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Ten year itch of programmer

2020-11-09 07:56:26 Programmer


All the way back , Find out I'm not a serious programmer , It all started with a flyer ten years ago .

I was a sophomore in high school at that time , I just walked outside the school gate at noon , The sun just stabbed me in the eye through the flyer , The contents of the flyer are very long , It's a description of hackers written by a technical college for enrollment , It means love of freedom 、 equality 、 Open source , The weirdo hiding in the dark corner .

After I took this flyer, I was out of control , A few days later, a decision was made , Decided not to go to senior three , Go straight to that college to sign up , Nai is not forced by the family , Finally, I insisted on reading the third year of senior high school , But in the year of senior three, I really want to go through the past and slap myself in the face . I use very Neat The typeface of the leaflet was copied on white paper , Others recite classical Chinese , I read flyers . At that time, Li Yang came to school to give a speech to push his crazy English , The whole school is crazy about English every day , I read that flyer every day . I didn't have a cell phone back then , You can't surf the internet yet , It's simply being Hacker spirit Attracted by the . Then I found a book in the bookstore 《 hackers X archives 》 The magazine of , Go and see when you have time , Later, I often went to the Internet bar to study how Free Internet , Once the computer was suddenly blue screen , He ran away . Then I found a series of programming books in a bigger bookstore , I spent a lot of money on a book , The next day he was confiscated by the head teacher . Just like this for a few months , Students are crazy every day for the university to do a variety of efforts , I didn't plan to go to college at all , The reason is that I want to Learn on demand , I don't want to study for exam , This idea also foreshadows all kinds of painful experiences in the future , But when the college entrance examination is less than half a year away , Still starting to get nervous , Once I was walking in a bookstore , All of a sudden, I saw Qitian's super right brain series , Speed reading about volatility , About photographic memory , Another obsession , Study those things every day , He also laughed at his classmates and said that they were the most inefficient way to learn , Also said that we human beings want to quickly enter a higher civilization , There has to be a higher way of learning , That's it , The college entrance examination is coming , Naturally, I did poorly in the exam , After high school , Stupid ......

But I can't forget the content of that flyer , After inquiring about the tuition fee of that college, I still gave up . It is said that a relative is engaged in software development in Beijing , It's time to get in touch , I bought a train ticket to Beijing , I passed by on the train 18 birthday , I've never been out of my house before , Cry into tears on the train , Just because of homesickness .


To Beijing , stay 10 The terminal of line No BAGOU village 300 yuan to rent a house about seven Ping , Row by row , Piece by piece , The house has only one floor , The roof is covered with asbestos tiles , At night, cats are running around on the roof , There was a crash in the room . After a few days with relatives ( The following is called master ) I borrowed some books , A computer with a second-hand big head monitor , Master is a Java The engineer , That's how it starts Java The journey of programmers , Start looking at Java Complete grammar , Wrote down the first Hello World , When you see these characters from the console , I feel like from this moment on , No longer learning for the sake of interest , It's about being responsible for your choices . I typed the code for half of the book , And then start learning database Related content of , Last use SSH frame + JSP Wrote a few interactive small pages , The problems encountered in the process will also be immediately consulted by the master . Sad to say , During this period of time, I was in tears at night , I miss my hometown so much . But the next day I tried to keep typing , It lasted about three months , I feel like I know everything , I started to prepare to submit my resume for a job .

Be careful : The following is to apply for the certificate 、 Working years, etc against Follow suit , This is to ensure the authenticity of the story .

As soon as I open the recruitment website , We can see that the requirements are basically undergraduate or college degree or above , Minimum experience of more than one year , In an instant, I was dumbfounded , What shall I do? ? Once I passed by the gate of the University , Heard the roadside stall aunt shouting Handling of evidence , Why , Handling of evidence ? What kind of certificate ? Finally, I used 200 yuan to exchange for the diploma of a certain university , I have a degree , What about experience ? I found several projects online , Three years of project experience , Start submitting resume interview .

