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From college student to ant gold suit CTO, he wrote the first line of "Alipay": the direction of adverse wind, more suitable for flying! ...

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The author 丨 Mr.K    Sorting out Emma

Source: technical leadership (ID:jishulingdaoli)

2020 year 6 month , New changes in the top management of ant financial services , Ni Xingjun ( flower : Miao Renfeng ) Become ant gold CTO, The old Ali returned to people's view .

Ant financial services responded , Ali Department has always had technical managers to do business and then come back CTO Tradition of Posts , Ni was born as a technical line and then served as president of Alipay business. , Now come back to do it CTO Logical .

From Taobao programmer to ant financial CTO, Ni Xing is in the army 17 year . He comes from technology , Written by Zeng himself “ Alipay ” First line of code .

Looking at the system from simple to perfect ; Technology system from extreme dependence IOE, Up to now, we have independent research and development 、 Master core technology , I feel a lot of emotion in my heart , I can't help thinking back 17 That afternoon a year ago .


origin , Alibaba

2003 year 8 Hangzhou in the month , SARS epidemic sweeping across the country , It's just stabilizing , Ni Xingjun is in a hurry to Alibaba, which was once isolated by all the staff .

At that time, Alibaba was still a start-up company , But Ni Xingjun, who is quite concerned about the development of the Internet , But I've heard about it , The position he is going to interview is a programmer .

This is a junior college student majoring in accounting information technology from Zhejiang University of Finance and economics , I have a crazy love for software programming .

After Ni marched to the appointed place , He found out it was a community , I'm here for an interview , Security is not allowed in , Think he's a liar ,“ Where is the company from this residential area ?”

So he had to run in suits 3 Kilometers , Find a landline and try to contact the interviewer .

This kind of trouble finally got in touch with Alibaba's colleagues , The interview went well .

Looking back years later , Only then knew that this was the beginning of his life dream and wealth story .

This district , Alibaba 、 The birthplace of Taobao , The famous “ Lakeside Garden ”.

Ni Xingjun was lucky to be a member of the founding team of Taobao , Every day crowded in that smoke filled , In a room with sweat and feet .

At that time, taobao.com 4 Development engineers : In charge of Sanfeng , Technical director Xu Zhu , Taobao main person in charge of God of wealth , And not yet “ Fiefdom ” Doron .


Become “ Miao Renfeng ”

Join Ali , The first thing to do is to name the flower , When the flower name is raised , Ni Xingjun is not familiar with Jin Yong's Novels , I was going to have one “ Song Bingjia ” perhaps “ Song Bingyi ” The names of passers-by , But it was rejected by the leaders .

His colleagues found him a picture of the relationship between characters in Jin Yong's novels , And give some suggestions : Be sure to find the name of the head of the pedigree , Or pedigree independent names , Don't look for the one at the bottom of the spectrum , Or I'll see the one with the top name , You have to call people mom and dad .

therefore , Ni Xingjun has chosen “ Fight all over the world ” Of ---- Miao Renfeng . Later, he was called “ Old Miao ”, Job number 1788.

In Jin Yong's Novels , The nickname “ Golden face Buddha ” Miao Renfeng , The talent of martial arts is very high , Highly targeted . Maybe it's mutual achievement , It was taken off at will “ Miao Renfeng ” Ni Xingjun as a flower name , The later events and the stories “ Miao Renfeng ” Very appropriate .

In the early days of Taobao , The flow of the four major portals was heavily invested eBay EBay has a monopoly , Even if you want to buy traffic, there is no place to buy it . Facing the crush of giants , Miao Renfeng 、 Duolong et al. Made flow through technical means , For example, write some code to hijack the web page 、 Automatic collection of Taobao web pages and so on , This allows Taobao to have more opportunities to appear in front of users .

It's all of a sudden in recent years Growth Hacker( Growth hacker ), It turned out that they were all Ni Xingjun 10 Play the rest a few years ago .


write down “ Alipay ” First line of code

In Taobao and eBay In the war of , Alipay is a very important innovation. , It solves the trade link “ trust ” The problem of , The task of developing the system fell to Ni Xingjun .

Ni Xingjun alone , Take on this historic project , Write it down “ Alipay ” First line of code .

Start up period , Numerous questions lie before Ni Xingjun and his colleagues , Like a headache “ Bank gateway ”, At that time , E-commerce is a new business model .

At that time, the bank gateway was very imperfect ,“ They don't guarantee that if the user pays, the deduction will be successful 、 Do not guarantee that the deduction is successful, you must inform Taobao 、 Do not guarantee to inform Taobao will be able to notice 、 There is no guarantee that the notice will not be repeated ”, Technicians make complaints about it. .

here we are 2005 year , Cheng Li, whose doctor has not yet graduated ( Now Ali CTO), I started my internship in Alibaba , When he joined the Alipay, he had changed a lot with the start-up period. , At that time , The system is under pressure from huge trading volume .

There is a , Cheng Li and Ni March spent three days and three nights doing database migration . At that time, Cheng Li believed that , Daily turnover exceeds 900 ten thousand , Alipay can be counted as a big company. , Who would have thought ,2013 In, the average daily turnover of the company was close. 90 One hundred million yuan .


The first person of streaking culture

In those days , Ni Xingjun and several engineers developed it day and night 、 Perfect Alipay . When it's stressful , He even made a military order, half jokingly ,“ If this project is not done well , We all come from 22 The building jumped down .”

