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Individual annual work summary and 2019 work plan (Internet)

2020-11-06 01:28:21 Elementary school students in IT field

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2019 A new year has come , How to make individuals it What about the work plan ?
Here is the collection it Personal work plan , Welcome to .

Where to start

In fact, whether you are IT Industries can start from the following 5 Start in one direction .
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Write the basic points of the annual summary

The annual work summary should be based on the attitude of seeking truth from facts , Try to avoid formal things . A perfect work summary must be different from person to person , He has a summarizer's own “ shadow ”.

1、 Take the whole picture , Write the outline first

According to the annual “ whole ” Sexual thinking , Then list the summary of the work “ The outline ”, Last in “ The outline ” Let's review the specific facts .

2、 Seeking truth from facts , Simple and clear

When writing the work summary, we should be practical and realistic , Try to explain the basic situation in concise language , Avoid talking about things that have nothing to do with work “ Big talk ”“ Formulaic speech ” or “ mandarin ”, Those formal things .

3、 Data speak , Chart analysis

In the work summary , What can be described with data should be described with data as much as possible , For example, this year's sales volume is ×× Ten thousand yuan , Increase over last year ×%, The growth rate of core products is ×% etc. , Use forms as much as possible 、 Charts and other tools to compare and analyze , Such some key contents will be shown at a glance .

4、 affirm the achievements , Reflection and innovation

In the work summary , Some achievements should be affirmed , But some shortcomings should be reconsidered , And put forward the basic ideas of future correction or innovation .

5、 Pay attention to details , To the point

Write a summary of your work , We have to deal with it better “ details ” problem , Especially those in “ hard ” The results achieved under the conditions or some touching “ details ”, At the same time “ a key ” The content should emphasize , To attract the attention of the superior .

6、 Review the past , Facing the future

The focus of the work summary is “ Review the past ”, That is to review and summarize the gains and losses of the work in the past year , But at the same time it must “ Facing the future ”, That is to say, there are pertinent suggestions and constructive guiding significance for future work .

7、 Keep style , Avoid imitation

There are many managers who always write their annual work summary “ imitation ” others , Even go ahead “ Plagiarism ”, Instead of forming your own “ Independent style ”, In fact, a perfect work summary must be different from person to person , He has a summarizer's own “ shadow ”.

The following is the arrangement of relevant reference , Mainly focus on the Internet with the public , Other industries should be appropriate .

Reference model 1: Personal work plan ( induction 2 year )

To the company 2 Year time , During this period, in order to meet the needs of this position , I keep learning new knowledge and skills , Strive to do a better and better job . After this period of unremitting efforts , Working skills 、 Skills have been improved to some extent , meanwhile , We have also gained a lot of experience and lessons , On this basis, so that each work can be completed fairly well .

In the blink of an eye, we stepped into 2019 Years. . a new year , Everyone has a new ideal 、 New goals , In order to realize them one by one , Now I will make the following plans for the new year's work :

1、 Timely website monitoring , Observe and learn similar websites , Improve the strength and make up the weakness , And constantly optimize our own website .

2、 The daily work of the website : Do a good job planning , Make a clear distinction between priorities , Carefully upload and update the information , Select more newsworthy information , Strive to make our website more professional .

4、 Website services to do more follow-up plan , Know more about “ readers ” Needs and opinions , For the sound function of the website 、 More information and data can be accumulated through sound service .

5、 In terms of daily work , Insist on not being late or leaving early , Follow the leader's orders , Learn to manage your emotions , Adjust your work attitude in time , Finish the task in time with quality and quantity ; Actively assist other department leaders and colleagues .

6、 Website promotion will still be the focus , Except by post 、 Forum promotion 、 Other than links , It's more important to plan website activities , I plan to do it once or twice a quarter ( Or virtual or real ) Internet activities , Stir up the popularity of the website .

Today, with the continuous development of the network , I will be practical , Do a good job in collecting and editing information , Collect and compile information with more news points , Improve readability , To open up my work , Be enterprising , Innovation . Contribute to the development of the company .

Reference model 2:it Personal work plan ( The intern )

Hello! ! I've been working in the company for nearly a month , It's not long , But from my personal point of view , It seems to have gone through a lot of repeated thinking in thought 、 Fix and reposition .

Last Friday afternoon, I saw two people who are about to pass the regular examination PLC The work report of the staff of the work department , It touched me to write this manuscript today , Among them, Xiao Yang wrote :“ In these months , Whether it's work or life ,……, Because the goal of the job is not clear , So there are some mistakes in the work , Because the division of work is not clear , So I'm confused about my work , I don't know what to do , Plus, it's hard work , So the work attitude is not very serious , Without the sense of responsibility at the beginning .……” I think it's very similar to what I felt for a while , So if I don't want to go on doing nothing , Want to do something about it , I have to plan well . At the same time, I want to do some work , To try to avoid this year 4 There will be similar problems when new employees come to the company in January .

Through many detailed talks with you and my own long time thinking , At the same time, in order to better play my personal interests 、 hobby 、 specialty , I want to make the following preliminary 2003 Annual work plan and responsibilities .

