and scalability .


Public private key

Some organizations use browser based or mobile applications to access DeFi agreement . Although these apps are enough to meet the needs of individual investors , But they're trading houses 、 Hedge funds and OTC Businesses bring a variety of security risks .

browser-based DeFi The biggest problem with applications is that they keep the private key and sign and trade through the browser . When hackers steal information from the browser , Stealing money is the next simple operation .


Operational challenges

Some organizations store their private keys in hardware wallets ( Such as Trezor and Ledger Nano equipment ) On , For its DeFi The operation adds an extra layer of security .

Using hardware wallets for DeFi The problem with increasing security is that , It brings operational and governance issues to institutions . Large scale trade fairs require multiple approval processes 、 Check strategy . But when using a single physical device, it is difficult to implement the organization's own processes and Strategies , Especially in this age of telecommuting .


Relying on developers

You can also develop your own DeFi Infrastructure , For every kind of DeFi The protocol establishes a custom integration method .

but DeFi There are many kinds of agreements , And it's growing , Each protocol requires technical team development and security maintenance , It can be a waste of time .


Can't audit

It's almost impossible to create an integrated audit record with a single wallet . For enterprise level accounting and compliance , Auditability and transparency are critical .


The standard of personal rank

Unfortunately , Access through consumer applications DeFi It also means that assets are not insured , For example, many exchanges have been hacked into and unable to return user funds , This is when institutions need insurance .


Fireblocks DeFi The function of


2020 Beginning of the year ,Fireblocks Launched the Compound Integrated application — The first one is with DeFi Connected institutional wallets .Fireblocks Of DeFi Access mechanisms are currently being extended to all DEX And Applications .

Fireblocks DEFI API and Browser extensions Provides security for including operations 、 A complete institutional level solution for efficiency and consistency .

  • Secure private key ( utilize The next generation MPC Isolated from hardware );

  • Automated algorithmic trading (DeFi API);

  • Internal strategy and workflow , For example, multiple authorizations are requested when an asset is sent to a specific protocol ;

  • Prevention of hacker intrusion governance — Restrict access to immature protocols ;

  • The auditability of compliance ( Integrated transaction log );

  • insurance ( The coverage is as high as 3000 Thousands of dollars , For cyber attacks 、 Internal fraud 、 Software errors, etc ).

Uniswap founder Hayden Adams:

We are very glad to see Fireblocks Provides access to institutional clients Uniswap Depth and long tail liquidity pool opportunities . Continuous support and adoption by professional investment companies and infrastructure providers , It is essential for the healthy long-term growth and maturity of decentralized Finance .


How to use Fireblocks DeFi?


Fireblocks Two mechanisms are provided to access decentralized exchanges and DeFi Applications .


1)Fireblocks DeFi API

API The framework allows for DeFi Programmatic access , This is most suitable for agreement with ( Such as DEX Market making 、 To loan 、 Clearing robot 、 Coinage and firing ) And other use cases that need real-time interaction for automated algorithm interaction .

Fireblocks DeFi API Include :

  • A new set of endpoints that allow users to invoke smart contract functionality .

  • Contains the most popular protocol code examples and Ethers.js,Web3 And other popular DeFi Library linked SDK.

  • New policy rules , A management mechanism that allows multiple users to approve smart contract transactions and protocol levels .



2)Fireblocks DeFi Browser extensions

Besides ,Fireblocks Provides a browser extension , So that users can use their Web Application and DeFi Protocol to interact . Browser extensions recognize users , And will ask for DeFi Transaction input to selected Fireblocks Vault in , To enhance preconfigured policies and MPC Signature security .


Fireblocks DeFi Accessible applications

Use Fireblocks DeFi, Can be accessed safely at present Uniswap and Curve The decentralized exchange 、 Decentralized lending agreements 、 Liquidity mining agreement 、 Pledge agreements and many other popular DeFi Applications , for example :

  • Compound

  • Aave

  • Maker

  • Synthetix

  • dYdX

  • Dharma

  • Oasis

  • Consensys Codefi

  • Rocket Pool

  • Staked

  • Airswap

  • Kyber swap

  • Fulcrum




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