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What do you think of the most controversial programming ideas?

2020-11-07 20:19:12 Three ah three water

Programming is relatively a highly professional technical work , There are also a lot of programmers around the world , Every day people talk about what programming languages are best , Standards for good programmers, etc . Let's take a look at some of the most controversial programming ideas .

1.   Programmers who don't program for fun in their spare time , Never compare with those who enjoy programming .

I think even the smartest 、 The most talented people , If it's just programming as a job , And never a really good programmer . People who enjoy programming do small projects in their spare time , Or play with different programming languages and programming ideas .

2.    Unit testing doesn't help you write good code .

The only reason to write unit tests is to make sure that the code that already works doesn't go wrong . It's ridiculous to write tests first or code by tests . If you write a test before the code , You don't know what the boundary is . Although it can make the code pass the test , But there are problems when things are not foreseen . and , Good developers try to reduce cohesion , It's impossible to add new code to make an existing one go wrong .

3.    The only universal best practice , yes " Think in your head ".

Too many people like to pursue so many fashionable technologies , Try every means to 、 Pattern 、 Frames are used where they don't fit . New technology and celebrity big bull's point of view do not apply to the actual situation .

4.    Most of the comments in code are actually a vicious manifestation of code duplication .

It is necessary to annotate the code , But not every item should be annotated . too bad 、 error 、 Outdated and misleading comments can also lead to worse results . Many people think that we should focus on improving the readability of the code . Many textbooks still preach that annotations are even more important than code , The result is a lot of nonsense commentary . In fact, there is a special meaning in the code , Or relatively complex , It needs to be annotated , Simple code , It's easy to understand at a glance , There's no need to annotate it .

5.    rely on Google What's wrong? .

This kind of talk will certainly annoy those who are well-educated . But everybody needs to check the information. It's not ? The right answer is the right answer , It doesn't matter which secret script or private secretary it comes from , still Google What comes out? ? It's important to really understand , And give a successful programming solution , Make the customer and the boss satisfied .

6.    Programmers are not created equal .

Managers tend to think that programmers A== The programmer B, Because they are about the same age . actually , One developer can be ten or even a hundred times more efficient than another .

7.    I really can't understand why C Language is the first language most suitable for university teaching , It's obviously out of date .

There was a question on a website before , And because the way of questioning is suspected of provoking war , It is known that the administrator re edited and released .

Before editing

After editing

University education , In especial 985、211 This is one of the top universities in China , General education should not be emphasized , We should pay more attention to the foundation in the major 、 Bottom 、 The principle of bias . Only when you have mastered the core things , It's easy to learn those skills .

Time can prove everything ,C Language has a history of more than 40 years , But today , Still occupy all the year round TIOBE Top three programming languages , Even at the top of the list , This is enough to show that it is an enduring language .


8.    If you only know one language , No matter how proficient , Still not a good programmer .

Some people think that , As long as you are proficient in C#、Java Or whatever the first language you learned , That's enough .

Anyone is limited to one language , They can't give full play to their potential . And a lack of curiosity and desire to explore , It doesn't fit the characteristics of a good programmer .

Now there are a lot of people who are developing into full stack engineers , A lot of people don't understand , In fact, the real meaning of the whole stack is not to learn a few more techniques , It's about saying , You have the ability to completely transform an idea into a product . This ability allows you to move from a screw that cannot be detached from the production line 、 Employees who can't survive without the company , It becomes a job for you , To your own life , A person who has the right to choose his own career .

9.    It doesn't hurt to write junk code occasionally .

I've also shared how to keep your code clean , Today I'll tell you how to write junk code . But sometimes there are specific tasks , Fast and dirty code can handle it . Who doesn't want to be lazy , Pattern 、ORM、SRP( Principle of single responsibility ) Forget it .

10.   print Statement is an effective debugging method .

I think it uses System.out.println Such output statements debugging code is very good . This is often faster than formal debugging , And you can compare the output of different runs . But be sure to delete these statements before putting them into production , Or put them in a log statement .

11.    Your job is to pick yourself up .

As mentioned above, we write notes for the convenience of others and Fang Bo Ni himself , The software you write should make it easy for any other developer to understand and take over . Software should be elegant in design , The code is clear and consistent , The format is clean , The documentation is appropriate , Daily construction , There is proper version management . The more you do this , The more valuable you are to the company . Don't be afraid to be replaced , If you teach someone to take your place , There's no place for you in the current position , You can only get promoted ~

12.   getter and setter It's been overused .

Thousands of people say that public fields are evil , It should be private , Provide getter and setter. I don't think it's different , Unless the program is multithreaded , Or access methods have business or presentation logic ( That's weird enough ). I'm not in favor of public fields , It's just against using access methods or property packages , It's called encapsulation 、 Hidden information .

13.   SQL Code, too , Please wait and see .

SQL and C#, Java Or something else 、 Process languages are no different , Notice the format of the code 、 Readability and maintainability .

14.   UML The graph is overrated .

Some of the graphs are of course useful , such as Composite The class diagram of the pattern . But many UML The pictures are worthless .

15.    Readability is the most important aspect of code .

More important than correctness . Readable code is also easy to fix , Easy to optimize 、 modify 、 understand . And other developers can benefit from it .

16.   XML Be greatly overestimated .

A lot of people go with the flow XML The people in this black boat have no brains .XML be used for Web Good application , Because that's what it's all about . In addition, the problem definition 、 Design ideas should try not to XML.


17.    Software development is just a job .

Work is not all , Why is there “ Workers ” Appearance of words , It's because the meaning of the word is in line with the psychology of the public . But a lot of people forget , We don't work for work , Work is a good service for life . Many developers also forget that writing programs is not the ultimate goal , It just provides us with conditions , To happily do the most important things in life .

18.    Developers should be able to write code .

Has this become a controversial point of view ……

19.    Design patterns do more harm than good .

software design , Especially good software design is ever-changing , There's no way to summarize in a meaningful way , Especially those patterns that you remember , And these patterns are too abstract , In fact, few people really remember too much . So design patterns don't really work . On the other hand , There are too many people obsessed with the concept of design patterns , Try to use it everywhere —— The result code is often in addition to meaningless singletons and abstract factories , There's hardly any design .

20.    Less code is better .

There's no need for lengthy code , Less and better is the purpose .

There are other different views :

21. Performance is really important .

22. Enterprise applications are funny . need n Years of experience is bullshit . Computer science degree course is pure fraud .

23. Unit testing doesn't help you write good code , Most of the so-called best practices in software engineering are designed to prevent bad programmers from doing too much damage .

24. Every programmer should be familiar with the architecture of modern computers .

25. Write a little method .

26. PHP It's rotten !

27. C++ It's one of the worst languages ever .

28. Most professional programmers are bad .

29. To be a programmer , You have to learn to type first .

30. The more rules there are outside of programming , The worse the quality of the code .

31. Computer science should only be a minor degree .

32. New programmers haven't figured out how to break down problems and turn solutions into code , It's a big mistake to introduce object orientation to them .

33. Complex compiler optimizations have little value , Even if you get faster code . They can greatly reduce compilation speed and are likely to produce intractable bug, Make it more difficult to deal with performance problems .

34. You can't allow someone without ten years of programming experience to write libraries for others . Ignore this , Regret for life .

35. It doesn't matter whether the code is ugly or not . There is no format and whether the code works 、 It doesn't matter to be reliable , You can let automation tools organize the format .

36. Pure functional programming doesn't work . It works well in a bunch of commands .

37. The fixed thinking of software engineering can hinder you from making great works .


What's your opinion ? Come to the comments section and tell me about it ~


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