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It's just right. It's the ideal state

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this paper  github/SmileLionCoder  Included , Yes Java Programmer's advanced technology knowledge map and my series of articles , Welcome to Star.

Lei Jia has a little younger martial sister , Smart, cute and hardworking , Let's talk about her growing up , It will give you some inspiration when you are confused , You can send information and experience, but not younger martial sister .


One 、 I've been to a big factory , I've been to start a business , I've lived a different life

3 I graduated from college years ago , Looking back on college life, there is no regret , If undergraduate studies too hard , Missed the comfort of College , Then I just went to graduate school to make up for this defect .

During postgraduate study , I've been to five companies to practice , It's all different types of companies . When graduation, many people will wander between big factories and small companies , I'm afraid to choose a big factory. I'm just a screw , I'm afraid that if I choose a small company, my development opportunities will be limited , And my internship opportunity , Before graduation, I have figured out what kind of company I want to go to . Even before the school recruitment has been obtained the ideal offer, This may be because the goal is clear, so it saves a lot of things , When others are still taking part in the school recruitment , I'm already preparing for my graduation trip ( No show off , Please look down , We don't want to comment on the full picture ).


Here are some of the choices you've been wandering through when you graduate to find a job ? These are the reasons why I went to different companies to practice !

  • Is it worth going to a foreign enterprise ?

  • Is communication factory suitable for me ?

  • What is teamwork like in Internet companies ?

  • Is there more opportunity for startups ?

  • State owned enterprises are not easy ?


Is it worth going to a foreign enterprise ?

After the selection of graduate tutor , My tutor asked me if I wanted to go out for a few months , This is my first chance to travel far away , I haven't left Hubei once before . So there's no other person's worry before they go abroad , Only excitement and expectation .

I have a box of belongings with me ( When I came back to school five months later, I had three boxes of belongings , The purchasing power of girls is really powerful ) And mentors , There are also several first-time lab brothers and sisters , Sitting in Wuhan ——> First class seat of high speed rail in Guangzhou . With curiosity about Minnan , And coastal yearning , Here we go !


My first job , I've never thought that I've decided my future career direction in such a rash way . Big data was not popular when I was an undergraduate , After graduation, I heard about data mining , I knew a front end at that time 、 Back end 、 Graphic Artist Designer 、 three-dimensional animation …… I didn't know there was software testing . Fortunately, foreign companies have assigned mentors , From books to tools , From business to technology , Start learning and working a little bit . The first test book I read was 《 The art of software testing 》, The first tool to use is soapUI, The book is a great theoretical foundation , Later, I also recommended it to many students who want to take software testing and partners !

There's no big challenge at work , Relative to technology , Business knowledge is more difficult to understand . Our company is one of the best in China to do container shipping , Need to know the time difference between cities and China , The port through which container transportation can pass , Design the total time of the whole route ……

No need to punch in , I'm not used to it yet , I asked my mentor “ Doesn't the company punch in ?” mentor “ Why punch in , We are not factories .” sorry , Mentors may not know much about many companies , It doesn't mean other companies . The company is great , There is an annual leave every month , You can postpone your vacation , Even the freshmen who have just entered for one year also have 12 What about the Lunar New Year holiday !

There is a shuttle bus to and from work , A kitchen with hot food ( There are so many refrigerators ), And tea bags and freshly ground coffee , The boss will come from Hong Kong to bring delicious food during the festival ……


If I didn't want to be close to home , This company should be the one I want to stay . I still remember when the internship ended , The manager said to us , When you graduate, we will also come to recruit , I hope you can join us !( Lacrimal )


Is communication factory suitable for me ?

The last year of Graduate School , According to the agreement between my tutor and me, I can go out to practice , Adapt to the society ahead of time , Make some money by the way .

