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From 0 to 10 W powder, my growth in CSDN this year

2020-12-06 19:29:38 Ao Bing

Too much has happened in the world this year , Mountain fire 、 epidemic situation 、 The flood 、 General election … It's magic and it's fast .

And this year for me , It's an opportunity , It's also a challenge , It's a good thing to pay back , Hard work pays off . I've been on the road of we media for a year before I know it , from 200 God 、300 I'm looking forward to this day , I always feel that if I insist on it for a year, I can give myself an account .

When it comes to this day , On the contrary, my heart is a little calm , Catch up with double 11 again 、 house-moving , Busy and busy will pass ( Forget ). Until I got the flu these two days and got sick at home , Now I think it's time to sum up , It's a review of the past , It's also a hope for the future .

The beginning of a story is always caught off guard , Hangzhou in late autumn , It's raining at night .

The office is quiet after work , Three crooked nests in front of the computer , Fingers flying , From time to time frown and stop to think , He's still writing about the liver .

I take the novelty of my new camera , A few more shots . He took out his mobile phone and flipped over himself b Station video playback , Three days , The numbers still don't break through 200, This is the result of my circle of friends , Think of the circle of friends 300 people , I seem to understand something again .

I'm a little stuffy , I went over and pulled a chair and sat down , I haven't waited for my words .

“ Today's shooting is over ? Yours B Stop and I'll see , To tell you the truth, it's a little rubbish ”

“ I know that too. , To tell you the truth, that kind of thing has a ghost when it is watched by people ”

mogu Of logo A pink light in the rain , I heaved a long sigh , Sanwai picked up a flower and handed it to me , I wave my hand , Point to his screen .

“ Do you think I can ”

“ Why not , You are so talented , And humor , In my heart, you are the best ”

“ Then I really write ”

“ Write it , So I have a partner on the weekend , Write an article with me, ha ha ”

We didn't realize , The unintentional conversation that day changed the trajectory of my year .

Sanwai said that since the video did not make any improvement , Just try the article , This time I tried to write about today .

Start with the first article , I occupied the hot list of blog sites at that time , It gives me a lot of motivation .

I took a lot of job hopping when I came to my new employer offer, I think I'm so good at interviewing. Why don't I write about the interview subject matter ? Because of my unruly personality, I want to take a grandiose name , There was a lot of fire at that time 《 Condole interviewer 》 series , There are more and more small partners to imitate , Even found that many college students also take this title , Realize that you seem to be doing the opposite , The name of this series of articles on the whole network has been changed overnight , Then there was a hot search for it , It's bad for me to be spurned anonymously .

Words are powerless , Just try to improve the breadth and depth of your content , Now, although there is no series , More style, but more style .

At the beginning, my goal was to be a video blogger , Later, he went further and further on the road of writing .

The so-called never forget , There must be an echo , Didn't hold back during the epidemic , Finally, I bought a camera and began to toss about . The questions asked by the friends of the planet are always related to the interview , I thought I might as well have a mock interview , So we can all see .

We all know what happened later , Clap, clap, and suddenly it's on fire , stay B Station also brought a wave of interview rhythm .

As for the reason why it has been broken for a few months recently , Busy is on the one hand , On the other hand, we are thinking about the expansion of content , I can make a lot of money through the interview video , But I want to keep more people through the content , After all, you won't like to see a person who can only interview for a lifetime , Is that so? ?

Let's talk about life , Old powder can find out , In fact, in the second half of the year, I can make a lot of trouble , First, I went to Shenzhen to meet Shuai di ,uzi、 Good promise , Senior brother Wu, they .

In Suzhou, I met with the heads of Internet technology numbers , I met a lot of big men this time. I grew up watching their articles , Anyway, I didn't expect that the owner of the net lamp was a handsome uncle , The leader of the daily excellent search is a fresh graduate , And the pimp guy ..... Oh, yes. , I'd like to talk to my cousin on a luxury cruise in Shanghai , After all, it's Shangtang's top class programmer's sister .

I went to Shanghai several times in autumn , In Huawei carnival on the basis of Chris And I'm Xiao Su and they , stay B Standing invitation meeting and meeting with the deformed brothers , Liangzai , Director Bi, these big bloggers , I've already made an appointment for next year's dream linkage , You can also look forward to .

I have more partners than Tencent ,B standing , Huawei , Alibaba cloud , Pinduoduo and other large enterprises , From the user of the product , To their promoters , Finally, there will be a day when you can have a meal with your heart .

These people and businesses were for me at the beginning of the year , It's just a distant name , So when I touch, I still feel a tremor in my heart , I was surprised that I had already gone so far , Standing so high .

