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Small "break the circle" speed up, IOT ushers in a new story

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writing | Zeng rang

source | Science and technology Xiang Ling said (xiangling0815)

stay 5G In the context of continuous landing ,IoT The industry has ushered in new changes , Judging from the latest market action , A large number of players are starting a new round of adjustment and weighting .

Like not long ago, with Huawei Mate 40 From a series of , And its smart watches 、 Intelligent speakers 、 Headphones, etc IoT Ecological product upgrade ; Midea launched a new round of small appliance layout , It is intended to open up a wider range of IoT market ; And Baidu is more action , First, a small smart screen was released X10, Further consolidate it in the family IoT The dominance of the scene , Then with the help of double 11 , United Op 、 Fotile 、 beauty 、 SKYWORTH's four head smart home appliance brands , Step by step in the smart home scene .

Behind the actions of many brands , We found that “ Breaking circle ” Become IoT The new normal of the track , And who can stand out on this track , Maybe it will be known soon .

Bet IoT, What are brands fighting for ?

IoT It's not really new , Since many years ago , The giants of all sides have poured into it , There are smart phone manufacturers 、 Internet giants 、 All kinds of home appliance brands and even a lot of companies that can't make it across the border .

Why? ? During the two-year double eleven IoT The market is booming , Maybe it gives a reason . Today, although the double 11 is still in progress , But the products have already appeared “ Buy explosion ”, From the data given by major brands ,OPPO Claim that IoT product ,11 month 1 It's on sale every day 1 Second is more than last year's total sales , Product sales growth 24 times ; Millet is known as 11 month 1 Japan —11 month 3 Japan , millet IoT Take over three platforms ,115 Item one ; Small smart screen products are gaining the whole platform sales & The double champion of sales , Year-on-year growth exceeding 150%.

It can be seen that the consumer market for IoT The focus on products has been unprecedented , face IoT This 100 billion track , The brand side has no reason not to invest in it , But selling hardware is the next thing ,IoT The value behind it is the key .

stay 5G Under the times , The interconnection of all things is bound to usher in a big attack , All kinds of brands are right at this time IoT Expand the field , As a matter of course , I have to do it for . It's because today's ceiling in many areas has been shown , and IoT The market is a new profit growth point .

in addition ,IoT More and more diverse audiences 、 younger , For many new generation consumers ,“ intelligence ” It has long been an integral part of , So master IoT For brands, it's like mastering the future .

For example, at home IoT scene , Smart phones, too , Smart speakers, too , Or a router 、 Intelligent door lock , About who is the best entrance , So far, there is no answer .

But there is no doubt that , Who can take this “ Control Center ” Who will control the family IoT The discourse power of the scene , So we saw a large number of manufacturers from all walks of life .

Over the years , With the development of artificial intelligence , add 5G The acceleration of landing , Both scientific and technological research and application have entered a high-speed period , and IoT It's artificial intelligence 、5G One of the core areas of application , Like Huawei 、 Xiaomi and other mobile phone manufacturers , They are 5G The field has a certain understanding and technical understanding , As for Baidu, it is currently one of the largest artificial intelligence enterprises in China , They are occupying IoT Highland time , Have their own unique advantages .

After years of development ,IoT The track also gradually appeared the sequence , Huawei 、 millet 、 Baidu has become a representative player , But it's only at this stage , Next, the test of the market for players will be further , In whatever form 、 What products are added to it ,IoT The hard threshold of the track will only be higher and higher .

stand firm IoT You need to have “ Three bases ”

One hundred billion IoT Can everyone have a share of the market ? For now, yes , As long as you lay out early 、 If we develop fast, we can have a place , But it may not last too long ,IoT about “ Base type capability ” More and more demanding , In the future, this market is destined to belong to only a few people .

1、 Not on the premise of opening up IoT All are “ behave like a hoodlum ”

“ to open up ” On the condition that IoT The long-term embodiment of value is also belonging , Now it's in the whole IoT It's becoming more and more important in the system .

But in fact , At this stage, the whole IoT The field can really do “ to open up ” But not much , For example, apple , They are IoT The field layout is also early ,2014 I took out HomeKit Smart home platform , After a certain certification process , Third party manufacturers can access it , Looks like “ to open up ”, But apple is completely in accordance with its own standards to carry out the interoperability and cooperation between various types of devices , That is to say, if you use the apple family barrel , There will be no barriers for users to use , If it is not , Users need to pay extra learning costs .

Another example is millet , Compared to Apple , The millet “ to open up ” To a higher degree , But there are still many products and functions still need to rely on its own hardware , Otherwise, it can't be achieved .

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Small degree is really at this stage “ to open up ” One of the representatives of the players , Like before “ Project planet ”, This is a smart home open platform built by small efforts , The goal is to access global appliance manufacturers , The real realization of one device can realize the interconnection of all things . By 2020 year 10 month , Small can be controlled IoT Smart home devices have surpassed 1.7 Billion ,500+ Brand and platform ,60 Categories .

obviously , Apple and millet can run “ closed ” or “ Semi enclosed ” How to play , The reason is that these brands have huge hardware support , But how can one family compete with the whole market ?

2、 Ecology is the foundation , It's also the inside story

If openness is the premise , What's the purpose ? The answer, of course, is to build bigger ecological resources .

