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Oschina plays disorderly on Monday

2020-11-09 01:10:02 Little editor

Osc Playing the song list (2020) Please stamp ( here

【 Today's song 】

Little editor recommends :《 My affection is a joke 》- kid

《 My affection is a joke 》- kid

Cell phone party teenagers want to listen to music , Please poke at ( here

@FalconChen : The latest news , Sleeping King elected ,osc You can prepare the props

The problem is that Tong Wang himself announced that he won ,

@ All my life Ai : That's funny

Understand Wang is quite confident in himself ,

In fact, it was still foggy at the beginning ,

But the specific analysis is quite clear ,

@FalconChen : It's almost a foregone conclusion that the king of understanding loses to the sleeping king , Not only is it currently in key swing states like Pennsylvania , Georgia , Nevada leads the vote count , And because it's all mail ballots , More people support sleeping king than understand him . Why would mailing votes tend to support Biden ? The reason is that Biden advocates social distance in the face of the epidemic , So his supporters vote by mail , Trump supporters do not care about social distance. , More likely to vote on the spot .

We osc There is also a brother who eats and sows ,

@ Baladivi : Speaking of Biden's election, the one who ate Xiang live , No ?

@smallcatooo: Those who like to cheat on food and drink should be taken out and shot

If you eat Xiang ,

We should pay attention to dining civilization ,

It's boring to wait to watch the time of eating and broadcasting ,

@ A sweet potato : It's boring to be alone at home , Do you have any movie promotion

Yes. ,

Do you like watching feature films ?

recommend :

《 The elephant sat on the ground 》

Like animation ,

Just recommend

《 Hal's mobile castle 》

If you like crime movies ,

Just recommend ,

《 Cat and mouse game 》

If you like extreme documentary ,


《 free-climbing 》

If you like biographical historical films ,

Just recommend ,

《 Darkest hour 》

If you like watching horror movies ,

Just recommend ,

《 A curse 》

But not everyone like you don't go to work on weekends ,

There are also overtime workers ,

@ Meow star man 123 : Is there anyone else at work today

Yes. ,

You go to work ,

But the boss doesn't work ,

You don't want to fish ,

“ Nail it !!!!”

The rest time is also working overtime ,

I don't have time to improve myself ,

I went through the learning materials I used when I was a child ,

@Andyfoo : youth

These are the lost youth of program yuan !

If you have to work overtime ,

Come and go ,

Who cares ,


Small Tree's World Tour

Participate in # I make complaints about it # Shortcut to

0、【 A woman splashes manure on Property Office in Yangzhou , Property : The police intervened 】11 month 4 Japan , Jiangsu yangzhou . Public response , A woman splashes dung on the property office . It is suspected that the woman had previously refused to clean up the debris in the fire passage , Dissatisfied with the property's storage of sundries . Property 1 staff confirmation , Said the police had stepped in .

1、【 US general election | Obama 、 carter 、 Clinton sent a message congratulating Biden and Harris on their victory 】 Local time 11 month 7 Japan , All three American Democrats who are still alive, former presidents : Belac · Obama 、 Jimmy · carter 、 bill · Clinton has tweeted to congratulate Democratic presidential candidate Joe · Biden and his deputy Kamala · Harris wins 2020 US presidential election . Earlier in the day , US media reports say , Biden won the general election in Pennsylvania 20 Electoral votes , So that the total number of electoral votes he obtained exceeded the number needed to win the election 270 ticket , Win the US election . however , Biden's opponent 、 President trump said after the results were released that , The election is not over ,“ Biden is eager to pretend to be a winner ”.

2、【 Every age needs storytellers 】 At the national novel coronavirus pneumonia conference , Yes 54 Journalists were awarded “ National advanced individual against novel coronavirus pneumonia ” The title of . Storyteller , I became part of the story . This is the professional glory of journalists , It can also stimulate people to think , The significance of the ancient craft of storytelling to the times . Today is the 21st journalists' day , Please allow this group “ Behind the scenes ” Walk to the front of the stage for a while , Talk about your confusion and dreams . The more complicated the information is , The more society yearns for touching stories . Who can dig out a complete story from the ocean of information fragments , Who can approach the essence of the times . Time is not defined by data , It's not defined by buzzwords , It's defined by the story . whenever “ Major events ” happen , Different groups are needed “ retrograde ” To the front , For example, medical staff 、 Firefighters and so on , But every time a journalist can't be absent . Record , Let the distant events interweave into a touching world . Every age needs storytellers . Tell me what you believe , Believe what you say . Square has power .

3、【 South Korea's death toll rises after influenza vaccination 97 people 】 Korea disease management agency 11 month 7 Daily report , By 7 Japan 0 when , South Korea's death toll rises after influenza vaccination 97 people ; among 70 Older people have 81 position ;60 Under the age of 8 position . The Korean disease management agency pointed out that , Yes 96 The causes of death were investigated and analyzed , The expert investigation team believes that , The correlation between the cause of death and vaccination is very low , Therefore, influenza vaccination will continue to be promoted .

4、【 China Telecom announces 5G Independent networking scale business 】 China Telecom 7 Announced in Guangzhou 5G Independent networking scale business , This is the first large-scale commercial operation among global operators 5G Independent networking (SA) The Internet . according to the understanding of , at present 5G The network is divided into independent network (SA) And non - independent networking (NSA) Two modes , Independent networking is based on 5G Through transformation in the early stage of construction 4G The Internet , take 5G Base station access 4G Hybrid networking mode of core network , The independent networking is completely independent 5G The Internet , Independent networking will play a better role 5G The technical characteristics of .

5、【 Senior high school girl won award for research on hairy crabs My mother said that she would take her out every weekend 】10 month 31 Japan , The Third World Conference of top scientists was held in Shanghai , Include 61 Among the Nobel laureates 140 Winners of the world's top science awards attended . Selected from all over the country 55 Science teenagers were also invited to attend the conference , From Hangzhou No.2 Middle School (12) Ben's Li Yiting also got “ The World Association of leading scientists outstanding little scientists ” The title of , What she studies is an important connexin in the testis of hairy crabs innexin, It is possible to breed crab with high yield of cream . Li Yiting's mother said her daughter loved science since she was a child , I don't care much , Take her out at the end of the week .


【 The role of the little tree Play theatre 】

( The playwright of this issue : Little editor , Cameo : @clouddyy

@clouddyy Come up with a truth ,

Why is America rich and strong ,

Because we're sleeping

Americans are still working hard !


Not in a good mood ?

Pay attention to students' physical and mental health

Please enter what you like to see 【 Doctor Xiaoshu's psychophysiological Clinic 】

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【 Watching TV 】


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I can't open it after poking , I can do it .

But the little editor noted the video's BV Number , Please go B Station search .

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【 Today you are guest star 】



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