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One year anniversary of work, take you to know the best e-commerce company in Hangzhou

2020-12-06 19:33:45 Ao Bing

I didn't know that I had been working in mushroom street for a year , Because of the special reasons this year, it seems that time has passed very quickly , Now look back at last year today , I think I've made the right choice in the last few years : Come to mushroom street .

I left my old employer for some reason , Almost all of the large and medium-sized companies in Hangzhou have been covered ( That's why I started with the technique ), I was also fooled by an e-commerce company in Shanghai , I took almost everything I could offer It's all there , Finally, I chose mushroom street ( To tell you the truth, there was a very good company at that time. Unfortunately, the interview process was too long, and I gave up when I was employed ).

When I first started to choose this side, many friends and family didn't understand , Because I have offer Obviously, this is not the optimal solution , The salary given by an e-commerce company is much higher than here , And the volume of mushroom street is in all offer It's not big inside , But I still chose here .

I still remember every interview in mushroom Street :

I met on the phone. I was on the side of the road 1 Hours 20 More minutes , Elder martial brother talked to me a lot. He told me to wait two times ( Generally, the interview will not say the result on the spot and wait for the notice ).

The second side is the scene, the eldest one after me has no face to face , The boss was very friendly and asked me a lot of questions, and my answers were not very good , But I don't know the algorithm , I said directly that I don't like to brush algorithm problems. I don't think it's cost-effective , He said with a smile that you have come to interview for a search recommendation position in the algorithm department , I thought it was cool, but it was over .( Later I learned that the boss was from Tsinghua University ...)

The end is heaven ( Former technical director of Taobao ), I'm very impressed with the interview of the boss , Because he asked a lot of tricky scene questions ,HR The noodles are my back HRBP Little sister Mountain Ghost .

The first impression of the interview is that the company is so fragrant ( The first floor of the company should be sprayed with perfume ), The environment is also very good , Especially the coffee shop on the first floor and the little sister at the front desk , Cough ... I met people working here in the elevator during the interview , I think it's fashionable and can dress up , At that time, I was deeply attached to this fashion oriented company .

 Fish en

Anyone familiar with me knows that I always want to be a programmer who is not so programmer , I don't know how to express it in words , Anyway, I just want to dress up a little bit , Enrich your spare time ( To say white is to be coquettish ), I'm not willing to be a mediocre farmer .

When I got into the company, I knew I was right , At first, I lived more than ten kilometers away from the company , Even so, I'm looking forward to going to work every day , I don't feel tired before I went to work , I also recorded the first of my life at that time vlog( Because the editing was rough, it didn't come out ).

Only three crooks are still in the company , egg 、 Rice bean 、 The paladins are all on their way , Acridine said that I wanted to appear in my first video, and now I haven't been able to do what she wanted , But in hydrology, I think it's OK !

I remember saying in my article at the end of last year , I wanted to be a programmer to record my life after work up Lord , But later, I got to know three crooks and wrote an article first , But now I'm doing it UP, It's even a byte 、 Huawei's meal .

I did at least what I liked to do , I did all the video articles , I love my work, too , People often ask me how to do the work, but also so high article video output ? Is there a team ?

Stay up late + No weekend off …

Ang, if you're in mushroom street, you'll know ,8 There is a baby every day 12 Go home at , Two days on the weekend 7、8 It's just a little bit , Go back late at night , One day is just 24 I have no choice but to stay up late and sacrifice my spare time .

You'll ask me why I'm so motivated ? because … I'd like to get a little pink, ha ha .

Back to the company , I really like my team , I remember the boss said that we are the team at the forefront of mushroom Street Technology , The company's technology stack on the market is also very strong , But some people are sure to say why you lose money because you are so skilled , In fact, whether a company makes money or not mainly depends on its business , Mushroom street has tried too many businesses and has taken many detours , In recent years, we have decided to settle down in live e-commerce .

Just like I mentioned in an article of brother zhuanyuanyuan before , Mushroom street is the earliest in the field of live e-commerce, earlier than Taobao ,2018-2019, The number of employees in charge of live broadcasting in mushroom street is the largest among all platforms , The first one to break a million in a single show came from mushroom Street , Mushroom Street hatched the first batch of professional anchors for the whole live broadcasting industry , Mushroom street was the first to start 「 Supply chain live 」 The platform of .

From the outside world, we don't know how far this unknown e-commerce can go , In my opinion, the round of mushroom street may have just begun .

