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Final chapter: retirement of csp-s2020 & noip2020

2020-12-06 15:49:58 sun123zxy


go , Come back . No matter how , The road seems to have been extended for a long time . From interest , Become a part-time student , To be close to a major , Back to interest , It's too long in the middle , Even though the taste is mixed , But I can't say how I feel .

——《noip2020 Review summary 》 by p9t6g

Commemoration , Or the last diary and random thoughts before retiring completely , To commemorate the end of 5 year OI career .

Here we go ?


Most of the semi retired players turned their guns and stopped to study late .

I don't feel flustered at all , Learning culture makes me happy Why stop so early

2020/10/11 Preliminaries

Open multiple choice questions ...

Is this ? Is this ? Where's the combination count and probability expectation of the tumor ???

A few days before the entrance exam, the computer science school was renovated , It turns out there's a Shannon on it ...

So the multiple choice question is AK 了 .

It's a little bit floating , Let's look at the program ... This painting style is not right ...

So I almost didn't finish it .nth_element After watching it for a long time, I think I'm in a hurry , It doesn't count as a string circling . Binary system dp The examination room just didn't understand , Forced and ABCD wit ; After the answer, I found that there was another strange mistake in front of me , Complexity is wrong , Fall on the spot 70+, Feel cool .

Anyway, I didn't review and brush the questions , Cultural class players don't expect to do well in the exam , Long live the line .

Here we go .


The rematch line is only 40pt ah

I applied for the suspension of self-study in the evening , Back to the familiar little computer room . When you enter the door, you will be welcomed by the sweet smell of garbage fermentation ...

Take the last seat in the computer room , The location is even more fishing than last year . I cleaned up the garbage piled up on the table , Use tons of paper towels to wipe off tons of dust , Support p9t6g Installed a win10, Finally, I got to my seat .

Look around ... How come you are worse than last year


Simulation games are being abused by all kinds of people , Chairman tree sb It says 2h, I was hanged by a senior one .

It feels very delicious , But in a good mood (

In terms of decadence , It's just a little demon dream or random cyanosis every few days . To be honest, I haven't touched the East for some time , The antipsychotic butterflies, which used to be full of yield, are now struggling .

I remember that when I was in grade three and grade one in senior high school, I could often see my classmates who were doing liver work ( At that time, there were several senior students of the previous term ), Unconsciously, I was left alone ...

The next younger brother and younger sister don't know much about , I don't know if the torch of the East can continue to pass on .


Um. , I know in a few days CSP 了 , But suddenly I couldn't get into it ...

So I learned wave in the computer room Jekyll, installed Git Start rolling out the front end of a new blog ...


2020/11/06 Day 0

Test day .

before NOIP It's all held at the famous cosmic school , There's no need to move the place . This time it's changed to NK It's a very far away campus , So I had a group travel experience .

Only when I got on the bus did I find that CCF I've already given you a first-class score ,emmm 70pt... I'll try my best to get along with the sixth graders ( laugh ) flag x1

It turned out 70pt It's the first prize line in the preliminaries , Bai is happy

The bus goes all the way East . Before you know it , Outside the window is the undulating green ocean . It's a regular national highway , There are potholes everywhere . The younger students in the front of the bus are playing chess and cards , Behind the car, a group of elderly people are addicted to mobile travel . It doesn't seem to conform to the social rules ?

PC Players can only look out of the window . It's a bridge and a tunnel all the way , People can't help but wonder what kind of place this is . Can't help but make complaints about it :

  • Test run \(\iff\) Go for an outing
  • Go to LJNK Middle school sends warmth to children in mountainous areas
  • ...

For more than 40 minutes , here we are . I haven't got off yet , A huge hollow flat cylindrical building stands in the middle of the campus ...

“ This is a ...... Earth building ?”

Schools in mountainous areas inhabited by ethnic minorities

The whole school occupies a huge block , Next to it are some ancillary buildings and a standard Stadium , Looks extra small in front of a huge cylinder .

To tell you the truth, it's still very good , But it's too remote , It's surrounded by giant cranes , There's not a lot of people .

Test venue —— Boling Gymnasium Pop zero Stadium

Take a picture and go in and test the machine . Although I can't make complaints about it , But I still have to give the exam venue a compliment . The gym is different , It's very spacious and bright inside , The large array of hundreds of computers is impressive .

I wrote a random a+b problem I started playing LAN here , I almost got a FTP get up .

Waper Yeh and disangan233 At my instigation, I began to be happy online CS1.6(

All in all, the test day passed like this , It's a traffic jam 2h Just got home , For a while Portal 2 So I went to sleep .

2020/11/07 Day 1

Sleep 10 Hours , morning 9 Point to wake up in a full state of mind Start to roll out the front end of the blog , I feel a little flustered after lunch , To knock a multiplier LCA It's overwhelming , Then I took the car slowly to the examination room .

After the opening of the examination, the LAN will be cut off , Go to the bathroom in different areas , The sandwich stuffing was well received (

T1 Stare at 2min Just jump ,30min Cut T2( This time I have a long memory , opened unsigned long long),T3 After thinking for a while, I feel that I can't do it , So it opened T4.