My first interview was very impressive , Standing at the door of a very high office building , It's nice to see the workers coming and going , There are people in suits 、 There are those who wear sportswear and sneakers , Look at myself again , Still wearing slippers and old clothes in cold weather . A child who has just run out of the village is preparing to go in for an interview with a trace of fear , I was stopped by security . Interview scene , It's in a cubicle , The interviewer asked only a few technical questions , I began to doubt life . What's even more terrifying is the beginning of counting time , Eighteen or nine years old , Graduated from the university , Three years of experience , Genius ! embarrassed , It's embarrassing ! that , Excuse me, interviewer , I'll go back and get ready , That's how the first interview ended .

Go back and start to brush the interview questions like crazy , Continue to submit resume interview , Almost all over Beijing , Basically one or two a day , It lasted more than three months , We met about 100 families , Finally, I was admitted by a company by luck , The reason for admission is written examination Well done , The project manager of this company is also from XX University , When chatting, I occasionally ask if you know the teacher , I don't know what to say ...... I'm afraid to talk about it every day .

And then I started working on projects , Public opinion monitoring system , Let me use JNI call c++ Write some interfaces , It's been a week and it hasn't been done well , So the project manager and a doctoral consultant from Tsinghua University got into a quarrel , I haven't seen much of the world , But I was scared by this battle . Tell the technical director the next day you'll fire me , I can't do it , Let me go after a few days . So my first job was scared away , It was snowing that night , Standing in the snow, crying like a child , Snow and tears blend ...... The snow stopped , Walk slowly back to the house , I want to pack up and go home , But what do you do home ? Go to work with my parents ? I really want to work with them , Go to Xinjiang to pick cotton , Go to Guangzhou electronics factory to make children's toys , But in this way, they can even cultivate a worthless son . In the mind of the various sounds of torture made the final choice , Keep learning and interview ! The mind gradually becomes mature in the washing of tears and reality .

After a month , I found another company by luck , Although the interview process has been counted time , It's a genius again . It's a state-owned enterprise , It is said that the state-owned enterprises will check their educational background , I'm afraid every day . I met one of my best colleagues so far in this company , Everyone calls her sister Yue , Usually encountered problems will patiently help , There are three people in the back-end development , There is also a classmate named Xiao Wu , We all have a very good relationship .

After that, I started to contact the project , Wireless location system , At first, I often went on business to various mental hospitals in Beijing , After that, I went to prison in another city on business , And I went alone . I spent about a year in prison , A lot of things have happened here , The system we do is monitor these prisoners , They're all felons , Yes Prison guard follow , I don't have to worry about being killed by them all of a sudden . And they're not as scary as I thought , Then it was cooked , The guards don't have to follow . Their day job is to make down coats , There are more than 100 people on each floor , There's a brand on everyone's desk , It says what crime was committed , How many years has it been sentenced , Talking to them will make you cherish your life more . See a few of my age , There are twenty years of , Forty years of , Indefinite . I also asked the indefinite, what's your motivation to work here every day ? He just said Perform well Fight for a commutation , Talk to them for a while and then ask myself , What reason do I have to give in to difficulties ?

The most impressive time was when I wrote the code on the second floor of the guest house at the gate of the prison , Just realized a function of out of line alarm , Suddenly I heard a lot of noise outside , I saw a lot of helicopters above the prison , The corn field outside was instantly razed to the ground by the armed police . It turns out someone broke out of prison , I actually saw a live version of the prison break , I was thinking , If our system goes online , That would not have happened . I didn't dare to go out in those days , And worried that he would suddenly appear and kill me . Half a month later, he was caught back , The people we got through on this project , Because this incident basically changed , Forced to stop work .

And then I went back to write code , A new colleague from the company , It's also from XX University , I often call me a senior , He often asked me to visit school , It's embarrassing again , Hiding my experience from colleagues who have such a good relationship , I spend every day in guilt . Although I'm preparing for the self-study examination now , But it will take years to graduate , I started to have an idea , I'm going to leave this city where I have mixed feelings . Because of all the research places in the company , The project manager suggested that I take the postgraduate examination of Beihang , The condition is to stay in the company for several years after graduation , If you promise, you'll be exposed . At that time, the haze in Beijing was very serious , So serious that it's hard to breathe out ; Plus the guilt that I hide from my colleagues every day , These conditions add up to , Made a decision , I confessed my concealment with sister Yue and Xiao Wu , Sister Yue said she had already guessed , Just don't care about this , At that time, I was moved to tears .

