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Oschina: my green plants are potatoes, ginger and garlic

2020-11-10 01:13:37 Little editor

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【 Today's song 】

Little editor ;《 Toona 》- Shen Yicheng

《 Toona 》- Shen Yicheng

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@FalconChen : Look at Trump's Twitter , You'll think he won

But the winner is still Bai, Deng .

@ I can't ride without being torn : Said the security guard downstairs ,“ Former heavyweight champion Joe · Fraser voted in the election , But he was there 2018 year 7 month 11 It's gone on Sunday . Movie star will · Smith's grandfather voted, too , But he was there early 2016 He died in . I bet. , Byron and don lead the army of the dead .”

Bedsey , Which means I didn't go to the campaign ~

If I run for office .

Neither trump nor Biden has the chance. .

@ Wei Xiaoqiu : I was elected president , I legislate to abolish McDonalds 9 Yuan delivery fee !

“ It's you , The son of the chosen .”

After wake up , I found myself still working ,

@ I went to bed at four last night : It's hard to find a barber shop in Hangzhou where workers can enter

@/kf: I won't be bothered by it , Baldness makes me happy

We calculate the distance to save money ,

How long ,

It's hard to be a migrant worker .

@ Stars : Get paid to do things well , This is the professionalism of every worker -------- A part-time worker leader

So it's good to work ,

It's better to read ,

“ It's better to make money .”

@Geek-Chic : If you are willing to endure hardship all the time when you are young , believe me , A few years later , You're going to be tough , It doesn't mean you will succeed . Niushop. Small ash

“ Fortunately, I'm not particularly tough .”

I'm very good at eating ,

@LemonTop : Have you eaten yet?

“ The delivery man met a cheater in love .”

How to judge whether it is a cheater in love .

@ Silkage : How to judge whether a woman is fond of you

She's doing what she likes to do ,

Will it take you .

“ This is just like it .”

See how many days you can live in her hands ?

@Xiaoshiyue : How many days does it live in my hands

I also raise plants ,

“ The period of isolation at home , My green plants are potatoes , ginger , Garlic .”


Small Tree's World Tour

Participate in # I make complaints about it # Shortcut to

0、【 Heilongjiang Hegang snow road ice , Uncle collects sand and sprinkles it on the ground to increase friction 】11 month 8 Japan , Heavy snow in Hegang, Heilongjiang Province , The road is covered with snow, and there is no time to clean it up . Near Yucai Road, Gongnong District , An old man used a non-woven bag to collect sand , Sprinkle on the ground to increase friction , Prevent vehicle skidding .# It's snowing in Hegang ?#

1、【 Tianjin New 1 Cases of asymptomatic infection : Truck driver , For relevant personnel of Hailian cold storage 】11 month 9 Japan 18 when , Tianjin epidemic prevention and control headquarters held a press conference , Introduce the situation and answer the reporter's questions .11 month 9 Japan 14 when , Newly added in Tianjin 1 Cases of asymptomatic infection , For truck drivers , Once arrived 8 The Hailian cold storage of Zhongxin eco city in Binhai New Area, where the confirmed case was confirmed in Japan .

2、【 UAE changes law to ban unmarried cohabitation 、 Relax prohibition 、 Fight honor murder 】 Several laws in the UAE have been amended recently , Some restrictions on social life will be relaxed , And strengthen the protection of women's rights . The amendment of the law lifted the ban on cohabitation of unmarried men and women , Relax prohibition , And it abolished mitigation “ Honor murder ” Clause of penalty .

3、【 wuhan 10 Taiwan cold chain truck starts today , The first batch of donations from Mongolia will be delivered 1.2 Ten thousand sheep 】 This morning, 10 spot , Wuhan Xingang airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone Dongxihu Park ,10 Taiwan container cold chain truck slowly drove out of the bonded park gate to Erlianhot, Inner Mongolia , To pick up the first batch of donations from Mongolia to Hubei 12000 A sheep , The sheep are expected to 11 month 15 Arrived at Wuhan Yangluo port . according to the understanding of , This donation to Hubei 30000 A sheep , The government of Mongolia purchased from herdsmen through unification , Ensure that the donated sheep meet the requirements of epidemic prevention , And make sure the sheep are fat and strong .

4、【 Shark's fin and abalone in a kindergarten in Guangzhou , Gardener : Because of many parents' objection, it has not been implemented 】 Parents of Jiahui kindergarten affiliated to Guangzhou Huadu vocational and technical school , They received a letter from the teacher 11 Monthly recipe Preview , There is Ganoderma lucidum spore powder steamed chicken 、 Chicken soup with chicken feet and shark fin 、 Abalone and scallop porridge . The children's board expenses also changed from the original 25 Yuan a day , rose 40 Yuan a day .11 month 6 Mr. Zeng, the head of the kindergarten, explained that , Last month, some parents reported their children's picky food , therefore , Add some protein rich foods to your diet . But after receiving complaints from parents , Now it's like seafood 、 Abalone 、 Shark fin and other expensive foods have been cancelled .

5、【 The man stole gold jewelry from a friend's house , Found out because of foot odor 】 In recent days, , Nanjing, Jiangsu . Mr. Li invited his friends over for dinner , The other party is going to steal gold jewelry worth nearly 10000 yuan . After being discovered, the suspect denies everything , Mr. Li denounced “ Your feet stink on the necklace ”. In the end, the suspect confessed to the crime .


【 The role of the little tree Play theatre 】

( The playwright of this issue : Little editor , Cameo : @ Sweet potato

@ Sweet potato See the United States in chaos ,

I think of a way to end this mess .



Not in a good mood ?

Pay attention to students' physical and mental health

Please enter what you like to see 【 Doctor Xiaoshu's psychophysiological Clinic 】

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# I didn't look at it so carefully , It turns out that there is a night invisible .#

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# Economical type …… Girlfriend #

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# Feces : With me, this ice sculpture has its flavor .#

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# It is possible to achieve this , But manager monitoring doesn't rely on cameras , It's the Internet of things chip . Amazon industrial engineering management is famous for , They have cargo control chips on their shelves ( The Internet of things ), So the goods are misplaced. Maybe the manager will give a direct prompt , When people fall down, they don't .#


【 Watching TV 】


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I can't open it after poking , I can do it .

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【 Today you are guest star 】

@ Sweet potato


thank 】

Fight for the building Winner:@ Apollo 2080 ( Officially certified sofa )

@ You're the programmer ( Is ah )@ nnnm ( Have a good time at work on Monday )@ Bullshit fish ( Didn't you say that ?)@ robot -1 ( Good morning )@ The king of Rome ( I personally think it will be indifference and rejection .)@ Summer eyes Jane ( I'm happy every day Ha ha ha )@ Papaya cloth ( In the morning )@ clouddyy ( The movie I recommend ……  Ha ha ha )@ Listen to the wind ( A lot )@ Sweet potato ( Um. Yes Adorable new )@ Fun task - Focus on task management ( agree! The traitor )@ 965 ( Irrespective …… It's not too late )@ Zjmars ( Happy Monday )

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