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Kwai is becoming the next big spat?

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In the e-commerce industry, enter the war of "double 11" , The Kwai Fu was formally submitted to HKEx. IPO Prospectus .

Yesterday evening , Display of the prospectus submitted by Kwai Fu : end 2020 year 6 month 30 Japan , Kwai average active user ( Including applications and applets ) reach 3.02 Million people , Average monthly life ( Including applications and applets ) reach 7.76 Million people . In the first half of the year 2000 Ten thousand people are Kwai Ping for income. . 

Among them , Electric business has become Kwai's fastest growing business. , By 2020 year 6 month 30 Japan , Average repeat purchase rate of Kwai Tai platform 60% above , Kwai Kong e-commerce business GMV achieve 1096 Billion . 

Listed on the eve of , Kwai Chung electric supplier has announced , It is more than 5 Billion , Second only to Taobao tmall 、 JD.COM 、 A lot of spelling , And it's called “ The fourth pole of e-commerce ”. 

Rapid development of Kwai Kong Electric providers , It makes people think of pinduoduo . 

From establishment to breaking through 100 billion GMV, Pinduoduo only took two years , It's only two years after the Kwai has entered the electricity business. . 

▲ Kwai, electricity supplier transactions total data and other data , Figure source of its prospectus  

The development path of Kwai Chung e-commerce providers , It also has a great similarity with pinduoduo .

Quickly in 2018 Launched e-commerce business in , At that time, in order to compete with pinduoduo, the market sank , Kwai Fu electric and Ali constitute a close comrade in arms , Once jointly organized “ Tmall old fellow ”, Let users watch the old fellow Kwai sell iron. , Contribute sales to tmall . 

But with the growth of Kwai Kong Electric providers , It is not willing to be used as a diversion tool ,2019 end of the year , Taobao's Kwai shop has been banned for a while. . And this year 5 Kwai Yue electric provider and Jingdong hold hands , This time, e-commerce traffic is mainly left in the station , Users can finish shopping without Kwai. . 

meanwhile , Kwai Kong Electric providers are also building their own supply chain. , The choice is to imitate pinduoduo C2M project , Launched “ Good goods from the source ” The concept of , Supporting industrial belt .

There are many factories in the Kwai Tai platform. 、 country of origin 、 Users in the industrial belt , Last year's Kwai Fu “116” Millions of Merchants join hands in live broadcast , Deliver directly from source to old fellow Kwai Tong. . 

When Kwai Kong Electric providers grow from the sinking Market , And like pinduoduo, they started to expand the first and second tier users , This year, “6.18” Kwai Kong Electric providers also take “ Ten billion subsidies ” The strategy of , To attract multiple users . 

This year, , Kwai electric business year GMV The goal is 2500 One hundred million yuan , The prospectus shows , The first half of the year Kwai electric business has completed nearly half of the target. . 

To be completed by the end of the year 2500 Billions of GMV, Kwai Fu also needs to keep running. , Maintain today's growth rate . 

But fast hands are like Kwai Fu. , How to balance subsidies and consumer power 、 How to build a complete e-commerce ecology and other issues . 

All of this , They should be solved through competition and game , Kwai TSE's future challenges will be more intense. .


Kwai Kong Electric providers “ A lot of spelling ” Type development  

A few years ago , Kwai is also a small tool software for automatically generating dynamic diagrams. , And pinduoduo's small program is popular in the circle of friends , More people regard it as a call to friends “ Chop a knife ” The little game . 

It was hard to think of it at the time , Finally, Kwai Chang has changed the entire electricity supplier pattern. . Pinduoduo became Ali three years later 、 The third pole of e-commerce outside Jingdong . Just over a year , Kwai Fu has become their strongest opponent. , It's called “ The fourth pole of e-commerce ”. 

Now looking back , Kwai's rise in the sinking Market , There are many similarities between its e-commerce business and pinduoduo's development , There are the same worries . 

As the giant of sinking Market , They are very similar from the appearance of the product , Open pinduoduo interface , Except for the color , There are not many brand features that people can remember , All the visual focus is on the user's interests . 

