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A year ago, I came to state-owned enterprises to do it

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2020.11.01 Japan , This is the day I joined xxx The whole year of state-owned enterprises , This sharing was supposed to be written in advance , But since it was really busy some time ago , I never had a chance to write . Today, I would like to share with you some of my work in state-owned enterprises , Perception and so on , Hope to give to those who are still confused about their own planning , Bring some real sharing and suggestions , I hope you will take less detours .

Why do state-owned enterprises have IT department

You want to know that in state-owned enterprises IT What do you do , First of all, it may be necessary to understand why state-owned enterprises have IT department , That is to say, state-owned enterprises are right about IT Where is the appeal of . With the development of enterprises , All kinds of “ It's hard to be slow and expensive ” The problem is becoming increasingly prominent , Human resources , production , office , purchase , manufacture , Sales and so on , All aspects are faced with the same problem , Paper approval forms are everywhere , Dizzy all over the sky excel form , All kinds of customers without privacy protection , supplier , Enterprise employee data , The sky high price of supplier project contract and so on , Without exception, it leads to inefficiency , The cost of enterprises is rising , Security risks abound .

More and more practice and painful lessons appear , State owned enterprises in order to improve work efficiency , Improve production and manufacturing capacity , Improve quality metrics , Improve marketing ability and so on , All of these need a person with IT Supporting information management departments to carry this mountain after mountain , Especially in the current wave of digital transformation , State owned enterprises IT Departments are beginning to play an increasingly important role .

In state-owned enterprises IT What do you do

As mentioned above , State owned enterprises are engaged in human resources , production , office , purchase , manufacture , There are a lot of problems in sales and other areas , Improve efficiency , To reduce the cost is an urgent problem faced by enterprise managers , It's also the government , The requirements of the State . immediately ,IT Play a key role in all of the above , The general direction includes the following :

Responsible for the computer of the enterprise , The server , Computer room , The printer , Conference room projector offset IT Hardware work .

Having the ability to develop IT personnel , Working with business people , Developing a variety of systems , Meet business needs

IT People take on the role of project manager , Responsible for third party IT Supplier cooperation , Supervise the successful completion of the project

competent IT People participate in state-owned enterprises IT Sector building , Software development process standards ,DevOps , Zhongtai , Container platform

Develop digital transformation plan ,PPT, Apply your own experience to practical work , report .

Other issues of leadership distribution ... Buy a pack of cigarettes , Driving, helping out, etc ..

Why do I come to state-owned enterprises

2019 At the end of the year , I quit my job in a foreign company for eight years IT Development work , Come to a state-owned enterprise in automobile manufacturing industry ( In fact, it is a central enterprise , You may have guessed where it is ). Mention why I came to state-owned enterprises , At that time, my main consideration was to change the environment . Long 8 Years of development , Never understood at all IT Little white of , To dozens of IT Accumulation of project experience , The improvement of technical ability , I think it's time to go out and have a look , A different environment .

At that time, several of my friends left for the state-owned enterprises , I often preach with me how leisurely state-owned enterprises are , Actually , I was resistant at first . Because I don't want to go with the tide and provide for the aged in advance at such a young age ( Correct it , State owned enterprises are not all pension departments ~~), But the words on the recruitment requirements attracted me . requirement " Master Java Development , Have rich project experience . Experience in microservice development ,DevOps Platform experience , Yes Docker、k8s Experience is good ; Experience in agile development, etc ..". Actually, I do .Net Of , It doesn't seem to match . But I heard my friends say , The technical threshold of state-owned enterprises is very low , As long as you have enough education , After a while , What can be said on both sides is not far from ten , Basically, you can go through . The most important thing is that the requirements of this position are what I always want to learn and try , Especially microservices , Containers ,DevOps Direction , Like the challenge, I also hesitated for a period of time , Finally, I'm going to give it a try . So I prepared a week in advance , Do your homework , I passed the interview .

The fact proved that , The decision seemed very wise at the time , Because if you didn't leave , I'll be sent to America on business , And then catch up with the outbreak at the beginning of the year .. If I had chosen to stay at the same company , I estimate that we are still surrounded by 10 million new coronavirus infections in the United States , Have not returned to the embrace of the motherland ...

What do I do in state-owned enterprises

I just came to state-owned enterprises , There was no actual work at first . Now I still vaguely remember , Within half a month when I was on the job , Every day is sitting in front of the computer desk , Because applying for a computer has to go through the process . This process lasted more than a week , This shows how slow the efficiency is .

After this , I started my own learning career of technology transformation . Because I was completely .net Technology stack , WinForm,ASP.NET ,MVC, WCF, WF, WPF, BootStrap wait , stay .net The domain is basic, so the technology stack is involved in , Come to the state-owned enterprises and naturally become .Net Technical consultant for the project , Some old legacy .Net The project involves some technical review changes, etc , I'll help with the assessment . Other new ones .Net project , I'll take over , But at present, the whole country .net Ecology and Java Weaker than . The project of the whole company is still based on Java Mainly , So we still need to make technological transformation .

It was also in the company DevOps Some concepts of tool flow and technology research stage , We are also learning from the three-party suppliers , All aspects , I got involved in it before I knew it :

Java Technology stack transformation work , Fortunately Java and .net It's so much like , There's no pressure on this part . Agile development practices ; Because my previous work was agile development model , So it brings a lot of processes to the company , Method , New models such as tools and training . For example, agile development ,Jira Use and so on . DevOps technological process , Component development learning , Research work .

Whole DevOps There are so many ideas and tools involved in the process , For example, micro service design and development Jira,Confluence,Jenkins,GitLab,Sonarqube,Prometheus,SkyWalking,Docker,K8s And the use of tools , So a large part of my investment in the whole technology stack in the year I joined the company . Because there are three suppliers to DevOps The platform fully supports , So I'm also quick to get started , From learning , To independent transformation operation and maintenance , Slowly, it's easy .

