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I interviewed a 33 year old Android programmer, who could only program for Baidu, but wanted 25K, which was met by me

2020-11-09 12:53:20 osc_s9uzsclh

Recently, I saw such a post in the forum :

Interviewed a job 12 Programmer of ,

This old brother has 3 year java Development experience ,2 year H5,7 year Android Development experience , It says proficient Java,Android, be familiar with H5 Development . There is no specific technical point .

To be honest, I'm looking forward to the interview of this old brother , So he was invited by the personnel .

My brother's interview is very impressive , I respect him, too , After a wave of self introductions , We got to the point .

I asked him Jetpack, He said almost never used Jetpack, So I gave him a little example , The answer that elder brother gives me is Baidu can solve .

So I asked him again Groovy, I still don't know , So I asked the most basic Handler,Binder Wait for a few key words , It's still not clear , Old brother is still so strong and aggressive , The feeling he gave me was “ Do everything , You don't ask these useless ”.

Look at his resume. It says , Proficient in Android Development , Familiar with cross platform development ,js Interaction , I asked to understand Flutter Do you ? He said he didn't know that he had never heard of , Finally, he asked about the expected salary, and he said 25k, I don't know what to ask , So the interview ended in a hurry .

After reading this post, I thought for a long time , It's not easy to understand . Where should we go for older programmers , In particular, no management experience will only Baidu copy paste programmers how to make a living ?

Today's technology environment is not like it used to be , In the past, I couldn't find any information on the Internet , Can't , You have to find the document yourself ( A lot of them are in English ), Look at... One by one , Try it one by one , And find a way to solve the problem . It's not the same now , This is the era of information explosion , The problems you have encountered have been encountered by others for a long time , And then share it online , So don't worry about not finding the answer , Because you're not the first to eat crabs . Just look for , I'm sure we can find .

Of course, if you have been using search engine oriented programming ideas to develop , I believe that you will soon reach the bottleneck of knowledge , And then it's repeated accumulation , Physical work , It's what we call Manon .

So how to avoid the above problems ? Here are some suggestions :

  • When you encounter problems, you should first come up with a set of solutions through your own ideas , And then implement it . idea 、 The idea is crucial , Search engine is just one of the tools to implement it .

  • To have some familiar technical knowledge website , such as github、stackoverflow、segmentfault wait , Suggest that you can find answers directly on these websites, which will be more efficient .

  • Always sum up your knowledge , Have a set of their own knowledge system , Learn to grow systematically .

  • Have the ability to learn actively , Through the study , We can slowly shape critical thinking 、 Creativity, etc . No one can teach these abilities , It's up to us .

Now I'd like to share with you a systematic and advanced route of growth that I've worked for several years , To give you a reference .

Android Advanced learning route

One 、 Basic skills :

1、 thorough Java Generic
2、 The notes are simple
3、 Concurrent programming
4、 Data transmission and serialization
5、Java Principle of virtual machine
6、 Reflection and class loading
7、 Efficient IO

Two 、Android Framework architecture

1、 senior UI promotion
2、Android Component kernel
3、 It's necessary for large projects IPC
4、 Data persistence
5、Framework Kernel parsing

3、 ... and 、360 Comprehensive performance tuning

1、 Design ideas and code quality optimization
2、 Program performance optimization
3、 Civilization efficiency optimization

Four 、 The design idea interprets the open source framework

1、 Thermal repair design
2、 Plug in framework interpretation
3、 Component frame design
4、 Image loading framework
5、 Network access framework design
6、RXJava Responsive programming framework design
7、IOC Architecture design
8、Android Architecture components Jetpack

5、 ... and 、NDK Module development

1、NDK Knowledge system
2、 Bottom image processing
3、 Audio and video development
4、 machine learning

6、 ... and 、 The architect becomes the actual combat

1、 Architecture design
2、 Online mall project actual combat
3、 News client project actual combat
4、 Multi format player project
5、Gradle Automation project

7、 ... and 、 Wechat applet

1、UI Development
2、API operation
3、 Wechat docking

8、 ... and 、Hybrid Development and Flutter

1、Html5 Project practice

What are the ways to learn ?

mention “ Study ” This word may give people some uncomfortable feeling , It always reminds people of the years when they were young and buried in the dust of blackboard , Or join the company's boring organization “ The photocopier ” Low quality education activities like training . Here are some ways to learn :

  • Form a circle : It is suggested to set up a small learning circle , There will be a higher quality of learning ; We can also share and exchange knowledge ;

  • read : A year 30 Ben's reading goal , Let's make it happen . For reading , We can divide it into intensive reading 、 Read through two types ; The best accuracy of books with professional skills . In addition, we recommend you to read books written by foreign experts Daniel , Because the quality of domestic books is really average , It's basically for junior programmers .

  • Replace learning with teaching : Explain to people outside the field ; Learn to be a preacher , Be a person who is willing to share actively ; You may have heard the story of the rubber duck , It describes the explanation through self talk , It has solved the problem that has been puzzling for a long time .

  • The story of the rubber duck : You are solving a difficult problem , A lot of time has been spent , The deadline is imminent . At this time , You asked a colleague for help . They come to your screen , You start explaining what's going on , What went wrong . Not much has been said , There's a flash of light in your brain ,“ ah !” I cried , You found bug. A confused colleague has not said a word , He shook his head and left .

  • Talk to the Cowman : I've seen too much , Sitting in the office for a day TX; Move it , In the thought collision with the master , It's easier to be inspired . I'd like to recommend some ways to get to know Niu Ren : Big show , There are usually a lot of Tauren ; Various wechat groups 、InfoQ There's a lot of big players on it ; I became a hero through technical creation , Naturally, it has increased the channels to know more cattle people .

Career promotion is not as difficult as you think

Why talk about this topic , Isn't it good to stay in the comfort zone , Do what you are good at every day .

Because every step of our programmer's promotion , We need to do a lot of things we haven't done before , Things that haven't been dealt with , We need to be in the way we do things 、 Ideas 、 Make big changes in your habits .

But capitalists are cold-blooded , If you've been in the comfort zone , When you're not as skilled as people , He was kicked away with one kick , So be prepared , Save against a rainy day , Promotion is not for the company , But for yourself .

Recently, I collected an internal document compiled by the great God Ali , contain 【Android Developing core knowledge notes + Architecture video +2020 The latest interview of big factory + Source notes 】. If you are stuck in the bottleneck of lack of learning resources , So it's just right. I can help you .

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Finally, I'd like to send you a message : Action is Laozi 、 Knowledge is a son 、 Creation is grandson . I hope you can find your own way , To achieve a continuous breakthrough in life .