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How to learn technology efficiently

2020-11-07 20:15:26 Coding brick house

   We believe that studying hard will bring us harvest , But the method is not right , It's exhausting , There is no tangible return . In high school , My classmate is a beautiful girl . Her physics score is very poor , Although she studies very hard , But the results are always unsatisfactory . In order to consolidate the pure classmate relationship , I coached her physics intimately , Find out She didn't know what to test for . Our textbooks and test questions are all around the test outline , See a question , We should first think about which theorem and formula it is testing .
   Many friends read technical articles every day , But I forgot to clean it the next day . Leaders and colleagues at work recognize your communication and technical skills , But the job hopping interview has met many obstacles . The interviewer asked about the technical proposal , I am clear in my heart , Say it with your mouth, but the preface doesn't match the postscript . The interviewer then asks the underlying algorithm , You said you saw it but forgot . He doesn't care if you have seen , If you can't answer it, it's zero . It's like a blind date , A man's natural speech can attract a girl . But the man was nervous , Usually I can say , At the critical moment, I falter , The girl must think he can't . Life is full of tests , Tangible and intangible , There is only one chance for each exam .
   After five years and ten years of work , Others become architects , I'm still rolling at the grassroots level , What's the reason ? There are many reasons why you can't be promoted successfully in the workplace , No continuous learning 、 Learning effect is not good 、 I can't pass the interview of my favorite company , It must be a very important reason .
   Think of yourself as a computer , Existing input , There must also be output , Use the output to force the input .

What to learn

Foundation and Application

   In recent years, many new technologies have emerged , For example, the most fashionable AI( It's still in the stage of mental retardation ), Mathematics is based on the probability statistics that junior high school has been exposed to . Ten thousand feet tall building starts from the ground , Don't be blinded by new tools or middleware , Blindly pursue new things for speed . Basic knowledge is the foundation of all technology , It will not change for a long time to come , It should take enough time to consolidate the foundation .
   Take data structure and algorithm as an example , Let's read it Java Of BitSet Source code , There are a lot of shift operations in it , Good command of shift operation , Look at this source code, no problem .Java Synchronization tool class AQS It uses a two-way linked list , The knowledge of linked list is not qualified , I don't know how it works . Internet companies like to test algorithms , In order to pass the interview, you should also be proficient in algorithms .
   With Java What an engineer should know, for example , Six gradients according to importance :

  • The first gradient : The principle of computer organization 、 Data structures and algorithms 、 Network communication principle 、 Operating system principle ;
  • The second gradient :Java Basics 、JVM Memory model and GC Algorithm 、JVM performance tuning 、JDK Tools 、 Design patterns ;
  • The third gradient :Spring series 、Mybatis、Dubbo The application and principle of mainstream framework ;
  • The fourth gradient :MySQL( contain SQL Programming )、Redis、RabbitMQ/RocketMQ/Kafka、ZooKeeper The application and principle of database or middleware ;
  • The fifth gradient :CAP theory 、BASE theory 、Paxos and Raft Algorithms and other distributed theories ;
  • The sixth gradient : Containerization 、 big data 、AI、 Blockchain and other cutting-edge technology theory ;

Some students think that the fifth gradient should be moving to the first gradient . In fact, the daily life of many small companies is as ordinary as that of Gutianle , It's a long way from a large distributed architecture . When learning framework and middleware , Master the theory of distribution , better .

Breadth and depth

   The recruitment of many companies JD There is no age threshold for technicians , But I will add “ The breadth and depth of knowledge comparable to age ”. How wide is wide , How deep is the depth ? This is a very subjective topic , There is no discussion here .
   How can it become wider and deeper ? Break through the bottleneck of rising income , Discover your true interests .
   Most people are just ordinary employees of the company , The bottleneck of income rise is promotion and salary increase . many IT The company will have a rating for its technicians , If your rating is not high , Then try to upgrade according to the promotion rules . If you're in a small company , The income is average , The prospect of development is not clear , Preparing for an interview in a big factory is the best learning process . In these processes , You must learn more , To become wider and deeper .
   Personal interest is one of the driving forces , Many well-known open source projects are based on the author's interest . Personal interests are not limited to technical fields , It could be something else . I have a friend who likes to play mountain bike , And some self media contributions on bicycle topics . in the course of time , I can write a good article , I believe he can also write technical documents .


