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The programmer blogger is sprayed with hot search and tears every day

2020-12-06 19:29:56 Ao Bing

What kind of experience is Ao Bing being sprayed with hot search ?

Thank you , People in Guizhou , I just got off the plane .

Recently, some friends also saw that I was sprayed with pulse heat search , The heat was out of control at the highest temperature .

The National Day holiday has just begun , I'm in my hometown , I haven't had time to have a good look at the scenery of Guizhou , My cell phone exploded first . I'm a little confused by the information bombing , The signal in the mountains is not very good , I look at the pages that can't be loaded in circles , Reflect on what you've done .

It's me. It's not sorted , Drink yogurt without licking the lid , Or I pulled two more squares of paper in the toilet of Maotai airport ……

He even suspected that his teammates had formed an avenger League many years ago , Give me a blanket strike .

Yes , you 're right , I used to be a tactical language exporter , It's as dense as a telegraph . After a game, I can print three or four articles A4 paper , It can be connected two and a half times around the keyboard . It's all printed out ********

You ask me if I'm happy , Shuang ! Really cool ! There's nothing wrong with swearing , It's like I scolded out , The head is not from me , It's not me who was killed by the monster , It's not me who was killed by the tower .

The closer you talk , The stronger I am . Anyway, netizens are thousands of miles away from me , No one will rush over for a word . so what , It's not a jet , He can't give me a push forward . I'm still vegetable , Show off for a moment , Put your emotions on the irrelevant people , It's actually selfish .

I think netizens have suffered more or less cyber violence when surfing , Most people say they will be affected by this mood for a long time ( Maybe it's just me ). No one in this society is easy , It's hard to face reality with a smile , Why impose emotions on the same surfers .

All right. , Back to the matter itself , It seems that we didn't scold much in this discussion , It's just a couple of people out there with a Crazy Rhythm , But since I mentioned , I should also respond .

Some people say that my technical papers are not deep , I meant to respond , A technical article has such a wide audience , It must be something that most people can understand and keep up with , It's hard to weigh depth and breadth .

I was going to reply that : I didn't graduate very long myself , It took a lot of time to have the depth of one or two technology stacks .

But I chose not to respond , I feel like I'm slowly enriching myself , And then write what they call deep articles, which is the best response , In short, time will prove everything .

Finally, I'll give you an interesting set of data : I dubbo Source series Seven chapters Read the article as a whole 4W about , And I'm Two articles Hydrology or Two articles Basic technical articles can achieve this reading .

It's the same person. He said he was hurt by me , Read my article to interview, the result was hung by the interviewer , Here I'm sorry , If you are a little friend who has read my article early, you will know , There was a time 《 Condole interviewer 》 The series is very popular , But suddenly there was silence .

Because my personal character is more publicized , I like to use exaggerated headlines to attract people , So there it is 《 To hang up 》 series , But later, with more and more people imitating me, I found that it was different from my original intention , So I changed the titles of all the previous articles published in the series one night , Even now the backstage has been constantly asking me what I can't see this series , Fool, I just don't want you to interview for the interview .

Not to mention that the profession of programmer is only a small part of society . Even the college entrance examination , It's a test that covers most teenagers , No real set of questions can send you to Tsinghua University .

Erudite and diligent in thinking 、 summarizing . Study down to earth , Don't aim too high .

Hiding behind anonymity , You're finished , Cool , Happy , But you still don't get a job . I don't know what attitude you are behind the screen to type this string of words , But I think it's better to read more books when I have this time .

Interviewers are not for hanging , It is to be moved by strength .

When the fourth industrial revolution began , The world no longer evolves in generations , It's a race against the clock iteration . Programmers as the wave of the information age , Participate in technological innovation over and over again , You have to learn all the time , No slack . Big factories will lay off a large number of employees every year, which is not a joke , The aging crisis is real .

In this era, opportunities and challenges exist forever , The front waves are still in front of us , After the waves come at any time , Keep a clear mind and clear goals at all times , Go against the current , To survive another shuffle .

Share dry content , It's also the process of my learning and output , I hope my article can give some direction to the confused younger brother and younger sister who just graduated , It can help people who want to be promoted , Can give some skills to people who want to move to this field .

The funniest thing is that the people who spray me also blame me for the Internet volume , How can I , I am just an ordinary worker working in Hangzhou , It took me to the height of the Internet ? Not so much as not to .

One or two of them are very aggressive , And it doesn't make sense, like Spring Source code and linux He saw the kernel series before I started writing it ? I suspect he called the wrong person ( Smile to cry )

Even when I was wearing a mask to record video, people kept spraying me and pretending to force me , Talking about my idol burden , In fact, my skin is particularly allergic , Some videos show that I have skin problems , I think my video is sitting there and talking is boring , Plus such bad skin will give you a bad impression, so you wear a mask , I must say that I pretend to force , Then I ...

It's only now that I understand why so many bloggers feel depressed after being sprayed , Even longer . Harsh words hurt in June , It's not easy to create , It's more difficult to summon the courage to face questions after negation .

All right. , With so much negative energy .

Finally, I'd like to share a movie line that Ao Bing likes very much ,

May you be struck , Remember your precious , Resist malice ; May you be confused , Believe in your precious . Love you love , Do you do , Listen to your heart. , No ask seton hall .

Maybe I'm not good enough , But I'm also moving forward step by step , Thank you for your trust and understanding , Company and support .

If you don't do well, you should criticize more , I will try my best to improve , Live up to your support .

As for the people who spray me , I want to say , There is no eternal darkness , Anonymity can protect you , But conscience will not let go of itself .

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