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Programmers are really the easiest career to change

2020-12-06 19:29:33 Ao Bing

Today, I went out for dinner with my friends , I thought a lot on the way back , When I met a good friend, she told me to go home early , I went into the bar behind the company nervously , Now you should all sleep , I'm getting drunk, too .

Time really flies ,9 Months , When I was young, I was very angry , One day, I see Chang'an flowers , It really suits me , It took me the shortest time to complete the header sequence of technical we media , Luck is really good .

I don't know what to send tomorrow , I'm also afraid that if I write it out in my own state, I guess the sentences are not smooth , Let's take my new friends to see my personal experience last year , I hope we can encourage each other along the way .


Life is a long process , We have too many expectations , Will inevitably encounter disappointment and setbacks .

Put your ideals on the shelf , Looking back, I found that we were like a fish , Always thought that he had wings is a bird , But finally I know that I can't fly .

Life is like water , Sometimes it's cloudy , Sometimes it's clear , We are struggling in the big vat of society ——“ I often feel that life has done me wrong , Why are others happier than themselves ?”.

In the face of setbacks , We complain that life deceives us , We think our lives are hopeless .

We often compare ourselves to the lost swan , But forget how to fly .

This issue is my own 2019 A little summary of ,2019 Grateful to meet ,2019 Thank you for meeting .

When I wrote this article, I had no idea , But I rowed 2019 My own circle of friends , Suddenly I knew how to write , I put my basin friend circle , According to the timeline, that's what happened to me in the past year, isn't it ?

Ang creates ghosts , Is my , I am your aobing .


Tuition pressure

This is a screenshot of my college class , Yes, I used to be the kind of guy who couldn't afford the tuition , Except for the first time in college, I paid my tuition , The cost of living after , The tuition fees are paid only at the beginning of this year .

At the beginning of the year , Half a year after graduation , I paid off my student loan , To be honest, I felt debt free at that time .

But later I knew it was just the beginning of the year , There are too many waiting for me .

 Zhou XX Is my
Zhou XX Is my

Work overtime

My first circle of friends at the beginning of this year , Tell the truth , It's very programmer .

I remember a more impressive day in my old company , It was the day I left .

The first time I was in daylight , On the way home , At that time, I felt that the world was strange , It's not like it's true , Like a dream , Like a bubble , The kind that breaks at the touch .

In fact, many people who are not familiar with the industry of programmers asked me , Is our salary very high , There are high ones and low ones , But high certainly pays is also many , You want to , The boss gives you 50 In case of year , You don't make... In a year 200 He can give you ?

Many of my friends are well paid , But they don't pay as much , You should know this , I have a lot of 、 Ant 、 Byte's friends pay really high , But when you calculate your hourly salary, you may not have ...

Surprise for parents after half a year's work

I worked for half a year , I got my first year-end bonus , I decided to change my cell phone for my parents , I bought an apple better than my cell phone at that time 8p Top configuration , I don't know why I don't love money for my parents , I'm very happy .

Mom often complains to me about watching TV card on mobile phone , Every time I say I want to buy a mobile phone, I say I don't like it , Every time I call her to travel , She said there was no time .

Actually, I know it's Love money , So I bought it quietly , Now she uses it more than I do 6 了 .

Lost way

An episode on the way home for the new year , An aunt fell asleep on the bus home , Sleeping peacefully on my shoulder , I can't bear to wake her up , But she shouldn't have washed her hair for days , The smell came into my nose .

She slept peacefully against me , I can even hear the sow's even breath , My eyes are wet again ......

I don't know why I was wearing this green , And then it didn't take long for me to share it with my girlfriend , Don't ......

My eyes are wet again .......

Return to Hangzhou

I went back to Hangzhou , Every time I go out, the box will be filled with many things inexplicably by my mother , chili powder , The coffee she bought , snack , And fruit on the road .

Every time I stay at home for a long time, I want to go out , Want to escape from this village , however , I don't want to go at all ......

Others try to get out , I try to go back , I'm a freak .


On the way back , I feel my own 2018 A year , I wrote it out .

It's just like what I'm about to go through now 2019 It's the same year , I am just a 99% Time ticky ,1% Time often regrets a person .

The first cake when I grow up

I passed my own on the way back to Hangzhou 23 birthday , In fact, after my primary school , It's like not having your own birthday cake , I'm not used to birthdays , Probably because of poverty .