The early Kwai UI interface is the same. , except logo There is no other brand perception in the interface with color . It also depends on the psychology of sinking users , Their core focus is on the most affordable , Not the brand . 

▲ A lot of spelling 、 Well quickly APP Screenshot of the page

Pinduoduo knows how to play wechat traffic .2015 Huang Zheng, the founder of pinduoduo, took a fancy to the huge flow pool of wechat , Social scene using wechat , Explore a new way to play E-commerce , In group mode , Users no longer need to search for purchases , In its place , The purchase behavior that is inspired by the social process of sharing and recommending . 

In the process of goods matching in wechat friend circle , Huang Zheng realized that 7 100 million wechat users and 3 Huge user gap among 100 million e-commerce users , In the third, fourth and fifth tier cities, there are still a large number of sinking users waiting to be awakened , So there is a special focus on this huge market platform pinduoduo , Three years after it was launched, it successfully landed on NASDAQ , Become Taobao 、 E-commerce giants after Jingdong . 

The rapid development of Kwai Fu also helps with social interaction. . As early as 2013 year ,GIF When Kwai turns to short video , Su Hua has been keenly aware of the core demands of ordinary people's social life , Two transformation strategies were established for Kwai Chung. , One is unswerving algorithm recommendation , The second is to insist on from tools to social contact . 

In small cities far away from big cities 、 Township , Kwai to establish a closed communication node , It can connect users in each area , Many Kwai users released local videos. , They are able to spread very fast under the same city label . 

here we are 2018 year , A Kwai user “ The cat controls xiaomingjun ” Occasional water trial live broadcast by E-commerce , Let Kwai realized the value of its private domain traffic. , High loyalty of fans , More willing to buy products recommended by anchor , Kwai Chi started the business of e-commerce. . 

The iconic node of Kwai Chung electric business is :2018 In the autumn , Before that, the Kwai Fu was ahead of the others. “ A double tenth ” There was a “ Kwai sell King ” Activities , Kwai San brother, one of the players. 5 More than 100 million sales have been completed in one hour . After the battle , Well quickly “ live broadcast + Online retailers ” There is an example of the appeal of the market . 

▲ Live screen shot of Sanda brother , Kwai yuan APP 

Kwai Chai's e-commerce road is much like spelling together. , It's also social . since 2018 year 6 After the Kwai shop is online , Kwai has already formed a quick hand powder. 、 Social relationship precipitation 、 The way to cash in . 

There is a close relationship between the anchor and the fans , It's like a close friend . Compared with other e-commerce platforms , Kwai has always encouraged users to manage social relationships. , And set up a private domain traffic pool . 

In recent years, , Ten billion subsidies have become the label of pinduoduo , The Kwai Fu also joined the army. . 

Pinduoduo's 10 billion subsidy has proved to be effective in attracting multi circle users , Kwai Chi also launched this year. “6.16 Quality Shopping Festival ” Activities , During this period, we held a subsidy activity of 20 billion yuan , And in 6 month 16 day , The actual payment amount of double 10 billion yuan in the whole day reached 14.2 One hundred million yuan . 

The subsidy strategy has attracted many second-line users to embrace Kwai Fu. , But the problem of retention after subsidy , Pinduoduo has not come up with an effective solution , Kwai Fu is also facing this problem. , If we want to expand diversified users , I'm afraid there's something new to come up with . 

Developing in reference , Kwai Kong electricity supplier's daily life users quickly break 100 million , not long ago , Kwai Chung electric supplier announced high profile 8 Monthly E-Commerce orders exceed 5 Billion single , And declare the past 12 The total number of E-Commerce orders in the past months is second only to that of Taobao tmall 、 JD.COM 、 A lot of spelling , It is already an e-commerce player that can not be ignored . 


Growing up in the cracks , Game in competition

E-commerce has already experienced competition 、 The most intense period of shuffling , Relative stability and pattern , But the rise of Kwai Fu and other companies , It rewrites the market again . 

They all have a remarkable characteristic , Early out of the cracks in the giant , And eventually become a powerful competitor of the giant . 

