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It's so embarrassing, fans broke ten thousand, used for a year!

2020-11-06 01:17:41 Bugstack wormhole stack

author : Little brother Fu
Blog :https://bugstack.cn

precipitation 、 Share 、 grow up , Let yourself and others have something to gain !

One 、 Preface

It's embarrassing , Brother Fu's fans are over ten thousand !

10.1 During the holidays , The official account fans finally broke through. ! Yes , finally ! Because compared with the major owners , I'm probably the slowest one to rise . But in any case across the invisible threshold , On this occasion .

The official account of the public number knows that fans are over 10000. , Especially the number of technical blogs . The fans have over 10000 said that the official account has passed the cold start stage. , And the technical articles have been recognized by the market . These articles constitute a small ecosystem , Through the content of self circulation, continuous powder drawing .

Official account sequence of events , What do I write official account for? !

The main reason is 19 I wrote one on a whim Java Version of virtual machine , Of course, it's just a Demo edition . It was first published in a short book , Then share with friends and other places . Slowly someone asked me , Do you have a official account? (🧐 Then I have to have it )! Actually , I had a official account long ago. , But never used it . At the thought of the original article, it can be passed to the users concerned by the official account. , That feeling is still very good , So I It's moving

That's it , I don't have any Pulvis To make money reputation Etc , And I didn't bring it with me Let fans understand the article 🤬 The idea of ! This is mainly because I was the first Can't , The official account is full of code. , The text that guides the reader to read is also in the notes or not at all . therefore , It's like this 19 year 8 month - 19 year 12 month , Only up 1000 fans ! But for me at the time , Um. , Happy ! Although there are few fans , But it's good for me .

Writing official account is not difficult. , But it's hard to write well !

If you're just a R & D , So your perspective is basically limited to product requirements . Besides, you think about the market 、 operating 、 Products ? But if you do official account , Also want to get some fans , Then you will understand and use them imperceptibly .

The first official account is written, the more it is written, the more it wants to do official account. , You start to focus on the amount of reading 、 feedback 、 Comment on . And if these data do not rise , It's still hard . When you don't know the rules of the main circle , I may send my articles to other people's wechat group as soon as I come up 、QQ Group 、 In less than three seconds T 了 , Even if it's changed to a girl's head T, Maybe it's also T Faster !

But as you continue to grow in this circle , Step by step after steady growth . Will meet a lot of good friends , Regardless of age , A lot of people are seniors on this road . They will pass on their experience to you , Reprint the article for you 、 Promotion for you 、 Here you are looking at support . Except for the owner's help , And the base of fans , They are also constantly spreading your articles , In the end, everyone grows up with each other 、 Common progress .

Sum up , Thank you for helping me 、 I also thank the fans who keep helping me to make noodles . Thank you for your official account. 、 Circle of friends 、 Wechat group , Blow me up, don't do it . I'm going to organize a lucky draw today 、 Give back to everyone !

Two 、「 PULL 1 Thousands of fans 」 What was written

 Little brother Fu ,「 PULL 1 Thousands of fans 」 What was written

Little brother Fu , In the past year, I've spent all my late nights and holidays on coding , Created 9 Thematic series :《 use Java Realization JVM》《Netty4.x project 》《 Middleware development 》《 Domain-driven design 》《 Full link monitoring 》《 Bytecode programming 》《 Relearning Java Design patterns 》《 The story of yard 》《 Face to face manual 》 total 150 Original article , At the same time, three books were sorted out PDF e-book . especially 《 Relearning Java Design patterns 》PDF, Total network downloads 4.4 ten thousand Ben , It's still increasing , A book has been planned .

 Three copies PDF: Design patterns 、 Face to face manual 、 Bytecode programming

3、 ... and 、 A technological ecosystem has been set up

Before I did the official account, I thought I wanted to build a clean technology circle. , We can learn from each other . Often you don't , Your technology blind spot , It's exactly the technology that some other partner is using . It's just the constant communication , Only by sharing can we grow together .

For this reason, I am not doing public official account. , We have also done a whole set of peripheral services , Let the whole system become a technology circle that can cooperate with each other .

 Little brother Fu , Technology ecosystem

Four 、 Harvest of official account !

Okay , I'm going to brag !

