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5 years programmer interview, common interview questions analysis

2020-11-09 08:47:44 pointers

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interview , Everyone must have experienced . so to speak , The interview is quite important , Because he decides where you start .

For so many years , By now, the number of interviewees should be no less than 200 people , I have read more than 1000+.

So this article is from the interviewer's point of view , Share some interview experience with you .


Preparing for an interview


The process of interview is the process of mutual selection .

The interviewer understands the job requirements , The company's industry , Business and products .

The interviewer knows whether the other party meets the recruitment requirements .

The head of the Internet enterprises regardless of welfare treatment , Wage level 、 It's the technical atmosphere 、 Growth potential 、 The training mechanism is second to none in the industry , This makes programmers rush to .

If you're interviewing for jobs in these companies , I'm afraid it's not a fair selection process for you , Especially for fresh graduates , Basically the ability to have no premium .

This so-called ” fair “, It's based on your value to the company , You have a bright spot that the enterprise can see .

for example , Your technical ability , Project management level , Team management ability and so on .

As an ordinary programmer, you , The most important mental method , It's about getting to know each other in detail , Match your strengths , And then a confident interview .

Imagine a scene like this :

You finally got your goddess out , What should you be prepared for ?

Do you need to know in advance what she likes to drink ? It's milk tea , Or coffee ?

What kind of food does the other party like to eat , It's Japanese stuff , Korean material , Hot pot , Hong Kong Food , Or Western food ?

What's your partner's hobby ? See a movie , I still like reading books ? Listen to the music ?

You need to know everything about your sister .

Every man should do that , It's very routine , In a way that the public can think of .

Looking for a partner is the same as looking for a job , It has to be matched , Appearance should not be too far away from professional image . Otherwise you don't care , It makes people feel uncomfortable .

Corresponding to the interview , It's the same thing , It's about dating your goddess , You also need to be well prepared .

The next thing is how to prepare .

The first step is to know what kind of people the enterprise needs

It can be done by studying job responsibilities 、 Job description 、 Visit the company website 、app Product and other ways to determine the number of users of the product , Possible technologies , To prepare accordingly .

The second step , How about knowing each other's company and position

Get to know each other's company thoroughly , Including the company's business development history 、 Product vision 、 Iteration period 、 Team style 、 Technology atmosphere 、 The problems and challenges the company is facing .

All in all , Get to know each other as much as you can , And then we have a targeted interview .

It can be roughly divided into responsibilities and requirements 2 class .

Professional requirements and competency requirements .

Professional requirements can be divided into professional knowledge and professional skills .

Professional knowledge is factual and empirical information that is useful for the completion of a job

Professional skills are the ability to master knowledge and apply skills

Take an interview example :

You are right about Linux In the system , Which one do you know best ? How do you learn it ? Can this content be expanded in detail ?

The other is competency requirements , It includes : Thinking ability 、 Take the initiative 、 Feet on the ground 、 Passionate and enterprising 、 firm and indomitable .

Thinking ability Focus on your analytical and inductive abilities , That is to see things clearly , The ability to see through and refine 、 The ability to sum up .

Take the initiative Focus on whether you are responsible for your actions and results , When it comes to border work, don't pass the buck .

Feet on the ground It's mainly about whether you are able to handle things , Focus on effectiveness , Not floating on the surface .

Passionate and enterprising It's mainly about whether you are passionate and energetic

for example :

Please introduce a challenging goal you have set for yourself , Why do you think this is a challenging goal , Why set this goal for yourself ?

firm and indomitable The main investigation is whether to treat the problems actively , Be tenacious in the face of difficulties .

for example :

_ Share one thing that you find particularly stressful , Why is there so much pressure ? What have you done to adjust ?

What's a skill you've acquired over the years ? How did you do it ? How long did it take ? Why did you stick to it ?

Then let's go to the specific typical problem , Analyze , Show the kernel of its problem .


Please introduce yourself

The essence of an interview is to show your strengths to the other party , And meet each other's core needs , Even beyond .

This process requires sincerity on both sides .

The way that recruiters show sincerity is to be thirsty for talents .

The best way for an interviewer to show sincerity is if you really want to pass the interview , Get the job quota .

How to do it ? Answer every interviewer's question , The first question is often “ Hello , Please introduce yourself ”.

Self introduction itself is not difficult , We all introduce ourselves when we meet new friends . This process is the process of the other party's general understanding of you .

Why is it written on your resume ? There's going to be 3 To 5 A minute's self introduction ?

The first reason is to get familiar with you .

Many company interviewers , He may be the head of the Department , It must be very busy , Not familiar with the candidate , Maybe your resume is in his hands for a few minutes ,HR I've arranged this interview .

Within a few minutes of your introduction , I'm also browsing through your resume , Get familiar with you .

The second reason is to understand your voice skills 、 Summarize and summarize .

Let's introduce yourself , And through the process you've introduced , See your language skills 、 Summarize and summarize 、 Logical thinking ability and so on .

When you introduce yourself , If you make a mess of it , Can you expect to communicate effectively with your colleagues after work .

The foreword of my introduction doesn't match the following , In a mess, I don't know , Can you count on the order in which you're going to do things after work ?

I've interviewed people like this .

I : Please introduce yourself briefly .