It's a good harvest , Took a lot of offer, It's a pity for me to give up. It should be Meitu XiuXiu , It's not company benefits , It's not a pretty guy , It's the beauty of Xiamen , I haven't been to Xiamen until now , Make a wish ,2022 I went to Xiamen to punch in ( Because of this year's epidemic , It's hard to say next year , So make a wish longer ), When I do , I will send you some articles and pictures to share with you !

The rest of the offer There is Huawei Wuhan 、 ZTE Shenzhen ( Not long after the interview, the assigned boss added me wechat , Tell me the station is ready , Finally, I refused this opportunity with apology , So after that, I didn't like noodles a lot )、 Netease Guangzhou …… As for why I chose to stay in Wuhan in the end , It's because I heard that Huawei has a blacklist , This time I got offer If you don't go to , I won't be admitted again ! Now let me tell you that there is no such thing , Don't like stupid me, because of such things and control their own choice .


This experience really helped me grow , And got the next internship . You should know that when you enter Huawei, you will not be assigned posts according to your technology stack , It's about doing what you get , So, unexpectedly, I was assigned to the development team . Fortunately, the leader understands that I have my own career planning , Help me contact the leader of the test team and lead me to , I learned a little bit testng frame , A little bit automatic , I understand id、class、path location ……

Later, he returned to the original project team due to the project relationship , Participated in the development of desktop tools , It's using python, What we do is to calculate the packet loss rate and judge the network breakpoint . Before that, I didn't understand or learn python, I have to feel python It's easy to get started ( It's another thing to be proficient ).

Five months of internship , The salary of 4000 a month doesn't include accommodation , Living at school , Eat at school sooner or later , At noon, the three of us were eating in the canteen of the company . The requirements for interns are not high , It's easy to work , But what we won't do is go back to school after work , The next day I went to the company and realized it directly .


As for why they didn't stay in Huawei later , Maybe I don't ask too much of myself , I feel that I can't bear the pain . At that time, there was only one outsourcing sister in the internship group , All the employees are boys . That sister is a code writer , Sitting in front of the computer , Neck flexion , Put your head in the computer , There are children to take care of and busy with work , The hair is greasy every day, and there is no time to wash it …… I may prefer the combination of work and rest .


What is teamwork like in Internet companies ?

I haven't eaten pork, I haven't seen pig running, I haven't seen the world ! As a person who aspires to be IT Cheng Xuyuan's people , Not even a real Internet company , I haven't felt the atmosphere of team online all night , That may be a pity .

I got Netease's by telephone interview offer, Talking about the theoretical basis of testing ( Software testing books all have ), also python Some of the syntax , And what bags have you used …… It was kind of me to interview my colleagues , It didn't embarrass me at all .

You can go out to work again ( tourism ) 了 !


This is my first visit to Hangzhou , Only on TV “ Above there is heaven , Below there are suzhou and hangzhou ”, I also went to heaven on earth for a tour . I'm very satisfied with my new job , There's a gym 、 Three free meals 、 Fashionable operation colleagues 、 Programmer colleagues who can change the topic of work and life at any time …… It turns out that Internet companies are like this !

Every day in the morning stand up meeting( From agile development ), Team planning 、 Design 、 Vision 、 Development 、 Test meeting together , The meeting is not long , Give me yesterday's progress and today's tasks . I used to think those on my cell phone app It took a lot of people to develop , After I went there, I found that maybe some of the things we used to use app, There may be only one server person 、 Two back ends 、 Three front ends 、 Three iOS、 Three Android…… There is a difference in the number of people with a large team I think . nitrogen , There are more than a dozen operating sisters .

I learned to enjoy life there , To buy a brand is to buy something , What's good to import , What are the famous brands in different life categories , also Lolita What is a skirt like …… by the way , There are a lot of cat slaves on the Internet , Although I don't support , But it's nice to have a chance to do it once in a while !

