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What kind of experience does a doctor have when he turns his secret love brother into a husband?

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Now I have a doctor's degree for six years , My husband and I have just been named associate professor this year , Two babies in six years , No one to take , They support each other , This year, I just saved enough to evaluate the professional title , Of course, the fund two people have long had , It's just that I don't work hard, I don't have enough articles and other conditions , Don't blame the kids , Don't blame your parents .


Only complain that I don't work hard , You can take your children during the day and write articles at night , But I was lazy a few years ago , It's been two years since I found a balance between children and work , Things are getting better , Of course, my husband is also very homesick , Because my husband's work with children has been put down a lot , I am grateful in my heart , A day full of fireworks , Husband and wife must understand each other , Always consider for each other .

My husband is very warm , marry 8 year , Fall in love 3 year , Never let him down , Now see him still feel warm in the heart is very down-to-earth very satisfied , So I used to think he was excellent , It's still , Now let's talk about how I found and found this gold , I'll talk about how to get along with each other later ! Just one's own feelings and a little experience may not be right for , I just want to write today , Although the deadline for revision of the article is imminent !

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Master and doctoral student in a Chinese Academy of Sciences , After a year of theory class , Go back to where you are , The research group is very big , My husband is one year older than me , On the first day, he returned to the dormitory early with the kettle , When I left, he said I could use his computer , This is the first thing we say , I guess they don't remember each other !

In my opinion at that time , Husband experimental technology , computer software , Data processing ,ppt Do well , Silent worship , Observe and learn from afar , That was all , Before he read the blog , A lot of girls in the institute pay attention to her , I don't know if he knows , The first year we came here , The elder martial sister said he was good , So my classmates asked me to introduce , In fact, my elder martial brother and I ( Husband ) Not familiar with , I dare not talk more .

He's usually serious , It's too difficult for me to introduce a girlfriend , I can't open my mouth , In fact, at this time I also vaguely like him , But it hasn't yet affected your studies , The degree of day and night thinking , I just feel like a good elder martial brother , But the classmate said several times to introduce , I can't get away with it .

One night I study by myself , Students come to our study room on their own initiative , My senior brother and I have seats with back to , At that time, there were few people in the study room , I introduced my classmate and senior brother in a very awkward tone , And I was just about to keep looking for words , Elder martial brother took things directly to the laboratory , My classmates and I were even more embarrassed .

To be honest , I think the students were excellent at that time , Nice looking , Smarter , The experiment is also well done , The character is OK , It should be a smart type , At that time, the monitor had been chasing my classmate .

I don't know what elder martial brother thought at that time , I don't understand what we mean or I'm in a bad mood , I went to the lab again , I told the elder martial brother that my classmate heard that he was very good , I want to know him , I didn't expect that he was silent and didn't speak , Do your own experiments , I really feel shameless , I'm sorry for my classmates !

After awkwardly staying in the laboratory for a while, I went back to the study room , My classmates are still , I said I went to the lab and didn't dare to say , I don't know what he means , Let's take our time , Students feel embarrassed, too , I guess it took a lot of courage to come , Actually, I'm a little angry about it !

It has to be said that elder martial brother's selfishness is still good in the Institute , It looks a bit heroic and delicate , Nice nose , Clean eyes , The other features are just right in the middle , Height 176cm about , But the hygiene is worrying , The coat doesn't change very often , I don't shave very often , But it doesn't affect your appearance , Or the girls outside didn't notice !

Before I knew it, the year was over , My experiment is on track , Begin to master sem,xrd And the operation of common instruments , because sem The experiment was done all night , It's going to take a couple of people , Let's group in advance , It's up to the team to do it , I'm always in a group with him , We came down together several times through the night , He takes care of my feelings every time , Let me do it first , If you don't, you will explain it patiently for several times, and you won't be bored , There are also a lot of tips to go back and deal with image data , Will be impatient to give it to everyone !

After half a year, I feel more and more like him , But he's wooden , I don't see it , It is said that secret love and cough are not hidden , Elder martial sister can see that , I beg elder martial sister not to say , Or you'll lose your life , Because during this period, some girls from their class came to him to repair the computer , Ask elder martial sister to bring him a message to play together , He was silent to .

I think several elder martial sisters are better than me , I'm a long way from it ! I can't say . So when I miss him, I go running , Go to the library and read , keep a diary , I always have the habit of keeping a diary , Keep it in your bag and keep it in mind , At that time, I wrote three thick books , It's all about him .

