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Annual salary of 900000 programmers is not as good as 3800 civil servants a month? How to choose between stability and high income?

2020-11-07 20:19:18 Muge love programming


Programmers and civil servants are enviable jobs , Programmers earn a lot of money , Civil servants win in stability . Two different types of work have their own advantages . But a netizen spoke recently ,  Work should pursue income , Or the pursuit of stability .

A netizen shared his work experience on the Career Forum : I graduated from five famous universities in China , Working as a programmer in Tencent , Annual salary 90 The bottom line . No matter which dimension you look at , The netizen should also be an elite presence in the crowd , But even with this kind of work , Income is still discriminated against by civil servants' cousins .


The cousin of the netizen is a township civil servant , The monthly salary is less than 4000 element , Second born , Also has been urging the netizen back home to participate in the civil service examination . The netizen suffers from kinship , I can't express my dissatisfaction to my cousin , Can only seek resonance on the network .

One is a highly paid but unstable profession represented by programmers , One is a stable but average income career represented by civil servants , The choice of high salary and stability , It's also the helplessness of many employees . Choose high salary or stable , This is a thought-provoking , And discuss the problem .


The netizen's Tucao and helplessness make complaints about the crowd . In parents 、 In the eyes of relatives , Only by entering the system , Talent “ There are units ”.


Taleb in his new book 《 Asymmetric risk 》 Pointed out in , It's different from ancient times when you have to bow in 、 Officials and policy makers who personally lead soldiers to the front line , There are a lot of so-called “ Experts ” And public officials , Just sit in the office , You can make your own profit 、 Policies and institutions that never take responsibility .

Once these policies are successful , The credit goes to them , And if it fails , It would be attributed to the unexpected Black Swan incident , The loss is borne by the whole society , As in the United States 2008 The financial crisis of .

Such a phenomenon , In our lives , It's no stranger : easily , There are experts who don't have to work , Suggest to cancel a holiday 、 Experts who don't have to buy their own homes , The news of the proposal to cancel the provident fund appears , Arousing netizens to curse …… Some people think that : The netizen's cousin only pursues stability , But gave up a high quality of life and a high level of income , This is the typical frog in the well mentality .

It's good to pursue stability , But in such a competitive society ,  Where to get a stable career ?  The pursuit of stability is to create a comfortable circle for yourself , You don't know that a month's income of others is the money you can earn in your whole life .



Different people , Facing these two risks is different , Jobs with different incomes , All have their own choices . But anyway , Programmers, too , Civil servants , They all belong to the occupation category with relatively good conditions , As for the choice , It's also because individual pursuits and needs are different .

My friend Zhao also shared his experience : After college , Xiao Zhao Yi flatly refused his family's request to take an examination of civil servants , She has a big city dream of her own .

And as she wishes , After graduation, she entered a very good company , Become the manager of the company's personnel department . But not for long , Less than a month , Xiao Zhao was beaten to pieces by reality : It's common to work late into the night , Participate in company social activities , Drinking to vomit is even more common . A good salary could have made Zhao bite his teeth and stick to it , But as enthusiasm is consumed day by day , Xiao Zhao also felt more and more incompetent .

later , Xiao Zhao was in a physical examination , Find out that you have high blood pressure , Fatty liver disease . Now she , I realized that I was overdrawn to earn money . In desperation , She followed her parents' advice , Go home and test civil servants , The income is not as high as before , But life is also stable .

Civil servants are increasingly becoming the first choice for young people who are fighting in cities . that , We should stick to our dreams , Get high income with your own hard work , Or embrace reality , Pursuing a secure job ?

Stability and high income , How to choose ? A lot of people and the above netizens , Like Xiao Zhao in the case , There is no choice but to choose a career . One side , They linger on the reassurance of stable work , On the other hand, it's hard to beat the fighting enthusiasm in the blood of youth , Want to pursue higher income , Embrace a better life .

Civil servants represent reality , Programmers represent ideals . Secure and high paying jobs , How to choose ? It's a matter of the palm and the back of the hand , You can only choose one , Only understand what you want , To choose the right answer for yourself .


First of all , You can't have both fish and bear paws , Sometimes stability and high income , Namely 2 choose 1 Result .

Choose a high salary , Or is it safe , This choice , Only one can be made . There is no high salary in the world , Easy and stable work .  Like the poet Robert · Frost's poetry 《 Unselected Road 》 As it says in :“ There are two roads in the Yellow forest , Unfortunately, I can't get involved at the same time ”.


Choose high salary or stable , It's the problem that you can't have it both ways . Before making a choice , First of all, understand , It's a single choice , To make a decision , More in line with their own conditions , In order to walk out of a more suitable for their own road . Blindly catering to other people's expectations , No matter how hard you try, you can't get inner peace , We need to be more authentic 、 A more internal perspective , Find a solution .

second , Money is the foundation of one's life , Taking the advantage of young , It's better to make more money .

I remember that when an employee resigned, he wrote that moved many people's reasons for resignation :“ The world is so big , I want to see it !” This gentle , An idealistic resignation letter , It's Gao Xiaosong “ Life is not just about the present , And poetry and distance ” A portrait of .

However, in addition to being moved , Can support a young man to walk away , Take a walk away trip , Not the ambition of a good man , It's a deposit in the bank that gives you a sense of security . It's like 《 Talk show 》 The thought of the fire , Once said such a sentence : “ Now there's a deposit , Nothing is afraid of , Even without talking about talk shows , Money is enough for me to enjoy myself for a long time .”  Such confidence , It all comes from Siwen's confidence as an independent woman .

Talk show actors , It's not what people call a stable career , But it makes Siwen earn the income that little white collars couldn't earn before , Enjoy the life that I couldn't enjoy before . young , Making more money is serious . A lot of people only see 35 After the age of 18, programmers are forced to leave , But nobody noticed that 35 Before age , Programmers earn 35 Enjoy the money of life after the age of . Even if programmers have 35+ The phenomenon of , But their income is very high .

Third 、 Think about what you want , Respect each other's choices , Don't envy what others have .

Make a decision , The essence is to figure out what you need , What's your purpose . Mao Wenchao and Qu Fang, the founders of xiaohongshu , One is a young talent who graduated from a famous university with high salary , One is the white-collar workers who have leisure and stable work in state-owned enterprises .

Before starting a business , They all have enviable jobs . But it's because you know you don't want to live without passion forever , The days of working for others , They choose to start a business without hesitation , Starting from scratch . Think about what you want , Respect your choice , Don't envy others , Firmly follow your own path . That's the only way , Only when you are faced with difficulties and setbacks , Be happy with , Can also be questioned by others , Let's just say :  It's none of your business! ?

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