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EOS founder BM: what's the difference between UE, UBI and URI?

2020-11-06 20:27:11 Gavin talking about defi

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EOS founder BM In a few days ago 2020 year 10 month 30 This article was published on August 1 to discuss Universal Earned Income(UEI)、Universal Basic Income(UBI)、Universal Resource Inheritance(URI) Differences among the three , It's a general expression of dissatisfaction with the concept swapping in elections —— because UBI It sounds like a freeloader , So use something better UEI Instead, it's a political ploy . But this kind of national income gets , Is it necessary to pass “ earn ” To obtain a ? You can still get something for nothing ? It's an interesting point .

by comparison ,BM The previous two articles about UBI、URI This article has more reference value :

  • BM stay 2015 year 1 Published in 《The basics of Basic Income》 Key points : Everyone should have a minimum income , Get the first world “ The middle class ” The standard of living of .UBI Can replace existing welfare and social security programs , But what can support UBI Well ? If the U.S. government pays each person monthly 1000 The basic income in dollars is the overall cost 3.8 Trillions of dollars —— More than the federal government taxes , So federal taxes can't support UBI.“ Inflation ” It's the redistribution of wealth from the original rich to the new , It seems that it can be UBI The ideal source of funds . however BM This view is denied by argument , It is proposed that if the inflation rate is used instead of tax payment UBI, So high inflation will make the rich don't want to own it at all , Then there will be only sellers and no buyers , It makes the blockchain impossible to realize “ Basic income ” The concept of .
  • BM stay 2016 year 11 month 12 Published on 《Allocating the Unearned Resources of the Universe》 in , Conceived URI Mechanism : Everyone on earth will issue the same amount of money , All the resources on earth will be auctioned , Who is willing to burn most of their shares , Who can win the auction , In this case, the asset is allocated to the person who values it most . If from burning , Instead, the proceeds of the auction are divided among others , You can create an economic mechanism with a fixed money supply , And it can be bought and sold by people . Voluntary transactions transfer assets to people who use assets most favorably , In the end, this process will increase the total global wealth .

BM Of UBI The inference in this paper is more dependent on per capita 1000 The dollar figure , But the difference that this number brings to different countries and regions is too big , So for now ,BM We should pay attention to the logic of , But the conclusion should be more open .

BM stay URI The mechanism of the prospect in this paper is very similar to CirclesUBI The solution you need right now —— There needs to be an injection of assets . But based on UBI.city Design and thinking of , I don't think assets should be just earth resources , or CirclesUBI founder Martin The promotion of physical online and offline trading , In fact, it should be more inclusive , For example, it can also be virtual financial assets and any other investment value 、 Something of use value , Whether you want to have access to this resource , The choice lies in UBI Holder of , And the way of resource acquisition should be more likely than combustion or infrared .

We are witnessing the demise of language , Because words are abused in a way that goes against their meaning . Communication needs to be discussed and the two sides agree on the meaning of the word . We can all understand , Speaking Spanish with Russians is unlikely to produce effective communication . Both sides know that this message has not been delivered , They can act accordingly . however , If two people use the same word, they give the word different meanings , What will happen ? Usually , The result is unintentional communication errors , But in the hands of politicians , Deliberate abuse and destruction of language are weapons of Mass Deception .

A skillful politician abuses his words , Build alliances between people who think they agree , But it's not . It's a lie and a lie . Its purpose is to lure others into believing something that is not in line with reality . People are not only cheated , And lost the ability to communicate with each other ! This makes it more difficult to expose deception . Communication has been interrupted , The only way to recover is to consciously define the meaning of words every time you speak .

When people don't know the meaning of a word , Communication takes longer . When people have different opinions about the meaning of words , It can shift the broader discussion to “ Appropriate ” In the debate over definition . People not only lose the ability to communicate , And lost the ability to think clearly . Words are the handle of thought , If the meaning of the word is confused , So is the thought . To corrode language for political purposes is like using atomic bombs to achieve military purposes . The collateral damage and radiation will take decades to recover , And make the land you want to conquer uninhabitable .

