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Four tips for doing a good job

2020-11-10 18:49:43 Silent king two

How are you? , I am the second king of silence , A silent but interesting and handsome programmer ( You listen to , Is there a sound of high pressure in your ear ). Today, let's talk about how to do things well 4 A secret , It should have a subtle and positive impact on you .

Close your eyes and turn around , Think about the people around you , Is there always a few , Be able to stand out , It seems that no matter what they do , Can achieve good results .

Anyway, there are so many people around me , They learn well , It's the teacher's pride , It's a model for my classmates ; Good with friends , Everyone is happy to associate with him ; Outstanding at work , Not afraid of things , Be able to resist , At the core of the team , The salary is also higher .

Think about it seriously , You'll find out , They have a way to do things .

I'd like to say a few words here . At school , I have a pair of eyes that are good at finding beauty , But the focus is on yourself , So many students said I was narcissistic , At the same time , I'm also very happy to find fault with others .

In recent years , Although the myopia of my eyes has increased , But still very good at discovering beauty , And the focus has changed , Become the people around you , No matter what occupation he does , I always want to learn something from him .

This transformation , For my growth , I think it's very important . Do you have a good heart , So I think ? Okay , Take a look at the secrets of doing good things ( Maybe not ) Well .

First of all , Cultivate internal skill .

Everyone should like to read martial arts novels , Especially Jin Yong's works , Male masters pay special attention to the cultivation of internal skills . SAO feng 、 Guo Jing 、 Yang2 guo4 、 Zhang Wuji and so on , The internal skills are all the best , Few can match them .

Programmers are the trendsetters of this era , If you want to stand up , Don't be upset by big waves , The internal skill should be vigorous . Straight white point , Namely , It's just CURD It's easy to get knocked out .

For beginners , A programming language , A tool , A framework , First use is the most urgent need . Go to see the source code as soon as you come up , It's easy to dissuade .

After using it later , After using it too much , You have to go deep , Know why you use it this way , Can you use it in other ways , What's the principle behind this , It has to be clear gradually , Otherwise, it's going to be stagnant , Can't go any further .

Such as , We learn Java, Go up and do multi thread concurrency 、Java virtual machine , I can assure you. , Xueba may not be able to carry it .

What is the right way to learn ?

Get to know something about Java The historical background of , Then install JDK, install IDE, Write a Hello World Feel the charm of programming language . And then learn about data types 、 Operator 、 Flow control statement 、 Access control 、 Objects and classes 、 Interfaces and abstract classes 、 character string 、 exception handling , Then there's the assembly 、 Generic 、 enumeration 、IO, Finally, multithreading concurrency 、Java virtual machine 、 performance optimization .

That's it , Step by step , One step at a time , When it's all used , Programming experience has also improved , Then go deep into the source code , Understand design patterns 、 Data structure and algorithm 、 Basic computer knowledge 、 Computer network knowledge and so on , It's going to be easy .

second , Continuous improvement .

“ Great bulls used to be goofy persistence ”, Although this sentence sounds a little rough , But it's hard to understand . Everyone knows how to improve , But not everyone can stick to it .

I have a college classmate , Do Taobao guest , In the beginning, I didn't know the way , It's hard , For a year , The benefits are small . one day , He didn't know which tendon “ wrong ” 了 , Taobao spent hundreds of dollars on a website , The interface is ugly , but SEO Well done , Slowly, someone found him through Baidu search keywords .

as time goes on , More and more people are looking for him , Money is naturally earned . therefore , He set up a studio , Many college students have worked with him , But a lot of students worked for three or five months , I can't hold on to it , Don't want to do .

What about him? , Keep doing it all the time , Although there are ups and downs , But I bought a big four bedroom house in Zhengzhou , Buy another car that's not bad . When we get married , I've been to his hometown , The condition is not general bad , This makes me admire him even more .

people , In talent , In birth , There is a difference , Don't blatantly ignore these two points . however , People who can make a difference , You'll find one thing in common with them , Namely “ Continuous improvement ”.

Take writing as an example , Do I have talent ? If someone says I have , I refuse to admit it . But if someone says I know how to change , People who know how to insist , Then I have to admit , He knows me .

In limine , I only in CSDN Write on , Later, I synchronized to the major blog platforms , This is change . In limine , I only synchronize articles on Zhihu , No answer to the question , Then I found out , The number of visits to answer questions exceeds that of articles , This is decided by the mechanism of Zhihu , I changed . In limine , I can't play GitHub, Recently, I've been addicted to GitHub, It's also a change .

These changes, , It's all positive , And I'll stick to it as always , That's why I'm sure ,“ Tomorrow will be better ”.

Third , Continuous stack .

Why do I always recommend you to blog , It's not because I've tasted the sweetness , It's because of blogging itself , The most intuitive point is , The number of views on the blog will be “ Continuous stack ”, On a deeper level , The impact of blogging can be “ Continuous stack ”.

There's nothing else , It's easier to get started than blogging , It can bring more and more effects .

A lot of people will say , I don't know what to write ?

Learning notes is OK , Reading comprehension is OK , solve bug It's OK .

Someone else will say , I have written , No visits ?

There are always single digit visits ! In limine , Unless you're gifted , Most people don't get particularly high traffic , I also started with the single digits .

Maybe someone else said , I have written , There are visits , But there's a bottleneck .

Bottlenecks are common to almost everyone ,“ almost ” You can even get rid of . When it comes to bottlenecks , Someone gave up , It's all gone ; Some people insist on , And seek to change , Maybe it will fail , Maybe you'll stop , But more is the harvest , Energy storage , Get ready for the next take-off .

Fourth , To be patient .

The times we are in , It's very fast , It's almost there's a APP It's called Kwai ( Please call Jay for the advertising fee , laugh ). But since , There are some things , It's better to slow down ( Don't think about it ).

yesterday , I'm talking to a friend , He said he recently received a project , The cost is about 9 More than ten thousand , Time limit 35 A working day . Let me also look at the requirements document , Almost all of them are added, deleted, modified and checked , It should be finished .

After reading the demand , I can only say , My friend is so optimistic . But this is how it is in this era , Party A thinks that all the projects are simple , It's nothing more than adding, deleting, modifying and checking , Find an open source project and change it , And it's done , How long can it take ?

If you say it will take a year and a half , Party A will say ,“ By then , Thanks for the flowers .”

On the football field , A coach can't do anything in a year , in , Even half a year can not achieve results , in . The fans have no patience , There's no patience at the top of the club .

Video games , If a game lasts more than an hour , The audience can't sit still , The producers can't sit still , So the game is getting shorter and shorter , You'll find out , Some sauce oil level heroes are so poor in a match that they can only wear a pair of straw sandals .

In such a background , We should be more patient , Give yourself more time .

A private letter from a reader told me that , I'm a professional programmer , Very hard , It took a lot of time , But it seems that he is not suitable for learning programming . I asked him , How long have you been studying , He said it's been more than three months .

Oh, my God , More than three months is really a short time , Learning to program is not an easy task , It takes time . I have more than ten years of programming experience , But a lot of times , I still feel like I'm just a beginner ( Allow me to be humble ), There is too much knowledge for me to learn .

When there is a setback , Can you give yourself a little patience , In fact, it is a rare ability . The brilliance on the surface , It's hard work behind it , The precipitation of time .

How to be patient ? There are two key points , One is to lower expectations , Don't put yourself in a high position , Make yourself up and down ; The second is to go all out , Make sure you have a clear conscience .

Last , Last picture , A picture is worth a thousand words .


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