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C + + and C + + programmers are about to be eliminated from the market

2020-11-06 01:35:30 Programmer grey

Programming languages are, in a way, like dynasties , As time goes by, generations change , Some programming languages are being phased out , Die out in the torrent of history .

On the Internet , About C++ The discussion about being eliminated by the market never stops , Some people say C++ It's an outdated programming language , Others say ,C++ Is irreplaceable . that ,C++ Is it out of date ?C++ Will programmers be eliminated ?

100offer The point is : The enterprise is right C++ The demand is bound to be less and less ,C++ The overall competitiveness of programmers will also become weaker and weaker , but C++ It won't die out completely for a long time .

Let's look at a group first TIOBE The latest data .

Programming language leaderboards TOP18 The list

Above is TIOBE On 2016 year 8 Released on 「 Programming language leaderboards TOP 18 The list 」, According to the latest ranking ,Java To win the top of the charts again , Yes 19.010% user , Corresponding 100offer stay 7 month 6 An article published on May 《 Why excellent Java Programmers are so hard to recruit ?》 Point of view in ——

From the current situation of recruitment in the market ,Java Engineers still have a competitive advantage that no other language can replace .

C and C++ Although they won second and second place respectively , But they all fell below the lowest point in history again ,C Down from last month 3.43%,C++ Down from last month 1.94%, The situation is not optimistic. .

front 10 Long term trend of programming languages

from TIOBE stay 8 Released on 「 front 10 Long term trend of programming languages 」 Can see ,C++ stay 21 The beginning of the century has an unshakable position , from 2004 Years later, ,C++ The percentage of the total number of people in the country has begun to decline , There is no longer an advantage over the programming languages that come next .

100offer Also chose five programming languages , From the number of face-to-face invitation issued by the enterprise and the final number of employees to make a comparative analysis ——

It can be seen from the proportion of total face-to-face invitation sent by enterprises to candidates and the proportion of programmers who are finally employed ,java It's still the most in short supply on the market ,PHP Followed by ,C++ The number of face calls and offer There is no advantage in numbers .

It used to be a programming language 「 Three giants 」 One of the C++, Why we are facing such an embarrassing situation now ?

need C++Linux Information please +qun832218493 Free collection !

C++ The reason for the decline

1 Technology is constantly updated

before , The vast number of needs need to be used C++ To write , therefore C++ It was once so prosperous . Now , Many fields are beginning to have their own language , It makes the realization of requirements more convenient .

as everyone knows , stay 20 The end of the century 21 At the beginning of the century , Most personal computers only have text typesetting 、 The need for image production , With the rapid popularization of personal computers , The user base is increasing , Such demand is rapidly falling , The needs of new users begin to transform into information integration and sharing .

With the development of the Internet , Technology is constantly updated , Users simply need to 「 The fool 」 The operation can meet their needs ,100offer Mr. Ke, the candidate of the Chinese Communist Party of China, has given his name in app An example of Riga map ——

「 before , This kind of demand is not so easy , Want to use OS Of UI Function to integrate one native Modules to implement , It's much simpler now , use Google Maps Do web page marshup That's it .C++ When facing new technologies , Too many features have limitations , It seems complicated , for example ,C++ The static type restriction of is too strong, resulting in insufficient dynamic function .」

2 C++ It's past its peak

although C++ It's still being updated , But use C++ The average age of our employees is growing , Be able to use C++ New projects are also getting smaller and smaller , Lead to C++ It's past its peak .

Candidate Mr. Zhang proposed ,「C++ There are many problems in the actual use of the language mechanism of , It leads to the inability of details to use . Take a typical question , Such as STL, Easy to generate error messages , and Java There is no such problem . therefore , It's frustrating ,C++ It's been over the peak .」

This time accept 100offer Interview C++ Programmers , Yes 70% Express : At the beginning of learning , Too much energy has been spent on the details of the language . They are thinking about : These details are in addition to C++ Whether or not the development of other applications has any effect ? Or say , The effect is just minimal ?

