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Functional guide for temporary users and novices of PL / SQL developer

2020-11-09 22:21:04 roffey

PL/SQL Developer It's an integrated development environment , It's dedicated to Oracle It is used for the development of the storage program unit of the database . Now more and more business logic and application logic are used Oracle The server , therefore PL/SQL Programming is becoming more and more important throughout the development process .PL/SQL Developer Developing Oracle When the application is focused on development tools, simple and easy to use , Simple code and high development efficiency .PL/SQL Developer It not only provides the above features well , And there are many other advantages .

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Inquire about , Data editing

As early as 99 year , For the first time, I was instructed to look for TOAD It's a substitute for , One of the two requirements that must be met is imitation TOAD Excellent data editing and query functions . This is especially important for large tables , In large tables , We just need to view and edit a subset of the rows in the table , And then export to Excel. Most of the tools are seriously inadequate .PSD Nearest , It's also a good choice . The fact that it appears in this cheap form of packaging is icing on the cake . And TOAD comparison , The options for visualization and orderly display of operation result set are more flexible . Be able to export it to , Paste it directly into the spreadsheet , Query by example , Sorting and other functions , These features are reliable , And it didn't cause me any trouble .

SQL The execution ability of window command fully supports replacing and binding variables . It's for anyone to leave just SQL * Plus It's very important for the world .

Automatically store the latest SQL Statement library ( Used to be TOAD and PSD Unique ) It's still very convenient , So much so that Oracle No tool should be without it . You can configure it to store any number of past SQL sentence .

SQL * Plus Replace

The command window is a godsend . Instead of always opening SQL * Plus The location of . You used to be in SQL * Plus Everything done in the call is in “ Command window ” Finish in . thankfully , At first use , It knows all my customization SQL The location of the script , And they will be implemented effortlessly , Like I was in SQL * Plus It's the same as working in China . It's even better in some ways than the current version of SQL * Plus Better . for example , Remember and edit previous statements and blocks , Even as mundane as a description table . This is my old NT On the table SQL * Plus 8.1.7 Yes describe Role of command :

This is a “ Command window ” The output of is as follows :

And others PSD equally , This feature is also integrated with other tools . It supports most common SQL * Plus command , But beyond that , It also supports some powerful commands , for example QUERY [DATA],EDITD [ATA],EXPORT [DATA],EDIT,TEST,VIEW etc. . These commands take you directly from SQL * Allied “ Command window ”, And then to the beautiful GUI, Make you ( , respectively, ) Sure : see , Edit or export table content ; In the name of PL / SQL Work on the source ; Immediately use some automatically generated anonymous block code to test PL / SQL object ; Or check out PSD The tabbed dialog box , It shows the complete creation of named objects / Edit Wire Label .

The small icons and code at the bottom indicate ( And allows you to make changes by double clicking ) Which? SQL * Plus Settings are one of them , And allow people to execute scripts step by step .

The command window also retains a buffer for all recently executed statements , And it can be called by up and down arrows , As in the SQL * Plus In the command line version of .

DBA function

PSD With a fully functional “ conversation ” window , As is shown here . When advanced physics DBA When you don't come to solve a tough problem , It saves the team a lot of time . You can see it here :

Quick view of active SQL, lock , Statistics and auto refresh are some of its convenience features .


PSD There are also competent GUI The wizard , Used to create and edit tables , Sequence , A synonym for , library , Catalog , Homework , queue , Team list , user , role , Configuration files and table spaces .

Temporary users and novice features

If you are a temporary data entry operator , University recruiters and executives who occasionally need to see tables and codes buy PSD, be PSD It has various functions , Allows you to simplify and lock programs , for example , Novices can't use , Modify the code , Go into production and feel confused or lost .

Besides ,PSD Provides visual query building ( Such as Access), Link query ( Automatically find and traverse relational hierarchies ), Custom and default feature Authorization , Read only mode with report engine and free viewer , Its value is only equivalent to PSD The full price of .

Final , Although it contains many functions ,PSD Still managed to maintain a clean , Simple ( Some assessors call it the old school ) The interface of . Some evaluators call it old school . Personally , I find the clean interface refreshing .

Who should use it ?

Each with view or edit Oracle Database related people . I won't say it easily . since 1997 Since then , I've been reviewing professionally and casually PL / SQLIDE.PL/SQLDeveloper For beginners , The core Oracle Programmers and everyone in between .

A warning : If you spend all day doing DBA The heart of the task DBA, In addition to the PL / SQL Beyond programming ,PSD It may not be the best choice . You are going to use Oracle Of OEM Or research expensive to DBA Tools for the center , for example DBArtisan.

I find it more intuitive than any other tool I've tried , More practical .

Competitive products

Please refer to the comparison table , The table will PL / SQL Developer And others SQL Development tools are compared .

of Oracle DBA And a complete list of development tools , Please see the tools directory.


Ive Now it has been used PSD existing 5 Years. , And think Ive After every test and test I can think of . in the meantime ,Ive All in all 3 A breakdown , All the collapses are in the main 6.0.0 After the release . With all the X.0 The distribution is the same , There are some faults . thereafter , These errors have been eliminated in the rapid delivery upgrade .

however , Even if it collapses , It's also more powerful than any tool I use , More elegant , stay Embarcaderos Top of the list of error handling gracefulness . Restart PSD when , All unsaved files are waiting to be saved and restored ! Once again, , This feature alone saves me 4 Hours of rework , And completely paid off PSD The price of .

The only real problem I can find is that it still doesn't support composite partitions , When reverse engineering a table, an incorrect DDL. stay 9i Before release , It should have solved this
problem , So it's long overdue to solve this problem .

I'm in the version 4 Some of the other nitpicks Repaired . I don't think there's any reason why PL / SQL Developer You shouldn't get Orafaq The second award 5 Starting score (TOAD Is the first ). For the price , It deserves 5 star .

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