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The young generation of winner's programming life, the starting point of changing the world is hidden around

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It's held by voice network RTE 2020 The fall finals of the programming challenge came to a successful end online . There is only one question in this autumn competition , Contestants can use their own ideas , Based on the sound network Agora SDK、 Acoustic network Agora Real time message RTM SDK、 Cloud recording system SDK To achieve real-time interactive applications , Or implement real-time interactive scenarios in existing projects .

Although the title of the competition is half as much as that of the spring competition , But the contestants are still enthusiastic , Just one track is close to 260 Developers signed up for the competition , Make up the 100+ team , Final 20 Works entered the final defense . Just like the spring games , Both the final and the award were passed Agora Video Call App Go online , And pass through the whole process B Live station . The final produced one 、 Two 、 A team from each of the third prizes , We won the best creative team award and the best creative team award respectively .

We organized the developer backgrounds of the five winning teams , They focus on 1995-2001 people , most “ elderly ” The winner of 1992 Born in . There is no lack of creativity among young and excellent developers , For example, the third prize winner , Yu Zhuohao, a sophomore of Chongqing University “ Small laptop ” There's also 27 There are no ideas to implement . But through real-time interactive development tools like voice network, we can provide stable and easy-to-use with service providers API, Put the idea to the ground , There are real users to use , to “ Praise ”, It's the best thing for young people . The joy of young Manon , It's that simple ~

RTE 2020 Award winning team of programming autumn competition :


The name of the work


The team

R & D background

The first prize


Interactive Demo Editor

Yu Yanzhen ( personal )

Domestic self research super fusion and distributed storage company SmartX Front end engineer of

The second prize

AR Assistance

5G+AR Remote assistance platform

AR Remote Intelligence Team

Li Xinchun : China Unicom Shanghai AR、 Multimedia Interactive Development

Dixue : Ping An Health Insurance full stack engineer

Zhu Tianye : East China Architectural Design Institute design Interaction

The third prize


Code teaching VSCode plug-in unit

You said the team

Yu Zhuohao : Chongqing University undergraduate , 2019 I'm a computer major

Wang Jiawei : University of Birmingham , 2019 Artificial intelligence major

Best Creative Award

Touch Fish Artifact

Go to work “ loaf on a job ” Artifact

The panda team

Wu Jun : Front end engineer of Shanghai teaching and training institutions

Liao Yun : Colleague Wu Jun , Front end engineer

Kong Qingyong : Colleague Wu Jun , Technical director

Best utility Award

Post-it Notes

Take a screenshot and take notes 、 Click on the online classroom for word interpretation + Note taking application


J Little fish Jiang Yu : Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology ,ios Development

Light YAN Dan Dan : Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology , The front-end development

toast : Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology , Security development , Responsible for the back end


Let creativity come to the ground , The brain hole is wide open and grabs the eyeball , More practical works

Of the five winning works , The most interesting and eye-catching is the work of the panda team —— Go to work “ loaf on a job ” Artifact Touch Fish Artifact, The team's idea of the game plan is to win by surprise , They use Agora Voice network video call SDK To realize the function of video conference , Pretend you're in “ The meeting ”, It also provides a “ Fishing at work ” Functional areas of , It can be in it Play the user's local video file , Or go to a video website to watch a video wait .

chart : Go to work “ loaf on a job ” Creative works of :Touch Fish Artifact( Upper right corner “ Fishing zone ”)

The other four works are more practical , It's a creative idea that the award-winning authors have come up with when they are working or studying in class . First prize works Storyteller By Yu Yanzhen , From the excellent self-developed super fusion and distributed storage company in China SmartX, It's a front-end Engineer , Daily work is through automated testing 、 Code generation and other ways to develop high-quality enterprise level more efficiently Web UI. As an engineer in infrastructure software , In order to better demonstrate the product to users , He developed it for making “ Interactive Demo” Editor for , Use the sound net Agora SDK, For the editor to achieve real-time collaborative editing and recording voice over function .

chart : First prize interactive Demo Editor Storyteller

Li Xinchun from Shanghai has many years of AR、 Multimedia interactive development experience , His prize winning work AR Assistance Can work remotely together . Experts who are not on the scene communicate through video , Assist field personnel remotely , You can also use AR Real time tagging of the problem in the video . The commercial scene of the work is very broad , Remote maintenance 、 Distance intelligent education 、 Telemedicine and so on can be used AR Assistance. Li Xinchun has a unique understanding of audio and video scenes , He thinks that : The focus of audio and video is to solve the perception of both sides of the video for each other , For example, the expert's perception of the engineer's site ; Teachers' perception of the students' scene ; Remote experts' perception of the operating room . Audio and video are the foundation , And based on audio and video AR technology 、SLAM Technology makes this perception concrete , There must be a big market for all kinds of remote scenarios in the future .