C++ And there is a strong vitality , It's just that the peak is not there , also , Strong vitality is only inherited from the prosperity in history . The fact that can't be covered up is :C++ It's starting to show signs of fatigue in the application field .

3 The market demand is decreasing

C++ The most important reason for the decline is : The market demand is decreasing .

From the relevant data provided at the beginning of the article : need C++ There are fewer and fewer enterprises , This is an indisputable fact .

The relationship between the rise and fall of programming languages and market demand is more obvious , It's not the pros and cons of programming languages that affect market demand . The reality we have to admit is : Enterprises that will build their own infrastructure on a large scale , except BAT There are not many other big companies , The times have changed quietly .

Even the emerging Internet giants , There won't be many jobs left for infrastructure engineers , Let alone start-up companies . Obviously easy to see ,C++ More towards infrastructure , As the threshold of business system development decreases, Sustainability ,C++ The demand for jobs is bound to be lower and lower .

When C++ It's only when large enterprises have a lot of demand , When C++ When the demands on employees are becoming more and more demanding , When C++ When the personal development of programmers becomes more difficult , The language will inevitably decline .

C++ Why not die

Even if C++ Less and less market demand , but C++ It's not going to die . In terms of statistics around the world ,C++ Although it's declining , But still in third place for many years . therefore , For a long time ,C++ Will not fall out of the top three .

C++ Why not die ?100offer Interviewed a number of C++ After the programmer , Come to the following three points ——

1. It's still mainstream in games and tools

The first is the game field ,Milo Yip Express ——

Programmers have to use C++ frame / library , Like most game engines ( Such as Unreal/Source) And Middleware ( Such as Havok/FMOD), Though some C++ Libraries provide bindings for other languages , But usually native API Best performance 、 newest .

Second, the tool field , Whether it's network security or antivirus software ,C++ It's still the mainstream language .

2.C++ The income of programmers has not been affected

according to 100offer The background data shows that , Currently through 100offer The highest annual salary for new programmers is 47 ten thousand , The minimum 22.4 ten thousand ,C++ The income of programmers is equal to that of other programming languages , There is no disadvantage .

With C++ Gradually become the language for certain enterprises and projects , senior C++ The income of programmers will also be more competitive .

3.C++ It is still irreplaceable

Know how popular vczh say :「 When I was in college, I almost only studied C++, Later, I went to Microsoft during my internship , It turned out that it was there that , That group doesn't need C++ Of , What do I do ? with C++ The solid foundation that brought me , I finished what my boss gave me on time “ Learn in two weeks C# and WCF Basic knowledge of ” The job of , Start work smoothly .」

Of course , This is just vczh My personal experience , Not universal , But there's no denying it C++ It is still irreplaceable . A startup CTO In an interview :「 Even if there are many people singing down C++, But in the contemporary era , There are still many, many projects whose target platforms only provide C++ Compiler support , From this point of view only ,C++ It's impossible to die completely .」

In terms of applications ,C++ It is suitable for high performance calculation 、 Embedded system 、 Develop server software 、 game 、 Real time system, etc , therefore , It can be replaced completely in the short term C++ Language doesn't exist .

C++ In system 、 graphics 、 The Internet and many other fields are irreplaceable , Its glorious years have reduced the speed of its death .

100offer say

When one programming language is obviously stronger than another in market demand , Defects in strong demand languages are easily diluted , Declining languages are constantly being singled out for fatal injuries . This comparison between programming languages is not fair , And it doesn't make sense .

Programming languages are tools for expressing ideas and fulfilling requirements , With the development of the times , Different languages make trade-offs in different fields , Although substitution exists , But it's not necessarily .C++ With the development of the times, there will inevitably be less and less demand for , But it's impossible to disappear completely ,C++ Programmers are also irreplaceable , It's still competitive in the market .

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