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What did I do right when I entered a large factory from a small company?

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The story has to come from 19 In the autumn of, I talked about , My colleague Xiao Li sent me a message :“ My things are in town .”“ Nani ?! Your things are coming from the country ?”“ No , I went to a big company .”“ Oh oh , What a meaning , You've got great stuff ! What did the examiner ask , Let me see ......”

So I'm ready to move , Started the journey of interview in large factories , Here is my experience , It can be used for reference .

Daily preparation

Exercise your body

The year of Sao , You are not the strong little man of the year , Listen to a word of advice , Let's enjoy our sweat ( Sprinkle on the right place ).

It is said that Dachang is the purgatory of the world , I have to work late every night , Touch your hairline , Do you want a wife ? Here's a prescription for you , Exercise every day , The immunity is improved and the hair is kept . Of course , We didn't prove it .

have a definite object in view

If you study every day , Learn the language 、 That frame , Well, you're a good one boy. however , Have you got the basics , Four basic skills ( It's not about learning to sing ) Have you got it ? No, right , The foundation is not well laid , What kind of superstructure .

Good habits

I wanted to write and keep good habits , But I don't even have the habit , Keep a hammer . From now on , Start to cultivate your good habits by hand , For example, classified summary , Summarize, cover, etc . These good habits , Scientists say 21 Heaven can develop , You might as well try ?

Collect information

Don't just go up and invest your resume , How , Spread the net ? Want to be king of the sea ? Let's go to those recruitment platforms first , What skills are needed , Let's see if all of these skills can . Let's take a look at the departments , What kind of business . If you don't know all the recruitment information , You can find Du Niang .

Before the interview

Don't talk naked

Finally, you start to act , On the road of interview . You said you wanted a lot of time to review , I want to be naked .

eldest brother , Take off the hat of poverty alleviation ? Still think the first tier cities can bear the flesh ? If you have a mine , Then when I didn't say . My family doesn't have your condition , I have to ride a donkey to find a horse . Don't hear people say it's not good , It's against morality . It's funny , Work hard for capitalists and talk about morality . 80% told you so. He did the same .

Review the old and honest off work time or rest time , Prepare your resume first , Look at what you've done , What will you order , Move the cow forward a little bit . Don't say you don't have , There is always a tall one among the dwarfs . Take your spare time demo Simplify if you can , If you can't simplify it, you can't . Be careful , Write the pit carefully , Bury yourself .

The whole prologue

It's not for you to speak . Don't you have to introduce yourself one paragraph at a time ? What do you think you're supposed to do . This must have , Don't feel like you're on the spot . I've suffered .......

Take care of it

It's OK to wear suits and shoes , At least a smart haircut , Wash a clean face . I can't face it . oh , You still want to apply a mask ? Sure , God can do it .

Don't be late

If it's not something unexpected that's blocking your program , Try to be a little earlier . It's not the interviewer who's got you in the way , I'm afraid of your damn guilt and glass heart , Make you panic .

During the interview

Warm up in advance

You all have running experience , Warm up before every run , Exercise your muscles and bones , To prevent muscle strain ( If not .....emmmm, Good luck ). The same is true of interviews , Don't go to a noodle company as soon as you go up , Otherwise the state is not adjusted well and will be pass It fell off . Just interview often because of the state of bad or nervous lead to play abnormal . It's not just a lost opportunity , And it makes you feel more frustrated .

I just started straight up and asked my friends to help push inside to get the interview opportunity of gauder , The results were as expected , After a Waterloo .

More interviews

As an experienced interviewer , I have to remind you , If you're gifted , I got a good one just after I shot it offer, Then this suggestion is not suitable for you . If you're in a different situation , So I suggest that you meet more companies , This order can be small companies before big ones , Or small companies and big companies are interspersed .

Know how to choose

For the situation that is not respected in the interview , Either way , Give up if you can .

Before, on two sides , An interviewer sighs a lot every time I finish answering a question , On the way out to get takeaway .

If that's the case , I suggest you give up, too . This kind of person in daily work will block your heart .

Keep a good attitude

You've met a lot of companies and you're not happy , At this time, you may seriously doubt yourself . What I want to tell you is , This is where and where , There are more people than you , Keep a good attitude , And then , There's always one for you .

Summary and panel

Value every opportunity . After face-to-face and summary , Summarize and classify the questions of each interview . Internet , System , Algorithm , Data structure , Design, etc , These are all listed . For those stuck Links , Be sure to understand , Don't plant two somersaults in one place . If you don't know what to summarize , Well, let's take a look at the summary here .

After the interview

Don't lie

After several rounds of interviews , Come here ,HR You should come to know some basic information . Remember , Don't lie ! And don't fake !HR It's not vegetarian , They have their own circle . You think about how simple it is to ask people in your circle . What's more , There is also an organization called the back tune company .

Fringe benefits

This part is generally about offer When you talk about , Don't feel it hurts to talk about money , You don't even know each other ! A big talk , Say you want three free meals , Want a million dollars a year . What are you afraid of , It's all business , There are quotient and quantity . How to pay five insurances and one fund , This has to be asked .

Get offer After

If you only get one offer, There's no choice , So I suggest you skip here , Otherwise, it's easy to prick your heart .

If you're on the contrary , It's tough , At the same time, he took many big factories offer, Then you have to listen to me . Be sure to know what you want , future , Money is sometimes a multiple choice question . Maybe you'll say , I took so many big factories offer, It's not bad , Be sure to choose one that gives more money .

So big brother , Don't worry about it , Listen to me . It's right to choose money , But choose one that's developing , It must be more promising than choosing money . Not all projects in the factory are good projects , There are always those who are marginalized , Think about your current company . Maybe a lot of people will say , It's also up to you to say ? A normal person knows . But there are people who are in front of money who are confused , This kind of person , I have seen , Not in the minority .

Ready to go on duty

There must be ( It's not a mistake ) Give yourself a transitional period , For example, let yourself rest for a few days ,1-2 It's OK . This period of time can be strong waves , Or you're in town , And want to play as you please ? That might be a little bit too much . But don't worry , It's not the execution place , There is still freedom .

When I change jobs, it's seamless , The first class returned office supplies and issued the resignation certificate and came straight to the city the next day . indicating surprise or wonder , Good guy ……

Good future

Okay , It's time for you to wave now , The joy is over , Then take your documents and expectations to welcome your first day of life . If you're in a company that doesn't have your own computer production line , Then you'll probably get a brand new one mac. If you're not used to , Listen to me , bullet , Adapt again . Don't change it to that damn thing windows, Otherwise , You'll come back later with tears in your eyes .

Now , You're ready to work . Huh? , You said you should give time to get familiar with the environment , Another week ? Ouch! , eldest brother , The schedule is half over . What's the schedule ! I'm just here . Oh , I forgot to tell you , You're in line before you come , Be familiar with it while doing it .


Many people say that big factories are like besieged cities , The people inside want to go out , People outside want to come in . I think it's probably that all the people who say that are outside the city , Other people may just want to comfort you . Who will give up the beautiful life in the city ?

Last but not least ! If you don't have a channel , I want to enter a big factory again , Welcome to contact me . Don't get me wrong , No one in the factory , I can't arrange for you , But it can help you push in .

harm , Gags , Teach with all one's heart , I wish you a bright future !

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author : Hello everyone , I'm Laiwu ,BAT A brick porter . From a small company to a big factory , I have gained a lot along the way , Want to share these experiences with people in need , So we set up a public account 「IT Migrant workers 」. Update regularly , I hope it can help you .