chart : The second prize 5G+AR Remote assistance platform AR Assistance, The business scene is vast

Yu Zhuohao, a sophomore in computer science at Chongqing University, began to contact programming from the sixth grade of primary school , From the beginning Visual Basic To the later Javascript, And then to follow-up learning PHP、React、Vue. Because the computer teacher is on the stage demonstrating the code with a projector , I can't see clearly , Born for VScode Write a plug-in that synchronizes code . He took Wang Jiawei, a small partner of artificial intelligence major in University of Birmingham, UK , Write a code synchronization plug-in for computer teachers teaching Codesync.

Three graduate students of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology Jiang Yu 、 YAN Dan 、 toast ( alias ), Because during the epidemic period, the school used Tencent Conference for class , There is no way for students to look up the meaning of words and take notes directly , They investigated that the online courses on the market don't have the function of taking notes and checking words in real time , So we jointly developed the ability to take notes by taking screenshots 、 Click to see the online classroom for word definitions and professional terms + Note taking application Post-it Notes, Won the best utility Award .

With mature tools and API, Let creativity come to the ground , For work and study , And get a bonus , The starting point for the tech man to change the world , Start with a burst of ideas , Future period .


The highlight of programmers , In every use of the work

When it comes to the greatest sense of accomplishment when it comes to finishing a work , All programmers mentioned that the work was already in use , And get the user's approval and praise .

In an interview with David Wong of Birmingham University, it was mentioned that the person who had the greatest influence on him was 《Minecraft( My world )》 founder Markus Persson, Because learning programming or algorithms is boring , It's only practical to apply , Find a sense of achievement in development , To form positive feedback .Minecraft It has strong expansibility , Provides a platform for interactive programming , It's Wang Jiawei in The power to persist in the boring algorithm learning in childhood . Their work Codesync It has been used by teachers and students majoring in Computer Science in Chongqing University , Wang Jiawei's professor at the University of Birmingham also plans to put it into practical use after resuming offline teaching .

chart : Chongqing University computer professional teachers and students use VSCode plug-in unit Codesync To film , The picture provides : Yu Zhuohao

in addition , It is also the norm for winning teams to rush each other's progress . Yu Zhuohao and Wang Jiawei in England 、 Li Xinchun and Zhu Tianye, who was sent abroad to study for master's degree , It's all transnational ddl( notes :deadline Closing date ) And discussion . Yu Yanzhen, the first prize winner, is the only single winner , His work took only two weekends to complete , In this competition, he said he wanted to challenge himself to finish high quality works in a short time . Though with the dream of a changed world , however CSDN Xiaobian still calls for , Care for your health , Never urge ddl Start .

For the sound net API The feeling of using , The programmers all gave a good comment , And let's see , Provide developers with “ conveniently ” Tools for , Stability first , It's intuitive 、 It's equally important to pay attention to the opinions of developers .

Excellent work , Produce real value . Good programmers are known as the king of no crown hidden behind the code , Every time the work is used , Get good reviews , It's the high light moment for programmers .


Open source is like irrigation tree , All programmers are in the shade under the tree

The work of this challenge has been open source in Github: Links to winning works . For choosing to open source your own works , The winners are open-minded . Yu believes that there is no need to worry too much about the competition brought about by open source , After all, the thinking behind the code 、 Design is not easily accessible ; Yu Zhuohao thinks he is a sophomore , Today's work doesn't care about the revenue , I hope it can help others ;Touch Fish Artifact Wu Jun of the team said that he usually developed 、 In the process of learning, I used many open source projects , I've been asking for it, but I don't have a good chance to repay the open source community , Open source makes the game more open and transparent , It's also a form of giving back to the open source community .

Look at open source , Wang Jiawei compares more vividly :“ The process of open source is like planting trees , Maybe you've planted saplings , Or maybe he was involved in watering and fertilizing , When it finally grows into a towering tree , When we all enjoy the cool under the tree , I believe everyone is happy and happy . This kind of community-based work has been labeled safe since its birth 、 Transparent labels , Naturally, there will be more recognition .”

The process of open source is like planting trees , When it finally grows into a towering tree , All the programmers are in the shade under the tree

By holding programming contests , Voice network continues to play a developer driven advantage , With 5G to ground , According to industry analysis IoT、VR、AR A large number of emerging application scenarios are expected to emerge in other fields . The programming competition has inspired developers to make innovative attempts and experiments in real-time audio and video scenes , It will also feed back the sound network's exploration of new scenes , Keep the core competitiveness .( End )