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One year after graduation, I took private jobs to earn 10 W and got offers from several big factories!

2020-11-09 13:43:57 *It migrant workers*

Originally planned to write a technical article this week , But I didn't expect to go home every morning , There is little time to prepare for the next article ( Usually writing an article requires at least 30 Hours , It needs to be taken into daily off-duty and weekend breaks ). If you write this week, your energy and time will not reach , The quality of the article is bound to be affected , This is very irresponsible to everyone . 

Wanted to think , Just write about your past experience , After all, we've had highlights , This experience has been under pressure for a long time . And I've been asked by my fans about my personal life before . So today's article is just in time for its birth . 

All of you have a change of taste , Try something fresh . Just smile after watching it , If there is a harvest, it would be better .

The prosperity of the city has nothing to do with the youth

The story has to start from the moment I came to Beijing .......

I am a 18 Beijing in recent years , It's three months before graduation . Before I came, I contacted a classmate who could provide temporary shelter , I can't get it 2000 Yuan , I came to Beijing with a suitcase . 

It wasn't long after graduation , Silly , Where do you know that there is such a Sao operation , No one told me . It was full of blood before I came here , Looking for dreams in Beijing , If you don't start, you'll have to spray . So I resolutely quit the previous 『 Carry the handle 』 Work , Refused all the requests , It's all over the place .

Figure note : Dream Ticket

3 The cold weather in Beijing in the month has not returned , My classmates took me all the way from Beijing West Railway Station to Huilongguan . It's not too early to get out of the ground , It took a while for the bus to get to where I lived .

There was a lot of haze that day , The warning of haze also circulates in the loudspeaker of subway station , There are also low buildings nearby, as well as the sparse flow of people in the street . This is my first impression of Beijing .

Oh dear ! Far away , Come back !

As I said before , All in all 2000 Grandpa Mao . I inquired about the rent in Beijing , My day, , The rent is less than a month , Key people don't rent you for a month . It's a big city !!!

The idea of renting a house and looking for a job slowly seems to have died , Or is it not enough to be flogged by reality . Then it's urgent to find a job , Of course, the house has to be rented , The money is borrowed , It's a lot of money .

Fortunately, it's very easy to find a job , In less than a week 3 home offer, Two of them are famous companies . Just got it offer When , I called home at the subway entrance , When you speak, your voice is trembling , It's so exciting . It is worth mentioning that at that time, the schedule was unreasonable , Missed the interview opportunity of didi , After weighing it, I finally went to a famous marriage company , That's the next story .

Here's a reminder to your friends who are looking for a job , If you are a fresh graduate or have been working for a while, you are ready to change your job . It's better to choose large factories , Otherwise, you must choose a famous company , It's going to be a good springboard .

Poverty leads to change and seek another way to make money

What is the lack of people , The more you want something . At that time , I'm short of money , From the first rental in Beijing .

The problem of work has been solved , The house was rented , It can be regarded as having set foot in the capital city . but , The debt is still outstanding . Although it's tens of thousands a month , But in front of the rent in Beijing, we have to be respectful .

At this time, the idea of finding another way to make money has sprouted in my mind . Find ways to make money quickly online , alas , It's all written in the criminal law . What's more, it's easy to find a rich woman and take private jobs . Although handsome ( Welcome to throw eggs in the message area ), But soft rice is impossible to eat , Never in my life . We have to live on talent , Take this path , steady !

With the established policy , The next step is to practice . The beginning is through Baidu search part-time way to find .


The most frequent emergence is the familiar part-time platform , Zhu Bajie part time network 、 Programmer Inn 、 Open source crowdsourcing 、 Witkey 、 Doumi et al .

The advantages of these platforms are :

  • There are many kinds of projects on the platform ;

  • To ensure the authenticity of the project ;

  • As an intermediary , It can guarantee fairness ;

But the disadvantages are obvious :

  • For the same project , There will be a lot of competition ;

  • Project side's perspective , Outsourcing to teams is more reliable than individuals ;

  • For the couple , It's difficult to receive projects , There is a time cycle ;

After considering all these factors , I gave up this platform way . Turn to each QQ Group search for opportunities , you 're right , It was this kind of wild road that started my career of taking private jobs .

One channel, four ways

After the QQ Group latency , Finally, I got my first part-time job under a precise capture .

A young man from the south

This is my first part-time job , I call him brother Zheng , After working as a programmer for a few years, I went on my own . Registered the company , The size of several people , Official account of a real estate , Leave it to me to maintain . Because the cost of hiring is too high , So we can find a long-term part-time job in this way .

Monthly fixed to 3000, For me at that time, a lot of , Can cover the monthly rent . Because it's maintenance work , I don't have any problems , It's easy to make money .




After three months , The project is yellow , It's over .

Brother Chen working alone

After the sweet taste , I continue to hibernate in the groups , A quiet night let me and brother Chen have a story .

Brother Chen also has his own small company , Usually take on some small projects , It's different from the front , Brother Chen gives money according to the project .

When I first met , We met in Wangjing , The impression is not bad , I think it's reliable , So the cooperation was decided .

In memory, I cooperated with brother Chen twice , Maintaining a B & B program for the first time , The second time is to make a small website . in total 4 More than ten thousand .

Sister Lu who opens Taobao  

Sister Lu has no company , But her way is unique , There is a Taobao shop , It is specially used to undertake all kinds of programming . After receiving it, we will find someone to develop it , Draw from it . We know each other in groups .


  This cooperation has brought me a lot of repeat customers . Many customers cooperated with me through sister Lu for the first time , After that, they all came to me in private . Through sister Lu is also one of the ways I earn the most .

Towards internationalization

Stella It's an international student in Canada , Learning to design , I know her through sister Lu, too . I remember I was in Chengdu at that time , I heard from her , I didn't intend to reply , But he asked where to read . Reply in Canada , My spirit came to me , International Students , This cannot be ignored .

Because the cooperation is good ,Stella I have introduced all my overseas students to my side . This time, , It's not just about money , There is also the development of vision .

Capitalist's subcontractor

In the process of taking private jobs , I did all the previous work , Although I made some money , But it makes me more and more empty . First, there is no improvement in technology , Second, it takes up the spare time of study , The horn of dream is always ringing ...... Literature and art TMD Committed .

So I found a way to neutralize , You can make money in your spare time , And have time to learn .

I used it again QQ The way of group , It's just that this time my role has changed . By publishing part-time news , I've screened out some reliable people , Of course, there are also pit in the way . after , I transferred the private work I received to them , I'm just playing a role of communication in the middle . Of course , Money will also be made .

Let the cow fly for a while

There's extra study time , Of course, the seeds of dreams also began to take root . At this time began to have a firm belief , To Dachang , Be sure to , Any one will do .

I don't know how to prepare , I don't know what to prepare . So I started to submit my resume , Only invest in famous second tier companies .

The purpose of this investment is to cover the technical points of the second tier companies , The questions in the interview have certain direction . At the same time, the scope is clear , Not a waste of time . Almost a few people will know what to prepare .

After practice , I prepared for a few months and then embarked on the road of job hopping . Very lucky , stay 2 Got Baidu in the week 、 millet 、360 Three big factories offer.


  Trade off and trade off



Get offer after , I weighed it for a few days , The final choice came to Baidu . As for private work , I put it all down a month after I joined the new company . Work is too busy , There's no time to think about it . At the same time, there are new pursuits here , There has to be a decision between the two . 

Okay , My story has come to an end here , Thank you. " listen ". My official account menu has my WeChat , Welcome to add .

The wine is ready , Without you !

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