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This year's salary is 35W +! Why is the salary of Internet companies getting higher and higher?

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It's not hard to move bricks today , Tomorrow is not stable . come on. , Workers !

“ It's another day to cry for myself , Good morning, , Workers !”

See the salary of the new students of the group 35w+ The news of , To make IT In the circle of friends, my classmates made such a dynamic .

It's really the envy of those who hear it , I see tears in my eyes .

The salary of this year's students is as high as 35w Cause a heated discussion :

Forcing employees to leave in disguise ?

In Zhihu hot list , About the salary of this year's new students of meituan 35w+ The rumor is like this :

This year, meituan gives 2021 The school recruitment is obviously biased towards technical talents , The specific term :

The algorithm direction is divided into three grades :24k, 27k, 30k;

Background development direction : 21k, 24k, 27k;

Product direction :18k, 20k, 22.5k.

If according to 16 Months , The top-level total of the algorithm 48w, Compared with last year's algorithmic post is the most advanced offer 35w, That's a lot more 13w, On average, every month , Added 1.08w.

This will inevitably make old employees confused :“ Can the salary of new students be so high ”?

On the affectionately , The certification is also make complaints about the employees of the US group , This year's school enrollment is the same as level More than last year 7k, Hang upside down n Senior generation , Rank consolidation , The school enrollment has been greatly increased .

The workplace can not help but make complaints about it :“ Is this forcing employees to leave in disguise ”?

Know almost the , There has been a lot of discussion on this issue , It's roughly in two directions :

One is whether the salary of the new students is too high .

Zhihu net friend @ Howard came up with the mercenary theory , I think it's a two-level trend :

The Internet has entered the stock age from the incremental era . There is no way to make the cake bigger , You can only grab each other's cake . If you want to grab the cake, you have to have an army of mercenaries who can fight , Because of the computer industry “ One month myth ”, Simply piling up the number of people can't improve combat effectiveness , The best way is to improve the quality of individual soldiers .

But China's big Internet companies have very limited resources , Basically, it's above midstream 985+ Two telegrams and one mail , Most of the employees in the Internet factory are from this background .

As for why not expand the scope of the school , One of the reasons is that the level of computer education in other universities is so poor , Far from meeting the needs of large factories .

On the other hand , The expansion of computer major in Bingyuan school is very limited . The number of computer graduates in Harbin Institute of technology is almost the same as that ten years ago .

So big Internet companies can only rob people in a small pool , The harder it gets , The higher the starting salary on the Internet . So many factories dare not release their salaries ahead of time this year , Everybody's waiting for the others to play first , Then adjust your strategy according to other people's cards .

Zhihu net friend @ Han Jun also expressed a similar view :

From a company perspective , Being able to recruit new students is the first priority . Other companies are up , And you don't go up , It's hard for you to get people . Don't forget , There are a lot of companies that haven't opened prizes ! It's taller than meituan , There must be a lot more .

Remember Huawei 201 Is it a gifted teenager , It seems that there is some truth in this .

But there's also a way out , Ask if the rumor is true .

Zhihu net friend @ If it is useful, it means : Since it's so hot , At least make sure it's true .

therefore , After searching Baidu, he found that , The sources of these rumors are all known , And open the questioner's home page , What's more, it unlocks a posture of playing Zhihu ——“ What do you think of it ”.

So in his opinion, it's largely misrepresented .

But this issue can be sent to Zhihu hot search, to a large extent, also reflects the sensitivity and uneasiness of contemporary Internet workers .

What you think? ?

however , According to the 21 Century economic report in the article summed up the Internet factory recruitment salary show , The annual salary of this year's students 35w It's already a common phenomenon .

From this point of view , The annual salary of this year's students comes from meituan 35w It's also in reason .

BAT Our talent dilemma

The salary of the new students of the group 35w It's rumor or , Pay hanging upside down hurts Internet people , There is actually a signal behind this : The Internet is short of talents .

First of all, the byte jumps .

According to the pulse 《 Internet talent flow report 2020》 Show ,2019 The most demanding job in the Internet industry in top10 It's all about technology . And the most competitive front 10 Position , Most of them are designers and operation posts with lower entry threshold .

And byte skipping and Tencent are 2019 The super absorber of talent in .

Pulse data shows :2017 in BAT The flow of talent mainly occurs between the three enterprises .2018 year , Byte jump strong join , Join Alibaba to absorb talents from Tencent and Baidu .2019 year , Byte beat and Alibaba 、 Tencent has formed a new “BAT” Talent pool .

Besides , Pulse data also show , In the Internet factory , Byte skipping has the highest demand for technical posts .

2020 Beginning of the year , Zhang Yiming predicted in an open letter that :2020 year , The number of global employees with byte hopping will break through 10 ten thousand people , newly added 4 ten thousand . At home and abroad , Each business line with byte skipping is expanding .

Except for byte skipping , Other Internet companies are working on it .

The Kwai has been released early this year 1 Ten thousand people's recruitment plan , Covering R & D 、 Product and operations positions . It is generally believed that , Staff expansion and fast Kwai began to make efforts to commercialize this year .

Pinduoduo has not made its recruitment plans public , But the official website page shows that pinduoduo is currently released 815 Positions , There is no specific number of people in each position .

Alibaba's recruitment scale this year has increased by more than 50%.

Tencent is going to 2021 The positions offered by the graduates of this year are 5000 individual , The total recruitment is expected to increase compared with last year 42%, This is also the largest school enrollment in Tencent's history .

Baidu 2021 The scale of campus recruitment has also expanded compared with previous years 40%.

secondly , data display , Meituan is becoming a new talent giant in the Internet circle .

Pulse big data shows , Compared with last year ,2020 Most of the newcomers who just graduated from the workplace went to Top3 Companies are byte hopping 、 Tencent and Alibaba , Baidu ranked fourth , Meituan Fifth .

Work 1~3 Hot company choice for workplace people in Top5 It's no different from graduates , There's a slight difference in preferences , My favorite company is Tencent 、 Byte beat and Baidu , Alibaba and meituan ranked fourth and fifth .

It is worth noting that , Pulse points out that among the Internet companies headquartered in Beijing , The second camp, represented by the US delegation , Zhenghexin BAT Competing for talent .

This trend can also be seen from the development momentum of meituan this year .

10 month 8 Japan , US group review (03690.HK) With more than 5% The market value has reached the market value 5168 Million Hong Kong dollars ( About us 659 Billion dollars ), After Ali 、 After Tencent , The third largest Chinese Internet company by market value .

Now meituan's business map , From a single group purchase business to cover almost all the life scene , Naturally, meituan's demand for talents will be further expanded .

Last , Let's go back to the Internet people's talk about the problem of inverted pay .

Pulse data shows , In terms of the recruitment position , Technical jobs are still in the Internet industry “ The bestselling ”, Head of the Internet companies in the recruitment of technical posts accounted for the highest proportion .

Besides , The technical post in school recruitment is well deserved “ The king of gold ”, The starting salary of algorithm and development posts can reach 28-35 Ten thousand yuan or so , The minimum starting salary has also reached 24 Ten thousand yuan or so , Almost equal to the highest salary for market and design jobs ; The highest salary for technical jobs is generally in 35-40 Ten thousand yuan between , Very few high-quality students can surpass 50 Ten thousand yuan .

therefore , This explains at least two problems :

  • The phenomenon of salary inversion does not only exist in meituan , There are many big internet manufacturers .

  • Higher and higher salaries for new students do not prove that “ the elderly ” It's useless , The industry is developing , Pay goes up , It's normal .

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