  1. Expand the circle of Technology , Scanning a lot of technical blind spots , The individual also passed the work report defense to be an architect .
  2. from 20 year 5 The number of fans has soared since January , until 10.1 Holiday break 1.0 ten thousand . I'm a little excited , Maximum one-day powdering 600+
  3. Finally, there is one Star The project of breaking thousands :**CodeGuide Coding guide for programmers , at present 2.1k star , Thank you for your support . It's a global recommendation **,https://github.com/fuzhengwei/CodeGuide/wiki
  4. Blog :bugstack.cn, Also have 3000PV A day of , Continue to work hard !
  5. 《 Relearning Java Design patterns 》PDF, Total network downloads 4.0 Ten thousand copies ! I didn't expect this book to be downloaded so crazy , It's a great recognition for me . Plans have been made to publish books !
  6. money ? Um. , Didn't take over the ad . Not much income , Some of the revenue comes from regular activities on major platforms, such as ; Tencent cloud + Small items and zongzi sent by boxes in the community InfoQ Money given 、 Shopping card 、 a bag 、 Bookmarks CSDN Moon cakes and certificates GitChat The fee for writing a column and the moon cake for it etc. , By the way, there's a fan's reward for me !, These have kept me building official account server. 、 Investment in domain name and other expenses , And Coca Cola late at night .

You want to ask ? Um. , Very time consuming 、 It's hard work, too , I didn't even play king's glory this year 、 I didn't spend the weekend 、 Even in the middle of the night, we have to find time and code !

tired , But it's a lot , Got to know a lot of technical partners , They are really excellent ; Architects CTO Tsinghua boss Of course, there are more Xiaobai who are working hard .

5、 ... and 、 The key is coming. ! Give back to fans , Get a prize !

That's all bragging , That's what fans want .

1. Gifts include

  • The first prize 、 Books [4 Places ]:Redis Deep Adventure Clean code Effective Java How do computers run , perhaps 100 Selected books in Yuan Dynasty .
  • The second prize 、 toy [4 Places ]: Doraemon A dream Mario puppy Chinese chess
  • The third prize 、 Doll [4 Places ]: Dolls in red, plush puppies Dolls in red, plush puppies Dolls in red, plush puppies Dolls in red, plush puppies

The money in the appreciation is used as postage , The excess part goes into brother Fu's trouser pocket . Hey , As a red envelope, rain and dew are all stained to everyone !

2. Winning rules

In the public, :bugstack Wormhole stack , The operation is as follows

  • The way 1, Please comment . The number of liked messages is the highest and greater than 10 More than praise 4 Users , As the first prize winner .
  • The way 2, Appreciation of the article . The average value of total appreciation amount is the latest & final 4 Users , As a second prize winner .
  • The way 3, Article sharing . The most frequently shared articles 4 Users , As a third prize winner .

3. Activity description

Time range :2020-10-09 07:55:00 - 2020-10-11 23:59:59, total 3 God Publication time :2020 year 10 month 12 Japan , Monday Publication method : Brother Fu's circle of friends announced , Remember to add Xiaofu wechat :fustack The way to receive the prize : After seeing brother Fu's circle of friends , Take the initiative to contact brother Fu . Provide ; Reaper 、 Harvest address 、 Mobile phone number and other necessary information . well … well , I'll keep your information confidential !

6、 ... and 、 thank

Last , Thank you for your support and recognition , It's your appreciation of the article 、 Looking at 、 Share , There are also major owners of the reprint to let me go further . I will continue to dig deep in the road of technology , Adhering to Let understand is really understand , Write more interesting 、 There is depth 、 Technical articles with breadth , Give back to fans .

Brother Fu is a bit of a fool 、 Stubborn and fond of making friends , Welcome to add my wechat :fustack, Communication technology . If you send me questions in communication , I didn't reply in time , It must be that I don't like answers . Ha ha ha , Everyone who knows me knows , In fact, I usually return in seconds , Unless you're busy or driving ( Didi buba ). But you can leave me a message , Also can share with our technical circle 、 Or wechat group . The partners here are very good , But you must have contributed a little bit to others , Everyone helps each other , To make progress together !

Okay !, precipitation 、 Share 、 grow up , Let yourself and others have something to gain !

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