   Philosophy is not a profound subject , Its practical significance is to solve problems . How do young guys pick up girls ? Three days and two flowers , Kneel in public and beg for love . Why can such a routine always succeed ? Gifts satisfy a woman's material desires , Courting in public to satisfy a woman's vanity , hit on what one likes . The canteen aunt's hand is shaking more and more , Spicy chicken becomes spicy , Why? ? The canteen should control the cost , Raising the price directly will make people angry .
   Philosophy of Science , Generally speaking, it refers to the study of the law of the development of things , Summarize the ultimate solution . There are a lot of philosophical works in the software industry , such as 《 One month myth 》. for instance , When the software system encounters performance problems , Try the following two philosophies to improve performance :

  • Space for time : For example, introducing cache , Consume extra storage to improve response speed .
  • Time for space : For example, the fragmentation of large files , Summarize the results after processing in sections .

Design robust and highly available systems , Try to think about it in three ways :

  • Storage : Will the data be lost , How to solve data consistency .
  • Calculation : Calculate how to expand , Is the application allowed to add nodes at will .
  • transmission : What to do with network interruption or congestion .

From countless experiences of failure or success , Summarize a highly general plan , Let's do better next .


   English is a very important foundation , Learning English well is as important as mastering programming language . Let alone the requirements of foreign enterprises for English , Many famous blogs translate English into Chinese , To be a porter of knowledge . If English is good enough , Read first-hand English materials directly , Avoid the fallacies of other people's translation .

How to learn

Knowledge system

   Systematic knowledge is easier to remember and understand than scattered knowledge , It's like a good TV play , The plot is linked to attract the audience . We suggest that you use mind map to list knowledge points , Build architecture , As shown in the figure below :

Overcome forgetfulness

   High school is the pinnacle of our knowledge , A weekly quiz, a monthly Quiz , Teaching materials pile up into mountains , Hellish practice reinforces memory . Review is the only way to fight forgetting . The forgetting of the brain is regular , First fast then slow . A day later , The knowledge learned is only the original 25%, Even lower . as time goes on , The speed of forgetting slows down , The number of forgets is reduced .

The time interval Memory capacity
Just finished 100%
20 Minutes later 60%
1 Hours later, 40%
1 Days later 30%
2 Days later 27%

Everyone's forgetfulness is different , It is suggested to review the content of the previous day the next day , Review everything in seven days .

Fragmented time

   Many friends use their spare time to study , For example, the official account is pushed on the bus . In fact, we all overestimate our anti-interference ability , If you are in a noisy environment , Attention is easily interrupted , Memory retention is also very low . Fragment time is suitable for learning simple and isolated knowledge points , For example, the definition and implementation of linked list .
   Learn complex knowledge , It takes a lot of continuous time . The library is a good place , Quiet atmosphere is good . Put the cell phone aside , Don't listen to QQ WeChat , It's best to read paper books , Soak up all day . In some cities, there are paid study rooms , Provide a cubicle 、 Tea and so on , It's also a very good choice .

To use

Technology sharing

   From the picture below we can see , Teaching others is the best way to retain knowledge .

   Get ready PPT And the content of the speech , Share technology with colleagues . Not only review knowledge , And exercise eloquence . Once there was a colleague who spoke quickly and hurriedly , There are many mantras , such as " Right 、 Is it right? ”, People often can't hear , But he didn't think so . The leader asked him to share technology several times , The reaction of the audience can be imagined , Only then did he fully recognize the shortcomings .
   Stick to technology blogs , Don't mind that what you write has been repeated thousands of times on the Internet . When you do it yourself , Only to realize that the eyes are high and the hands are low . Let the article read smoothly and clearly , It needs painstaking revision . Writing is a long-term test of the brain , I can't imagine that I can't write , If you don't think clearly, you can't write clearly .

Make a wheel

We often say don't make wheels again . In order to develop efficiency , You don't have to make wheels , But you have to be able to make wheels . It is suggested to make a simple MQ, You can use the communication protocol 、 Design patterns 、 Queue and so on . In the process of making wheels , You'll read various manuals or blogs frequently , This is it. Use the output to force the input .

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