He : My name is xx, I work 3 year , Has been engaged in software development , All the other resumes have , That's it .

It's over soon .

I'm not even ready , I hastened to add that : Please elaborate on the business you are responsible for .

This interview , My first impression of the interviewer , First of all, there has been a discount . Although it's not direct yet pass, But at least I've lost some impressions . Later he worked with his colleagues , There must be a big hidden danger in communication .

All in all , The simpler the question , The less careless , There is great truth and deep logic behind it .


What's your biggest difficulty ?

“ What's your biggest problem ? How did you solve ?”

As the high frequency question type in the interview , It's often a big head for candidates .

What does the interviewer really want to examine ? What is the focus of the answer ?

From the interviewer's point of view , The point of the problem is not the difficulty you've experienced , It's about the thinking and effort you make in the face of difficulties and your ability to solve problems .

The outcome of things is not so important , Overcoming difficulties is certainly worth encouraging , It means nothing can be solved , How to summarize the experience from the failure experience and effectively guide the next work is the basic quality that an excellent employee should have .

I also share a person I interviewed .

He said he solved a system crash , When I ask for the details of the solution , prevaricated , To cover up , Can't answer the core of the question . At last, I learned that , This problem was actually solved by his colleagues .

Remember not to say something you are not sure of ,

Because there's a lot of work that you're really involved in , To be able to accurately say the difficulties .

When the interviewer digs deep into a certain difficulty , Your weaknesses and dishonesty will be exposed without reservation , Eventually, the efforts ahead failed .

Hold on to the whole “ It's more effective than exaggeration ” The answer principle of , The difficulty can be increased appropriately , Set off one's ability to do things , But don't exaggerate .

The core method of this problem is to close the loop : One 、 Don't mess up , It is difficult to analyze calmly ; Two 、 Show comprehensive ability , Show your ability . 3、 ... and 、 At last, we summarize and reflect on it .

All in all , This problem is mainly about problem solving ability 、 Adaptability .

What is the biggest difficulty ?( High goals or emergencies ;STAR The laws of , Control the details ).

The solution is more important than the result


Please talk about career planning

A lot of interviewers , Hear the question , For a moment, my head was blank . I didn't think about it at all , I don't know how to answer . This question is actually to examine two points .

First of all , Self cognition : Who am I ? Where am I from ? Where to go? ?

Who am I , What do you mean ?

It's self-awareness , Understand the positioning of your own development , Understand your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges , Clear the needs of their own development and work positioning , Subdivide the job responsibilities and so on

Where am I from ? What do you mean ?

After many years , Do you stick to your original ideal , Whether you lost yourself .

Where am I going ?

Do you have a clear goal of your own , Do you have any ideas for your future development 、 Career planning .

second 、 Look at stability : Organizational commitment , How many years can you work in the company ?

imagine , The position of recruitment is development , When you answer career planning , I want to be a project manager next year . As an interviewer , What do you think ?

Now do you know how to answer ?, It's not the answer that matters , It's about how to prepare .


Why did you leave ?

Leaving reason , does :

Take the initiative to leave , The reason is nothing more than the lack of money 、 Live more 、 Far away from home 、 There is a bottleneck in promotion 、 The industry is developing slowly 、 Poor working environment 、 Leading colleagues are not easy to get along with , etc. .

Passive resignation , The reason is nothing more than the collapse of the company 、 layoffs 、 Last place elimination, etc .

These reasons are understandable . The crux of the problem is not the cause , It's about giving a reasonable explanation . The point is to combine :

  1. Your previous background

  2. Your last job

  3. The position you are interviewing for

Give a reasonable explanation .

Take an example of my interview .

One interviewer said he didn't see the possibility of promotion , He moved to our company from Huawei , This explanation cannot be justified . Because Huawei's promotion system is very perfect , The only possibility that you can't be promoted is your poor ability .

Many students said , The reason for leaving the company can't be said to be due to lack of money . My answer is “ not always ”

In my interview 200 In the personal , About a quarter of it's for this reason , In itself, it doesn't mean anything , Everyone is a member of society , We have to think about the reality , I think it's reasonable . The premise is that your ability must match your salary level .


Please have anything to ask me ?

“ I'm done asking , Do you have anything to ask me ?”

Towards the end of the interview , It's actually a very good opportunity .

Some students at the end of the interview , The nerves began to relax , Thought it was over at last .

Actually , The real test , Often at the end .

You can never ask the following questions .

Does the company pay social security ? Is overtime serious ? How old are the colleagues ? How many annual leave are there in a year ?

These are not bad questions , But these questions are too simple , All are “ use Baidu Search , You will know ” The content of .

You can ask questions like this

If I have the honor to join your company / The team / department , So what kind of work will I be responsible for in the early stage ?

What is the most urgent task at present ?

If I'm lucky enough to be successful , What would the team expect of me ,

What's the position of the position I'm interviewing for ?

What do you want this person to achieve ?

What kind of partners is the company , What is the atmosphere of the team that this position is in ?

What do you think of me , What do you think are my strengths and weaknesses ?

These questions will help you to better understand the main work after you are employed , At the same time, it can let the interviewer know your enthusiasm and expectation for the job .


Final summary

Remember this mental method : Get to know each other in detail , Match your strengths , Answer the key questions , Interview with confidence .

I wish you the best job for you . Offer !


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