At first, I feel directly following for A random simulation + Just play a game , I started typing code without thinking about it . I adjusted it and found that I couldn't pass the big sample , There's always a \(\pm 1\) The error of the . Think again and find that there is a logical loophole in the previous practice , Right now for After that, we have to go back and play games , So I wrote and changed , It's still not a big sample .

This time has passed 2.5hour, A little flustered , Go back and knock T1. Time is tight , Forget the better prefix and... That I thought of when I started the exam + Two points , It's just a pile of paste if Of \(O(q)\) I haven't adjusted it for half a day ( After the game, I found that I could pass 40pt Some of them have pots ), burst .

I went out of the examination room to exchange , Seems to be T4 Each person writes the error solution, then observes the large sample to pass through with the odd even water , A little upset .Waper The LORD said T3 How to do it , I heard about it , It's really something I can't afford , It's gone. It's gone .

The score is a little bad , Shame . I'm really spending time with the sixth grade kids, right ...

Don't think about it for a while , Go back to decadence . So at night it was Portal 2 And blogging .


2020/11/08 After the game

I think the mental state of the exam is OK , There's no problem with the strategy , Skip over Manon T1 And 80% won't do it T3 It's the right choice . But we should put all kinds of jump questions first idea Recorded .

T4 The examination room code has nearly been solved , But we didn't come up with a key property . Or reckless , It's a big taboo to start knocking on the final theme without much thought . I'm not familiar with the competition system of four questions 、 Overestimate CSP-S The difficulty is also a reason . Who is the coach? Before the exam, we are all AK

I don't know whether the accountant will enter the province , But as a cultural class player who should retire in a month, there's nothing to worry about, right ?

When NOIP Save RP Well .

upd: The first evaluation came out , There's no score ( Points are just a little bit

We're going to have .


It's starting to close . Missed the midterm exam

There is no special feeling , In addition to not having to study in the morning, I can sleep a little more .

Four questions a day , I feel like I can't finish it , And I can't finish it after the exam ...

The coach asked each of us to come up with a problem and change it with another school , Inexplicable feeling, this time it will be like the two mutual tests before .

To be honest, it took so long OI A school mutual test was not held , I really feel very sorry , I really want to put my own idea Share with others , I want to be in school OJ Leave your own mark on ...

A year ago, I was going to put it into mutual testing Spring of silver The old std a pile bug, Just refactor it again . By the way, I found it after half retirement GCD Convolution Made the data , hang Github I'm going to ask you a question .

UPD: It's really goo sb The coach cheated my feelings again . Anyway, no chance to hang on the blog , Hope someone saw it and played with it (


Friday night and Waper、p9t6g In the computer room CS1.6, Go home and Waper I talked about our long OI career . I suddenly saw him today OI memoir , A little sentimental .

Our school was the first to contact OI Of 10 A so-called “ Information specialty students ”, In the end, there is only Waper Fighting alone . Seeing the former comrades leave one by one , I don't know Waper Inner feelings .

There is no sorrow in the dead , Only the living bear the pain of parting .

Waper I usually look like an old man , But he was right about five years OI The feelings of life are very delicate . It's not too much to communicate with him at ordinary times , But among the nine students who left, one of them still insisted on it for a long time , I'm also looking at Waper I worked hard in silence 5 year , To the present height . On the first and second day of junior high school , It's always him , One learns higher and more difficult algorithms in the back of the computer room , Wang meileng's disdain for junior high school competition coach and the incomprehension of other students . Now he has to compete with more and stronger players , Bear the double pressure of culture class and competition results ...

I don't know. Waper Will you see this blog , I would like to express my sincere wishes to you , Hopefully next year NOI Of Au You're on the list .


again Day -2 , It's the pre exam confidence contest again , again T2 Change one dp, It didn't come out again , It's the last one again ...

History is strikingly similar

It's closed , The front of the day (


2020/12/04 Day 0

Because the exam room and CSP I didn't try it out .

I just arrived at the computer room early in the morning halfway Come on, cheer up , I'm very happy to hear that . This time there was no bad comment from coke and Snickers

At noon, the computer room appeared 6 People online CS1.6 An unprecedented event of , Play happily .

I don't think I can come back , So wipe out the data for the computer room , I went home for a little while CSGO, Sleep .

Strive to draw a perfect period for yourself tomorrow .

2020/12/05 Day 1

morning 6:15 Get up and rush to the examination room , It took me more than half an hour to enter the examination room .LJNK The steps of the playground are very suitable for lying down and sleeping (?)

T1 It's a sandbag question , Encapsulate the score ,20min Cut .

then T2 Just for the last time NOIP Buried .

character string ?NOIP Didn't you test string for hundreds of years ??