After confessing, he resigned the next day , After saying goodbye to my colleagues , Go back and get ready to say goodbye to the city , In order to get closer to the company , Moved from BAGOU village to Shangdi Jiayuan near Shangdi software park , I said goodbye to Shifu and Shiniang before I left , A day for the teacher , A teacher for life , Farewell to rivers and lakes .

On the road

On the train from Beijing to Hangzhou , Looking back on these three years , I can see it clearly . Later, I learned that Yue Jie went to a first-line Internet company , Xiao Wu went home to inherit his family property . After a night on the train , It's dawn , It's about to arrive at the station , It's like the city is built in the forest , The mood is much better . Dragging luggage to rent a house , After settling down, I began to study and prepare for a job , I changed my resume seriously , Change three years of experience to two years , Finally, we can True face Looking for a job . If you can also use a real degree , This psychological burden should be able to be released , That kind of magnanimous feeling good yearning for .

Once I passed a building in Huanglong Times Square , All decorated with white glass , It looks great , I wish I could work here . A month passed , There was an outsourcing company that had a telephone technical interview a month ago , There was a phone interview in the middle , During the phone interview HR Tell me they'll check their education , I'll follow HR Frankly, my real education is high school . After a few days HR Call me to provide a high school graduation certificate , You can also call his high school teacher to confirm , After looking for two days, I finally found the phone number of the high school head teacher , After they confirmed the call, they asked me to have a live interview . Even though it's outsourcing , But that company is demanding too , When I arrived at the scene, I found that the interview place was the white building , Very excited to go in , This interview is like being interviewed by Peel alive The same , I also gave the answers to all the questions he asked , I feel that I learned more in this interview than in the past year . A few days after the end of the call to say that I was admitted , I started working there , After a few days, I couldn't help asking HR, Why did I get accepted , He replied with two words , honest .

So I started my normal commuting life , Cycling through the mountains on weekends 、 Tea forest . One afternoon, I saw a book in a bookstore on the second floor of the company 《 Ten years of backpacking 》, See the lifestyle described by Xiao Peng , I think that's probably the life I'm looking forward to , An idea lingers on , I'm going to quit my job and travel .

After a month , I sent a resignation application to the project manager , The reason is that I'm going to travel , After leaving, I started to carry my bag around , In retrospect, I learned a lot in this company . The technology and environment are basically cutting-edge , What impressed me most was the company at the annual meeting CEO I sang a few songs on the stage , And then on one knee on the stage . Tens of thousands of employees from all over the world gathered in this stadium , See some old employees in tears , Someone called him Mr. Ma , Some people call him Mr. Ma .

I ran like this for a few months , All the money has been spent . Then I went to work in Shanghai for another year , Save a little money , Right again machine learning There was interest . An idea arose , I want to Resignation A trip to Tibet , And then come back and practice in seclusion , study hard . So I rented a very cheap house across from Pudong Library , Wooden partition , There are five or six rooms on the first floor .

I have bought the ticket to Kunming , Ready to ride from Yunnan to Lhasa , It's just light the next day , I heard a knock on the door , Then the partition board was broken open , I don't know where there are so many security guards , Pick up the hammer and smash it , After smashing, the room became much brighter , There are five or six beds for men and women . We don't panic , They sat on their own beds and started chatting , It turns out that I live next door to a photographer , What's more, he will drive to Lijiang the day after tomorrow , Talking to him, I decided to rub his car and go to Lijiang first , Refund the ticket to Kunming .

