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Open source projects for beginners on GitHub (Python)

2020-11-09 10:49:27 A little cold

author :HelloGitHub- Marinated Egg

With Python The popularity of language , More and more people are joining in Python In our extended family . Why do so many people learn Python ? I'm going to shout that out :“ Life is too short , I use Python!”, It's because the grammar is simple 、 Easy to learn , therefore Python It's very popular .(Python!Python!Python!)

Python Beginners are crossing the threshold of installing programming environment and basic syntax , When you're ready to show off , May suddenly enter a period of confusion : I don't know what to do 、 What else to learn . And then the interest in programming fades , There is no reason to keep going , So as to gradually forget the programming knowledge learned before . So find yourself interested in 、 Be able to follow hands and learn Python The project is particularly important , Only in this way can the learned Python Use knowledge , Constantly improve . Finally from novice to master !

Interest is the best teacher ,HelloGitHub Is to help you find the fun of programming .

Here is HelloGitHub Of 《GitHub Open source projects for beginners 》 series , total 5 An article :

  1. C++ piece
  2. Python piece
  3. Go piece
  4. Java piece
  5. JavaScript piece

This issue is Python piece , Next I will go from HG Recommended 197 individual Python Open source projects , Carefully screened out 7 individual Best fit Python Open source project for beginners to learn and play with . These include :

  • You don't have to worry about learning from scratch Python course
  • Let you exclaim Python You can use it like this ( Feed one's sight on )
  • You can run easily ( Full of sense of achievement )
  • Fun, fun and learning projects ( The joy of programming )

I will try my best to cover every small partner who is looking for an open source project at the beginning stage . Statement :

  • The non tangled project is Python2 still 3
  • I'm afraid that too many items are recommended for readers “ Cross eye ” I didn't learn it well , So I chose 7 A project
  • Make complaints about Tucao and feedback , Irregular update . So this paper calls it Python piece 1.0

Be careful : For your convenience , I put these projects on the network disk for you to download and learn ( The address is at the bottom ), In addition, you can also directly clone project .

But no matter how you download it , I hope you can give these GitHub On the open source project on a star , Let the author feel everyone's support and love . Thank you in advance for the author , Love you ~️

Start the engine ~

One 、 The coach , I want to learn Python

There are seats in the car , When the bus is full .

1.1 There's a programming foundation :explore-python

《Python The journey 》 This open source book is an entry-level book, but it's not “ Nanny level ”, If you feel like the hands are teaching you to install Python It's a waste of time , So I recommend explore-python This project . therefore , If you've studied other programming languages before , They can solve the installation environment and other problems by themselves . Then you may like it as much as I do :

  1. The outline : Intuitive brain map display , The structure is clear and complete , It's all about key points and common knowledge
  2. Content : Code is more than text , Run the sample code to help you understand + Short text call , Maybe the code has been written for a long time , Code is more comfortable than text
  3. Typesetting : comfortable + Stress , For programmers Python Books

1.2 There is no programming foundation :Python-100-Days

Python-100-Days That's what I said “ Nanny level ” course , His content is comprehensive, including Python All aspects of development , Step by step Python technology . There is no programming foundation to learn Python The crowd , But it doesn't just teach you Python The basic grammar is over . And :Python Advanced knowledge 、Linux Basic knowledge of 、 Database knowledge 、Web Foundation and framework 、 Reptiles and data analysis 、 Machine learning, etc .《 really · A project society Python》

It's all right to say : Python The introductory course is very simple , But it's not easy to have the perseverance to read and the patience to finish every example .

Two 、 A great god , I want to learn Python

The speed is too fast , Please sit down and help .