In state-owned enterprises , Very few people really understand technology . So in terms of Technology , You have enough say , Leaders also give a lot of time , But regular reporting is necessary . Otherwise, at the weekly meeting , Other colleagues all talk about their work in a big way , By your time , You say ,“ I installed a k8s Environmental Science ; It's configured with a Jenkins Assembly line ” And so on these , From a developer's point of view , These things are really big work , But in the eyes of leaders, it's not a big deal to hear you say so simply .. This is also done in state-owned enterprises IT The technical personnel are in an awkward situation at present , We need a tech savvy bole ..

let me put it another way , Our technicians do heavy and complicated work , Only we know , Leaders may not pay for it , They pay more attention to the progress of some projects high level Affair , So it's not good for you to improve yourself . Of course, I met a technical leader , Maybe the results will be very different .

State owned enterprises say that welfare is good , What's so good about welfare

When it comes to welfare , In fact, it's almost the same as my salary before I left . It is said that foreign enterprises can get monthly salary 12k, To state-owned enterprises can only 7k, This is really common . But fortunately, I was lucky , At present, the average state-owned enterprise can be in 12k about ( The salary is not fixed every month ), It's almost the same as before . Because it's not the end of the year , I don't know how much the year-end bonus is , But listen to other colleagues , It's usually 1~2 A monthly wages , The benefits will be more . In this way, the annual pre tax income should be in 16~20w about . Except for the salary , Talk about other benefits of state-owned enterprises :

Five social insurance and one housing fund . State owned enterprises must have , At present, I also include enterprise annuity every month 200+, And with the increase of your years in the enterprise, this value is also accumulated year by year . Accumulation fund 20% Companies versus individuals (12:8), Compared with the previous company, it was 14%(7:7. After the retirement of state-owned enterprises , Life should be rich . therefore , If you feel like you can't do it , Is there any other good way , Let's hurry to the state-owned enterprises to provide for the aged .

Heating subsidies Shuttle Bus Words complement The holiday season , The trade union provides grain, oil, rice, noodles and other benefits Annual Checkup Annual leave 10 God +, Legal holidays are normal , Other big summer vacations commonly 9 God , It's also called high temperature fake Other details like free brunch , Ice cream , Cake coupon , The tooling is changed once a year , Free masks and so on , State owned enterprises are really humanized in this respect .

Improve the space

In state-owned enterprises IT, There is still a lot of room for improvement . I just came to the company ,IT The Department has just been set up 2 year . Those who came at that time are at the level of director in charge , If you catch up with a start-up IT The Department joined , Other aspects of the ability are similar , There will be a good promotion .

Right now, where I am IT In terms of departments , whole IT From the perspective of R & D, there are two major directions for personnel , One is with the project , That is the traditional role of project manager and product manager , Responsible for dealing with third party suppliers , Because this kind of direction often accompanies the company specific big project , So if you do a great job , It's easy to make a deep impression on the leaders . The other is my current pure tech Developer , This position must be indispensable to the company . Because this is right for IT The supporting ability of technology is a role that other people are not competent for , And in business IT In the construction process , Including self-development capacity building in the long run , It's a mainstay .

State owned enterprises are right about IT The long-term vision of the project is to realize the self-development of the project , In order to reduce the cost , This kind of long-term planning is good for technicians in the long run . But right now , Compared to other roles such as project manager , It's not very popular , Because your job is more at the bottom , Difficult to embody or measure . Back to the previous topic , In addition to explaining your work and leadership on a regular basis , It's crucial to have a technical leader , But in reality , Very few in state-owned enterprises . therefore , What I'm going to talk about here is , stay IT It's not that there is no room for improvement in technology , It also depends on the surrounding environment , Self ability and other aspects of analysis , But as long as your technical ability is not bad , I have some ideas of my own , Be more eloquent , I think it's just a matter of time , We must have more space than those lazy old doggies , Of course, the premise is that the surrounding environment should be clean and just , This is also very important ..

What do you want to say to you

The above is what I do in state-owned enterprises IT What we've done , See , Think of , It comes from the real working environment , Of course, my position and others are engaged in state-owned enterprises IT People are not the same , It doesn't represent the whole position here . In fact, all the state-owned enterprises in China have similar systems and systems , There is a strong bureaucratic atmosphere , So for people like me who jump from foreign enterprises to state-owned enterprises , Now many aspects have not changed much .

I have been working in state-owned enterprises for a year , It's been a great year , Have thought about giving up , Helpless , There are some reasons why we can't understand the truth , There is also more recognition . Fortunately , This year , Growing all the time , The transformation of technology stack ,DevOps, Cloud native applications ,PPT Reporting, etc. , All aspects of the ability to improve , These are visible and valuable experience accumulation and wealth , Even if one day , Find that no matter how hard you try, you can't get promoted , Tired of working in state-owned enterprises IT, I can also leave naturally .

Because we do IT, Do the technology , Have a passion for the industry , The pursuit of technology , Everywhere is the shining gold , I hope to take this opportunity to say a word to my friends who are still hesitant about their career planning : Whether in state-owned enterprises or in IT company , As long as you are in that moment , Don't stop working on technology , The pace of learning , That's the only way , One day, , We can really control the right to choose in our own hands .

The above text comes from the author Xiaomo's true sharing , It only represents the author's real experience and opinions , Hope to be helpful to those who are also confused . If you like this article , I also hope to help share with you , Let more friends participate in it , Share your insights ; Also welcome to leave a message below , Discuss your career life with your partner . The only official account of Xiao mo 《DevOps Specia Force 》, Search or scan the image below with one click .

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