A little flustered , Understand the meaning of the question and think about it , Parity can be easily preprocessed , It should be enumerating strings \(C\) Of , Then we found that we should judge the size of the link . And find out that you can only \(O(n \sqrt n)\) sentence , There's another one out there \(O(n)\) , It's not as good as violence . Then think of KMP, But I haven't made a string for a long time , I'm not sure it can judge , I lost it . I went to the bathroom and thought about what happened after hashing dp Engage in , But I forgot my mind when I came back from the toilet , I always feel that there is no better idea than violence . Stupidly, I watched 10min, Look back , Jump the question .

I didn't think of the two correct ways , I am worthy of it .

T3 It's a mess that hasn't happened in hundreds of years + structure +SPJ. Casually drew something like the Hanoi tower , notice \(n\)\(m\) When I was young, I was ready to write . There's an explosion in your head CSP-S T4, And carefully improved the details of the algorithm before the knock .

therefore 90 Minutes passed , We haven't even started debugging yet . A flurry of , open T4 了 . Um. ,30 It can be violent + It's a two-way decision ,40 It's also tricky to divide , Don't worry about the rest for the time being , So now we are facing a knock T4 violence 、 Knock should be a positive solution T3、 To look back T2 The choice of .

I chose to knock T3.

I wrote again 30min, The first three examples are . Again 30min, Still can't pass the biggest example . There is only 40min, Throw it away and knock T4 Of 30 branch , After that . Staring blankly 5 minute T2, The game is over .

1= Don't keep , Dismal retirement .

Because I had psychological preparation before , So the mood is stable . I heard that T2 Per capita KMP \(O(26 \times n \ln n)\), But the brain is no longer working , I still don't know how to do it . Sitting in the car and thinking of in the toilet hash, It seems that the cyclic knots can be dealt with by direct violence and series jump ,emmm...

I think of what I've been fighting for so long T3 It seems that \(O(n m^2)\) Of , The time complexity of the algorithm is false , ha-ha .T1 Kabuka is highly refined 、 In and out of something , It doesn't matter anymore .

p9t6g Say he 30min Cut T1、T2, I can't afford to disturb you .Waper Ye T2、T4 They got a lot of points , I don't know if I can go to the provincial team line . Junior high school to paddle Ag Ye trrb It was very low-key to take a 340, Membrane membrane .

and Waper、trrb I went home by car .

For a moment , It seems to be in a trance .

Return to absolute being , I found myself humming 《さくらさくら ~ Japanize Dream...》.


The day after the game

last year CSP-S It's out 3 The problem of Dao tree , The problem is not complicated , The standard score is also very small , How to know this year is totally different topic style .

Sure enough, you can't save one stroke by rowing .

Calm down and think about it , As a garbage retired player , I can't afford to halve my IQ T2 It is Normal Ending 了 , When T3 After cutting off the sharpness , There is no suspense in the end . It's a pity that I didn't look back T2, It's a free gift 45 The violence was thrown away .T3 It took so long to adjust .

If you're lucky , Maybe the road hum is 《 Red Chamber ~ Eastern Dream...》 Is that right .


It's over .

I'm retired with a fair name .

After so many years of learning OI It's a little transparent , If you want to say what impression you made on others , It's the magic experience of hashing to the security guard in the third grade examination of junior high school .

I realized myself and others a long time ago OIer It's different . Other people's decadence is playing games , And I like to learn useless things .

OI It's my interest , But not the only interest , And I don't have the talent to study because of my interest . I thought I was slower than others , The number of questions is not as large as others , I know I'm not doing my job OIer, This may decide that I am in OI It's a little bit higher . After learning for so many years, I've hit it once and saved one , I'm satisfied with .

Five years OI Life is not short , Although I didn't meet a few close friends , But the harvest is immeasurable .OI Keep and strengthen my interest in computers , It makes me more curious about the world . I think if not OI The experience of , Maybe I'm not going to learn front end and network principles for blogging , Not so leisurely in Unity Use in C#, Don't use Python stay Minecraft Red stone music in it , There will not be any support for all of the above-mentioned integration ; I don't think about Mendel's peas FMT, When I study organic chemistry, I think of the generating function ; We will never prove several theorems of determinant independently in order to understand spanning tree counting , It won't open 《 Introduction to algorithms 》 Marvel at “ useless ” Number theory is in RSA The wonderful use of encryption , Never know “ Rational pleasure ” How happy it is ...... I even think OI Indirectly helped me into the East —— We enjoy solving problems , We share the solution to the problem for future generations , We put the interesting idea Make a topic to share with you , We also use love to generate electricity , Built and maintained the valley 、UOJ、LOJ、etc. So many sizable OI Community , The essence of this love and human spirit is the same .

I believe that the growth brought by these five years is valuable in the future .

Completely devoted to the study of culture class , I know it's not an easy road , But I'll try to have fun in it . There are also comrades in arms OI Fight in this boat , I wish you all in the next provincial election and NOI Get a good score , Have a more relaxed senior three .

Retirement doesn't mean leaving completely OI. There are also some unfinished learning notes ( There's an article about 20 many k I can't bear to throw it away ( laugh )), Let's try to fill in . Maybe in my spare time, I will continue to learn something and enjoy myself .

We struggle on our own path , We all have a bright future .

Next Phantasm...