At that time, he was responsible for the development “ Secure trading ” The function is Ni Xingjun , In addition to the development work , He also had to check the bill by hand every day , You can't sleep without a penny . later , To test these gateways , Ni Xingjun went to Hangzhou and all the banks had a bank card .

According to Alidi 75 Memories of Qian Zhilong , The first day of going to Alipay , I saw Ni March busy hands and feet , Asked him at the time ,“ Is the account even today .” Reply to Ni Xingjun, who is buried in a bitter battle ,“ I'll be right in the evening .”

With the rapid development of technology , Solved a lot of labor-intensive things , At the end of the day, I'm happy .2006 year , Alipay daily trading volume broken 700 The night before Wan , As a deputy monitor of Alipay, Ni Xing Jun is in the army. “ Wang Wang ” Talk about the celebration .

He joked that he would “ streaking ” Celebrate , It turned out to be in the office the next day , His colleagues put his clothes together “ I've picked it up ”, In order to fulfill the promise , He had to be crazy in the office “ streaking ” Once .

From then on ,“ streaking ” Culture circulated in Alipay. , Become a tradition .


“ Alipay ” user Experience was criticized by Ma Yun : Rotten to the core !

Doing it “ Alipay ” During that time , Ni Xingjun does the project 、 Develop new products 、 Management team , Overcome many difficulties , But the hardest one , Or innovation in user experience .

That's Alipay. 2010 year 1 The annual meeting held in May .

Previous 2009 year , It's a year of rapid progress for Alipay. , Users broke through in the middle of the year 2 Billion , The trading volume broke through at the end of the year 12 Billion —— It can't be measured in millions .

The annual meeting of the year , Alipay's staff are bursting with happiness. , It must be another celebration , Ma Yun himself also came to the scene .

But I didn't expect that after the annual meeting , The president at that time finished , The lights on the stage went out , In the dark , Complaints about Alipay as one falls, another rises. , It's the customer service team recording the voice of users' complaints .

Ma Yun steps onto the stage , Make complaints about Alipay's user experience :“ bad , Too bad , Rotten to the core !”

The whole annual meeting was embarrassing , Ni Xingjun, a skilled worker, felt very sudden , I was deeply shocked .

This is Ma Yun's experience in Alipay user experience. . And in this class , Ni Xingjun's mentality has changed greatly :“ This is a self fission , A big change in perspective .”

Ma Yun publicly make complaints about the annual meeting. , Pang la la held the Alipay team. “ Camel Conference ”, Rethinking products , Ni March chose to take Alipay. “ Cashier ” Product operation .

“ Cashier ” Final payment in Alipay , Various banking channels and payment instruments are listed at the cash register , Users can select a bank , Then enter the password to complete the payment .

But the integration of banking channels and payment tools is not good , Business 、 Financial channels 、 compliance 、 technology 、 The customer's requirements are all mixed up , As a result, the user experience of dozens of payment channels is completely different , in a sorry pickle .

Ni Xingjun made a “ An advertisement at the cash register ” Of PPT, Let the backbones of the cash register project talk about these bad user experiences from the perspective of the cashier's first person , My colleagues , They even cried .

Now , When you use Alipay , It is quite convenient to choose different payment channels .

It is the analysis of the cash register , Let Ni March firm “ User oriented thinking ” Idea .


Become a partner of Ali

2014 year 9 month , It is the high light moment of Ni March . Alibaba, which was preparing to go public in the United States at that time, updated its listing prospectus , New addition 3 Partners , Doron, respectively ( Cai Jingxian )、 Miao Renfeng ( Ni Xingjun ) And cannons ( Fang Yongxin ).

According to the ant financial service at that time CEO Peng Lei explains , They are all three of them who are stupid and naive , among “ Old Miao ( Miao Renfeng ) In the work from beginning to end regardless of the return of the emotional and mental input .”

The most important thing for partners is to stick to their mission 、 Inheriting culture . These three students are simple 、 focus 、 The quality of persistence and love .

In Ali , It's not easy to be a partner , Each of them has gone through nearly a year's assessment , Not just looking at them directly , I went to my colleagues around , Go to the customers they serve to find out . The final vote was secret , Even Ma Yun has only one vote , Can't use his special influence to intervene in the result .

And in this vote , Ni Xingjun and the three of them almost passed by vote .

These people represented by Ni Xingjun , They are not necessarily in the business line , Or someone at a very high level , It's not necessarily known to many people . But not deliberately to choose or arrange , They were nominated , And then the vote passed , These three partners are completely natural .

Peng Lei once explained the meaning of partners in this way :“ mission 、 vision 、 Values are Ali's soul , The most important duty of a partner is to stick to this spirit .”


Against the wind , More suitable for flying

There is a long way to go in the Jianghu , Morality is long , Like Ni marching “ silly ” and “ naive ” People who , Created a legend !

In this era of hard work , Even if the starting point is low , Starting late , How does ?

Hu Shi said ,“ One inch into an inch of joy ”.

The power of time is great , How much time and effort did you put in to work , How much transmutation energy do you get out of it .

No matter what work , Or life , All you have to do is do your best , Try to change .

The wind is good for walking , Against the wind , More suitable for flying .

If you think this article will help you , Please share with friends , Be a person who delivers value .

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Author's brief introduction Mr.K, Well known e-commerce companies are old in technology K Class . Wen has published a bestseller , Wu did it CTO, If not forced by life , Who wants to be talented .

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