What I'm most satisfied with this year is to stir up the beam of my family , At the beginning of the year, my father's factory started work very late because of the epidemic , I simply told him not to go out to work , Find a job at home and mix with , Just stay at home , I'll take care of the money to support my family .

It's a long way from home and it's hard to walk , Bought a car for Dad , It's easier to get out of the house , Grandma can also often pick up . Go home on National Day , I see my parents and grandmother's affluence at home , I feel that I can finally shelter my family from the wind and rain .( You know why I want so much hot food , Because I earn a family's salary. Ha ha ha )

Everything looks good , Is there anything wrong with this ?

People often ask me , How do you achieve such high output , In fact, my answer is generally more direct , Two words ” Stay up late “, As for the weekend , It seems that I haven't had a full weekend in a year , Even if you go out to play, you will have a good stock in advance .

So liver , The body immunity will be very bad , I'm not a strong person myself , I have been in Hangzhou for four years , From year to year 11 month 12 I get flu every month , No, I got hit again these two days , We are curious about how I have wechat of fever clinic nurses , It's not really because of me , It's because I go so often that I can't remember it .

Speaking of this , Are you always curious about my feelings , In fact, I had a model girlfriend last year , She's fine , But I'm too busy , Ignored a lot of details , Don't talk about her , It's me. I want to break up with people like Ao Bing , I don't feel in love , Pooh, scum man ...

notes : Photos with my consent I know backstage 100% I will spray again. Don't send other people's photos , All of my photos will be approved by others , I have a deeper understanding of we media copyright than everyone else

As for now, , Although there are many good opportunities around , But I'm the kind of dog with a bad mouth , But as soon as someone introduces you NONONONO People who , And I think I'm very good at this stage , When I'm sure I have the energy to give and be with my partner , Go to meet the coming feelings again .

Back to work , As we all know, the company was in hot search for layoffs at the beginning of the year , Many good friends are no longer here mogu 了 , But we still often get together, climb mountains, have dinner or something . I also came to the big data team , I'm from the business line of e-commerce , China Taiwan line , It's the bottom side of big data again , Friends may be more annoyed with this change , It's not easy for me to get familiar with what I'm not familiar with , But I just like challenging things , So come on .

This year , Accumulated in the whole network 40 More than 10000 fans , In programmers' we media, it's really head top stream , In the company, my colleagues always tease me and call me big v, But because I've seen higher mountains, more powerful people , So I know that I still have a long way to go , I didn't take myself seriously , People who know me will treat me as a normal person .

I'm still lucky to do we media , Through the night , The words under the code have not been let down . At the beginning, I was productive because I found my interesting articles helpful , It's also loved by a lot of people , Enough for me . But now, you can see a lot of my advertisements , Anyway, I'm used to it , Familiar friends also found how many ads corresponding to how many original , It's also that I don't play around on weekends , Reading, learning, and updating , I think since it's a good meal , We must take out the dry goods and be worthy of everyone .

Or go to drink with my sister , It's nice to climb the mountain , Who would like to be in the position every day with back pain , Doing this alone, right , It can also be sprayed on itself .

I'm not a noble person , I like money more than anyone else , And more than anyone else cares about making money , From thousands of wages to now , I'm afraid of poverty , I've never given up studying how to make money , How money begets money . But gentlemen love money , Take the youdao , I also have my own persistence .

In fact, I can make more money , You can see from my article that I hardly turn on the appreciation function this year , Also do not use Tencent team internal test of payment function ,B I also refuse to brush things .

And you also found my blog site , Video website , There's nothing right now , It's not a lack of advertisers , It's mainly because I think that since the public name is right , It's no other place , And we're all clean , There are also circles of friends and communication groups , Although many people have come to me with a lot of advertising expenses , But I refused , One yard at a time , This is also my last persistence .

This year , From job hopping to new employer , Going through layoffs , epidemic situation , From the night in Shanghai to the late autumn in Beijing , I've seen the West Lake in the middle of the night , And go home in the morning light , The more you experience , The more people I know , The more stories you know , Everyone has a different life , There are souls that are not limited and glittering , And I have such a platform , As one of the few programmers, we media , I still hope that the content itself can bring you want to harvest at the same time , I also share interesting people and things around me , Know that there are such a group of people in the world , Live in such a way .

In fact, the one-year article was a little sentimental when I was sick , However, there are so many feelings , I've been sweating and writing , If you say something wrong , Looking forward to the sea culvert .

Thank you for every attention this year , May you and I meet each other , There are gains . It's like meeting here for the first time , I said I hope you're here quietly , And then it's amazing .

I'm aobing , The more you know , The more I don't know , See you next time ,respect.

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