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What do you have left after 30?

2020-11-07 20:15:36 Long Qu Jian

Before writing , Actually , I'm still very happy , Because I always want to write an article about myself , Think twice about , It can also be regarded as a double check for myself , Finally, I made up my mind to write it out .

It's already here “ thirtysomething ” The age of , You can't be 20-year-old , You can't be forty years old , Carrying more pressure , Full of anxiety about the future .

that ,30 What's left of me after I'm old ?

This title , I came up with it today , The following is a list of their current situation from several aspects .

One 、 health

Less to stay up late , Less to stay up late , Less to stay up late , Important things are to be repeated for 3 times !

I don't want to stay up late either , But I have to say , Working at night is efficient , If you can get up after noon the next day , Otherwise . But still not recommended , This is chronic suicide .

30 A man of many years old , Stay up all night , A week of depression , I can't slow down , It's obviously not as good as just graduating .

Staying up late is especially forgetful , Memory declines quickly , Like forgetting to punch in .

Conditional , Be sure to have a physical examination once a year

Because of a sudden pain in the left side of the stomach , It was found to be a kidney stone , It's still in a very difficult position to take stones ( In the kidney exhibition ).

According to the treatment plan , I need to bring a tube , Since I brought the tube , Walking is a problem . Don't walk too much every day , Walking too much, urinating blood and urine , I've been tortured until now , Fortunately, there is only one tube left , It's not that bad .

Tell me about it , Health problems should not be ignored , Like stones 、 Fatty liver disease 、 The heart 、 blood fat 、 Blood sugar and so on , All need attention , Develop good eating habits , Eat less foods with high cholesterol and fat , More light food .

Of course , also More exercise 、 Exercise more , It's good for lung capacity , Improve your body indicators , The point is to lose weight , Stay away from fatty liver ., It's very important to keep in good health .

Two 、 memory

People say that the older you are, the more forgetful you are , But I just 30 A little more , How can So forgetful ?.

It starts with the first general anesthesia operation , After the operation , My memory is particularly poor .

After being pushed back on the day of the operation , And started talking nonsense , It scared my sister . Of course , This is my first operation , The day of the operation , I don't remember anything , That's all my sister told me .

The first operation , Very successful , After discharge, but , I went to work I don't feel right .

Why? ? Because my poor memory has seriously affected my work .

People talk to me , I'll forget it soon , Sometimes even sometimes talking , And then it was broken , I don't know what to say .

The first instinct is that there are too many anesthetics , Become stupid , I X, How could this happen to me , I was stupid , What am I gonna do? , Early Alzheimer's disease .

What saddens me most is that there is still a month to go , I'm going to take the test Ma Yuan 了 , What I read and what I recite , Forget the next day , It's definitely a spirit to me Torture and attack .

But it didn't break me down , I adjusted my review strategy , There has been some improvement , But I still feel that I always forget . not so bad , Finally, I passed the exam .

later , I went to consult my high school classmates again ( The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine ) And the doctor . The doctor's answer was official , No sharing .

My classmate gave me some Chinese medicine and some health products , I bought some more walnuts , Later I felt a little better . I don't know if it's in the heart ?

After the second operation , Obviously better memory than before , And read a Book 300 A multi page novel takes about time 3.5 Hours , You can basically remember every plot , You can also tell people , It seems It's really the anesthesiologist that matters .

Under supplementary instructions , Staying up late really leads to forgetfulness , Keep a good mood , No insomnia , because Sleep is really important .

3、 ... and 、 Fall in love ≠ marriage

Love doesn't mean marriage , It's a prerequisite for marriage .

I went to the hospital , And talked about a doctor girlfriend , My classmate introduced ha , Don't gossip , But in the end , Still can't walk together .

This love , Let me understand more , I know myself better , Thank her for accompanying me through this period of time .

When it's time to get married ?

This problem , I thought about it for a long time , There has never been a specific answer .

I have seen such a sentence in Zhihu :

If people are wrong , What's the use of marriage ? It's not that you have to leave !

Some people can't stand loneliness , Casually find someone to fall in love with ;

Some people can't stand the urge from their families , I'll find someone to get married ;

Some people are afraid of life 25 It's not easy to have children , I'm looking for a baby .

Those who get married to get married , In the end, it's not like leaving , Is in the “ Want to leave but not easy to leave ” On the edge of pain .( Excuse me , I suddenly want to sing that sentence of the letter : If you want to stay, you can't stay ...)

Marriage itself is an adventure , You bet on him , He bet on you, too . This bet doesn't have to be played with someone you love , But at least you can't gamble for a moment .

therefore , I think now that I'm at this age , Marriage should not blindly hold “ casual ” The attitude of .

Actually , There should be a kind of “ Yes, this is the man ” The feeling of .

It's like we go shopping , May be repeatedly in the choice of , But the final choice must be which one you like best , That is to say “ Yes, it's him ” This kind of feeling .( I don't know if this metaphor is appropriate , Over your face ...)

So before I want to get married , Talk to yourself :

Whether you know each other well enough , Under this premise , Be able to tolerate all the shortcomings of the other party 、 Whether they can accept each other's living habits 、 Whether two people have common pursuit 、 If two people get married , The overall standard of living has declined , Is it acceptable 、 Whether two people have the same values 、 Whether two people can get along with each other harmoniously and simply ..... Problems, etc. .