“ ecology ” Will decide finally IoT The intensity of . It mainly consists of two aspects , One is its own “ Ecological capacity ”, Whether we can provide perfect IoT service , This is related to the background of the enterprise . Like a lot of mobile phone brands , They're building IoT The advantage of ecotime is the huge hardware system , The short board is also obvious , Is itself “ Unable to provide output services ”, For example, the content and service ecological support are often needed behind the smart home , At this point, no doubt, a small degree is better , Back to Baidu Ecology , Whether it's search 、 Or the content , Small degree has inherent advantages , Small is equivalent to one-time occupation “ exit ”+“ entrance ” Double voice right .

the other one , It is “ Ecological closed loop ”, That is to say “ Circle of friends ”, This point is related to “ Openness ” Is closely linked , Like the double 11 small degree and household appliances brand linkage , Just once “ Circle of friends ” The exhibition of , Earlier there was “ Flash Events ” In addition to further expanding the circle of friends , Also further strengthen themselves IoT The coverage capability of .

Like small, powerful IoT Under ecology , Both are B End users get through IoT The ability to connect , It's also about C End users provide more intelligent devices , Finally, it is also the embodiment of the brand's own strength .

3、 “ Meet the differentiated needs of thousands of people ” It's the ultimate requirement

The consumer market for IoT Higher and higher requirements , An important indicator is “ The ability to meet the needs of differentiation within the same scenario ”, Simply put, for example, in a family scene , That is to satisfy the parents and the elderly , It also needs to meet the different needs of husband, wife and children .

Under this condition , First of all, the requirements for the equipment are put forward , Smart phones are eliminated in this area , Because first of all, the equipment must be a “ Utilities ”, It's impossible for everyone to use a mobile phone ; secondly , We also need the equipment to have the ability to achieve technology .

Not long ago , Small release of smart screen X10 To be the first to meet this demand IoT product , Xiaodu X10 It's equipped with “ Voiceprint recognition function ”, It refers to the ability to record and recognize the voice of every family member , And respond quickly when awakened to a small degree , To provide a personalized functional experience . In small words , This is to better meet the specific needs of specific groups of people , Make these products and functions developed for specific groups have “ The knife effect ”. With these unique abilities , Xiaodu's achievements during this year's double 11 are outstanding , end 11 month 1 Japan 24 spot , Xiaodu won the sales champion of intelligent speaker category in the whole platform , Sales volume of smart screen categories on the whole platform & Double the sales .

stay IoT On the track of , Xiaodu has undoubtedly become a very representative model , The reason is that it's digested perfectly “ Three bases ”, In the future, it will also become IoT Hard metrics for players .

IoT“ Breaking circle ” Where is the story going to eventually ?

It was mentioned at the beginning that ,“ Breaking circle ” Is becoming IoT The new normal of the field , And in the “ Breaking circle ” On the road , And then there's a clear sequence .

1、 From the living room to the kitchen , The next step will be whole house intelligence

In the past IoT Zhongtai is in charge of the living room or bedroom , But obviously it's too limited , The whole family scene should belong to IoT Applied “ Basic scenario ”, But there are not many players who really realize the whole house coverage .

Now a large number of brands are looking for a breakthrough in this step , But they also have their own difficulties . For example, hardware manufacturers , They have to rely on a lot of hardware , In order to achieve full house coverage ; And some integrators, although they have a way to achieve different brands 、 Series of different scenes , But because I don't have a reliable one “ central ” The equipment is also destined not to go to the last step .

From single scene to whole house intelligence , Both hardware and software are indispensable , Here is a small choice “ Fully open ” The foresight of play , from DuerOS Open platform begins , Xiaodu has been cooperating with household appliance brands in different scenes , Like Op 、 skyworth 、 Fotile 、 beauty 、TCL, This allows smallness to cover every corner of the family , Smart home from the bedroom 、 The living room is brought into the kitchen , Further promote the whole house intelligence .

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To make a long story short ,“ Whole house intelligence ” It's the family scene IoT The inevitable direction of , The war focusing on initiative depends on who can achieve it most quickly .

2、 from “ Basic scenario ” extension , Xiaodu first step

except “ Basic scenario ”,IoT There is a further “ extension ”, It can be called “ Break through the scene ” The broken circle of , That is, out of the family scene , To a broader public stage .

Further on , That is, the market's demand for service capability no longer stays in a single home scene or a single device , In vehicle 、 Hotel and so on 、 The equipment is giving IoT More likely , What I have to mention here is Xiaodu again .

Shanghai Sheshan Shimao intercontinental hotel is an excellent case , In a hotel room , Provide every resident with the same convenient service at home , From automatic opening and closing curtains 、 Switch lights to voice call customer service, etc , The small degree is IoT Open up a new space .

And such as , Not long ago, with the small headphones upgraded again , Make it a collection AI Voice assistant 、 Intelligent translation and other functions in one , With small APP, You can also check the route by voice 、 Ask the weather 、 Listen to the news 、 Search encyclopedia information, etc , It is equivalent to letting users experience the convenience brought by intelligence all the time . At this stage , Small can provide 20 Other cross scene 、 Cross device solutions . also , Xiaodu's three scenes outside the family are the first in China , Hotel real estate scene 、 Car scene 、 Portable scene . without doubt , stay “ Basic scenario ” extension , Xiaodu has already taken the first step .

continued “ Breaking circle ” Will make IoT The story continues , Where does it end up , The story also needs the brand and the market to open their minds together .


stay IoT Time , No matter for mobile phone manufacturers 、 Internet companies or traditional home appliance brands , The competition pattern is no longer the same ,“ A move ” Or it's hard for a single ability to play a decisive role again , Instead, it's going to be an ongoing competition for technological innovation , Become a protracted war . Layout is the first opportunity , Fast development is an advantage , but “ Long term capabilities ” It's the decisive “ The winner ”, This scene IoT The road ahead of the war , We'll see .

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