Pinduoduo grows into the third pole of e-commerce , It's beyond the imagination of many people . Five years ago , Huang Zheng saw the huge users of the third and fourth tier cities , And what they like is cheap enough 、 Cost effective products . Pinduoduo sinks market dividend by mining , Rising from the gap between Ali and Jingdong . 

however , For this market giant also cannot give up . In the early years, Ali launched the project of thousands of villages and counties ,3 I put in 100 Yilai subsidy promotes rural e-commerce , But it's not enough to open up the market . After that, Ali started to get together again 、 Launched Taobao special edition and so on , Competing for the sinking market of pinduoduo . 

On the road of e-commerce , Both Kwai Fu and fast hand are bound to face fierce competition. .

2017-2018 year , Short video starts to burst , formation “ Tiktok 、 North Kwai ” Pattern . Ali 、 Jingdong knows well , Short video platform is becoming China's Internet 、 It is also the most important flow source of e-commerce . And the other side Kwai , We are already preparing for our e-commerce goals . 

Soon , The relationship between Kwai Tai and Ali is at hitherto unknown tension. . Taobao is trading traffic with Kwai Chung. , At the same time, it launched Taobao live broadcasting arena . 

Quick hands are not resigned to playing second fiddle. Kwai .2019 end of the year , Kwai's products are upgraded to justification for all Taobao products. , But other e-commerce platforms were not affected , The Kwai has been handed out quickly to prohibit Taobao. .


2020 year 5 month , stay “618” The coming time , Kwai Fu announces hand in hand with Jingdong , Agreed in retail supply chain 、 In depth cooperation in brand marketing and data capacity building . 

Actually , The Kwai Kong cooperation list in recent two years , TaoBao 、 Tmall 、 A lot of spelling 、 Jingdong has appeared . But behind this alliance is the game .

Before Kwai and Ali 、 When pinduoduo cooperates , Users must jump to the other party's when they buy goods APP Close the deal . According to the 36 Krypton reported , A close source of Kwai Fu and a lot of people who work hard together said. , Due to high user overlap , Kwai is worried that the user will go to a lot of things and not come back. . 

But the Kwai is in need of alliance. , Strengthen your own strength . Supply chain is Jingdong's advantage , Kwai has more than 3 Super flow pool of 100 million days . 

Kwai Kong Electric provider , You can enjoy the logistics of the former 、 After sales and other services , Let users directly inside the Kwai —— Direct purchase of Jingdong products in Kwai Po store . 

From this point of view , Kwai is striving for a stronger position in cooperation. .

▲ Dong Mingzhu and other entrepreneurs are Kwai live. , Its official account

The Kwai Fu and the spelling are undoubtedly two years. , China's Internet industry is most concerned about the emerging strong , They take a very short time , We have made outstanding achievements in the field of e-commerce , Include users 、 Merchants and GMV etc. . 

According to the 36 Krypton reported ,2020 In early years, the Kwai Fu set a more difficult growth target. , Among them, the target of advertising revenue is 400 One hundred million yuan , Online retailers GMV The goal is 2000 One hundred million yuan , Then it was raised to 2500 One hundred million yuan . 

The Kwai Fu prospectus shows , Kwai Chung electric providers in the first half of this year GMV Total amount up to 1096 One hundred million yuan . 

The one hundred billion - GMV, Taobao used it 5 year , It's a lot of use 2 year . And the Kwai is 2018 year 8 Launched e-commerce business in January , The distance is only in the past 2 year . 

however ,1096 A hundred million yuan figure , From Kwai 2020 E-commerce in GMV There is still a long way to go . The Kwai is going to finish the next stage. , It's not easy . 

You can see from pinduoduo , It's hard to maintain rapid growth , It is believed that the bottleneck period of pinduoduo has come , Because of its year GMV The growth rate is continuing to decline . 

2018 year , Pinduoduo released its first financial report after going public ,2018 Second quarter of fiscal year , Pinduoduo as of the end of the quarter 12 Months GMV by 2621 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 583%. In the fourth quarter, the growth rate fell to 234%. 

here we are 2019 year , This number continues to decline , Throughout the year GMV reach 10066 One hundred million yuan , The year-on-year growth rate is 113%. This year , The number of new users of pinduoduo is 2480 ten thousand , A new low in historical growth .

