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Technical director, to just graduated programmers a word - do a good job in small things, can achieve great things

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Just stepped out of the ivory tower into society , Every programmer is complacent , Want to do something big . It's good to have ideals , I have to work hard for my ideal , Fight for it , To achieve it , This is the meaning of life . however , We want to realize our professional ideals , A solid foundation of professional knowledge is not enough , At this stage , We have to do the little things in front of us .

American success master Dale • Carnegie said :“ A person who doesn't pay attention to small things , You'll never achieve great things .” therefore , To achieve great things , From the first day into the workplace , We have to start with every little thing around us .

Take a few examples .

01 My team

One of my former subordinates , Worked in my team for half a year , Later I was dissuaded .

Why? ?

He moved from other groups to my team . When I first came here , To familiarize him with our business , Accumulate experience . He was assigned some testing work , When he saw it was a test , I think this task is not challenging , And it's boring , Not willing to do . He said “ I am a senior developer , What development task can't be completed ? Do you need a test ?”.

Then he was given the task of being picky every time , He's only willing to do challenging work , But the quality of the work is always unsatisfactory , I don't reflect and summarize myself .

Less than half a year , I decided to dissuade him . He has been looking for a transfer within the company , The other person's Supervisor , I don't want to accept this situation .

HR Talk to him , Finally, it was decided to directly dissuade .

If he can put his mind right , Take testing seriously , Tests can also be wonderful , Improve test efficiency , Standardize the test process , They can be optimized .

02 eminent monk

All the eminent monks before they become eminent monks , In the past few years, I just carried water every day , Sweep the floor , Cooking , Chanting sutras .

Their master will not teach them any profound theories . Their master will inspect all the disciples who carry water, sweep the floor, cook and recite scriptures every day , See which little monk does the best with these simple little things , They will be selected as the training objects .

This tradition has lasted for thousands of years , Do little things 、 Achieve great things , Nature is alive .

03 myself

Everybody knows , I'm not in my current company as soon as I graduate ( Comview ) Of . Skip a slot in the middle , The reason is in my old employer , There's no chance of promotion . In the present company , I've been doing testing for the first two weeks of entering the company , When I was doing testing work , Will think carefully , What can be improved . Next 2 Months , With my help , For the first time in our department, most of the testing was automated , Finally, the test efficiency is improved , He was praised by the leaders ( In the leader's heart left a comparative first impression , It's important ).

Follow up development , In a piece by piece development task , Found serious coupling in software architecture 、 Extensibility 、 Maintenance 、 The robustness is poor , Actively propose to reconstruct software architecture , After half a year's hard work , Most of the technology has landed , The next thing , It's natural that . The company is growing rapidly , Due to the expansion of the business , The number of people is growing rapidly , My ability is also improving , Currently managing a software team for a product line .

04 How to do well **** trifle

From the example above , No matter what occupation , We need to start with small things . I can't handle a little thing , How can our boss rest assured that we can do great things ?

Actually , All the big things can be broken down into countless little things . When you do all the little things that fill it up with , The big thing you're doing is done . We often say :“ Tall buildings rise from the ground ”, Small things are the first things we meet 、 The most common job . And whenever we , No matter what kind of task you choose , It's not because of “ Small ” And despise , The same importance should be given to . such , Only in this way can we lay a solid foundation for future achievements .

All things are interlinked . A man who sweeps the floor carelessly and can't clean the floor. He did PPT It is also possible that they are careless and full of mistakes . A person who can't take a small job assigned to him by his boss can't take other work assigned to him seriously .

As a programmer , There are so many small things around me , for example : test 、 Code specification 、 Quarterly summary and so on . To do this well ” Simple little things “, Complete the continuous growth of self , We have to do the best in the following four aspects .

First of all , Correct your mind . Mentality is the attitude we hold in our work , We must correct our own mentality , Face the small things at work correctly . A person in the face of small things when the state of mind is correct or not , It's an important criterion for a person to succeed in the future . If you compete with others everywhere 、 Compare with , Scorn little things , And can't calm down to seriously face the small things in their work , Hold on to small things “ have grandiose aims but puny abilities ” The attitude of , Work with this mindset , You can't do your job well .

second , Good state . Good state is the premise of efficient work . If you drag your feet every day , muddle along , Be lazy in front of small things , Thinking about your big business all day long , It's hard to finish the work in front of you .

Third , Posture . There are no small things in work , The seemingly trivial things in our work give us great inspiration , Let's learn from it valuable wealth . If we put ourselves into work in this way , Do every little thing well , Gradually accumulate , that , after a considerable period of time , There will be a qualitative change , Small things can become big things . Any little thing , As long as you standardize it 、 It's done 、 Well done , You'll find opportunities in it , Find the rules , In order to practice the basic skills of doing great things .

Fourth , Normal state of protracted war . Do well in the current “ Small and simple ” You need to be prepared to fight a long war . A lot of new jobs , Will be full of fantasy about the future , So when I started working , It's usually passionate , Very hard 、 Seriously 、 Diligent 、 studious , But before long , They often lose their freshness and passion for their work , It's hard to be serious about small things . therefore , To achieve great things , We also have to have a normal state of doing small things .

05  summary

All in all , As a newly graduated programmer , Whether you're in the front end 、 Back end 、 Algorithm 、 Big data or test , There's one thing that doesn't change : Start with small things , Please correct your mind , Put yourself in a proper state , Lower your posture , Stick to your normal , Do the little things that need to be done , That's the only way , You can do what you want to do ! All of the above !

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