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Is there no way out for older programmers?

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The agreed update finally came   There are benefits at the end of the article    About this article , In fact, I have been hesitating how to tell you . Because older programmers are a group , But everyone's situation is different .

This article can only give you a reference , After all, the world , Who can say exactly ?

I'll tell you what I saw at the bottom of my well , If you see more, will you have the answer ?

I said that before , I don't sell anxiety , But I don't want to talk about the poisonous chicken soup that I don't want to talk about . Do older programmers have a midlife crisis ?  Yes



“2017 Beginning of the year , Huawei begins to retire 34 Rumors about employees over the age of 15 are rampant ;2017 end of the year , ZTE 42 The person in charge of R & D fell from a building after leaving office . This year, 4 month , Old American technology companies IBM Burst out , from 2013 Since then , Has quietly cut more than 2 10, 40 Employees older than ......”


Why “ Clean up old programmers ”? There is company management 、 Cost side reasons . The same thing , If new people are easier to use and cheaper than old people , No family burden , No money for overtime , I'm still working hard , You're the boss. What do you do ? The obvious choice .

Put it another way , What are you doing so that you can be easily replaced ?

Of course , If it is the company's business difficulties or problems in the whole industry , That's another thing , Under the nest , Is there a complete egg .

Let's share some “ Old programmer ” Ideas

Xiao Ming 1 Number

When I was young, I worked overtime to save the lives of the previous generation of programmers , Now it's finally my turn .

This year, 36 了 , There is already a sense of crisis of being eliminated .

The leader came to talk to me last month , I've been working less and less overtime this half year . He said that most of the others were working fast 10 spot , And I often don't get to 8 It's time to go back .

Can't , Now the child is reading , It needs to be managed . My parents are too old to keep up with me , Love is a doctor , Usually busier . We have to make an appointment , One day per person , Try to spend more time with your children on weekends .

Different from all kinds of elites , I probably represent the vast majority of middle-aged programmers , In an ordinary software company doing ordinary development , Every day is repetitive work , The so-called experience is not worth mentioning in this fast-growing industry .

32 Before the age of , I can keep up with the development of the industry , From the initial jquery To knockout To angular They're all following , But in recent years react perhaps vue It's half understood . as for docker、k8s It's just about names , There is no time to study .

Write here , I suddenly think of , I haven't heard from the headhunter for a long time . before , Every year, 11 Months to the next year 4 Month ago, , All have headhunters or hr Call me , These two years are less and less . A few days ago, I received a phone call from a small company after I updated my resume , mandatory 996, The salary offered is only the present 2/3.

I didn't know to wait until 40 The day I was old , My parents are old , The child is old , When I need to spend more energy at home , Some companies can't stand my high salary , An average employee who produces .

Xiao Ming 2 Number

I'll be quick 50 了 , from 20 I've been writing code since I started , I started from 90 Who wrote the program in the early s , There were already a lot of programmers , Some departments, such as the Bureau of Statistics 、 Food Bureau 80 There were full-time programmers in the 's , There are many state agencies engaged in programming , When I first did it, I was in a public institution , There are many programmers who have been working for ten years , In general, enterprises in big cities are 90 The popularity of computers around , There was the Great Wall 286,386, compaq ,AST And other brands of microcomputers ,90 At the beginning of the s, all units had microcomputers , To 2000 Computers began to enter the family in , It's beginning to spread , therefore , The first programmers were probably 50 and 60 after , Many of these people have retired , For example, several teachers who have taught me programming knowledge .70 And then there's a whole bunch of programmers , There's a lot to do now ,80 After that, don't say , The main .

Look at yourself about the body , I don't have any major problems myself , Both eyes without glasses are 1.5, What's the problem with cervical spondylosis . There's nothing wrong with getting more exercise . About the relationship between age and programming , I think programming is mental work , It's not physical strength , So the older you get, the more experience you have , A deeper understanding of Technology , Well, it's old-fashioned , Many are incomparable to young people . I can't break my wrist , But playing brain must not lose the younger generation .

Some people may think that old programmers may be conformists , It's also prejudice , People who have been working as programmers and never leave work usually love , To let him learn something new is to enjoy it , ha-ha . Now I buy several technical books every month to read , What new technology is also willing to study . It's all very conscious behavior , Because there is love .

There's no way out for older programmers ? No   If you don't change careers   There are three ways for most older programmers : Do management 、 Start your own business and continue to write programs .