In general , The position is still set in the general manager's work department , At the same time, the work direction can include the following aspects , It's also me 2018 The goal of this year is :

1、 human resources : It's mainly about staff recruitment 、 train , And part of the work of corporate culture construction , At the same time, we can also take into account some other related work

2、 administrative management : I have a lot to learn in this respect , This is one of the reasons why I chose to do administrative work , I will first learn from the theory of administration , Define the scope of administration 、 The goal is 、 Responsibilities, etc , And then learn from you 、 consult

3、 Industry Research : This is my working experience these days , Since the company wants to be bigger and stronger , There is no forward looking medium 、 It is impossible for the lower management and professional cadres to support the company's building , That's why bosses can't work all day . A lot of information is concentrated at the top , In other words, the company's senior management and subordinate staff lack of good communication , The perspective of ordinary employees is too narrow , There is no good overall view , It will inevitably affect the growth of individuals , Gathering together will affect the growth of the company . at present , I look at telecommunications 、 Unicom 、 cnc 、 Mobile and other large telecom operators have been deeply aware of this problem , But not overnight , So I want to add industry research to my job , Report regularly , Maybe at the beginning , even to the extent that 1、2 A lot of things in the year are not my own views , But I believe that through 1、2 Years of watching 、 Write , Take it out every week 2 Manuscript , After a year, there are also 100 many , It's certainly helpful for personal growth . From the company's point of view , These things of mine are not aimed at the leaders of the company , It's about learning as a junior employee , Browsing , At the same time, it is also for the public to see , This requires a web page , Can enrich the company's website content and level , It's also part of the corporate culture

4、 Build your own web page , It can be the website of the general manager's work department , It can also be my personal website , This is inspired by the planning you told me last time , This work will follow the task 3 Connect . The problem is to find time to learn web design and production , I will make a plan for the specific operation

5、 Build a corporate library . I asked Xiao Luo about this , There are too few books in the company , I want to learn something without information , Every year the company has a special fund for books , But not in place , The key is that there is no detailed plan and special person to supervise , So I want to set up a better stack room before the newcomers join the company next year , Including management, of course, mainly technical , Books like those we want to learn can be included office2000 series , Three swordsmen and so on . I suggest that we can adopt two channels , One is that the company pays ; The other is to call on all employees to donate books , I think most of our employees graduated from famous universities , Bachelor degree or above , No one on hand is sure to have a lot of books , There are quite a few of them that I would never see again as individuals , For example, previous textbooks and so on , But being someone else may just need , Because I haven't seen , Empathy , Everyone donates a little , Naturally, there are more . It's not just about saving money here , It's also about training employees to think about the company , Urgent for the company , The opportunity to repay the company with practical actions , As soon as this activity is launched , It can also be part of this year's corporate culture . Of course, there are also incentive policies , It's connected with employee evaluation again . These things should be on the Internet .

above , It's all my thoughts , There may be a relative one sidedness , It doesn't even work , But I just want to set some goals for myself , Make the work more energetic , Otherwise it will be relaxed .

Reference model 2: Personal work plan ( New people )

As a newcomer to the company , I'm curious about the strange environment . Say hello to your colleagues , Let me introduce myself , I want to lay a stable friendship foundation for my future work , Open up a harmonious human environment , More fortunate , Meeting a confidant , Be a partner on the road of life . For the next year's work , I made a short-term development plan for myself .

One 、 Understand my job and do my best .

My responsibilities are as follows :

1. Responsible for the daily updating of the website ; The website updates articles every day 30 piece ; Try to bring the above keywords in each article ; Try to be original and pseudo original ;

2. Responsible for planning 、 Make 、 Maintain website related topics ;

3. Responsible for website related activities planning and promotion ; Create original articles every month 10 Article above ;

4. Responsible for the planning of new channels or programs 、 Content improvement work ;

5. According to the general direction of website development , planning 、 The column in charge of construction ;

6. Make a monthly development plan ; Make a good summary .

These responsibilities are useful to my previous work experience , There are also efforts in new learning directions , such as : Planning and creation . I'll study hard , Do everything within my ability , Manage the website well .

Two 、 Building friendly relationships

Make new friends , Don't forget old friends . Life on the road , Many friends are easy to walk . Be cheerful 、 to open up 、 Optimism and sunshine , We need to meet people , Know people , Depend on and know each other , There is a harmonious and good interpersonal environment . It's good for work . Pay more attention to everyone , Make more friends , In public , We can help each other at work ; In private , Spare time life can be better and fuller .

3、 ... and 、 Realize one's wish

The purpose of the work , Said low , It's for the job , It's high , It's spiritual faith . jobless , What do you live on , There is no source of income , You can't eat enough , be in rags , There is no money to cure when you are ill , Hungry, no food to live , You can't support yourself at all ! Not to mention filial piety to parents, relatives and friends . Work is a good medicine , Enrich your life , It also gives you a chance to exercise , Know people , Contact , See the world , Be knowledgeable . I Believe , But anyone with a little bit of ambition , All want to do well , Even if it's the only one , The only thing . I want to be a professional editor , Have rich editing experience , Be familiar with the workflow of web editing , Job content , Can also grasp the development direction of the website . Just for more experience , Constantly enrich yourself , A little makes a lot , Constant pursuit , To the editor in charge 、 Editor in chief striding forward .

Four 、 Arrangement of spare time

Spare time has nothing to do with work ? In the wrong ! Spare time is charging time for work , Try to learn the relevant knowledge , Broaden your knowledge level , Improve your business ability . I always think that , Do everything with all your heart and soul , Focus on what you're doing . I don't want to have fun at work , Try to relax when you rest , Enjoy the pleasure of entertainment .

in general , This work plan is my plan for the internship period , Hope to become a regular , Can plan out more specific work plan and development direction . Please witness , Also for myself to cheer up and fight for !

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