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Oschina plays on Sunday - before that, I always thought I was a

2020-11-08 01:33:51 Little editor

Osc Playing the song list (2020) Please stamp ( here

【 Today's song 】

Little editor recommends :《 I only have you in my heart without him 》- kid

《 I only have you in my heart without him 》- kid

Cell phone party teenagers want to listen to music , Please poke at ( here
@ Four generations and three gongs : Biden won ?

@nftables-io : Hello , I'm trump , I'm losing , Now it's sad , I want to drink a cup of milk tea to relieve my mood , Hope to turn me 520, To help me recalculate my vote , If re-election is successful , You could be an important member of my next cabinet .

@ Little editor : People want 250 Yuan …… Why do you want so much

For nothing ,

Of course, the more, the better .

@Geek-Chic : The progress of the US election , Let me dream back to ten years ago using the e-donkey download stop in 99.99% The picture that has not moved . Niushop. Small ash

Gods fight ,

It's never finished ,

“ Henggang level .”

Ordinary people like us ,

Just eat melon .

@ To be a man, you must be promising # A day of mourning # See in the circle of friends , High school students , Now I talk about my family's trifles every day , I can't help feeling , Merciless years , Turning us all into ordinary people

People and people ,

It's just different ,

You squeeze into the Superman line ,

You're not feeling well either ,

“ Leaving the nightmare , I'm glad I'm an ordinary person .”

Went to University ,

I want to change my major ,

You need to take an acting test ……

@ Cuboid concrete moving master : It's hard …… I can't help it ……

" Doctor's perspective :CT No lesions were found by color Doppler ultrasound , We will perform exploratory laparotomy under general anesthesia tomorrow "

No surgery !

The operation delayed the shopping on November 11 !

@ಸ_ಸ : A lovely girl like me , Double 11 is a must .

Because you see other people's maglev kittens ,

I'm very envious of ,

You want to buy one too ,

After buying, I found that I had no money at all .

@ Open source China's chief signer : I just slapped my wallet in the face , It's nothing , Just hope it will swell up ... It's so thin that I can't see it anymore !

What do I do ?

“ You take me home , I lost all my money on cat food .”

@ Gentlemanly romance : Every day Dizzy Like a heavy head

“ Change your head and you'll be fine .”


Small Tree's World Tour

Participate in # I make complaints about it # Shortcut to

0、【 US general election | After Georgia ,# Pennsylvania may also recount its votes #】 Because Biden and trump won too close votes in Pennsylvania , American media , Pennsylvania will probably recount its votes . By the end of time , Pennsylvania's vote count has reached 98%, But Biden's lead over trump is just 0.3%, So the final result of the Pennsylvania election is still up in the air .

1、【 The head coach of Italy's national men's football team, Mancini, has tested positive for new coronavirus 】 According to the official website of the Italian Football Association 11 month 6 Daily news , Mancini, head coach of Italy's national men's football team, tested positive for new coronavirus in his team before the UEFA match . at present , Mancini has no new crown symptoms , He is in compliance with the relevant epidemic prevention regulations and quarantined at his home in Rome .

2、【 A man in Guangzhou drinks milk tea every day but loses weight 20 Many jins ? Experts : Maybe ketoacidosis 】 be engaged in IT Industry 28 Young man from Guangzhou, Xiaoqiang , The living habits are very unhealthy : Stay up late and work overtime on weekdays , All night long 、 Never exercise , I still rely on milk tea and cola “ The lives ”, But he did 3 I've been skinny for months 20 A few Jin . The Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University 6 Japanese name ,“ It's so skinny ” Be alert , Maybe ketoacidosis . Experts say , In the early days of Xiaoqiang “ It's so skinny ”, No ” Weight loss success “, But in a state of high glucose toxicity , Because glucose utilization is blocked , Cause a lot of fat to decompose for energy , Cause weight loss too fast . It causes ketoacidosis and significant metabolic imbalance . The hospital found that , Xiaoqiang got 2 Type 2 diabetes mellitus .

3、【 The new coronavirus carried by minks has mutated Further research is needed 】 Local time 11 month 6 Japan , Maria, who's technical director of the health emergency program · Fan · Kohov says , The spread of the new coronavirus in minks has been noticed months ago , Minks are infected with the new coronavirus in contact with humans , The virus then spread among minks , Finally, the virus can be transmitted to humans . A number of studies have been conducted to investigate the condition of Danish minks , There are signs , Some variations of the new coronavirus carried by Danish minks , It could have an impact , But further research is needed .

4、【 Unmanned vaccination chamber : In the future, vaccinations can help themselves !】11 month 6 Japan , Shanghai . At the third Fair , Sanofi Pasteur, a French vaccine company, has brought a “ Intelligent unmanned vaccination cabin ” The concept machine of . In the future, it will be supported by artificial intelligence and other technologies , It can be a fully automated mobile vaccination “ Dot ”.

5、【 Police reported that the man was kneeling in the square : Gang members were killed while serving , Abuse studio planning Street flogging, kneeling 】11 month 6 Japan , Zhengzhou, Henan . The police reported again “ The man was whipped by a woman in the street and knelt ” the : Abusive game studio for financial compensation , Distort the facts . Previously, members of the studio were providing abuse services , Killed by a man .


【 The role of the little tree Play theatre 】

( The playwright of this issue : Little editor , Cameo : @clouddyy

ma'am : Why do you let me go first every time ?

@clouddyy : Childhood habits .



Not in a good mood ?

Pay attention to students' physical and mental health

Please enter what you like to see 【 Doctor Xiaoshu's psychophysiological Clinic 】

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【 Watching TV 】

The first 90 Oscar nominated animated short film 《 Rebellious nursery rhymes 》(BV1eW4117739)

Mobile party teenagers want to watch the video please poke ( here

I can't open it after poking , I can do it .

But the little editor noted the video's BV Number , Please go B Station search .

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【 Today you are guest star 】

@ clouddyy


thank 】

Fight for the building Winner:@ Apollo 2080 ( Officially certified sofa )

@ god tm cat ( Morning )@ Summer eyes Jane ( You can go to bed at ten …… In the morning 7 Point out the obvious …… If 5 Wake up a little bit more , That's too boring. I don't know why )@ nnnm ( The beginning of winter ! Cheerful !)@ The king of Rome ( Eat dumplings …… You can't be wrong as long as you eat dumplings during the festival ……)@ robot -1 ( Morning )@ clouddyy ( Yes Ha ha ha It's a matter of fate )@ Fun task - Focus on task management ( Ha ha ha terrible )@ Papaya cloth ( To make up ……)@ Zjmars ( Have a nice Saturday )

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