The communications industry is a bit similar “ infrastructure ” The smell of . The infrastructure is done , In addition to maintenance 、 It takes manpower to update , The construction army will have to wait for the next wave of technological progress .


But the application demand of information society is not . The demand for applications is ever-changing , In depth enterprise application , Use IT Technology improves productivity and resource utilization , Integration into life 、 Improve the quality of life ,IT The industry will have a long time to develop .


There is also a background factor : The level of social division of labor , That is, the degree of industrial development as the background , It determines the future of an individual career .


From the perspective of Economics , Social specialization ends at marginal transaction cost . To put it bluntly , If you ask someone to do it, you'd better do it yourself , Then there will be no more subdivisions .


European and American society because of institutional advantages / Technological advantages , We can develop the division of labor in detail , It's highly specialized , On the contrary, it also promotes the improvement of professional and technical level .


As a program developer , You can be very old , As long as it's good enough !


The famous StackOverflow The website has statistics , Its station 40 Experienced over the age of 、 There are plenty of high-level developers , Very active .


Is it OK in China ? difficult . The domestic IT The level of industry development determines , A lot of work is the common application development with low technology content , A system , Additions and deletions , You can ride a bicycle , What do you want to drive a BMW ?


You see how many important open source projects there are , Especially the basic application project , They are all initiated by senior foreign developers ?!


A large number of domestic companies just use them , Can give some feedback , It would be nice to submit some code . Because we don't have much time and patience to participate in development , I don't even think it's economically worthwhile .


Since you don't have to do that complicated work , Simple development and application is good , That's more “ Experienced developers ” what are you doing? ?


So there is no soil for deepening the division of labor , That limits the programmer's career , In turn, it also restricts the level of domestic development .


however , Fortunately, in recent years , More and more people realize , The importance of participating in basic system development .


Some big companies have begun to develop their own characteristics suitable for their own needs , But it can also be a universal product . such as , Alibaba made a database / Development and open source promotion of a series of products such as distributed middleware .


These places , In particular, senior developers are needed , Because there is no deep accumulation and superb development ability , It doesn't work at all .


Psychological research shows that , Even adults , Serious study can still get effective connections between neurons —— Form memories and skills .


So don't just 40 I really feel that I can't learn at the age of , You're lazy .


IT Research and development , Knowledge is updating rapidly , If you're looking to take what you've learned before and walk on , Never think about refreshing your knowledge and skills , It's really dangerous behavior .


One day , Your knowledge doesn't work , You're no longer needed professionally , That really has nothing to say , You can only blame yourself .


What shall we do ? The essence of the problem , It's about how to... In your career , Keep competitive enough , And give yourself the opportunity to choose from other sources .

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Improve the ability to learn . We should know how to study and study . Excellent learning methods , It can make your learning ability , Stay at the peak for a long time , Learning new tricks is not something new dogs can do , Old dogs can do it too , It's not a lot of work .


People get older , Memory will not be as good as in youth , But because of experience , But understanding has improved , shift .


In spirit 、 Physical overdraft for the price of the long-term can not go .


You can't spell the young one , There's no need to be like this , You don't have an advantage in physical strength , The value of good old farmers , It's not just about the depth of Technology , It is more prominent in the combination of technologies / Model selection . I've done a lot of things , Creative people form intuition .


Solve some problems , What's the best way to do it , What's the best combination of technologies , Intuitively, there is a claim .


You can even deal with requirements in a way that other people don't expect , This ability is precious , It's also valuable .


Strive to be an expert in a field . Experts have good intuition , To work with intuition , Experts are hard to replace .


occasionally , Your field of work , Depth is not enough , It's easy to do 2-3 It's the end of the year , It's very thorough .


So this is the more dangerous place . The newcomers are led by experienced veterans , Even more familiar , Nature will replace you .


Then try to find a way to change to a more profound and valuable field , To a very deep level . If you want to save time and effort now 、 Have a good time , It's a lot of trouble 、 Nervousness . The easier the road is, the more difficult it is , The more difficult the road is, the easier it becomes .


Age is really hard to apply for in the workplace , Do you have confidence in your accumulation and skills ?


You believe in your ability to do something good for society 、 Products and services that meet human needs ? If you have the confidence to cooperate with others .


If you're willing to be a screw in the workplace , Don't blame yourself for being at a loss in the face of sudden changes .


May all of you in your career , Constantly pursue a new realm of life , Get a new life value , Let your own life hold the initiative power .


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