With this background , Let's look at examples of this abuse of language .

Dictionary defined Universal Earned Income(UEI)

From a historical perspective , Google can usually provide a good definition of a word . in other words , Our dictionaries and encyclopedias publishers are increasingly changing words “ Dictionaries ” The meaning of , To adapt to the political agenda . When they do this , The real meaning doesn't actually change , But it brings destruction to the word in ambiguity . At least , We have reason to expect people to use words consistently , And it's not contradictory . therefore , There's no need to delay , Anyone who knows English can understand the meaning of general income :


  • Universal universal : The impact of all people or things in the world or in a particular group , For all cases .


  • Due reward for an act or achievement .
  • Due to service or service ( money ) Return .


  • In particular, received within a specified period of time , Money in return for work or investment .

By contrast , What is the description in the mainstream third-party presidential campaign ?

  • Each American will be provided with the same amount of UEI.
  • UEI It ensures that all Americans, as members of the American political and economic system, can meet their basic needs .

UEI(Universal Earned Income) Of course, it's universal , For everyone . Because IRS wants almost all revenue to take into account tax ,UEI It's just income in a broad sense . The IRS also admits that income and Gift The difference between . however “ earn ” What about the word ? What kind of behavior must the individual provide 、 achievement 、 Ability to work or serve earn This kind of income ? Based on the description , No need to do anything . This is a “Universal” Appropriations for .

How much does it cost to allocate money ? Enough to satisfy “ basic ” The needs of . That's right Universal Basic Income Reinterpretation of , Use less honest language to attract those who think it needs to earn (earned) And the income earners . This deceptive name attracts taxpayers , It also attracts people who receive relief . Few people like to think of themselves as “ People who eat nothing ”. If you already believe that you rely on “ earn ” Got the money , It's much easier to accept other people's money . No one likes to give money to others , But everyone thinks it's just compensation “ earn ” Money man . When people voluntarily become accomplices to their own deception , The fall of language is the most successful .

Except for the letter , I'm not sure that the general “ earned ”(earned) Income and general fundamentals (basic) Any difference between income . This fact describes UEI We've got further support on our website :

“ General income (Universal Income) Got the academic world 、 The support of business leaders and politicians . Supporters include Milton · friedman ( Leading free market economists )、 The philosopher Thomas · Penn and the business innovator Elon · musk .”

ad locum , They gave up “ earn ”(earned) The word" , And claim to support UBI People are supporting UEI. If these are really two separate concepts , So suppose UBI Support is UEI The supporting evidence is insincere . If they're really the same concept , It will be UBI Rename as UEI It's also insincere .

The president asked me about the candidate UBI, And actively “ correct ” Its use UEI The mistake of this word . Although I think the presidential candidate is a friend , I sincerely believe that he is a good friend , But I think everyone has to hold others accountable for language pollution , Especially for political purposes . I hope his campaign can be for “ earned ”(earned) The reason for the word , as well as UEI With the well-known UBI How different the concepts are , Or change their language to show what they really mean UBI.

Universal resource inheritance (URI) And UBI

these years , Wrote a lot about UBI The article . In the first article 《 The basis of basic income 》 in , The concept is not sustainable in economy and moral defense from the perspective of liberalist . A few years later , By asking about Allocate the unprofitable resources of the world After the question , It is concluded that the Universal resource inheritance (Universal Resource Inheritance) The concept of . Obviously , I'm not against giving everyone money every month . I'm against the corruption of language , Trying to deceive those who think they have to earn money to support an unsustainable system of rights . I call my concept Universal resource inheritance (URI), Because it is related to UBI As like as an apple is to an oyster , It's not demand based , And it's a unique concept in Philosophy .URI Realized UBI Most of the same goals of , But it was done in a way that originated from the primary principles and economically sustainable .


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