It's not the end of the internship period , I offered to leave ,leader Tell me , Another month's internship will catch up with the interns to become full-time , She's going to report me , Let me think about it again . I didn't think about , Decided to leave ! Many students are not satisfied with the fact that I am leaving , Would call and ask why I left , And how many people want to get in but can't get in , I went in here and came out , It's a pity . In fact, everyone is different , It's bullshit, of course . But different people naturally have different attitudes towards life and life 、 Occupation planning , This should not be difficult to understand , But why it's hard to understand the choices of different individuals ? The reason is that they think it's good , And I gave up .


Because if you can't be close to home , It's better to go to a city by the sea , Of course, only choose to be close to home , There is no other choice ! secondly , The technology is not as good as I thought , Maybe I didn't go to a great team . Internet companies pay well , The atmosphere is also harmonious 、 to open up , It's easy for young people to play together , Besides work, there are many hobbies , It makes you feel modern , In short, I feel different .


Is there more opportunity for startups ?

It's not so urgent to go back to Wuhan , It's because the large state-owned enterprises that have been waiting for opportunities have begun to recruit interns , I've delivered my resume , Come back early to facilitate the written test and interview at any time . Another reason is to wait for the opportunity during which excessive work has been found , Interns are paid 7500 a month ( My price is , Personnel asked the leader and agreed , The classmate said that I could get ten thousand ). The work place is one kilometer away from the school , Another kilometer from the school gate to my dormitory ……

It's the old line software testing , This time I'm in charge of a financial trading software , True words , Testing doesn't make much progress , Business has learned a lot .

There used to be debate contests in school “ Big company, small company, how would you choose ?” The point of view is that big companies have big platforms , Small companies have a wide range of learning . It's a good time to see what startups look like , Of course, there are good and bad startups , The two-dimensional fire that my classmate went to now has developed into a large scale . I also know I won't really choose a startup , It's really to earn a share of the salary , Of course, love your business , To seek a position in , I will not slack off my work .


The conclusion is that , In the early days of a startup , Project management is not standardized , Career development is also limited , Think of a company of more than 20 people , Where can you get promoted to . For the past four years , The company I'm staying at is still operating normally , I think the bigger reason is that it's better to stay cool by leaning back on a big tree , Because his biggest investor is the famous Tianfeng securities , The power of capital is still very strong .

Not long , I received a pen interview notice from the state-owned enterprises .


State owned enterprises are not easy ?

First , Not all SOEs are worth going to ; secondly , State owned enterprises have their disadvantages ; Last , There is still a wage gap between second tier cities and first tier cities .

written examination 、 The interview went well , The accident is HR There's a veto , Still surprised . Our group of interns didn't leave much to develop and test , On the contrary, the school recruited more students , That is to say, internship in this company is not as good as school recruitment . It's also very simple for interns to become regular , My own mentor 、 The manager scored , then HR Interview ...... The ratio is probably 30%, Besides, it is a state-owned enterprise , The internal staff is relatively stable , The turnover rate is not high , So what's different from the Internet is , Now and then, sometimes not , So it's just a coincidence that I can catch up .


The internship in the company is not complicated , Set up an automated testing framework , Then the tutor arranged a project , Do regular functional tests , And the product 、 Develop discussion requirements , Confirm the plan . It's just that after all the partners together were eliminated , A little lonely .

Let alone the stability of state-owned enterprises , The turnover rate is really low , I've been here, including myself . Whether you are light or not depends on your leadership , That is to say, I met a chicken blood leader , I hope you can do it 996. The leader once said a funny remark “ The defects you've found so far are superficial , If architects look at these projects , You can see what's wrong with the frame layer at a glance , You should pay attention to improving your technical level .“ Colleagues said , Leadership is right , That's right , The wrong thing is to recruit architects , It's not the architect's salary , It requires the ability of an architect .


The disadvantage of state-owned enterprises is that promotion and pay rise are slow , This is true , It's also when you come in and you find a very restricted place . The best chance is not to come in after graduation , It's about taking part in social recruitment , Can realize salary to turn over directly .