I think it's not easy this year , So I think this ritual sense cannot be less , And then bullying and luring , I asked my little friend on the way back to buy a small cake , Really delicious , I still have to buy .

Normal behavior

As you all know , I used to be an old East appliance manufacturer ,24 It's normal for us to be on call , The picture is our most common appearance , When I went to the hospital to register , Online fans are out bug, On the spot took out the computer to change 、 test 、review、 Release .

The people around me look at me like a different person , But I'm a freak myself , harmless .


One night , I burned all my memories , Since then, my dream has become transparent , One morning I threw away all yesterday , Since then my steps have been light .

Just one morning I made a decision ......


I bid farewell to the delicate flower name .

Yes, I decided to leave this summer , Leave your old company , To tell you the truth, the old owners are very good , I also have a great growth , Today's technological breadth is mostly due to the various scenarios at that time , But I chose to leave .

If for no other , Because of the money , Because of poverty , Because I don't have my own time .

I paid off my student loan at the beginning of the year , There are all kinds of things at home , The salary of the working parents is meager , Plus the pressure of housing loan , I can't make ends meet , So because the money left the place .

In fact, when I offered to leave ,Leader We CTO, And my friends all said that they would raise me a lot of money , I have wavered .

But later Leaving the job , Just say it , spilled water cannot be gathered up , As for why , You will understand later .

My house

Maybe you'll say wow, you've got a mortgage , Is there a room , That's poor ?

That's what my hometown is like , You have to be in the same room with pigs when you go to the toilet , I was teetering at the beginning of my freshman year , There must be a place to live , So my parents put together their savings for many years to raise the down payment , I have a decent home , And the houses in Guizhou are very cheap .

Maybe you can't even think of such a down payment , What does it mean for a family like ours , So college tuition is paid by myself , So I couldn't get out the rent for my internship , therefore ......


Yes, I have come to my old employer , The name of the flower changed from exquisite to aobing , Know why all my blogs are called aobing, ha ha .

Almost all the big factories in Hangzhou are in the middle , Also took a lot of offer, That's why I started my article with an interview .

I think everything will be better soon after I change my job , But things are not as good as people want , Grandma is ill , My mother is ill , Ang I cried after I left the subway station , Angry at myself in such a situation is so powerless .

Life is not good , nine in ten

Life still has to go on , After changing jobs, I found that the income was a lot more , But there's also a lot of spending , I'm still in debt , Ang didn't have money to pay back the mortgage last month , Ask sanwai to borrow it .


Fortunately, the new owners are on weekends , I also have more time to read , exercise , I even have time to go shopping every week , Sit in a daze , Like an old man .

Vlog dream

You're really good for writing ” This is what sanwai said to me , The week I heard that , This sentence has been lingering in my mind , But it's also very complicated , Because I was going to share my life up Lord Of , I have bought all the equipment .

Now you must know , I started with I chose to write , The personal color of my article is very heavy , Also inserted many video elements , What do you want to praise and pay attention to , And the interaction with your questions , I'm in the article Round oneself up Lord's dream Well .


Fortunately, I chose writing at first , Basically called the name of the blog platform, I am basically water to the relatively front position , We media field everyone can name a lot of big guys, I shamelessly added friends .

There's always a rule in the we media community to identify whether you're a big size or not , It's to see if the number has taken over PDD Advertisements , It's just today , Duoduo contacted me , Lacrimal .

We think you are the only one to urge the change ? Today's headlines and B Station operation Miss sister urge is the most exaggerated , Choose a topic for me every week , Ask me what I write and shoot every week ...


I still took a video , It's not cool though vlog, But it's been watched ,B The station will soon have my first million video broadcast ( To laugh ).

Later I'll find time to practice my shooting technique , Strive for early to give a few life to vlog, In fact, I've been thinking about copywriting all the time , Shooting is bad , Try to arrange .

present situation

These are basically some of the events of last year and some changes of blog , The status quo is simple. Let's keep pace with you , Anyway, my friend also knows , Although there is not much spare time, it is not boring , There's no debt in the family or myself , After all, it is able to deal with many orders boy.

Looking back on the past again, I still feel sorry , In fact, there is a lot to say , But it's also hypocritical to talk too much , At the end of this year, it is concluded that , If you have something you like, you really need to stick to it , Maybe it's just a moment after rain .

No matter how long the night is , Day always comes

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