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Did you blog today?

2020-11-06 01:17:32 Bugstack wormhole stack

author : Little brother Fu
Blog :https://bugstack.cn

precipitation 、 Share 、 grow up , Let yourself and others have something to gain !

One 、 Preface

Soul torture you today ... Have you read 、 Did you blog 、 Did you go for a run ?

🤪 Are you shy , Almost every item is soul torture . In fact, most of you and I , They all want to do something meaningful , It's just that adults really don't have a simple weekend .

Fans often ask me : Look at all the articles you've written , How do you manage your time ? Personally, I don't have a clear time management , I just put all my spare time into what I like . such as : I will be in the morning 6:30 Get up and run , Because I want to enjoy the sunshine in the morning I will code late at night and on weekends 、 It's because I'm doing what I like. There's no persistence , The same is true even in hospital 、 Go shopping with your daughter-in-law or wake up in a dream , As long as you think of good content, you can record it on your mobile phone .

therefore , I don't have time management , It's just that I spend more time on things I like . Like to do one thing , It often comes from doing something you like !

Two 、 Blogging is important !

You're always in a hurry , I don't want to hit the foundation , Just want to fly !

One month XXX、 One day to understand XXX、 Learn to XXX. Faster and faster , I wish I could learn it in an hour ! But how could it be , Otherwise, the content of the article is too fragmented and tends to introduce , Or the article is too long and close to tens of thousands of words . But as a newcomer , Such articles are almost the best collection , It'll be all right after the collection , Learning is impossible , Just feel good !

1. Knowledge sorting of debris

If it's not systematic learning , Most of the knowledge we accept is fragmented . It's like someone said ,HashMap Is an array plus linked list and red black tree implementation 、HashMap Zipper addressing is used 、HashMap In order to make data storage more uniform, the use of perturbation functions and so on , These knowledge points may not be the first time you accept or learn all of them , But as you understand the breadth and depth of your personal technology stack gradually understand . So, finally, we're going to break these pieces of content , It's very important to organize a complete knowledge item and record it in your blog , Because it can deepen your impression , It also allows you to connect the whole knowledge .

Mind mapping can be used to organize knowledge about fragmentation , Write wherever you think of it , Finally, the whole content is sorted into an article .

 Example , Mind mapping knowledge project

2. Deep thinking

flow ( English :Mental flow) In psychology, it refers to a kind of mental state that people show when they focus on a certain behavior .

Are you when you look down and look up 4、5 Hours , Because you're totally committed to something , At the same time, the brain is also deep thinking and execution . This feeling is called flow .

Sometimes I think , Is it that when I'm learning something deeply, I'm building some neural bulges in my brain , It's like paving the road, so the brain gets hot . And playing games for a long time , In the end, I felt sick , It's because of this kind of negative and transient happiness , They're going to tear down the roads , The last headache !

Maybe it's because of involution , At least at present, if the programmer industry wants to break through the bottleneck at a certain stage , You don't need to keep learning , Even deep learning . In this way, you can have a certain core competitiveness , Like a few years ago 60 There are fewer and fewer things to get a good job if you pass the exam .

Blogging is one of the ways to think deeply , When you want to complete a piece of knowledge , You will need to consult a lot of data and practice . In short, whether it is for their own sense of responsibility or fear that the content will be spurted , You'll study it seriously 、 reflection 、 verification , Finally, I sort out the content of this article 、 Arrangement 、 Write it out .

3. Constantly struggling to learn

In fact, the major platforms are enough for blogging , such as :CSDN、 Nuggets 、 Open source in China 、 Think no 、 Tencent cloud + Community 、 You know 、 Blog Garden 、 Simple books and so on , Can record blog .

But for people who like to toss around a little bit, they also build their own blogs , In this process, it will need a lot of knowledge to support , such as :

 Self built blog knowledge stack , Blog 、 Forum 、 domain name 、 The server

From school to now , These are all kinds of blogs and forums , I've been through it all . Although they all died for various reasons , But I kept some screenshots , Here's one of them .

 Forum of Xiaofu Gejian in his early years , It's the same thing ~.-

3、 ... and 、 The harvest of blogging

A little friend asked me , Why do you need to pay attention to the official account of your blog? , Not pure , nausea !

I know he certainly didn't understand my original intention , All of them have such questions , After I reply , Settle down :

  1. I'm just the same as you , All of them are programmers on this road
  2. But I started official account from one day. , In order to attract more fans , I really need to do some marketing strategies
  3. These blogs 、 official account 、GitHub、 Articles, etc , It takes a lot of time 、 Experience and part of the money
  4. And I didn't take the ad either 、 Or cut leeks , So I'm a person putting in my own experience , Building a technology community
  5. Final , Let's pay attention to the official account. , Also in order to read more of my articles , Know my technical content push
  6. Okay , I hope to understand , You can also add my wechat :fustack

1. Breakthrough in one year of station construction 20 ten thousand +PV

For me, , Build a station blog article is to show people , The more fire, the better , Otherwise it won't satisfy me vanity Of .

The more people watch , The more feedback , The more I can learn . Fortunately, there was no one who sprayed me carelessly along the way , Also let me accumulate a lot of traffic . Although the whole is not much , But for me, it's quite happy !

 Breakthrough in one year of station construction 20 ten thousand +PV

2. Two broken thousand Star Of Github project

Maybe as a programmer ‍ Want to have a thousand in this man's community Star Project to support the factory ! Ha ha ha , I am also !


In the beginning Insufficient 100Star When , I also sent it to the group for some praise , But it's often sprayed : What is gold? It doesn't need to be like this 、 My project never needs to be liked 、 Let's make this stupid comment T After ather ....

But in fact, people who have done marketing systems know that , Not at all , If you don't share, you won't be found . Even if you have good content , As long as you don't have a matching channel , It will never shine . When a good project breaks through 500Star after , It will continue to circulate and bring traffic , From here 500 people , One person sharing may have broken through 1k!

therefore , Do what you have to do , Don't believe him or her on this road !

 This is not a cow's hide , But let the data prove that you shine !

See this , Point a star !https://github.com/fuzhengwei/CodeGuide/wiki

3. More than one copy has been downloaded from the whole network 10 ten thousand + Of PDF

One of your books PDF e-book , Downloaded by the whole network 10 ten thousand +, You haven't been sprayed yet !

《 Relearning Java Design patterns 》PDF, Cut in 10 ten thousand + download . This is the official account. , The biggest gain ! What kind of book is this , It's going to be so glamorous ! In fact, more is the help of the owners and fans , It's them who made the book more widely available , Help more R & D personnel , thank !

 Relearning Java Design patterns

This is a total 22 Real business scenarios correspond to 59 Group case Engineering 、 Write the 18 swastika 271 page PDF. From the actual business development of the Internet , transaction 、 marketing 、 seckill 、 middleware 、 Source code, etc. 22 A real scene , To learn the practical application skills of design patterns .

download Official account :bugstack Wormhole stack , reply : Design patterns . Downloadable books and all case source code .

Four 、 summary

  • my Github:https://github.com/fuzhengwei/CodeGuide/wiki
  • This article introduces the experience of blogging , And bragging ! I hope those things in the article are right , That's where you should learn .
  • Reading not at three watch five drums , Work is only afraid of exposure to the cold ! Years live up to those who struggle , Willing to work hard to learn you , Can harvest a good future !

5、 ... and 、 Series recommendation

( Please indicate the author and source of this article WeChat official account :bugstack Wormhole stack | author : Little brother Fu

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