In the diary, his code name is muki , Write when you want to , I really don't want to do the experiment, just draw a simple stroke and put it in the diary , I also copied English Dictionary and Xinhua Dictionary for a long time . Constantly tell yourself to imagine him as the most annoying person , Think about his shortcomings .

Third grade , I've published three articles sci, There are two articles in section two , It's also a time to have a sense of accomplishment , I used to be in the lab , He also needs experiments in his first year as a blogger , We often meet in the lab .

As a junior sister , I'm always helping him to assemble and remove the sample , Wash the experimental device , Grind the sample , It takes a lot of time , We get along day and night , More and more common topics , Read a Book , Movies I've seen , There are a lot of things I haven't seen before , I have fun talking , Sometimes it may miss the tone of adoration and compliment .

But I'll regret it when I finish , Back in the dorm, I'll be afraid that he'll think about it , The next day I wanted to explain , As a result, other senior brothers will laugh , I love to blush , He might find me too embarrassed and help me out .

At that time, the lab always quarreled with a boy and a girl in my grade one , The boy who dares not to pay attention to other students , I'm afraid I'll catch fire , Only he can help girls out , He would take the initiative to talk to that girl , Take care of her emotions , He sympathizes with the weak , I admire him very much .

But also envies that girl , Until one time , I talk to girls about 《 Spirited away 》 Looks very nice , But you can't see it online , Ask him to help download , Because he was very good at that time, all kinds of movies can be downloaded , He came to the lab that weekend and only gave it to the girl , And told me not to give it to me , I don't know how I offended him ??

Did he ask me to go to the lab to test together? I didn't go ? Or I went out with my classmates that week sem, Or let me wash the device for him. I'm not dry , Or he used the pen on his desk without his permission , These are small things. You shouldn't be angry !

I tried not to be with him on purpose , I'm afraid of influencing myself , Deliberately restrained , I still get along like this , He's going to target me on purpose , Several times down I know he hates me , Sometimes I go back to my dormitory and cry in the quilt , Roommates also know , Will laugh at me .

Such a shameless life passed for a period of time , It's been improved with my efforts , He does experiments, and I'll help , Of course, there are a lot of things to ask him about , I'll try to thank him , He will be given apples at Christmas , The dormitory cooked food , Sometimes they bring him to eat , Sometimes he praises the food , Of course, in order not to make him realize that it's special to him , I will prepare several copies at the same time. Everyone around me has !

Like seeing his lab clothes dirty , I'll wash the lab clothes of some senior brothers together , Of course, he and I wash the most carefully , The lab clothes will smell like my favorite detergent . Slowly, let's experiment together , Have dinner together , He's not talkative , I'll try my best to find a topic , The happy and painful time has gone by for a long time .

Slowly everyone felt that we were together , But he didn't make it clear , I just often ask me to go to his dormitory to copy movies on the pretext of downloading new movies , And watch it together until his roommate comes back . I feel so tired , I want to ask you clearly, but I dare not , Until once his aunt and his family came to see him , Brought a lot of delicious food , He invited me to dinner with his family , Because there is no clear identity , So I didn't agree to go .

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When I came back to do the experiment together for a few days, he told me , He told his aunt that he had a girlfriend , I'm very happy to know if I'm talking about myself , He said it was me , But he stopped saying , I asked in a hurry , Is that me ? I want to know , He said yes , He had to be hugged to tell me , At that time, I blushed and happy and felt like a dream , He took the initiative to walk over to embrace . Since then, they have been together .

Always remember to die of love , Never hold hands together , Not too close , Because I'm afraid of the feelings of my classmates , Worry about a lot of people , So after three years of secrecy, he graduated , We decided to get married , Because the middle husband asked to live together many times , On the other hand, because of strict family education , How can parents really break their legs if they know they're not married , I've always been very obedient .

On the one hand, because I don't dare if something happens , What can we do , There are so many variables , How to face the husband behind , Thank you for your husband's tolerance , He graduated a year earlier than me , After graduation, I will stay for a month , At this time, we were discussing about getting married , Of course, he is very nice to me in many places in my life , Except that I can't say sweet words .

Soon after we were together, he gave me all his bank cards , Our money has always been with me , Never mind spending more or less , Good temper , Don't get angry easily , Of course, talk to me , Be patient with , Not really. It's OK to like to tease him !


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