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I do digital transformation in traditional industries (1)

2020-11-09 14:56:53 EdisonZhou,

In the past two years , I joined a company in a traditional industry to participate in its digital transformation process , Even though I've left my job now , But the experience is still very valuable . Now I share my experience , This is the first part — Notice , It will mainly introduce the background and concept of digital transformation , So that the follow-up can be seamless .

1、 Several important stages of Internet development

When it comes to digital transformation , I think a lot of people may be surprised , Isn't the Internet age long overdue ? Internet products have long penetrated into our daily life , Why mention digital transformation ?

To answer that question , Here I borrow team Zhang in 《 be based on K8s structure .NET Core Technology Center 》 One of the PPT Let's talk about several important development nodes of China's Internet .

As can be seen from the picture above , We have gone through three eras so far , The first is PC Internet age , At that time, maybe we just need to build a site , Share some resources , Write something , You can drain and turn into cash . The second era is the mobile Internet era , This is due to the continuous improvement of the intelligent level of mobile devices , So that we use mobile phones every day for all kinds of work and entertainment time greatly increased . therefore , Countless e-commerce companies 、 Video content 、 In the field of games and entertainment, consumer oriented Internet enterprises have sprung up , Their essence is to compete for consumers' time , Because our time is limited . however , When the consumer side of the Internet development to the late , The battlefield on the consumer side has become increasingly hot , In my boss's words “ Good money has been almost made by the giants and unicorns ”,“ The consumer side is now a red sea ”, Internet companies have to survive and develop , So they turn their eyes to the supply side , This is the last few years To B Why business is booming , The third era of enterprise service has been announced , Many Internet giants also call it “ The second half of the Internet — Industrial Internet ”.

Voice over : You look at , One by one the noun is true TM many , The magnates have nothing to do in a day and know how to make nouns . however , I don't understand these nouns , It seems that you can't keep up with the boss's chat , tired ! what , You ask me how to learn these nouns from beginners to proficient , I have a recommendation , It's from brain dampness 《 Internet personals without talking about people B guide

2、 Enter the era of enterprise service

We know from the last part that , At present, we are in the third stage of enterprise service era , That is to say, the original Internet companies aiming at the consumer end begin to involve in To B Business , What kind of enterprises are they going to serve ?

The answer is : The vast number of enterprises in traditional industries !

that , What are traditional industries ? This , A little bit more , I can't count them with both hands ! such as : retail 、 clothing 、 Farming and animal husbandry 、 liquor 、 manufacture 、 Bank 、 energy 、 The hotel 、 The real estate ……  They all belong to the so-called traditional industries , They are also Internet giants, in the so-called first half, that is, the consumption of the Internet stage did not intervene too much in the areas involved . These industries often have some characteristics or defects , Especially in the Internet age, it is particularly prominent :

(1) inefficiency

The so-called inefficiency , It's like you're doing something , It can only be done offline , And there are many procedures and processes , Similar to before you went to government departments or institutions to handle a business , You're always complaining about inefficiency !

(2) The experience is not good

The so-called bad experience , It's like you're doing something , In addition to inefficiency , The handling experience given to you is still very poor , For example, the attitude of salesmen 、 The business level is not good enough 、 Fill out a lot of repetitive forms 、 After sales service is not good either , All in all, it's just swearing ......

This is the time , Due to inefficiency and poor experience , There must be a scene in your mind : Look at Alipay and WeChat , If the business I handle can be moved to the line , And the experience is as good as one of their similar features , How nice that would be !

Um. , What you think , Internet giants have been thinking for a long time , It's just that the industry you want has not been deeply involved by the giants yet . however , Whatever you've already set foot in , I think the rate has been greatly improved . such as , Traditional hypermarkets in the retail industry , Traditional well-known brands in the clothing industry and so on .

And these internet giants also sort out the successful experience of serving these traditional industries into some products and services , To guide more traditional industries and enterprises to transform , And there's what we know as the Amazon cloud 、 Microsoft cloud 、 Alibaba cloud 、 Tencent cloud 、 Huawei cloud and other cloud service providers . Of course , Cloud services may be just one aspect of the transformation of the giants towards traditional enterprises , That is, it level services . what's more , They also offer a range of businesses 、 Strategic Services , This is also more important to the majority of traditional industries . Play and make 、 Play production 、 Play offline , Traditional industries are professional , But play traffic 、 Play distribution 、 Play online , Internet companies are professional , The best way to save time and money is to ask the most professional people to do professional things , You can get twice the result with half the effort .