If your answers to these questions are in the affirmative, or if you are willing to accommodate the other person and get the approval of the answer , Then you will be happy after you get married , Or it will only accommodate more and more .

If the answer is no , that , It's time to continue searching for the next one on the way to true love .

About marriage , It's not time that matters , It's people. .

Not everyone can be very lucky to meet in the most beautiful years, most want to marry / The man I married .

If you meet , Please cherish , Because he might run away ;

If you haven't met , take it easy , Wait patiently , She will come !

Four 、 friend

Since two surgeries left the hospital , People seem to have changed a little , I can't say , But it's very clear that , Some friends need to be maintained for a long time .

I once saw a question in Zhihu : Why? 30 I feel lonely when I'm old , There will be fewer and fewer friends ?

One of the answers was particularly poignant :

Because old friends are drifting away , New friends are hard to form close ties .

This is like comparison. , You have a lot of friends on wechat and on the phone , But when you're looking for someone to talk to , But I don't know who to look for .

After middle age , The alarm clock in everyone's heart will ring .

Everything has priorities and costing , In making friends , More emphasis on cost performance , Never “ Do you want it or not? ”, It is “ Value not worth ”.

Two months ago , My new book has been published , Just after I sent a circle of friends to share my joy , A series of feedback is coming .

It's kind of nice 、 Congratulations 、 A private chat to express congratulations 、 There are slanders 、 Of course, there are still a lot of Party members , For books .

Yes , The key point is to say that these students who have reached out to the party for books , Excuse me, , I know you ? Are we familiar ?

When I was reviewing the manuscript , None of them have time , This will come to ask why books are so active ?

The word friend , What I can see now is the ugliness of human nature .

friend , Should we be so realistic ?

From writing to Publishing , It's really tough .

No matter from whose point of view, I hope the book will sell well , But , I'm not a big performer , There is no certain flow effect , Not to mention sales , Even few people know about it .

I'd like to thank you, Mr. Chen 、 Mr. Gu Xiang , And those friends who help me to proofread without paying back .

The egg always
We met in a technology exchange group , It's been at least five years in a flash . although , I don't cover my face , But there has always been technical exchange . The book of 80% Almost all of the content was reviewed by him , It's really interesting .

Old Chen
Former JD architect , stay VIPTest Get to know... In the community , Every time I talk to Lao Chen , I feel very comfortable , There is no shelf at all , And more like a big brother . Because of Lao Chen's preface and propaganda , So that the new book can be published smoothly .

Mr. Gu Xiang
He is a teacher with a rigorous attitude towards learning and years of teaching experience , And there are many books of my own , Meet by chance , It is also because of Mr. Gu's recommendation and publicity , So that the new book can be published smoothly .

Thank you again for , Once helped my friend , Because of your presence in life , That makes my life shine .

5、 ... and 、 deposit

Several hospital operations , Add something else , I can say that I have no money left , Every month I'm trying to pay off the mortgage .

Now, all year round , But it turns out that one year later , There's nothing left .

Suddenly feel , poor , It seems to be a common fault of many people .

This age , If you want to achieve no result , Want background, no background , The only joy of life , I don't even have a girlfriend .

But fortunately, I have a goal , Have something special you want to do , And I've been working on it , It's just that there's a real pinch right now .

Take care of yourself first , And then polish yourself , Try to live the life you want .

6、 ... and 、 Study

Learn about it , From self-discipline and self drive , Learning is the only thing , In order to fill your heart .

From the perspective of result orientation , It's important for you to learn it .

Of course , This is a benign one , natural , There is another kind of passive learning , Low output , Which one really varies from person to person .

As far as I'm concerned , Now I want to learn a lot , But there's no guarantee to study every day , After all, people are not sages .

I love playing games, too , Just a week ago , I also went to buy auxiliary , Go to hillock again , The aid is really good and stable , But I played until the seventh day , Don't want to play , It's boring , To give up .

Intuitively , I seem to be a half done person , ha-ha .

Tell me the truth , Playing games can only make you more empty , More confused .

Even if you blow up a lot of good equipment or five kill many times , After the game , Still hungry , Face the reality .

Of course , Only when you're in a bad mood , I'll play games to kill my emotions , After reason , Game unload , This is not recommended , Differ from man to man .

Wrote this , I have to say , It's really about learning and thinking , Only continuous progress , Not to be left behind .

If excellence is not enough, are you irreplaceable !

Why do you say that? ?

It took me about a week to catch up with 《 Legend of Bruce Lee 》 The show , I really feel that I have benefited a lot .

Bruce Lee , Run ten kilometers a day , Combine martial arts with philosophy , Build a martial arts system , Create Jeet kune do , The revelation to me :

  • Do one thing every day , That will become your good habit

  • Learning anything is the same , Keep thinking and summarizing , Maybe there will be more .

7、 ... and 、 Last

30 year , It is not fearful , Read more 、 Walk with good people , Be diligent , Then it's not too late .

Last , No matter what age , Take good care of your body , Health is the most important thing !

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