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"He, program ape, 35, was dissuaded": don't just understand the code, can speak, better than 10 times of silent effort

2020-11-08 13:01:59 osc_usgpahnick

Recently someone asked me : Approaching 30 Year old , I feel like I've done nothing , Especially promotion , I feel like I can't see hope , How to change this situation ?

People who have done nothing , There is one of the easiest ways to change the status quo :

A good talk .

Talk about it , We can't escape every day .

The first few years of my career , One of the most painful and tangled things is : Reporting and cross departmental communication .


It's been a busy day , But it's like you didn't do anything .

And when it comes to cross departmental communication , Always be careful , And be held accountable by the boss : Why can't you push it forward ?

Every time I want to argue , Words get stuck when they get to the mouth , What I want to say is that I don't know how to say it . In the end , I can only hold my breath alone , Often angry enough to want to quit .

Do you think , Our easiest loss in the workplace , It's just that you can't talk .

so to speak , If there are compulsory courses in the workplace , First of all , It must be communicate 、 expression .


Can't talk , I just want to do my job with full marks , Can you live an ideal life ?

In order to make a human being , Too many people are suffering from overtime 、 accuse 、 Exhausted both physically and mentally , I can't even read the physical examination report . The result? ? The opportunity to get a raise and promotion was snatched away , But I'm still stupid : I still don't do enough !

Just a year ago , I went to a classmate party . After a few drinks , Lily, my former deskmate, couldn't help but talk to me :

I worked overtime every day until the last one left , The leader's comment is “ Your work doesn't impress me much ”, Several attempts to get promoted have failed .

Instead, it's the new intern , Every time I attend a meeting , When you open your mouth, you can win the applause of the audience , So that in front of the boss there is a sense of explosion , More and more attention is paid to .

Only then did she understand : The boss is so busy , I can't see what every employee is doing . If you can't communicate effectively with your boss , Reflect the fruits of your labor 、 The result of thinking , In the eyes of our boss , It's probably a person who doesn't matter !

Finally, she said , This kind of powerless and suffocating dark moment , It's a particularly debilitating thing , I plan to quit in the next year . After saying these things , She cried bitterly .

Finish talking to Lily , The more I feel , In the workplace, it's better to say than to do , important 1000 times . Will talk , It's that you surpass 95% The important capital of the opponent .


See here , You may want to say : All the reasons are clear , But I was born to be unable to speak ......

I want to say : Of course, there's a way !

What impresses me most , Sun Quanquan, a former Consulting Director of Mercer, mentioned Programmer Cheng Ge What happened .

He has a mediocre education , Join a start-up company after graduation , A few years down , With solid technical level , Get approval from all over the company .

But at a crucial promotion defense meeting , His report was a mess . The critical moment , He said his brain was completely blank , A full 10 Minute report , ramble in one's statement ……

Final , The leader who couldn't listen interrupted him :“ or , be it so ?”

That moment , ashamed 、 depressed 、 Chagrin 、 Uncomfortable …… Come on him together .

Colleagues comforted him :“ You make the work so beautiful , But lost in not being able to speak , It's a pity !”

little does one think , This is a comforting word , Let Cheng Ge fall into the confusion that has never been before , Not only did he give up his plan to be promoted to supervisor , Even began to question their own ability .

One day , He came across a sentence in an article written by sun Quanquan, former Consulting Director of Mercer :“ To make a 90 The score is very important , But don't do it 90 branch , But it's done 60 branch ”.

That moment , He suddenly realized , I thought the skill was enough , But want to lead the team , Obviously more need to be able to speak :

Right up , The supervisor needs to be with the boss 、 Top management reports , Contribute to company strategy and team development ;

Alignment , The technical director needs to lead the cross department communication , Get through the resources , Efficient cooperation , Twist everyone into a rope ;

Right , The supervisor is the backbone of the team , We need more guidance 、 Motivate the team , Empowering the development of each subordinate .

All of this , He needs to have a clear mind 、 The ability to express effectively . Realize that , He began to learn from sun Quanquan how to express efficiently .

You bet ,“996 The programmers are the same , One in a million supervisors who speak well ”!

With the help of sun Quanquan , Cheng quickly grasped the key to expression . Take advantage of the inside “ Speaking formula ”, He talked in front of the interviewer , Finally I got 2 A dream offer: Tencent and today's headlines .

Even the boss who always thought he was lacking in expression , Also began to look at him with a new look :

“ Think about everything , Every point has been made clear , Pretty good ! The company needs more people like you !”

Cheng said he didn't expect , The silence 、 boring 、 You can only write code for yourself , There's a day when you eat by talking .


Since we talk every day , Why not just say it's a perfection in one's studies , Open your mouth and win ?

Actually, one can't talk , Or you haven't learned to speak , Or lack of logical thinking of organizational language .

About “ A good talk ”, Sun Quanquan mentioned above , I ate it myself “ Can't talk ” The loss of .

After graduation, , She joined one of the world's leading human resource consulting firms —— Mercer consulting , The firm law of the company for all employees is : In the shortest time , Express the results clearly , Go straight to the theme 、 Go straight to the result .

Don't have the money 、 No contacts 、 She is introverted and afraid of communication , I've been through the most difficult time . In order to do a good job , She insisted on practicing expression , Rely on the methodology that you sum up , He became the youngest Consulting Director of Mercer .

After leaving the consulting firm , Her official account is , Published Douban 8.2 Sub bestseller 《 Please stop the ineffective efforts 》, It was founded Circle foreign trade college .

Every step she took 、 Everyone I've met 、 Every achievement accomplished , Actually, it's all stained with “ high-efficiency expression ” Light .

Circle tells us : To make a 90 The score is very important , But don't do it 90 branch , But it's done 60 branch .

For fear that I can't learn 、 No time zero basis, Xiaobai , I want to make sun's circle a foreign college 《7 Days of efficient expression training camp 》 Recommended to you , As mentioned above “ The formula of universal speech ” It's the content of the training camp .

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outside a circle 「7 Days of efficient expression training camp 」

Admission The original price 199 element , Now? 1 Yuan To sign up !

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