Voice over : Speaking of this , I have to mention that , For companies in traditional industries or start-ups , In fact, most of them are relatively low in technical level , At this time, try not to choose too much self-study ( Even if you hire one or two great people ), Don't have self-study B Ideas , It's not like that at all , They often fall into the opposite path to the goal of reducing cost and increasing efficiency . rich , Try to choose mature cloud services . Don't have the money , Try to choose mature open source projects . Professional things , Leave it to a professional .

3、 Why digital transformation

We learned from the last part that , Traditional industries can transform with the help of services provided by Internet enterprises , So what kind of transformation is it ? I think , You may ask , All the 2020 Years. , Doesn't every enterprise have its own information system ? Promotion of information technology , No 10 Words from years ago ?

Um. , You're right ! Enterprise informatization is indeed the past 10 Hot topics in the coming year , We can see inside our company , Almost every business department has an information system for its own business , such as CRM、ERP、MES、WMS wait . Have they , The enterprise has realized the informationization , Why mention digitization ?

I remember Professor Zeng Ming in 《 Intelligent business 》 It is mentioned in the book “ spot - Line - Noodles - body ” The point of view theory of , If the business roles of each business department of an enterprise are regarded as one point , So the whole business of this business department is a line , that , A number of such lines constitute the company's overall core business . And bigger companies tend to be more than one side of the force , It also has a lot of partners involved , These partners can be seen as external players , Inside the company are internal players , External players and internal players can work together to create benefits for the company , And connecting internal players and external players can be understood as a community , It can be a platform or a community , All in all , It has its own Ecology , It can help the sustainable development of enterprises .

that , The enterprise informatization we mentioned before now only solves the problem of point and line , Most of the enterprises have not formed a complete side of the construction results , Not to mention an individual . And there's no face , In today's Internet era of the impact of the big background , In fact, it is difficult to develop sustainably .

let me put it another way , Business model is based on social life model , The way we socialize has changed a lot , The way of economic exchange will change . Business will follow the pace of life , Realize the Internet . Ma Yun's father once said a word :“ Just as the army was eliminated by the air force , Taiji boxing 、 Xingyiquan was eliminated by machine gun , Conservative enterprises will also be eliminated by Internet enterprises ”.

Voice over : The fairy to fight , People suffer . Once there is a scuffle among the Internet giants , Maybe they didn't intentionally target traditional businesses in the first place , But there will still be many traditional enterprises injured frequently , It could be very serious . If you've seen Liu Cixin's 《 Trisomy 》, Then you might think of the little piece of paper that the elder gave the singer “ Two way foil ”, you 're right , this TM Belong to “ Dimension reduction blow ”.

Just said , Because there is no face to face , In the Internet age , What consumers have developed in the age of the Internet “ Information is no longer asymmetric ” and “ Online one stop experience ” In the habit of , It is often difficult for traditional enterprises to meet the needs of contemporary consumers , Of course, the needs here include not only business needs , It also includes emotional needs . therefore , As Ma Yun's father said , In order to maintain the sustainable development of traditional industries and enterprises , Reform and transformation must be carried out , The transformation here actually means connecting the core business lines within the original enterprise , Make them all online , And then integrate them to provide a one-stop service to the outside world , Shorten the time to respond to customer needs , Improve the internal operation efficiency of the enterprise , To achieve the ultimate goal we know : Authors efficiency . After achieving this goal , You can think about your partner's player experience , Let them also integrate into the service platform of the enterprise , To bring better service for the enterprise's customers .

therefore , We can know , This transformation aims at the core business of the enterprise , The way is to integrate and build a digital platform , It can be the middle of the business ( Or not , It's just that the advice is ), This approach can be called digital transformation .

4. Summary

We know that traditional enterprises in order to survive and sustainable development , Digital transformation is needed . As an important participant in digital transformation — Technical teams and technicians , It is particularly important for traditional enterprises . Many big men, including Zhang team, also think that , The traditional industry will be transformed into a digital battlefield .NET Core Main battlefield , My technical team also adopted .NET Core Technology to build a digital platform , The next technology section will introduce the technologies we use .

But a warm reminder , Since I haven't been on the front line for a long time, I mainly do some team and project management work ( You can think of it as up and down , Externally and internally ), So don't have any deep expectations for my technical article . in fact , Due to the industry background of traditional industries and enterprises , Also doomed to the business volume of most small and medium-sized enterprises ( You can also think of it as the number of online users ) It is not a great , Therefore, in the early and middle stage of the transformation, there may not be a big technical test ( For example, the traffic architecture of millions and tens of millions ), Therefore, I have always felt that the appropriate technical architecture should be one that meets the overall business needs of the company at this stage , We should also move towards a structure that can adapt to the development of the company's business in the next six months . Too much over design and consideration , Maybe for your business and team , It's a burden .