If it wasn't for being close to home , I will really choose foreign enterprises .


Two 、 The only thing I don't give up is the scenery I've seen

I like Zhuhai , I went all over the streets of Zhuhai by myself , Statue of Fisher Girl in Zhuhai 、 East island 、 Couple North South Road 、 Yuanming new garden 、 Zhuhai Campus of Beijing Normal University 、 The Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge under construction at that time ..... I've been to xiaojiuzhai, which is only two hills away . Of course, I didn't give up going to Shenzhen 、 Guangzhou 、 Hong Kong 、 Opportunities to eat in Macao .

Zhuhai is really a city in my heart , Although I know its coastline is not clean , It doesn't match the way I like the blue sea . I like to go out every weekend , Enjoy the bus on the left is the sea 、 On the right is the mountain , The hardworking gardener changed the flowers in the middle of the road . I like that Zhuhai gymnasium can give out some free tickets every week , Let me, a poor student, have the opportunity to learn how to swim when practicing there , I even played two bowling balls . I like to explore the corners of the city by myself , Sitting on the leisure chair by the side of the alley , Communicate with the old people in the city in a language they don't understand .

Although I didn't stay in the end .

I like Hangzhou , I like the complete ecology of the West Lake , There are runways , There's a landscape , And the zoo . I like to walk through nine streams and eighteen streams , All the way to Longjing Village . Like to roam Xixi Wetland , The landscape layout is very patterned , There are water, trees and thatched houses , The breeze is not dry, and the sun is just . I like Hangzhou and its surrounding cities , Including but not limited to Zhoushan 、 shaoxing 、 wuzhen 、 Shanghai 、 nanjing 、 Suzhou ......


This city has what a tourist city should look like , It should be said that it is a benchmark . I like the city's clean streets and unshielded sunshine , Clear and refreshing weather is very common here . I like that people don't cross the road yet , The bus will stop and signal pedestrians to go ahead , Whether it's because of the rules or because of consciousness . I like to take Hangzhou as the center every week , Open the phone map , Circle a city where trains are easy to reach , Finish the walk as you say .

Although I didn't stay in the end .



3、 ... and 、 Why did I just 30 I always look back when I'm old

I just passed myself last month 30 birthday , Not to step on the topic , It's that I happen to be really 30 year , After graduation, I have already 26 year , Working casually for a few years will break three .

Now and then I think , Whether the road of life is too simple , It's all plain and light is happiness , I didn't go abroad for my own sake , This may be my only regret .

I have many senior brothers and sisters who have settled in the first tier cities , There are also many students and friends fighting in the first tier cities , It's just that later people missed out on the urban development dividend , It's hard to settle down in the city where you work . And I'm , I decided to go back to the second tier city before graduation , No regrets , Because I've experienced what others regret . Big company or small company is better , It's someone else's hesitation , Is not my .


I look back , It's about appreciating your bravery in your twenties . Little man , Big idea , Plan your own life , And step by step with efforts to practice . I hope for the next decade , You can live so easily .


Four 、 It is just fine , It's the ideal state

Every step of growth , I seem to be very accurate , So every decision , There's no reason to regret . Do what you want to do , There is nothing to regret if you go again according to your plan and goal . Although through a lot of good companies 、 I've been to many nice cities 、 Can get a lot of good treatment , But life ? It doesn't mean that people in any environment have no life , Just not for me , So it's the best that suits you , It doesn't matter what others think is good .

Maybe the company I choose now is not so prominent 、 Colleagues are not so good and capable 、 The treatment is not so high , But work with a plan 、 There is time for learning 、 Personality can also be developed 、 Ideas can be put into practice , For my own life , It's enough for me to like it myself !


So I can be a person who is not influenced by other people's words , Do what you like 、 Choose your own path , Everything is just fine , This is the most ideal state in my life .


-- END --

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