CEO Shura is also a person I like very much , He's very pragmatic, and he doesn't draw pie with you like many entrepreneurs , I remember when he was a freshman class, he said :“ You just work for me , I'm not going to give you pancakes , I'll pay you for your work , It's easy to raise your salary and upgrade when you're done .”

From then on, I fell in love with this sincere man , He is really pragmatic , Talking about the company's losses is also very sincere , The company doesn't avoid problems , Every meeting points out directly that .

4 We can also see that he is more loyal to the company's layoff subsidies in May , The little friends who went out had no complaints , I have been directly and indirectly exposed to some of the company's top management , They're very approachable .

In particular, modesty , He also writes a little blog and column , So we have a lot in common , Every time I talk about something in the we media circle, I always laugh and scream , His previous position was closer to the bathroom , Every time I passed by, I would go to him and talk to him , On the day he left, we spent the afternoon chatting in the coffee shop on the first floor , Gave me a lot of career advice , It also changed a lot of my previous humble opinions .

Here's another advertisement for brother Cheng , His o & M course at geek time is really good , I've bought it 100 It's packed , Sensitive muscles can also be used safely , Personal test is effective !

In fact, as a migrant worker from Guizhou, my sense of belonging has always been weak in this city , Remember me 24 The confusion mentioned in the birthday article , I've been thinking about whether I can make a down payment in Hangzhou , I've been thinking about whether it's worth the money to buy a house in this place , Is it meaningful to be a house slave .

It's only half a year now , But I'll be in a better state of mind , I'm not so confused in terms of economy and life planning .

It's not about the sense of belonging that the company brings to me , It's just that I think the pace of work makes me see what life looks like , Friends around me also let me feel the warmth of different places .

Three crooks 、 Zong Wei often reminds me not to stay up late , YASKAWA will remind me to enjoy life , Yu En will give me a warm smile at the front desk every day , Jiang Nan will accompany me, too , My tutor will also guide me on emotional issues , Fan Shao will also take us to drive …

Programmers have always been a hot topic on the Internet , Our high salary 、 Work overtime 、 sudden death 、 Baldness 、 Plaid shirts and so on , Some people envy and tease , I was asked why I didn't go there , In fact, I will think about the significance of our work , The meaning of life , If you just make money and buy a house in my hometown , I can live well now , Why do you have to work hard to be a house slave here ?

In the past, I thought that the company must be from Hangzhou or Zhejiang , Later I found out that I was wrong , There are so many people from Yunnan like me 、 guizhou 、 Sichuan small town village partner , Everyone is like me, all are dreaming their own dreams to fight for people .

At this time, I realized that maybe the meaning of life lies in the process of struggle , Perhaps the significance lies in the group of people we met on the way to work 、 These things .

This city has my tears and sweat , To be honest, I don't know if I'll stay here in the future , But experience is good .

Last :

Three crooks 、 Zong Wei 、 Jiang Nan 、 Ah Duan 、 Jingjie 、 An Chen 、 Thousand ran 、 Yi Yao 、 A Dian 、 Lu Nai 、 Shentu 、 Mingfeng 、 Conghe 、 Tengzhe 、 Rice bean 、 North 、 lead a plain and simple life 、 Fan Shao 、 Weiliang 、 Dijie 、 Xiaoxuan 、 Modesty 、 No phase 、 Know one 、 No envy 、 Yu Han 、 Lofo 、 Orange fruit 、 Paladin 、 Fat can 、 Renjie 、 Flax 、 Bernard 、 Tianshu 、 cooing and wooing 、 Ruthless 、 A face 、 Yunchong 、 Dongshan 、 Hong Ying 、 Shadow top 、 Far Maple 、 He Jian 、 New Pavilion 、 Mountain Ghost 、 Clay 、 YASKAWA 、 Shirky 、 Isolated island 、 Sugar cloth 、 Sweet tea 、 No regrets 、 Xuanwei 、 The hammer 、 Yoshi 、 Swallow the boat 、 See you in spring 、 Jianyu 、 Mu Nian 、 Seven steps 、 Crab 、 page 、 Fish en 、 Sea moon 、 aven 、 Snow peach 、 Kuri 、 Three Liang 、 Ah Jiao 、 Summer Marquis 、 vast sky …( All the partners in wechat have written , Don't be dazed if you haven't written it. Add my wechat )

Thank you for taking care of this year , Thank you for meeting , Thank you for your guidance .


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