Tiktok settle a matter by leaving it unsettled for more than ten years. In recent years, with the increase of participating projects, more and more people feel that there is a lack of knowledge about project management. But they have no way to learn. They once thought of consulting students who had experience in project management, but they were all at a loss. This year, when they were trying to shake their voices, they could see that 51CTO's project management advertisement was just in the end. It may be fate that

had made a mistake. In this way, I joined the learning of PMP project management knowledge. At the beginning of learning, I had no clue at all. I couldn't remember the content of the video, and I often felt sleepy. But I kept on watching the teacher's request. Until I finished watching the first video, I had a general understanding of PMP. Then I watched Dr. Wang's interpretation, and then I read the guide of pmbook again, slowly Slowly, I have a further grasp of the framework of PMP. During this period, I have done two sets of questions, with scores between 120 and 130, but most of them answer questions by feeling. It's absolutely uncertain if I get this state to the examination room. This makes me realize the importance of remembering five process groups, ten major knowledge fields and 49 process activities, so I took time to recite and memorize these things Simple recitation is painful, but there is no way to repeat them every day. Then I watched the video again, read Dr. Wang again, read the pmbook guide again, and then did the questions. In addition, with the mastery of the five process groups, we can judge the knowledge points of most questions and can correspond to their respective processes. Although the input and output in the book are very important, However, I didn't remember it completely. It's a pity that if you have enough time, you can recite all the suggestions and then put them into the actual work. It will be more perfect, reasonable and comprehensive. To sum up, five process groups, ten knowledge fields, 49 process activities and input and output tools should be memorized and mastered. In this way, it is no problem to pass the exam Painful, using spare time to study is even more painful, but no matter how painful, we should stick to it, walk on the right road, come on!