2.1 Check this guide first :python-guide

First, thank you. Translators The hard work of , To reduce the 《Python Best practice guide 》 The threshold for reading this guide . If you want to Python Have a good time , But I don't know where to start to improve , Then this guide will help you solve your confusion . The guide introduces the following aspects : development environment 、 Commonly used tools 、 Code style. 、 Project structure 、 Use scenarios, etc , Improve Python Related comprehensive literacy : With elegance , It's fun . No matter the author of this project 、 Contributors or translators , All are Python Community “ old hand ”, The old driver's chance to take you to fly !

2.2 Turn over this secret book again :python3-cookbook

If every one of them Python If a problem or need is an attack , that 《Python Cookbook》 It's the martial arts secret of attacking moves . When you use Python When there is no idea or feeling that there may be a better way to deal with a problem , Look through this book . If you don't believe it, just try to lie down and turn over a page , Look at it and you can sit up , And he said :“xxx, I can write like this ? I have to try ”. Don't laugh , I've done it several times .

** It's all right to say : ** Not two books 、 Look at a few open source project brief introduction to be able to advance , Only over time can we change from quantity to quality , Complete the advanced . There is no way to teach this process hand in hand , Because no one can always tell you all the problems you will encounter in the future . therefore , You can only seize every opportunity and knowledge that can be improved , Hold on like a straw , Break up the knowledge points and make them understand each other .

3、 ... and 、 teacher , I want to play with you Python

It's a beautiful car , I'd like to sit on it, too .

3.1 It's not fun to play one :free-python-games

really · beginner Python Game library . It's all simple little games , such as : snake 、 maze 、Pong、 Guess words and so on , It's easy to run ( Some don't need to install dependencies )、 The code is small and easy to read . You opened with the game Python Project tour , Learn the source code after playing , It's a lot of fun . The source code is in freegames Under the table of contents , every last py Files are a game , such as guess.py It's the source code of the guessing game . The command to install and run is as follows :

pip install freegames
python -m freegames.maze # freegames. Game name 

3.2 Windows Under the button Wizard tool :KeymouseGo

Python Implementation of the compact green version of the key wizard . Record the user's mouse 、 Keyboard operation , Automatically perform previously recorded operations , You can set the number of times to execute . In some simple way 、 monotonous 、 Repeat the operation , It's very easy to use this software . Just record it once , The rest to KeymouseGo Just do it .

3.3 Linux Next elegant HTTP Request tool :httpstat

A more beautiful display HTTP Request status and time consuming Python Command line tools . It beautifies curl Result , Make the results more readable and intuitive , You can also show HTTP The time required for each process of the request . Most of all, it's not dependent on 、 compatible Python3、 Just one document 300 Many lines of code , Very suitable for beginners to read the source code . The effect is as follows :

These open source projects are interesting , And it's easy to run , It won't get you stuck in running code . Finally, share with me the running Python Open source project SanBanFu movements in martial arts or traditional opera :

  • Installation dependency :pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Startup file : Usually it is mainrun File with the same name as the project name Of py file
  • Operation error : Take the abnormal information to the project issues District search , If you don't find it, ask the search engine

It's all right to say : Running a project is not the ultimate goal , To read the source code, and then according to their own ideas to modify the code, and finally add or modify the function ( carry PR), This can be regarded as a good play .

Four 、 Last

After reading this article , If you just remember what open source projects are for beginners to learn , That won't give you any technical advancement , Even if you look at it ten times, it won't improve . Only to see 、 To use 、 Go and learn the items recommended in the article , To improve technology .

getting started Python Simple , Confused advanced period is long , Continuous attention HelloGitHub Help you find the fun of programming , Find the reason to stick to it and the way forward . Here is It's all right to say The marinated eggs :“ Please leave me a message to tell me if you like this article , Or criticism and feedback, I will accept with an open mind , Change or not ... Look at the mood . ”

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If you're a college student or graduate student, you love programming 、 Open source , I like to talk about learning technology , So come on HelloGitHub Open source club for college students ! Your programming path is just beginning HG I want to walk with you for a while . Add micro signal :HelloGitHub ( remarks : School and major ).

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