Two days later, we drove off , I don't care about the luggage in the house , Go to the corner and let the landlord pay attention to it , Later, I asked the landlord that Shanghai was cracking down on group renting , I guess it's to get us poor people who can't afford to rent out of Shanghai . There's another person in the same company , He has some resources , I want to cooperate with Lijiang to develop new tourist routes . We are like this, three people play all the way to Lijiang , The photographer is also working with a large travel agency in Lijiang , We all lived in the boss's villa , Go to various scenic spots every day , And it's specially recommended . Because we said it was the travel agency in Shanghai , Want to work with this side , Now it's time to pick up some , The managers immediately set up a variety of interesting and distinctive routes , For more than half a month .

I also met an overseas Chinese couple , Working in the United States for decades , Now retired, traveling around the world , I really envy . He walked with me , It's also a The programmer , I asked him which company he was in , He said he spent decades at Morgan and Citigroup , And told me about his pension , Mama ah ! His pension is more than my salary every month ! It's all about technology , Why is the gap so big . I also talked to the photographer , The photographer wanted to apprentice me , I said I would go to Yubeng and Meili Snow Mountain to take some photos in two days , It's expected to be about 20 days . I refused , Because I'm going to take a second-hand bike and ride to Tibet , When the photographer and some other friends heard that, they strongly advised me not to do this , A person , And unprepared , There's a good chance of danger .

To hear so many experienced people say that , And I gave up the idea , I bought a bus ticket and went to , Say goodbye to them and set off , Before I left, someone told me that he knew a sister, and now it happens to be a person in Lhasa , If she hasn't left, you can go to her , Just give me the contact information .

Only Shangri La has a car to Lhasa , I went to Shangri La first , Because of the speed limit at this time , After sitting for four days and three nights, I finally arrived in Lhasa , I got off the bus and started looking for the inn , Walking on the road of Lhasa a little faster makes me feel headache . I went to the inn , I met her , We went together namtso , She had altitude sickness , I'll be by my side . After a few days, we said goodbye to each other , She went back to Jiangsu , I continued my journey , When I went to Qinghai Lake , I decided to finish this journey and go to the girl .

I left Qinghai Lake and went to Shanghai to pack my bags , Originally, I planned to study machine learning in a closed door ...... It didn't take long to go to Jiangsu , I wonder if I can do a little business , I contacted my friends in Xinjiang , Work with him Selling dates , He sent the goods to Jiangsu , I'm riding my battery car all over the city to sell , Half a month later , It didn't sell at all . Eating dates on the side of the road , Thinking about life , Later, I thought that I would try to set up a stall in the pedestrian street , A week later, it still hasn't been sold at all . Only one dog came to visit the stall , Look, it's about to lift its hind legs , It turns out that the situation is not good , A roar scared it away . You can't do business , Start looking for work , I went to a studio for wedding photography , After a few months, I talked to her about , Why don't we go out and play together , She said yes , So we started a walk and go tour . We walked through Hulunbeir Grassland together , manzhouli , Dali , shangri-la , DaoChengYa butyl , I also went to the backpack Inn in Shuhe ancient town of Lijiang ...... We got married in a year .

Ann and perplexity

Choose a city to die , I chose Chengdu , A year later, I decided to have a baby , This heart is completely settled down , I want to work hard for this family .

And then I started to concentrate on my work , Go to work every day and live a safe life , Five years passed in the blink of an eye , Slowly began to get confused , Although I did some architect related work , But when you think about the plans for the next decade , I'm at a loss , I don't know where to go .

All of a sudden, I felt that I should change my line , Choose a more valuable and interesting job from scratch, as you did ten years ago , It's no exaggeration to say that it's the itch of ten years , Sometimes I'm bored with what I'm doing now , Sometimes when you think about things from many latitudes , Will be more and more unable to sit still . Now? T The shape has not yet formed ,π Here we go again . Now when you meet someone with some qualifications, you can talk about career planning , I think it's going crazy , Where to go , Until now, there is no answer , Keep looking for ......


Thank you very much cxuan This opportunity , The process of discovering writing is also a process of deep dialogue with oneself , I suggest you write more .

in addition , As a programmer , My experience can be said to be of no reference value , Even as a warning , If it's offensive , Please forgive me. .

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