Obviously perceptible , Pinduoduo is turning around . Push daily necessities from the past 、 FMCG and other low price goods , To turn 3C Equal high unit price goods , This is from the focus of 10 billion subsidies , And Tesla 、 Disputes over brands such as Maotai , We can see the efforts of pinduoduo .

What pinduoduo has experienced , It's likely to be on Kwai Tai too. , They all need to be tested in the field of e-commerce surrounded by powerful enemies , And can Kwai run fast? ? 


E-commerce out of the circle , Flow and supply chain   

2020 Entering the second half of the year , The tide of live e-commerce continues . 

so to speak , The fast hand is rising on the air of Kwai with goods. , Its “ Private traffic + Public domain traffic ” The advantages are obvious , And its community atmosphere makes the host and the user have a strong trust relationship , Increase the purchase conversion rate . 

Kwai is becoming the biggest enemy of Taobao live broadcasting. , This is largely due to the fact that the anchors are familiar with the subject , They are constantly pushing up Kwai's orders. GMV. 

however , For Kwai Fu , Relationship between anchor and platform , It will affect the development of its live e-commerce business . 

The anchor on the fast platform is more like a Kwai. “ Barbarous growth ”. Kwai Pak and Sanda brother had been controversial because of the ripping incident and then suspended the live broadcast. , Many anchors dare to challenge the platform publicly , Some of them were temporarily banned because of illegal content .

Kwai Fu relies on the carrying capacity of these anchors on the one hand. , The latter is extremely important for fast Kwai electric data. , But on the one hand, we should strengthen supervision , This is the game between Kwai Fu and anchor. , Also Kwai must face. 、 Problem solved .

▲ Screenshot of Simba live , Kwai yuan APP 

When reconsidering the relationship with the anchor , Kwai is also accelerating the pace of building its own supply chain. . On the recent e-commerce open day , The Kwai Chung electric supplier announced that it was on the line. “ Kwai Fu good thing Alliance ”, Its essence is commodity distribution library , It is also a supply chain alliance of brand goods .

This is very similar to the development path of pinduoduo .  Now pinduoduo hopes to shift from a sinking market to a second tier market , Here are pinduoduo's missing users , But pinduoduo has been suffering from commodity quality 、 The controversy over counterfeit goods , That's holding it back . 

And the Kwai is in the process of commercialization. , Head anchor repeatedly falls into selling fake and is banned , product quality 、 After sales service and other issues emerge in endlessly . 

Kwai Fu and many spells need to improve the quality of products. 、 Upgrade brand , That's the key for them to stay competitive next . And that depends largely on the supply chain 、 Storage 、 logistics 、 After sales and other capabilities . 

In the past two years , It is obvious that pinduoduo can improve its operation and management by means of technology , On the other hand, it is also upgrading the supply chain , At the same time, cultivate new brands , Construct the whole industry upstream and downstream ecology . 

▲ Official micro-blog Kwai  

This is also a way for Kwai is trying. . Now ,“ Real source 、 Cheap wholesale price ” Kwai has become the core of the next power of the electricity supplier. .“ Good goods from the source ” Through live and short video mode , Break the middleman's direct access to consumers . Kwai will focus on supporting the origin. 、 Industrial belt 、 Factory direct supply and fast master Kwai's fast brand . 

“ High quality supply is scarce , Regardless of production end or commodity end , What matters is who can get better supplies , Then form a unique play .” Bai Jiale, the head of Kwai Chung e-commerce operator, said in an interview. . 

Just entering the electricity supplier field soon Kwai , It's getting closer to the giants , They are even swallowing the market space of giants . 

Fast hands are like another Kwai Fu. : Young as they are, they are strong . I'm still running in a horse enclosure 、 Trade subsidies for scale , The growth rate is amazing . 

Because the pattern of e-commerce has changed again , But Kwai wants to break through in the future. , But it's also challenging . The only thing is certain , With the major e-commerce online live service , Short video platforms are also online e-commerce business , some time , It is necessary for the major players to meet each other , Melee , The competition will only be more intense .


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